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Most Recent concrete and cement Laboratory Requests

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Contract Laboratory has received the following concrete and cement Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These concrete and cement Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their concrete and cement Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a concrete and cement Laboratory, please Submit a concrete and cement Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

ANSI Mortar Evaluation

Construction Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing of mortar products for south american market to the following ANSI Standards:
ANSI A118.1 - Stan... View More

ASTM Concrete Mixing Water Testing

URGENT Industrial Laboratory (preferrably close to Alaska) needed for ASTM testing for concrete mixing water to ASTM C 1602 and ASTM C 1602M. Please... View More

IEC Ground Enhancing Materials Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC testing of Grounding Enhancement Material to IEC 62561-7 Lightning protection system components (... View More

Cement Water Soluble Chromium

Construction Materials Laboratory needed for cement testing for determination of the water-soluble chromium (VI) content of cement as per European tes... View More

IEC Lightning Protection Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing of Grounding Enhancement Material to IEC 62561-7 Lightning protection system components View More

Naphthalene Physical Properties

Large Chemical Company needs Oil Laboratory to provide a quote for the cost per temperature to determine the following physical properties of a naphth... View More

Concrete Thermal Properties Testing

Construction Materials Laboratory needed for concrete thermal properties testing under different temperature (29degree to 700 degree)
1. Thermal con... View More

Construction Failure Analysis

Small Construction Co needs Construction Materials Lab for evaluation of driveway glue tile adhesive used with waterproofing that has been comedrummy ... View More

RFP - ASTM Concrete Curing Compound Testing

Manufacturer needs Construction Materials Laboratory for ASTM testing on curing compounds for concrete to ASTM C309 ( A standard test method for water... View More

Rock Chemical Composition

Cement Company needs Geology Laboratory for chemical composition testing of rock type(sedimentary/igneous/etc...) and family (dolomite/rhyolite/sands... View More

Soil Conditioner Evaluation

Environmental Laboratory needed for agriculture evaluation testing of soil conditioner in soil & coir for fruit & vegetable yields, water retention, r... View More

ASTM Wire Relaxation Testing

Laboratory needed for relaxation testing for PC strands (7wires) as per ASTM A416/416M Standard Specification for Low-Relaxation, Seven-Wire Steel St... View More

Concrete Block Fire Rating

Europe Construction Materials Laboratory needed for fire rating test of concrete blocks. View More

Petroleum Laboratory Equipment

Petroleum Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier to provide a quote for the following equipment for their laboratory.

S/... View More

AASHTO Concrete Thermal Expansion

AASHTO T 336 AASHTO T336 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Hydraulic Cement Concretetest on JPCP View More

EPA OPPTS Fly Bait Testing

EPA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for OPPTS toxicology testing of fly bait to OPPTS 830.1800 Enforcement analytical methods. CAS# 131929... View More

Residual Host Cell DNA by qpcr

Biotechnology Company needs Genetics Laboratory needed to perform residual host cell DNA by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR),. Protein s... View More

Integral Crystalline Water Proofing

Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for complete concrete product testing by integral crystalline water proofing Tests like crystal growth thr... View More

Drilling Fluid and Cementing Additives Quality Testing

Oil Drilling Operation needs Oil Laboratory for mud chemicals (drilling fluid) quality and cementing additives quality testing:

In order to verify... View More

ASTM and ASME Architectural Natural Stone Testing

Cpnstruction Materials Laboratory needed for Architectural Natural Stone testing to multiple ASTM and ASME Standards including:those referenced in the... View More

BIS Compliance Vibration Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for vibration testing required as per IS 11037 Electronic type fan regulators including Clause no
Sweep frequ... View More

Cement Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical testing for clinker using EN method 196-2 Method of testing cement View More

Rock CT Scanning

Geology Laboratory needed for micro CT scanning of carbonate rocks and cement stratigraphy in sandstone View More

Concrete Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM C1077 - 17
Standard Practice for Agencies Testing Concrete and Concrete Aggregates for Use in C... View More

