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100 Most Recent stress Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These stress Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Ceramics ASTM Fatigue Testing

Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM fatigue testing of ceramics in accordance to the following ASTM standards:

1. 1. ASTM C1361-10, Constant-A... View More

Bioactive Molecules Dosing Studies

Biochemistry Research Laboratory needed bioactives molecules application dosing study on oxidative stress and antioxidants View More

ANSI Flat Glass and Tempered Glass Testing

USA Physical Laboratory needed for ANSI flat glass and tempered glass testing including:

Ball Drop test, Edge stress, surface stress, laminated g... View More

ASTM Industrial Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for ASTM Testing to the following standards:
ASTM C1304 - Odor emission
ASTM C1338 - Fungi ... View More

ASTM Wire Relaxation Testing

Laboratory needed for relaxation testing for PC strands (7wires) as per ASTM A416/416M Standard Specification for Low-Relaxation, Seven-Wire Steel St... View More

SAE Compression Stress Relaxation (CSR)

Compression Stress Relaxation (CSR) SAE J2979 Test Method for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomer Determination of Compressive Stress Relax... View More

Aerospace Turbine Blade Experiment Study

Aerospace Laboratory needed for performing an Research and Development experiment on aero-engine gas turbine blades

determine the composition, and... View More

Tea Quality Testing

Food Laboratory for quality testing of stress and weight loss teas imported from China. View More

Invasive Plant Progressive Stress Study

Laboratory needed for progressive stress testing in a greenhouse environment of a semi-mature instance of the invasive plant Kudzu in an attempt to in... View More

Automotive Crush Can Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for crush can testing of automobile to determine stresses/strain. View More

HALT / HASS Testing

Technology Company needs Electrical Laboratory for Highly Accelerated Stress Screening HASS / Highly Accelerate Life Test HALT HALT Testing of elect... View More

Viscosity Testing

Large Pharma needs Laboratory for viscosity testing using the following instruments. HAAKE RS75RheoStress or the HAKKE RheoStress600 rheometers View More

Stress Relief Testing

Large Industrial Company needs Physical Laboratory for stress relief testing not exceeding 4% per 1000h at initial force making 70% of maximum force c... View More

Soil Testing for Geological Survey

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing as part of a geological survey including the following tests.

1. Laboratory tests of determinatio... View More

Vehicle testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for the following ASTM Testing on a 60x40x25 Shipping Case:

Hazard Type ASTM D4169, DC 13 Test ... View More

Medical Device ASTM Packaging Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM medical device testing to ASTM D4169 Distribution Cycle 12 Test (Shock/Drop, Compression, Vibration, Low Pressure... View More

Car Canopy Frame Testing

Physical Laboratory needed for joint testing for a car canopy space frame that is made using new joining method. Testing to be similiar to the type of... View More

Large Manufacturer needs either ISO 17025 or NADCAP or Rolls-Royce Approved Laboratory for ASTM corrosion testing of two type of organic solvents agai... View More

Large Manufacturer needs A2LA Materials Laboratory for ASTM Materials Testing to following ASTM Test Methods:
ASTM D695 Compressive strength,
... View More

Industrial Laboratory needed for DIN Testing of Heat Shrink Sleeve as per DIN EN 12068 Stress Class C 60 UV View More

Genetics laboratory needed for metallothionin gene expression of 10 samples with different metals stress. View More

Accredited laboratory needed for determining the combined thermal and mechanical stresses on messenger core of ABC cable acc to HD 626-2 subclause 2.3... View More

Medical Device company needs biomedical laboratory to run a number of tests using human blood pumped through a flow loop and assay for the concentrat... View More

Research group needs polymer laboratory for fatigue crack growth rate measurements on transparent composite polymer specimens at low and high temperat... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM stress testing of 4 products to ASTM G186, Standard Test Method for Determining Whether Gas-Leak-Detector Fl... View More

Mechanical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing (yield/breaking strength/elongation) of uncoated seven-wire strand (15.24mm) in accordance with ASTM A41... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large UK consulting firm needs geological laboratory for monthly geotechnical soil tests including: sulphate reducing bacteria/redu... View More

Medical device laboratory needed for physical ASTM testing of a range of titanium surgical-grade products to the following ASTM Standards: ASTM F2052... View More

Plumbing company needs metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of brass plumbing parts to the ASTM B858 standard for stress corrosion crackin... View More

