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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Service Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Service Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory Service and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Service Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Laboratory Consulting

Laboratory Consultant needed for providing guidance on the testing of raw m... (view details)

Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer needed for drug manufacturing (view details)

On-Site Alcohol and Drug Collection Training Services

USA Contract Laboratory needed for going to facility to provide alcohol and... (view details)

Conductivity Meter Calibration Services

17025 accredited company needed for calibration of a Myron L. EP-10 conduct... (view details)

Steel Panel Post Curing

Contract Service Provider needed to post cure of 14 steel panels coated one... (view details)

Lithium Ore Analysis Laboratory Set-Up

Laboratory Consultant needed to help company set- up a Lithium Ore analysis... (view details)

NMR Unit Maintenance Services

Contract Service Provider needed for shutting down NMR unit due to safety c... (view details)

Contract ETO Sterilization Services

North America Contract Steriliz... (view details)

UL Factory Inspection Cerficiation

Company relocating their manufacturing to the Caribbean needs Certification... (view details)

NABL Dead Weight Calibration Services

Laboratory needs NABL Contract Service Provider for dead weight calibratio... (view details)

Colloidal Silica Mixing and Viscosity Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for mixing colloidal silica suspended in solvent... (view details)

Asia company would like to export Incense stick that can be us... (view details)

Metals Extraction from Alloy

Middle East Company looking to extract ( Au, Rh, Ni, Co, Fe, Zn, Cu) from a... (view details)

Reagent ZGrade Buffer Preparation

Contract Manufacturer needed for preparation of ten... (view details)

Buffer Preparation Contract Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Vaccine Manufacturer needs Contract Manufacturer for their ... (view details)

Riyadh Laboratory Instrument Calibration

Contract Calibration Service Provider needed for calibration of laboratory... (view details)

Laboratory Instrument Calibration

Middle East civil testing laboratory needs laboratory calibrat... (view details)

Microbiology Laboratory Set-Up Consulting

Chemical Company needs Laboratory Consultant for consultation on setting up... (view details)

Middle East Equipment Calibration Service Contract

Middle East ISO 17025 Contract Servi... (view details)

Laboratory GLP Audit

FDA Consultant needed for GLP audit for our small testing lab located in ... (view details)

Magnetizing Machine Maintenance Services

INdia Contract Service Provider need for checking magnetizing machine. (view details)

Laboratory Consulting

Laboratory Consultant needed for advising on setting up a reference laborat... (view details)

CLIA Molecular LDT Validations

Contracted FAS team that can help my CLIA laboratory customers with molecu... (view details)

Evaluation of Internally Written Test Procedures

Laboratory Consultant needed for evaluation of how well our internally writ... (view details)

Calibration of DC Voltage Standard and Reference Multimeter

Contract Calibration Service Provider needed for Calibration services of
1... (view details)

Ozone Analyser Calibration Services

Laboratory needed Laboratory Service Provider to Calibration of our Ozone A... (view details)

Sand Chemical Processing Services

Manufacturer needs Chemical Processor vendor to process 100 Kg of sand a... (view details)

Calibration of Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE). (view details)

Laboratory Sample Preparation (Grinding to 0.5mm)

Laboratory needs sample preparation service for 50+ kilograms of sample t... (view details)

Kombucha Alcohol Content Development

Laboratory Consultant needed to help develop a test method for alcohol test... (view details)

University Research Center Phlebotomy Service (NO TESTING)

USA University Research Center needs phlebotomy service for blood draw of p... (view details)

Laboratory Systems Maintenance and Repair Contract

USA Company is seeking to outsource ... (view details)

Asia Molecular Laboratory Set-Up Consulting

Laboratory Consultancy Group needed for molecular laboratory set-up in Asia... (view details)

California Cannabis Laboratory Set-Up

Company needed to provide complete cannabis testing laboratory start to fi... (view details)

Shop Site Oil / Solvent Distillation

USA Contract Laboratory needed for oil/solvent distillation on a shop site.... (view details)



I would like to synthesize R-Dihydrolipoic acid (Cas # 119365-69-4) to 99.5... (view details)

Laboratory Start-Up Consulting and Engineering

Laboratory Consulting and Engineering group needed to supply and install th... (view details)

Horiba hemocytometer ABX PENTRA 60C ?T Maintenance Needed

Government Agency needs maintenance and service for Horiba hemocytometer A... (view details)

Cylindrical Square Repair and Calibration Services

Contract Service Provider needed to repair and calibrate cylindrical square... (view details)

Contract Sterilizationof Labware, Surgical Tools and Bio-Waste

Contract Sterilizer needed for steam sterilization services: lab glass, pip... (view details)

On-Going Olfactometer Calibration Services

Contract Service Provider needed that could who could perform the calibrat... (view details)

South Africa Covid Testing Laboratory Set-Up Consulting

South Africa Consultant needed for consulting to set-up an IS... (view details)

Substance Synthesis

Eastern Europe Laboratory needed for synthesis of a substan... (view details)

UV-A / Visible Light Measuring Meter Calibration

Contract Service Provider needed to calibrate the UV-A /Visible light measu... (view details)

Laboratory Repair and Calibration Services

Germany Contract Service Provider needed for MRO (Repair and Calibration) C... (view details)

Laboratory Set-Up Consulting Services

Laboratory Consultant needed for providing consulting services for setting ... (view details)

Chemical Manufacturing

USA Contract Manufacturer needed to produce specific che... (view details)

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