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Contract Laboratory has received the following oil and petroleum Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These oil and petroleum Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their oil and petroleum Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a oil and petroleum Laboratory, please Submit a oil and petroleum Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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USA Wax Product (8 Product) Irritant Testing

URGENT US Laboratory needed for Wax Product... (view details)

We need a testing kit to test soil and water quality (view details)

ASTM Petrolatum Testing

Contract Oil Laboratory needed for the following Petrolatum Testing:

Lov... (view details)

Soybean Oil Economic Adulteration and Authenticity Testing

Large Food Company needs Agriculture Laboratory that can perform economic ... (view details)

ISO Certification of Essential Oils

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO certificatio... (view details)

Ethanol Testing

Large Corporation needs Oil Laboratory for ethanol testing. (view details)

Hand Soap Certificate of Analysis Testing

Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for Hand foaming soap Certificate of ... (view details)

Radar Coolant Liquid and Filter Analysis

Contract Laboratory needed to analyse a radar c... (view details)

Petrolatum ICH Testing

Chemical Company needs Contract Test Laboratory for ICH Testing in Petrola... (view details)

Fiber Coating Study on COVID 19/ SARS/ MERS

Contract Laboratory needed to perform melt blown fiber coating study with h... (view details)

USP Analysis of Hydrated Soybean Oil


Contract Laboratory needed for USP analysis of hyd... (view details)

MSDS Technical Data Sheet Testing of Handcrafted Soaps

Handcrafted soap business that needs East Coast USA Contract Laboratory for... (view details)

FCC Ethanol Testing

ISO 17025 Contract Laboratory needed for FCC required testing of Ethanol (view details)

Children's Product Line Pediatrician Validation Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed to validate 'pediatrician tested' or p... (view details)

USP Monograph Undenatured Ethanol Testing

Analytical Chemistry Test Laboratory needed for USP Testing of undenatured ... (view details)

RTF Cabinet Door Testing

USA Construction Materials Laboratory needed fo... (view details)

Solvent and Lubricating Oil Benzene Analysis

URGENT Oil Laboratory needed for benzene assay analysis on samples of solve... (view details)

ASTM Soil Carbonate Content Testing

USA Environmental Laboratory needed that capable of performing ASTM soil te... (view details)

Agricultural Land Oil Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing that are on agricultural... (view details)

Avocado Oil Persin Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for persin testing in avocado oil. (view details)

OPPTS and OECD octanol-water partition coefficient analysis

Contract Oil Laboratory needed for an OPPTS and OECD octanol-water partiti... (view details)

Oil and Gas Chemical Quality Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Chemical company for the oil and gas market needs ISO 170... (view details)

Lubricant Komatsu Hot Tube and TEOST MHT Tests

USA or UK Contract Laboratories needed for Komatsu Hot Tube tests and TEOST... (view details)

Essential Oil Human Repeat Insult Patch HRIPT Testing

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for Human Repeat Insult Patch HRIPTTest... (view details)

Soil Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for the following soil tests:

Standard Meh... (view details)

Essential Oil Certificate of Analysis Testing

USA Contract Laboratory needed for full Certificate of Analysis CoA Testi... (view details)

FDA GMP Deformulation

FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to deformulate (as in quant... (view details)

Olive oil testing

I need some GC analysis of olive oil done in the Portland, Oregon area. Do... (view details)

Frankincense testing

Dear Sir,
We have started to important tons of Frankincense from Puntland... (view details)

QUICK TAT: OECD AgrochemicalTesting

URGENT Agriculture Laboratory needed for quick turnaround on the OECD test... (view details)

Fuel Grade Ethanol USP and FCC Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for USP and FCC grading testing of fuel grade e... (view details)

Oil and Gas Testing

Oil Laboratories needed that can conduct the following tests on oil and gas... (view details)

Grease Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for Grease Testing as per BSEN50326 (view details)

XPS Spectrometry of il Samples

Engineering Company needs Oil Laboratory with a XPS spectrometer for analy... (view details)

BS EN Grease Characterization Testing

Large Manufacturer needs BS EN testing of grease as per BS EN 50326 Conduct... (view details)

Herbicide Environmental Assessment Studies

Environmental Laboratory needed for environmental assessment to evaluate th... (view details)

Olive Oil Quality Control Testing

Contract Food Laboratory needed for quality control testing of olive oil. (view details)

Hydrocarbons and Non-Hydrocarbons of Gaseous Sample

Large Oil Company needs Laboratory to determine concentration of hydrocarbo... (view details)

Agriculture Contract Laboratory needed for verification testing of rose oil... (view details)

Naphthol ASTM Color Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for ASTM color testing of Naphthol Spirits ... (view details)

Oleophilic Bacteria Count in Soil Samples

USA Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for soil samples analysis ... (view details)

Art Supplies Light Fastness Testing

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Light Fastness tests for solid... (view details)

DIN Oil Dynamic Seals Testing

ISO Certified Laboratory needed for DIN Voith Dynamic Seals testing on an o... (view details)


Oil Laboratory needed for engine oil testing to the following requirements:... (view details)

10,000 Soil Sample Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING South Africa Environmental Laboratory needed for the fol... (view details)

Automotive Spare Parts Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING USA Automotive Laboratory Testing Services needed to test... (view details)

Refinery Insulation Material Mineral Fiber Thermal Conductivity

Large Corporation needs Materials Laboratory needed for thermal analysis of... (view details)

Laundering Testing of Apparel Impregnated with Natural Oil

Consumer Products Textiles Laboratory needed for laundering testing of appa... (view details)

Soil Fungi Coccidiodes (Valley Fever) Testing

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for soil testing of 20 samples... (view details)

Soil Analysis Price Quote

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing of 25 soil samples ana... (view details)

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