Male Enhancement Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for identification testing of PDE5 inhibitors, i.e. Viagra or Cialis or sulphosidenafil... View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for child safety testing of several push and turn containers View More

FDA Contract Research Organization CRO needed for in vivo and in vitro studies of implant based bone cement medical device including material characte... View More

Construction Laboratory needed for ANSI dry grout physical testing to two ANSI Standards 118.3 Latex Fortified Cement Based Grout: and 118.4 Modifi... View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for specification testing of #30 Dental Cements View More

Geology Laboratory needed to carry out Saturate, Aromatic, Resin and Asphaltene SARA analysis and ash content on minerals. View More

Materials laboratory needed for measurements on an anti-reflection coating on both external surfaces of a cemented doublet measured. The diameter of t... View More

Company would like to request a quote from a nutritional laboratory for Glycemic Index testing of their new meal replacement product. View More

Construction materials laboratory needed to conduct ASTM and AASHTO testing of asphalt binder to ASTM D2006 Method of Test for Characteristic Groups i... View More

Construction materials laboratory needed for vinyl flooring testing to ANSI/ESD STM 7.1 Standard Test Method for the Protection of Electrostatic Disc... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Food laboratory needed for liquid meal replacement analysis for electrolyte content (ex. sodium, potassium, calcium), fat content (s... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing waterproofing membrane for
1 - hydrostatic head resistance (an independent test) required values: 70m (231ft)... View More

Construction materials laboratory needed for properties testing of a resin/cement blend for oilfield use including compressive strength (MPa), flexura... View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for passive ligating clip medical implant testing to several ISO and IEC standards including:

F2052 Test Method fo... View More

Medical device laboratory needed for physical ASTM testing of a range of titanium surgical-grade products to the following ASTM Standards: ASTM F2052... View More

Materials laboratory needed for confirmatory testing of jointing materials for sewer drains to DIN 4062, Cold processable plastic jointing materials f... View More

Materials certification laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing of lightweight concrete to ASTM C177 Steady-State Heat Flux Measurements an... View More

Consumer product laboratory needed for CPSC safety testing of an arts and crafts product constructed out of urethane, water based contact cement, hard... View More

Construction laboratory needed for core testing of concrete samples View More

Construction company needs Materials laboratory ASTM Testing for coal fly ash and raw or calcined natural pozzolan for use in concrete to ASTM C618 s... View More

LONG TERM. TESTING Petroleum laboratory needed for ISO and ASME Testing: of composite reinforcement to ASME PCC2/ISO 24817Petroleum, petrochemical and... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Flooring Testing to ASTM C609 for Light Reflectance Value of one of our products in various colors. Please speci... View More

Civil Engineering firm needs materials laboratory for concrete and banana fiber physical testing and SEM analysis: View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for AASHTO Testing of portland cement/concrete per AASHTO M85. Standard Specification for Portland Cement (Chemical a... View More

Preclinical Laboratory needed for biomechanical testing of Biologic implantables to be used as replacement tissue. Tests needed for mechanical propert... View More

Biomedical company needs biomaterials laboratory for ISO Testing of resins cements to ISO 5833:2002 specifications, Implants for surgery -- Acrylic r... View More

International Roadway construction company needs Laboratory for ASTM Testing of asphaltic plug joint for compliance to to validate ASTM D6297 complia... View More

Geotechnical laboratory needed for physical properties of different slurries, solids and liquid:
Solid Concentration (TSS+TDS)
Heat of Format... View More

Laboratory needed for cement testing both physical & chemical as per is 4031 & is 4032 View More

Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of aggregates used in oil pipeline operations to the following standards ASTM:Cement:ASTM C150 ? Standard specifica... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Geophysical Laboratory needed for Particle Analysis: Particle Size Distribution by Laser Diffraction of Quartz, Fly Ash, GGBS etc. W... View More

Materials laboratory needed for Field Study on concrete door for soiling ability View More

Independent laboratory needed for construction protection board testing to a Canadian specification.. View More