Materials laboratory needed for integrity / life expectancy testing of PVDF and Tedlar used in Supported Structure industry and Fabric Structure indus... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for various ASTM and ISTA testing of engineered parts packaging including 1) Free drop : Reference Specifications: ASTM D ... View More

Accredited materials laboratory needed for DIN EN testing of glass reinforced plastic part adhesives to DVS 1618/DIN 54457 test of lap shear strength ... View More

Medical device / materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of personal protective equipment / gloves to ASTMF2878-10 (Needle Stick Test) View More

Materials laboratory needed for IEC testing of adhesive tapes to IEC 60454 (pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for electrical purposes) including tensi... View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for FDA sunglasses safety testing by drop ball test method to Standard LT-1 July 12, 1971 21 CFR 801, 410 M... View More

Product safety laboratory needed for ANSI testing of ladder levelers to ANSI 14.8-2013 (Safety Requirements for Ladder Accessories). View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for ASTM physical, mechanical, and accelerated aging testing of polymer auto parts to car manufacturers ... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for physical testing of pharmaceutical corrugated shippers including burst strength, compression strength, and moisture co... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for physical testing of corrugated box for burst strength and edge crush tests. View More

URGENT. ASTM metallurgical laboratory needed for tensile and elongation testing of a extruded copper rod in accordance with ASTM E8 and conforming to ... View More

Composite materials laboratory needed for ASTM D1781 standard test method for climbing drum peel for adhesives or DIN 53295 testing of sandwiches; pee... View More

Material analysis laboratory needed for the following testing on plastics:

Environmental Cycle test after 50 cycles according to PV 2005

Lightfa... View More

ASTM materials laboratory needed for total mass loss and collected volatile condensable materials from outgassing in a vacuum environment testing of u... View More

Engineering company needs materials laboratory for environmental simulations testing of GRP (Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic) ground anchor for UV st... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for medical device package design qualification testing of a UN 4G fiberboard box
and 47 x 40 x 1.5-mil poly red bag with... View More

Aerospace laboratory needed for aviation (textiles) carpet testing to BSS 7313 Boeing Edge Binding Strength. View More

Construction Materials Laboratory needed for strength and durability check of glass reinforced fiber GRF material. View More

Plastics / Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM physical testing of plastic crates from different suppliers including:
Raw material tests as per ASTM... View More

Automotive performance laboratory needed for fatigue testing of universal driveshafts with the following requirements:

0-3400 ft*lbs @ 10,000 cycle... View More

Motor oil laboratory needed for JASO T903 (DFI, STI, etc.) testing of automotive oil.

View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Tensile and ELongation Testing to ASTM D1055-09, Standard Specifications for Flexible Cellular Materials-Latex Fo... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for complete packaging testing of 7 SKU's of products including: material testing, and benchmark packaging
Bottles: Drop... View More

Polymers laboratory needed for testing thermoplastic products for strength, integrity, durability.

View More

URGENT, LONG TERM. Certified plastics welding laboratory needed for peel and crush testing of polyethylene coupons on electro-fusion welding joints ac... View More

ASTM composite laboratory needed for fatigue testing of rods with S-N curve analysis.
View More

Lighting laboratory needed to test bulb insertion force for a T20 lighting socket.

View More

Power laboratory needed for testing the strength and durability of a power line cable.

View More

Civil Engineering firm needs materials laboratory for concrete and banana fiber physical testing and SEM analysis: View More

Cosmetics laboratory needed for rheology testing of creams and oils for Shear flow, yield stress, oscillatory profiles View More

Materials Science laboratory needed for ASTM shear stability testing of a sample using ASTM D 6278 standard. View More

Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for paint plastic cans testing for 28 days at stacked conditions to simulate summer test simulation
at da... View More

Materials laboratory needed for IEST and ASTM Clean Room Gloves Testing:
1 Tensile Strength ASTM D412
2 Ultimate Elongation ASTM D412
3 Surface Res... View More

Cable tie company in India needs laboratory to verify compliance with ICE 62275 standard. View More

Large medical company needs to test drug delivery of Taxol via small bore connections against chemical stress cracking per ISO 594-2, DIN 13276, DIN E... View More

International security lock company needs test of a Padlock per BS EN 12320 2012 View More

Large manufacturing company needs testing of Sealants (Silicone/PU/Acrylic) used in building and construction to comply with ASTM standards (ASTM C920... View More

Preclinical Laboratory needed for biomechanical testing of Biologic implantables to be used as replacement tissue. Tests needed for mechanical propert... View More

