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Contract Laboratory is an innovative, interactive web-based platform for laboratory outsourcing. ContractLaboratory.com is currently managed by it's founder, an award-winning former US FDA Consumer Safety Officer with a range of experience and in-depth knowledge of the laboratory outsourcing industry. Contract Laboratory is now a division of[ LabX Media Group |http://www.labxmediagroup.com]and will continue to expand services and offerings to meet the needs of our industry.

A specialized provider of web-based products and information services designed to promote and facilitate laboratory outsourcing and procurement services. We offer extensive search and database capabilities to facilitate the laboratory outsourcing laboratory procurement processes. Among these are the Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Request service for fulfilment of laboratory test requests, product requests, service requests and business opportunities. For over 20-years, the platform has facilitated millions of dollars worth of contract laboratory testing and lab analysis contracts for government agencies, small, start-up companies to large multi-national corporations.

Our registered laboratories and laboratory suppliers offer laboratory testing, research, development, engineering, construction, engineering, synthesis, supplies, and analysis in industries such as the Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Food and Beverage, Clinical Trials, Nutraceuticals, Environmental, Consumer Products, Toys, Animal Science, Cosmetics and Personal Products, Oil and Petroleum, Plastics and Polymers, Electronics, Engineering, Forestry and Paper Products, Mining, Aeronautical, Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Manufacturing, Apparel and Footwear, Textiles. See all industries

The types of Laboratories and Contract Research Organizations that ContractLaboratory.com facilitates laboratory outsourcing is extensive. Our Laboratory Outsourcing Network features independent laboratories such as agricultural laboratories, analytical chemistry laboratories, bioanalytical laboratories, clinical laboratories, cytology and histology laboratories, genetics laboratories, forensic laboratories, environmental laboratories, electrical laboratories, food laboratories, nutritional laboratories, immunology laboratories, field sampling laboratories, certification laboratories, medical laboratories, industrial hygiene laboratories, acoustics laboratories, optical laboratories, serology laboratories, mechanical laboratories, materials laboratories, mechanical laboratories, metallurgical laboratories, automotive laboratories, oil and petroleum laboratories, nanotechnology laboratories, sensory laboratory, consumer laboratories, microbiology laboratories, pre-clinical laboratories, product safety laboratories, physical laboratories, toxicology laboratories, etc.

ContractLaboratory.com's software and search capabilities allow ContractLaboratory.com to facilitate laboratory outsourcing based on laboratory certifications, laboratory registrations, laboratory licenses and laboratory methodologies such as A2LA, AOAC, UKAS, FDA, USDA, EPA, USP, EP, CLIA, NELAP/NVLAP, ISO, AAMI, ISTA, AAALAC, IP, BP, GMP, GLP, DIN, ASTM, ANSI, IEEE

Contract Laboratory is international and facilitates laboratory outsourcing in such places as the US, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Australia, Asia, China, Japan, the Pacific Rim, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.