Laboratory needed for particle size analysis (laser diffraction?) for a number of samples of cement (~30) . 30 samples. View More

Engineering firm needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM Testing: Sound Transmission Class Test for Concrete Masonry Blocks in accordance with ASTM E90 & ... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Genetics Laboratory needed for DNA sequence replacement. We have our own BAC that we would like to make 6 sequence replacements in.... View More

Flooring Company needs Performance Laboratory for water resistance testing of Cement self leveling products.Product is a topical sealant to apply to s... View More

Middle East Proficiency Laboratory needed for ACi, ASTM construction materials proficiency testing for soil, aggregate, concrete, bitumen, water and f... View More

SO/IEC 17025 Accredited laboratory needed for ECE Testing of Brake Pads to ECE 90 Standard,European standard for replacement brake pads and linings co... View More

Geotechnical laboratory needed for AASHTO Testing to AASHTO T164 method D, Standard Method of Test for Quantitative Extraction of Asphalt Binder from ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ANSI testing or cement to ANSI Standards: ANSI A118.1 Standard Dry-Set Cement Mortar
ANSI A118.4 Modified Dry Set Ce... View More

Larg Construction Building Materials company needs certification laboratory for ANSI Testing of tile adhesives & grout accoding to ANSI standards.
... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for ASTM Testing and testing to norm MS211-47 Type A2 (KIA/HIUNDAI):
ASTM D792, Standard Test Methods for Density and S... View More

Materials laboratory needed to test a 2 component thin set mortar; a polymer modified stone adhesive to adhere thin stone in accordance to ANSI 118.4 ... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for Coupler Slip test as per IS 16172,REINFORCEMENT COUPLERS FOR MECHANICAL SPLICES OF BARS IN CONCRETE - SPECIFICATION View More

Large corporation needs Physical Laboratory for Need bulk sample (~1,800-lb) jaw crushing of 12 x 6 dia. consolidated wet mix material (silica-alumin... View More

Materials laboratory needed to test a 2 component thin set mortar; a polymer modified stone adhesive to adhere thin stone.
View More

Geology laboratory needed for geophysical testing: Size, abrasive index, moisture content, bulk density, gradation

These tests need to be done on ... View More

We need to know the Laboratory near Thailand where we can test SHERA Fiber Cement boards (similar to James Hardie) as per ANSI 118.9 View More

Physical Laboratory needed for acoustics testing of Light Weight Hollow Core Precast Cement Wall Panels for sound absorption and transmission View More

India analytical chemsitry laboratory needed for F493 test certificate testing for CPVC cement solvent View More

Cosmetics laboratory needed for Anti-Aging testing of skin care product for product safety and expiration date. Level of ability elesticity, cell re... View More

Materials laboratory needed that is capable of running Alberta Transportation Specification B388 tests for type 3 concrete sealers View More

Accredited Laboratory needed for the Testing of Earthing Enhancement Compounds. Laboratory needed that is able to do all the tests listed below:

a... View More

Medical Device Manufacturer needs laboratory for disposable gown and drape testing to Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation AAM... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for Food Packaging testing to comply with EU food Packaging requlations. We make a water based coating that can be alterna... View More

India physical laboratory needed for cement strength test to meet either 425 kilograms per square centimeter, or 525 kilograms per square centimeter... View More

Optical laboratory needed for filter and testing for optical light transmission density. Company has cracked 16├śmm x 1mm thick filter that is part of ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for LEED and ASTM color testing of color supplied to the decorative cement market: 40 colors tested torASTM E 1980 to obta... View More

United Arab Emirates Materials Laboratoryneeded for ASTM Testing: ASTM G180 test for Corrosion inhibiting admixtures for steel in concrete by polariza... View More

Contract lab needed for performing a lab test for determining the porosity of concrete. View More

USA biomedical laboratory needed measure the volume displacement over time of a self inflating device. Need a high level of accuracy because of the sm... View More

India Materials Laboratory needed for materials analysis of u-pvc,c-pvc,pvc pipe solvent cement solution. View More

Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for cosmetics efficacy testing of a new material for skincare facial mask, especially in 1) active ingr... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for DIN Testing of concreat to DIN 52108 - Concrete wear test using the Bohme grinding wheel method. View More

Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical trial testing of meal replacement bar for diabetic use with glycemic index. Glycemic index is still recognis... View More

Asia materials laboratory needed for thermal insulation testing or r-value measurement of concrete wall panel View More

Physical Laboratory needed for coatings testing of Bituminous waterproofing membrane for concrete bridge decks.
Number of sample: 1 type
We need la... View More

Large chemical company needs materials laboratory capable of performing BS EN 1062-6 Paints and varnishes. Coating materials and coating systems for e... View More

Waterproofing company needs physical laboratory for weathering testing: insulation properties test for concrete in minus 30 degree View More

Preclinical COntract Research Organization needed for preclinical studies and biocompatiability testing of medical device implant: implantable membran... View More

United States Materials Laboratory needed for concrete testing View More

USA textiles laboratory needed for ASTM chemistry testing for microsilica to Astm c1240, Standard Specification for Silica Fume Used in Cementitious M... View More

Manufacturer of Male Enhancement product needs testing for Sildenafil. View More

USA Materials laboratory needed for EPA waste contaminant characterization testing of waste Rags/ Wipes/ Gloves with paint related material to EPA met... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for research study for studying a printed circuit board's (PCB) in-plane CTE and out-of-plane warpage induced by a steady... View More

USA forensics drug laboratory needed for reference comparison study of spectrometers with GCMS or other qualitative testing of device designed for law... View More

Middle East, Asia or Europe materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing. Concrete Paver test is required as per ASTM C 67: Freeze-thaw resistance View More

California Preclinical Laboratory, Contract Research Organization CRO needed for Preclinical testing, biocompatibility, performance and integrity. Ac... View More

California Materials Laboratory needed for construction materials testing of Concrete Aggregates to ASTM E228-11, Standard Test Method for Linear The... View More

Europe materials laboratory needed for cement testing: analyse the physical and chemical differences we are observing in the GRINDING AID we are using... View More

Large corporation needs materials laboratory for Cement Testing. Tests performed to standard IEC62561-7.1. Resistivity2. Corrosion Material to be test... View More

Orthopedic Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical study: pre-clinical testing involving the placement of an intramuscular implant i... View More

Plastics laboratory needed for validation testing for XLHDPE and LLDPE material used in the manufacture of DEF tanks for Navistar. As described; 1. So... View More

Weathering Laboratory needed for performance testing / weathering testing of exterior coating, based on Ordinary Portland Cement, polymers, fillers, ... View More

FDA cGMP USA biomaterials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Bone Cement and control sample according to ASTM F451 for FDA compliance View More

Western USA physical laboratory needed for concrete testing: Compressive strength of concrete before and after exposure to 500 F, 700 F, 900 F (to be ... View More

India geophysical laboratory needed for ground testing. test for sink holes under concrete up to thirty feet down View More

Physical Laboratory needed for AASHTO Testing. mass concrete volume stability testing for hydraulic structure for Coefficient of thermal expansion: AA... View More

Canada materials laboratory needed for coating testing to B388 Alberta Transportation approval testing for Concrete Sealers and their performance unde... View More

Large electrical manufacturer needs environmental simulation laboratory for International Electrotechnical Commission IEC Testing of Ground Enhancemen... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D5385. Hydrostatic pressure resistance testing per ASTM D5385Multiple samples of various construc... View More

South Africa environmental laboratory needed for soil testing. Evaluate what elements are leached from a classified soil sample mixed with cement and ... View More

Engineering Laboratory needed for physical Laboratory Testing of Concrete mixes: Density of Hardened Concrete Compressive Strength of Concrete Cube C... View More

We need a laboratory that is certified to perform Materials needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM C1602/C1602M − 12 Standard Specification for Mixing ... View More