Sports surfacing company needs Construction materials laboratory for ISO plastics testing UV testing as per ISO test method ISO 4892-2:2660 View More

Laboratory needed for multiple testing on tape product
AAMA 713
AAMA 711
ASTM D412 ? Tensile Strength
ASTM D 1970 Water Penetration
AS... View More

Physical Laboratory needed to perform weathering testing on our plastic according with VW standard PV 3930. Exposure time should be 1500 h. We do not ... View More

Laboratory needed for multiple tests on Oil Cooling System including crash, vibration, contamination, fire, oil leakage, thermal cycling, etc:

1... View More

Nanotechnology company needs materials laboratory for conducting studies on nanoparticles effect on the base polymers. polymer composite testing on va... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Packaging Laboratory needed for packaging testing of In flexible packing materials like double laminated , triple laminated & other ... View More

URGENT LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for High temperature tensile strength testing of bonded aluminum sheets. Laboratory must have Environmental... View More

LONG TERM TESTING Materials Laboratory needed for Polyamide Tube testing to prove compliance with DIN73378, DIN74324-1 and SAEJ844 Many different test... View More

Large corporation needs physical laboratory needed for plastic cable testing: Load rating for pedestrian and vehicle (H-20, 40) for cable made of rec... View More

Mechanical Test Center needed to run the test study on industrial springs used in suspension cars (cyclic test, corrosion, etc.). View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Automotive adhesive and sealent for tensile properties to ASTM D 638.
1) Percent Elongation at Break ... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for Burst Strength Testing of Corrugated Cardboards. View More

Construction Buildings Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for Prefabricated Vertical Drains
1. Width ASTM D 3774
2. Thickness ASTM D 5199
3. Discha... View More

Laboratory needed to Measure deflection of actuators during travel at full actuation range during testing of height adjustable tables and legs. Table... View More

Laboratory needed for failure analysis on metal composite delamination problem During the production,Test result of adhesion is ok but after 2,3 weeks... View More

Physical Laboratory needed stress testing done on chiropractic table equipment View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM tensile testing to ASTM E8.,Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials. Flat tensile specime... View More

Oak plantation needs environmental laboratory for soil and tissue testing to identify transplant stress, blight or Chlorosis View More

Laboratory needed for ASTM tensile testing to ASTM E8.,Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials Flat tensile specimen will n... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Stress corrosion Testing on titanium according to ASTM F945.
Candidate solution is the lubricant
Tes... View More

Laboratory needed for validation testing projects on Locomotive Radiators and CACs.

1. Thermal Cycling:
Full size radiator testing, which is appr... View More

Biomaterials laboratory needed for in-vitro surgical sealant testing 1. Burst test of surgical sealant (2-PEGs) as per ASTM F2392.
2. Gel Time test -... View More

Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for alloxan, STZ, STZ + Nicotinamide diabetic nephropathy models. oxidative stress markers, blood an... View More

Physical laboratory needed chair testing to test structural welding on a metal chair View More

Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for alloxan, STZ, STZ + Nicotinamide diabetic nephropathy models. oxidative stress markers, blood an... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for aluminum cable testing: Aluminum cable type ACAR 750 MCM 19 (6201) + 18 (1350). stress-strain for 5°, 25°,60°, y 80°C ... View More


USA Automotive laboratory needed for SAE and ASTM Testing: Compression Stress Relaxation Test SAE J2979 + Low Temp Brittleness ASTM D2137 View More

India Pharmaceutical Science Researcher needs Pharmacology Contract Research Organization for Pharmacology Study Experiments:


Manufacturer a counter top material with recycled window glass and an epoxy resin binder needs physical laboratory for NSF / ANSI / ASTM Physical Prop... View More

India physical laboratory needed for Chloride stress corrosion cracking test for Aluminium 7075 material, in Nacl solution View More

India materials laboratory needed for test the parameters of HDPE,POLYPROPYLENE and ABS samples as follows
2.Melt flow index
3.Grade name... View More

FDA AND Health Canada certified/ experienced Cosmetics Laboratory needed for USP microbiology and chemistry stability testing of cosmetic lotion. All ... View More

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer needs India analytical chemistry laboratory for FDA submission testing on topical pharmaceutical drug product testing of ... View More

Large electronics manufacturer needs Accelerated Stress Test in high humidity (80%RH), high temperature (70C) for 4 months View More

Egypt Geology laboratory needed for geotechnical testing: Pull-out tests for Pull-out and lateral-pressure test. Pull-out Tests (#1) must be carried o... View More

