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Below are some examples of the most recently received Laboratory Product Requests from companies looking for quotes on new, used and refurbished laboratory equipment, instruments or supplies such as HPLC, microscopes,spectrophotometers, lab disposables, test kits, and cell lines. To view more information on these or many others Log-In or Create Account

Laboratory Equipment Purchase

Food Company would like to purchase the following for mushroom laboratory r... (view details)

Fungal PCR Kits

Laboratory needs to order Fungal PCR Kits (view details)

Biopsy Cups

Clinical Laboratory needs Lab Supplier of biopsy cups (view details)

RFQ Outsourcing Purchase of Silicon Germanium

Large North American company seeking suppliers to purchase 10 lots of silic... (view details)

Procurement of Pre-COVID Positive Samples for Clinical Study

Large Pharma is interested in procuring pre-COVID i.e., prior to September ... (view details)

Purchase of Patient Stool Kits

Australia Lab Supplier needed for purchasing stool kits for patients. (view details)

Transgenic Mice for Retintis Pigmentosa Study

Research Scientist needs transgenic mice for studying retinitis pi... (view details)

COVID Test Kits Purchase

Medical Practice needs laboratory supplier to purchase COVID test kits . (view details)

Purchase of Petroleum Laboratory Equipment (New/Used)

Company looking to buy general petroleum lab equipment, (testing instrument... (view details)

Covid Test Kits Drop Shipped to Patients

Medical Facility needs Laboratory Supplier of covid test kits to be drop sh... (view details)

SxanPro App for Laboratory Inventory Management

Large Medical Device Company would like to speak to company about SxanPro a... (view details)

RFQ C-telopeptide of type I collagen ELISA Kit

Company would like quotes for C-telopeptide of type I collagen ELISA Test ... (view details)

RFQ 200 Split Kits for Urine Drug Collections

Company would like quotes to purchase 200 split kits for urine drug collect... (view details)

Laboratory Equipment Purchasing

Company looking to purchase general petroleum lab equipment, (testing instr... (view details)

India Laboratory Equipment Sale

India Environmental Laboratory would like to sell it's laboratory... (view details)

SRI 8610 as Chromatograph with Hydrogen Generator for Sale

USA Laboratory has a SRI 8610C Gas Chromatograph with Hydrogen ... (view details)

Serum and Plasma from Different Strains of Human Coronavirus

Company conducting feasibility study in COVID would like to purchase serum ... (view details)

RFQ Multiple Laboratory Instruments and Equipment

USA Laboratory needs laboratory supplier to provide price quote of the foll... (view details)

ELISA Chlamydia Kit Purchase

South Africa Laboratory would like a laboratory supplier to import ELISA c... (view details)

Laboratory CHN Analysers Purchase

Laboratory in process of purchasing CHN analysers would like laboratory sup... (view details)

Please check the name of our required equipment. And contact my email. (view details)

Diagnostic Kits Purchase Order (PCR, EIA)

Laboratory would like to purchase the following Diagnostic kits (rapid test... (view details)

Flame Photometer Purchase

Large Corporation needs price quote for the item listed below:
Jenway PFP... (view details)

Laboratory Glassware Supplier

Laboratory Consultant needed for selection of the supply of Laboratory Gla... (view details)

RFQ - Procurement of Lab Freezer, Centrifuge, Heat Block, Fume Hood

Contract Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier for the following:

-Freeze... (view details)

Blood Plasma and PBMC Samples for Sepsis and COVID-19 Studies

Biomedical Company would like to acquire blood plasma and PBMC samples for ... (view details)

COVID-19 Testing Kits and Supplies

Medical Center needs to purchase COVID testing supplies for testin... (view details)

Antivirus Efficiency to SARS-Cov-2

Contract Laboratory for ISO SARS-COV-2 Antivirus Efficiency Testing of text... (view details)

RFQ: 6 Automatic Defibrillators (Any Model)

Pharmaceutical Company needs quotation for : 1.Automated external defibrill... (view details)

Microbiology Laboratory needed for fungicide testing (view details)

RFQ for Laboratory Equipment

Company needs RFQ to order the following Laboratory Equipment :
1) Laborat... (view details)

RFQ for Freshly Isolated Human Platelets

Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery Company needs supplier of freshly isolated hu... (view details)

De-identified Digital Blood Test Result Data Needed

Company undertaking studies researching blood would like clinical laborator... (view details)

Request for Quotes RFQ - Megger MIT400/2 Insulation Tester

Large Corporation invites Lab Suppliers to provide quotes for Megger MIT400... (view details)

Purchase of Wear Testing Machine

A wear testing machine or similar device to test the wear rate of the mater... (view details)

Patient Marcons Nasal Swab Kits

Laboratory Supplier needed for patient marcons nasal swab kits (view details)

Botanical Manufacturer needs Laboratory Supplier of botanical lab testing ... (view details)

Lab needs to Purchase Microbial Swab Kits

Food Manufacturing Company needs to purchase laboratory microbial swab kits... (view details)

Defibrinated Blood

University Scientific Researcher needs Laboratory Supplier of defibrinated ... (view details)

Agilent Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Laboratory Supplier needed to provide a quote for purchase of an Agilent C... (view details)

Zioconia Beads Testing

ISO/GLP certified Contract Laboratory needed either in EU or US for the f... (view details)

Kryptopyrrole Urine Test Kits Purchase

Laboratory supplier needed for purchase of Kryptopyrrole urine test kits to... (view details)

Melanoma Cell Lines

Company would like to purchase melanoma cell lines such as Melanoma Cell Li... (view details)

Azoxymethane Quote Needed

Midwest USA University Scientific Researcher needs to purchase azoxymethan... (view details)

Nasal Swab Juts

Company would like to order 25 Nasal Swab Test Kits (view details)


Manufacturer would like to buy a used spectrometer for the elemental testin... (view details)

Petroleum Laboratory Equipment

Petroleum Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier to provide a quote for the f... (view details)

Polymer Viscometer

Large Manufacturer would like to buy an automatic polymer viscometer for th... (view details)

Inoculated AOAC carriers

Microbiology supplier needed for inoculated AOAC carriers for both sutures ... (view details)

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