Middle East Materials and Physical Chemistry Laboratory needed for cement testing: 1- PSD: Particile size Distripution test of cement 2- Grind abilit... View More

South Florida Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for PSI and adherence of an additive to cement/stucco mix.Need ASTM approval. View More

South Africa Laboratory needed for ISO testing to ISO 2531, Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints for water applications hydrost... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for salt testing of river sand. The sand is to be used for construction purposes in concrete work
View More

China Physical Laboratory needed for building material structural testing of light weight concrete wall panels test for structural behaviour in compre... View More

India Plastics Laboratory needed for plastics testing: Tensile testing of cotton based fibre rainforcement plastic Breaking load,Strain & Stress at fa... View More

Mexico Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of 60 kraft paper sacks for cement under ASTM D5276, Standard Test Method for Drop Test of Loaded... View More

Medical Device Preclinical Laboratory needed for implantation of a PMMA bone cement with bonded P32 radionuclide into the vetebrae and spinal canal of... View More

Canada or USA Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Metallic materials: Tensile test of
Aluminum 5052 H32 sheet metal roll with thickness= ... View More

Turkey Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO and ASTM Testing to ISO 21534, Non-active surgical implants - Joint replacement implants and ISO 21535... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ISO material testing (glass ionomer liquid/powder system)to ISO 9917-1:2007 Dentistry - Water-based cements - Pa... View More

blood pressure transducer retested to ANSI/AMMI BP-22 standard, AAMI Association for the. Advancement of Medical. Instrumentation. Blood pressure tra... View More

Canada Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for environmental microbiology testing: 1 sample for each of the 3 products.
Each product is diff... View More

United States Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for ANSI AAMI Testing, performance testing / biocompatability Testing for 510 K FDA appr... View More

Determinate the nominal moment capacity of concrete units. View More


Biomedical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Medical Device to ASTM F451, Annexes A1 and A2Annex A1 ASTM Standard Specification for Acrylic Bone C... View More

EPA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Toxic Substances Control Act TSCA exposure testing for new chemicals to submission to EPA and placemen... View More

Middle East ISO 17025, UKAS Materials Laboratory needed for proficiency testing for cement(chemical test, loss on ignition, setting times, compressive... View More

Physical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ANSI and ASTM Particle Size Distribution Testing to detect size, shape and distribution.Cementatious products... View More

Orthopedic manufacturer needs biomechanical laboratory for bone cement testing for registration of that product with US FDA in accordance with ASTM F4... View More

Middle East Mechanical Laboratory needed for Llyods Register Rules for Materials Testing: Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD), 27 specimens View More

Physical Laboratory needed for epoxy bond testing to ZTV SIB 87 bond/pull off testing of epoxy coating applied to concrete substrate . Compressive str... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM E1980,Standard Practice for Calculating Solar Reflectance Index of Horizontal and Low-Sloped Opaq... View More

Africa Materials Laboratory needed for SANS Concrete Testing to SANS 1083S ATCC Fine aggregates for concrete
Water for concrete View More

Asia physical laboratory needed for British Standard Testing: Abrasion Resistance testing for concrete paving blocks to BS 1338:2003 View More

India ISO analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ISO Acid Erosion Testing to ISO 9917-1 testing of acid erosion of dental cements in Lactic acid a... View More

India Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for Intracutaneous Reaction Studies
1.Glass Ionomer cements
a) Restorative/Luting Cement
b) Restore... View More

India Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for ISO In-Vitro Cytotoxicity Testing of to ISO-10993-5: Dental cement- 2 different samples
Nickel, Ti... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for SLS Testing abrasion resistance for concrete paving blocks, accordance with BS EN 1338: 2003 and SLS 1425:2011 View More

India Materials Laboratory needed for BS EN Testing of Surface Coating for concrete Crack Bridging testing to BS EN 1062 part 7 View More

SE USA Mining Laboratory needed for ASTM TEsting, Quality Control Testing for cement limestone quarry operation View More

Large Construction Company needs Saskatchewan Materials Laboratory for ASTM Testing Site inspection of cementitous fireproofing testing to ASTM E605 a... View More


Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of cement based construction chemicals which give concrete water impermeability character. Our products m... View More

India NABL Geology Laboratory needed for materials testing of civil material like sand , coarse aggregate, reinforcement steel etc.,
View More

West Virginia Geotechnical Laboratory neded for onsite Proctor Testing for Compaction
Load Test for Micropiles
ASTM D 4435 for DCP Anchors
ASTM A 4... View More

USA Food Laboratory needed for protein powder / meal replacement testing for: (1) does it have the calories, minerals etc that it says it has and (2)... View More

Eastern USA physical laboratory needed for Thermal Shock testing and cycling testing -40C to +55C - optical beam stability (movement and placement), m... View More

Large, multinational infrastructure company needs physical laboratory for for Crack Tip Opening Displacement
Tests ( CTOD ).The testing should b... View More

Construction Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: astm d4787-08 continuity verification of liquid or sheet linings applied to concrete substrates. View More

US, Canada or Europe materials Laboratory needed for Material/Coating testing for concrete.

Anti-carbonation test quote for EN 1062-6

We ... View More

South Africa Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing Sorptivity test, Chloride conductivity test and heat of hydration test on concrete View More

Metallurgical Laboratory needed for Tensile testing for rebar under BS4449 and BS7777 Tenstile testing for steel reinforcement bars under cryogenic ... View More

Texas construction laboratory needed for LEED certification testing of Construction Building Materials to ASTM C1549: Concrete Solar Reflective Index ... View More

Hong Kong Physical Laboratory needed for BS EN 138 Testing of concrete interlocking paver Product testing to comply with BS EN 1338 Standards View More

USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for herbal blend testing containing damiana leaf. would like certification stating it does not contain any... View More

India Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, stone polish value test for bituminous concrete job mix design View More

Physical Laboratory for cement testing: standard tests on cement,
Consistency,initial/Final setting time ,Compressive strength,Soundness

Aggregate... View More

Texas analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ASTM testing: Lubrication Enhancement testing ASTM D3233 ,ASTM D2670, ASTM D2782, Total test approx... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for compressive strength analysis of Glass Ionomer cement with Instron machine having maximum compressive strength of 500 m... View More

Asia Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratory needed for testing approx 1,100 samples of injectable and oral steroids (Testing ... View More

Middle East Construction Laboratory needed for Field and Laboratory testing of Soil, Concrete, Steel Reinforcement & other miscellaneous items for our... View More

USA Physical Acoustical Laboratory needed for SRPT IIC Testing of Flooring system (adhesive and engineered hardwood flooring) on concrete slab. Measur... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed to perform a strength test of a plastic structure that will be buried under a thin layer of concrete in a concrete flo... View More

Saudi Arabia Tribology, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for oil analysis HFO 380 ,HFO 180 and crude oil in our cement plant and want analysis ... View More

Plastics and Polymers Laboratory needed for physical testing of polyester bands of width 5 to 10 cm and resistance in traction from 50 to 100 kN accor... View More

Metallurgy Laboratory needed for metallurgical testing a bolt to determine the kind of materials it is so we can find a replacement. View More

Large Thailand Fibers Manufacturer needs Textiles Laboratory for testing their product as follows:

1. We would like to get our fibers evaluated and... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for testing concrete material for water permeability, compressive strength, freezing & thawing, etc. as per CRD C48-73... View More

Geophysical Laboratory needed for isolating the content of Scheelite (CaWO4) that is in the raw ore as well as testing the concrete product. View More

Hong Kong Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for product safety testing on release agent for concrete construction - 1 sample to be analyzed. ... View More

USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for Mechanical based testing for replacement cleats (football) to support product claims. Performance based testing r... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for concrete and re bar testing. View More

Malaysia ISO Materials Laboratory needed for EN-196, ASTM Testing, cement testing - required analysis of (compression & fluxtral test- setting time- s... View More

Seattle, Washington Area AASHTO Laboratory needed for concrete sampling, test cylinders and compression testing. View More