Europe mechanical and physical laboratory needed for automotive parts testing: ball joints testing for stress resistance, dust seal, tests in environ... View More

University Researcher needs genetics laboratory for DNA testing of plant leaves which had been exposed to a stress including
Extraction of total RNA... View More

Large multinational corporation needs physical laboratory for Environmental Stress Testing: Run a combined vibration with heat temperature for 20 g-r... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for organic beauty products testing: Four samples of organic body balms, 4 samples of organic lip balms and 4 s... View More

California textiles laboratory needed for fabric comparison testing: Fabric Stress test View More

Testing and Video Interview: San Diego Laboratory needed for fabric textiles comparison study: stress testing to show our fabric is stronger than oth... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for SAE Testing: Compression stress relaxation 1008hrs aging in air at 150°C. SAE J2979, Test Method for Vulcanized Ru... View More

USA or Mexico technical laboratory needed for MIL Standard, NFPA, ASTM leak detector testing. Needs to perform laboratory tests for leak detectors

... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for stress testing: Need load/stress analysis testing on welded support I beam View More

Asia mechanical laboratory needed for SSC Testing. Steel pipe testing to NACE MR0175 for Sulfide stress cracking NACE MR 0175. 250 jts DRL HFRW pipe A... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for strength testing to compare rotating beam corrosion fatigue strength of stainless steel with that in air. Specifically... View More

Materials laboratory needed for materials testing of composite materials: Composite Samples: Aluminium matrix alumina reinforced composites Total comp... View More

Plastics laboratory needed for validation testing for XLHDPE and LLDPE material used in the manufacture of DEF tanks for Navistar. As described; 1. So... View More

Gassin tendency ASTM D2300, Standard Test Method for Gassing of Electrical Insulating Liquids Under Electrical Stress and Ionization (Modified Pirell... View More

Southeast USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for Mechanical testing of Steel material: 1) Stub column 2) Cantiléver 3) Cyclic for back and forward stres... View More

North America Cosmetics Laboratory needed for Cosmetics Finished Product Testing efficacy of a skin care product on its ability to protect cells from ... View More

Asia electrical laboratory needed for IEEE Testing: Electrical Heat cycle Test & IEC61238-1(2003-5) & Ageing Test & Tensile stress test View More

US Plastics Laboratory needed for plastic ASTM Testing. A full package of information for HDPE material including:
1.Stress-Strain data for (tensile,... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing. Independent Laboratory that can perform ASTM F945, Standard Test Method for Stress-Corrosion ... View More

Large Pharma needs Europe or USA CRO, Contract Research Organization specialized in measuring marker of oxidative stress, gluocotoxicity (including me... View More

ISO Agriculture Laboratory / Agrochemical laboratory needed for biochemical testing for approach/technology to detect and analyze in real time in the ... View More

Aerospace Physical Laboratory needed for aerospace load testing: Wing load testing. One sample, one 16 ft wing with fuselage and two tail booms. View More

USA aerospace physical laboratory needed for Tensile fatigue testing of Ti specimens at RT,and at temp up to 1200F. View More

California physical laboratory needed for stress testing that can pride a rating of foot punds that the apparatus tool can pull. View More

California physical laboratory needed for stress testing to find the maximum foot pounds that the apparatus is good for. The apparatus is designed to... View More

India Plastics Laboratory needed for plastics testing: Tensile testing of cotton based fibre rainforcement plastic Breaking load,Strain & Stress at fa... View More

Qatar physical laboratory needed for relaxation testing: 1000 hours relaxation test for prestressing strands View More

Middle East Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory needed for biochemistry testing: oxidative stress, tumor markers, hormones, adipokines, and hormone recep... View More

Canada or USA Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Metallic materials: Tensile test of
Aluminum 5052 H32 sheet metal roll with thickness= ... View More

USA MaterialsLaboratory needed for polycarbonate testing: internal imaging of bulk polycarbonate samples for internal stress or cracking View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for mechanical testing: test one sample ACSR Zebra conductor as per BS EN 50182 for Type Test ,the detail as per below; ... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Taber loss (by ASTM D3389, Standard Test Method for Coated Fabrics Abrasion Resistance (Rotary Platform ... View More

Physical, Mechanical Laboratory needed for physical BS EN testing to BS EN 50182: ACSR Bison Type Test 1(One)sample .