USA EPA GLP Toxicology Laboratory required to perform GLP TSCA algal toxicity testing of new polyacrylic acid-type polymer. Tests will be OPPTS 850.54... View More


Canada Mechanical Laboratory needed for cement testing for Young's modulus. View More

Physical Laboratory needed for Interlab comparison to be conducted on cement and require z score to be calculated. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of COncrete to ASTM C1602/C 1602M C114 chlorideC114 sulfateC114 alkaliesC1603 total solids View More

Generally, it'll be a thermometry measurement. We need to determine the temperature recorded at our specific areas of interest in an enclosed room/hou... View More

Middle East mechanical laboratory needed for mechanical properties testing for set oilwell cement (special blend that we supply) like Youngls Modulou... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for acoustical testing, ASTM E492 test report from qualified acoustical test lab on hardwood flooring with the under mat fo... View More

US ASTM biomedical laboratory needed for ASTM F451 capillary rheometry on acrylic bone cement per ASTM F451. View More

If such a test exists, I am looking for a laboratory that can determine the age of a cured California Forensics Laboratory needed for material age det... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for ASMT D92 testing for fire point of a water-base concrete curing compound. View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for identification testing of powder used in Earthing systems for cathodic protection. This powder is mainly ce... View More

Preclinical Contract Research Organization required for determination of drug displacement or binding on GABA B receptor and the interaction with bacl... View More

USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for implant testing on a partial knee replacement. We have a partial knee device that we would like to have mechanica... View More

Tucson Arizona ASTM E1980 - 01 Construction Materials Laboratory required for testing concrete pavement in place for Solar Reflective Index. Two to t... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for testing sodium lignosulfonate for assay and evaluated for water reducing function in cement. View More

West Vancouver B.C Non-Destructive Laboratory required - I want cut a hole on the concrete roof about 2'x2'square ,Could You help me to do the nodest... View More

USA Laboratory needed for CT scan of microstructure of rubber-cement composite (mm-scale samples, um-scale microstructure) View More

USA Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deormulation testing of a Mmeal replacement powder View More

Europe Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for EN 197 Chemical Characteristic of cement.
View More

Toronto Physical Laboratory needed for concrete Strength Testing. View More

USA Biophysical Laboratory needed for Compressive testing of a new lateral humeral condyle fracture fixation method. Compressive load application at ... View More

Engineering Company needs USA or Canada Physical Labratory for ASTM Testing SAUEREISEN LOW EXPANSION CEMENT # 29, TENSILE STRENGTH PER ASTM C 307-08 View More

Materials Metallurgical Laboratory needed to perform the following material tests on aluminum alloys: Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Taylor Impact Johns... View More

USA FDA GMP Nutraceuticals laboratory needed for analytical chemistry, bioanalytical, clinical, toxicology and microbiology testing on herbal male enh... View More

USA/Canada Metallurgical Laboratory needed for Abrasion wear life testing of cemented carbide coupons (will provide 1.5" x 1.5" x 0.2" coupons but siz... View More

ISO India materials laboratory needed for testing Acoustic value of 10mm thick Cement bonded particle board. View More

Africa geotechnical laboratory needed for concrete testing. View More

Materials laboratory needed for analysis: EN 12192-1 Products And Systems For The Protection And Repair Of Concrete Structures - Granulometry Analysis... View More

Geophysical Laboratory needed for Masonry and Concrete Masonry Unit Testing Masonry Brick: ASTM C67 tests (compressive strength, absorption, freeze-th... View More

Asia, India Materials Lab needed for ASTM Solar reflectace Index Testing of a paving concrete block
View More

India Geotechnical Laboratory needed for Non destructive testing of insitu concrete. View More

USA Materials Lab needed for ASTM Testing for Compresssive Strength of Lightweight Insulating Concrete/ASTM C 495. View More

Delaware lab needed to test soil compaction testing at a construction site in Newark, Delaware. The soil must be capable of sustaining a loading of 20... View More