1.Verification of constructi... View More

Western US geology laboratory needed for core testing: Core tests including Triaxial tests, UCS tests, m and s,
brazillian tests, used for stress mod... View More

Plastics Laboratory needed for rubber testing: lab test compressive stress relaxation of rubber. There are two test conditions. One is in 150'C air fo... View More

Large Pharma needs pharmaceutical packaging laboratory for Packaging Testing : packaging anomalies quantitative characterization Analytical : packagin... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for polymer testing at low temperature. stress-strain testing of polymers at -150C to establish stress-strain curve at... View More

Midwest optics laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM C770-98, Stress Optical Coefficient (aka Brewster's Factor) of a glass composition. View More

Physical Laboratory needed for material testing on chairs: durablity, stress testing. Please provide costs.

View More

Large Multinational Corporation needs Southeast USA electrical laboratory to analayze (8) 12 inch samples of overhead crane cables analyzed to see wha... View More

India Physical laboratory needed for high strain testing of metals, composites and ceramics in and around India. Could be South Africa, Australia, Sin... View More

East Coast Materials, Mechanical Laboratory laboratory needed for aluminum analysis used in a die casted part. Comparison of two similar parts from tw... View More

Analytical chemistry needed for hydrocarbon testing: 1. Crude oil naphthenate screening-test 2ea
2. Crude oil sodium emulsion screening-test 2ea
3. ... View More

Large Chemical Company needs Texas physical laboratory for ASTM Testing and ISO Testing of polypropylene PP pellets specimens:
Izod Impact, 23C Notch... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for Essai N° Essai: Bow and Twist, Bending stress measurement, Components Shear and Pull Test, IONIC Contamination, Micr... View More

ISO China Bioanalytical Toxicology Laboratory needed for Binding affinity tests (Ki) - basic binding affinity in nM at desired targets (e.g. CB1, CB2)... View More

NE USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM performance testing of oil water separator to ASTM D615. We are not looking to certify the OWS... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for testing a dermal scaffold used for wound repair. One requirement is the ability to hold a suture when used for abdomi... View More

California Mechanical Laboratory needed for mechanical testing on bone samples. Specifically, I need to perform cyclic compressive loading on the samp... View More

Asia Packaging Laboratory needed for:
1)Poly Carbonate Compatability Test
2)Charge Generation
3) Static Decay,
4) Surface Resistance View More

Canada Mechanical Laboratory needed for NACE mro 175 and ISO stress testing, corrosion cracking testing in accordance with NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 Part ... View More

ANSI Laboratory needed for testing the following as per Per ANSI NGV 2-2007:
Ambient Cycling Test
Extreme Temp Cycling
Hydrostatic Burst Test
Comp... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for testing a bottle design project for 250 ml soap soln. bottle. As a part of the project we want to do a design optimiz... View More

US Consumer Products Laboratory needed for shoe insole testing to back up health benefit claims. Softens hard deposits on nerve clusters, reduces stre... View More

Mexico FDA Laboratory required for photostability testing in accordance to ICH:
stressing pharmaceuticals with UV light according to ICH; analysis of... View More

Canada Metallurgical Laboratory needed for ASTM tensile testing of 6.35mm stainless steel tubes.
Need to receive raw data for of Stress-strain curves View More

Mumbai Mechanical Laboratory needed for shear & bear stress testing for 150 Dia. pin of 12.9 grade View More

USA Biophysical Laboratory needed for Medical Product Stress Testing for construction of the product and weight limitations, (weight support specs) an... View More


Mechanical Forensics Laboratory for investigation testing, stress fracture imaging of tool that has failed (broken) offshore. Would it be possible to ... View More

Asia Physical laboratory needed for Stress rupture testing View More

ASTM Metallurgical Laboratory required to carry out the following tests on Stainless Steel Welded & Seamless Pipes &Tubes:
1. IGC Test Practice "B" &... View More

India, China Mechanical Laboratory required to do stress rupture test (creep test) View More

Asia - Thailand Analytical Chemistry, Materials/Mechanical Laboratory required for the following tests:

3.5.1 Density, Core ISO 845/ASTM D 3574, Te... View More

South Africa bs4408 Non Destructive Laboratory required for Gamma Ray Radiography Testing for prestressed bridge beams grouting View More

we need to have right material properties: - Front Rails - B-Pillar - Rocker - Dash/Footrest area - Floor Regarding Automotive mfg needs physical lab... View More

Geology laboratory needed for rock testing: Cerchar Abrasivity, Taber Abrasivity, Specific Energy, Drillability Index, Blasting Index In addition to t... View More