CONFIDENTIAL Lab in Georgia needed for analytical chemistry testing of ingredients in a male enhancement pill manufactured in China. View More

Large COnsumer Products Company needs materials lab in India for analysis of asbestos in the cement tiles used for the roofing purpose. View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for ASTM compressive strength testing of concrete cylinder or block. View More

ANalytical Chemistry Lab needed to measure the solubility of a chemical compound containing Rubidium in one of our UV curable resins. This is for pat... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing a PVA glue.
Our glues are used extensively for the 3 applications outlined below:

1. Reduce with wa... View More

Physical laboratory needed to test knee implants to ASTM F 1223. We are a Brazilian company that produces knee implants. We are needing to quote these... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for whole blood compound displacement assay, involving compound binding, and then saturating binding sites on test sam... View More

FDA GLP Toxicology laboratory needed for GLP testing 2 species chronic/subchronic toxicity on pharmaceutical NCE for blood volume replacement in truma... View More

Geotechnical materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing ASTM C 1531-03 & ASTM C1072-05 on solid concrete block 6" X 8" X 16" View More

USA Manufacturer of Endoscopy replacement insertion tubes needs FDA GMP biomedical lab needs for compatibiity testing using a Sterrid NX sterlizer. A ... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed to test the anti-microbial properties of a novel bone cement using microbes that would be appropriate to the applicati... View More

Physical laboratory URGENTLY needed for ASTM testing the following materials:

3no. 350mm x 450mm x 69mm

3no. 200mm x 300mm x 52mm

3no. 200mm ... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for validation of energy achieved testing for Self-Sustaining Energy Process

Supplies needed:

- Hydrogen (gas)
- ... View More

Metrology laboratory needed for calibration testing of proving ring-cement CTM. View More

Physical laboratory needed for Compressive strength testing of Dental cements View More

Materials laboratory needed for physical and mechanical testing of cement View More

Electrical laboratory needed for AHJ Testing on Electrical footer bond buried and concrete poured prior to inspection. AHJ requires testing agency to... View More

Sand producer needs geotechnical laboratory for ASTM testing of concrete to ASTM C 1240,Accelerated Pozzolanic Strengh Activity View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing to verify type 1 cement View More

Geotechnical laboratory needed for ASTM or BSEN testing of cement for chloride, sulphate and carbonation resistance according to international standar... View More

Physical laboratory needed for ASTM testing (ASTM C150)of cement materials View More

Geotechnical laboratory needed for quality testing of cement, iron and their combination in construction. We need also need asphalt testing. View More

Physical laboratory needed for compressive strength testing on samples of Pozzolanic cement, based on the ASTM C109 using
two sets of cubes be prepa... View More

Physical laboratory needed for ASTM and ISO testing - Tensile Testing, Tear Testing, Ozone exposure, hydrolysis, Helium permeability, air holding, cem... View More

Medical Device company needs medical device laboratory for ASTM testing for MRI compatibility and product safety testing of biopsy needles with regard... View More

Physical laboratory needed for materials testing of cement for fineness, composition, heat of hydration View More

FDA, GMP, and ISO Medical Device laboratory needed for testing dental products for - Flowability
- Working Time
- Setting Time
- Film Thickness
- ... View More

Laboratory needed for API 1104 testing for crack tip opening displacement View More

Chloride testing on aggregates for concrete batching View More

Medical device testing needed to support the submission for hydroxyapatite bone cement which contains a chemical viscosity modifier. Study to include ... View More

Full preclinical testing of Cement/bone filler for use on humans for FDA approval View More

Testing of drug candidate that has shown promising results for it's binding kinetics on cell membrane preparations from a certain cell line. I'd also ... View More

PCB in concrete cores. Concrete must be pulverized prior to analysis View More

OPPTs 830 1700, Prelimimary analysis and 830.1800, Enforcement analytical analysis and physical and chemical characteristics. For EPA submission View More

Testing of bone cement and bone filler to FDA biocompatiability requirements View More

bone cement and bone filler to FDA requirements View More