Florida Pharmaceuticals Company needs USA Laboratory for "complex viscosity" testing, for one of our silicone materials (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) ... View More

Indiana USA Physical Laboratory required for some testing. Below are the material and the tests required:

.25mm thick polyester sheets:
- i'm int... View More

India ASTM Materials Testing Laboratory needed for:
Plastics Discoloration Testing
Physical Properties Testing
Simulated Environmental Exposures Te... View More

India NFC 33-040 & NFC 33-041 Mechanical Testing Laboratory needed for endurance test under thermal and mechanical stress on suspension and tension as... View More

Europe Plastics and Polymers Laboratory needed for standard Luposol Stress Crack Testing on plastic parts injected in PE-HD for the automotive industr... View More

Mexico microbiology laboratory needed for testing Immobilized antimicrobial agents such as surface bonded materials, are not free to diffuse into thei... View More

ISO Physical Laboratory needed for testing based on ISO 594-1 and 594-2 requirements:
Gauging, Leakage, Separation force, Unscrewing torque, Ease of ... View More

USA Toxicology Laboratory needed for vitro toxicity testing of 10 materials in carbon nanotubes. The assays I would be interested in would involve the... View More

Canada Physical Engineering Laboratory needed for examination of some rebars that are left in site for 1.5 years corroded , we need Min 4 samples sho... View More

FDA, GLP, AAALAC certified citotoxicity lab needed for oxidative stress evaluation in vitro for screening of drugs that may impact in oxidative stress... View More

USA Southeast biochemistry lab needed for biochemical analysis of endogenously generated phytotoxins in specific class of plant under stress test and ... View More

NABL Accredited, ISO Materials Lab needed for Metallurgical evaluation, Mechanical testing, Coating development, failure analysis, corrosion testing,... View More

Biophysical laboratory capable of performing aging studies and tensile tests on woven collagen dressings needed. We are performing aging tests on sa... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test some tablet samples from stress stability. We put API form I and now we want to know if some transforme... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for non-destructive evaluation, gas turbine life assessment and fatigue
stress rupture View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for clinical testing of a nutraceutical formulation for anti-aging of the skin. It will be sold for internal use only,... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for environmental stress crack resistance testing, via stack testing, for 1L PE bottles, approximate loadings 14-25Kg, 180 ... View More

Physical laboratory needed for ASTM testing tensile strength and stress relaxation properties of various nitrile butadiene rubber products. View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for testing of Biomarker of oxidative stress:
8-Isoprostane and Malondialdhyde.

View More

Biomechanical laboratory needed for ISO testing on Threaded Female
Luer Lock fitting to ensure compliance to ISO 594-1 & ISO 594-2:
(1). Liquid Lea... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ISO 527 stress testing for stress strain curves at conditions given below
Stress strain curve with X-Y data in tabula... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing (ASTM D2990) MDPE for tensile creep testing and Flexural creep testing with two temperatures are 30 and... View More

FDA/ GLP microbiology laboratory needed for Disinfectant efficacy testing for Sporicidal Activity of Disinfectant

1.Reuse Stressing of Disinfectant... View More

Pharmaceuticals laboratory needed for controlled environmental storage of drug for stress environmental testing. Time frame of up to 6 months View More

ISO, Non-GLP Medical Devices Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of a Polymer: melt flow (melt index), Molecular Weight (GPC), Rheology (Str... View More

Physical laboratory needed for ASTM testing: Residual stress measurement in a 0.41mm size stainless steel wire sample by XRD method
2. ALfa Martensit... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for photostability testing (stress test)of a solid cytostatic agent
View More

Physical laboratory needed for rheological testing of a gelled product. Products are getting complaints about in the field. Some customers report that... View More

Physical product safety laboratory needed for testing fabric wearability, strength to hold 50 lbs. when in use, aid to muscular stress reduction while... View More

AIHA accredited laboratory capable of sampling and testing hydrocarbon vapour, benzene, H2S, CO, Sulphur dust, Cat. Dust, Noise, Heat stress, vibratio... View More

Photodegradation & oxidative stress testing. Testing Requirements
1. Subject solutions to fluorescent and UV radiation according to ICH guidelines (... View More

FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for Photostability study of API as per ICH options. Stressed studies under light as per ICH options 1 a... View More

FDA GLP, Eastern US bioanalytical abd clinical lab needed for testing of human blood and equine peripheral blood or marrow for performance testing of ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for stress/strain testing on plastic "dogbones". Approximately 500 samples spread over a 100 day period. View More