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Below are some examples of the most recently received Laboratory Product Requests from companies looking for quotes on new, used and refurbished laboratory equipment, instruments or supplies such as HPLC, microscopes, spectrophotometers, lab disposables, test kits, and cell lines. To view more information on these or many others Log-In or Create Account

Looking to sell new, refurbished, and used laboratory products in Asia
BUDGET ($10,000-$25,000)

I am interested in purchasing two mice strains for lab experiments. Specifically, I would like to inquire if you have homozygous IL4R-alpha knockout mice similar to those avai...

Research Facility needs laboratory suppliers for all equipment for a petroleum laboratory that ill be testing Crude oil, gasoline, gasolina, JetA1 JetB, Fuel oil, marine diese...

We are a diagnostic CRO looking for GBS samples. We will need an aliquot of the liquid amies and LIM broth.

Laboratory looking to purchase laboratory instruments/equipment and supplies (reagents, reference standards of calibration standards from reliable suppliers for their three te...

USA Laboratory seeking partners to sell or trade the following laboratory equipment, accessories, and furniture:
- -80 Freezers
- -20 Freezers
- -30 Freezers
- Refrigerat...

Hi, We are a startup building a B2B recycled plastics trading and supply chain platform.

PCR sample testing against performance KPIs (IV, MFI, Izod, Flex modulus, other AS...

Laboratory Supplier needed to supply water bacteria test kits via US Mail

USA Medical Office needs to purchase 100,000 COVID Test Kits

Laboratory Supplier needed for laboratory looking to buy/source a variety of lab supplies, consumbables, reagents and lab instruments

Company wishes to purchase a new ICP 5800 (Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometer) needed.
BUDGET APPROVED ($10,000-$25,000)

Food Companies looking to purchase antibodies to use in Western Blot to identify the following bovine recombinant proteins derived from E. coli.

Beta casein
Kappa casein

Laboratory wishes to purchase FTIR instrument

Laboratory needs Indonesia-based Laboratory Supplier of new, refurbished or used ICP or XRF

Lab Supplier needed for biodigesters.

Contract Laboratory needed for IEEE Testing to the following IEEE 1210 Standard Tests for Determining Compatibility of Cable-Pulling Lubricants With Wire and Cable

Laboratory needs Lab Supplier for Laboratory products availability in British Columbia, Canada as we are working on updating/expanding our current vendor list.

Thank you

Company looking for quote for metals procurement:
1- Material is 7475-T7351 per BAMS 516-002 (qtity: 20) 2- Material is 2024-T351 per AMS-QQ-A-250/4(qtity: 20)

Middle East Clinical Laboratory needed for the following test kits and laboratory products: Hbsag, HCV, sphillis HBV profile, H pylori, slides, urine strips...

Laboratory Supplier needed for the following:
Vitamin B12 (68-19-9) Cyanocobalamin Pure USP Grade Vitamin B3 Niacinamide USP Grade Vitamin E DL-alpha-Tocop...

Laboratory is seeking buyers for new and used laboratory equipment. Available equipment includes:

- Vaccine Freezers
- Chest Freezers
- Biosafety Hoods
- Grenova Tip...

I would like to inquire if you offer anti-SARS-CoV-2 assay using CPE assay or any similar assays? We have some drugs/ small molecules which we plan to test against SARS-CoV-2....

Laboratory equipment supplier / partner required for sourcing affordable HPLC columns.

Laboratory needs the following gene knockout mice.1. AhR (aryl hydrocarbon receptor)2. Nrf2 (NFE2) (Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2)3. TLR2 (Toll-like receptor 2)...

Laboratory needs  Calibration kit TPH-Oil

Researcher needs Laboratory Supplier for their purchase of ogt and dpgt1 KO mice.

PART NUMBER 5408-0200-01 QTY 2U
OMEA - Each

For classes, company needs to purchase pathology slides and or photographs of the following conditions: Alopecia areata?Androgenetic alopecia?Tinea capitis?Trichotillomania?Tr...

Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier of C57BL/6J Cln3ex7/8 MICE

USA FDA Medical DeviceLaboratory needed for conductivity testing to submit an FDA 510K application for a conductive gel. Please send a quote

Primaria easy-grip cell culture dish Corning 353801 used for skin biopsies

Laboratory Supplier needed with used parts from Arcturus Xt Microdissection Instruments model LCC1801

CANADA SUPPLIER (Near London, Ontario Preferred)
Canada Laboratory Supplier needed to provide quotes for purchase of sterile plastic bottles

Laboratory would like quotations to purchase OTR/WVTR analyser which tests various plastic films, paper-plastic composite films, coextrusion films, aluminized films and others...

Large organization needs Laboratory Supplier to source purified NA12878 RNA from MQA under a custom SOP MQA CP00122: Growth and Extraction of Total RNA DNA from GM 12878.

Large organization needs Laboratory Supplier to purchase BHAS 42 cell line for laboratory research.

Food Laboratory needs to purchase the following laboratory instruments for setting up their in-house analytical chemistry laboratory: Colorimeter, Fat Analyzer,. Analytic...

Large organization needs Laboratory Supplier to purchase Female Sprague-Dawley rats, 3 -4 wks , Male Sprague-Dawley rats, 3 -4 wks

Pharmaceutical Company needs leftover stool samples that are known to be positive for various pathogens for use in an upcoming clinical study.

The requirements for the s...

Laboratory Supplier needed for a eddy current probe set with the following specifications:

Laboratory would like to buy :Q-LAB T YPE:SSP/1100 Corrosion Tester.

Medical Device Laboratory needed for medical implantable distal end radius plate mechanical testing consisting of plate, screw, and staples. Note : We want to conduct mechani...

Laboratory needs to purchase testing kits and supplies for the following diagnostics from CLIA licensed and CAP accredited and SAMHSA certified manufacturer with ISO 9001 and ...

USA Clinical Laboratory is changing locations and is selling laboratory equipment and lab supplies.

Laboratory Supplier needed to supply 2 sampling kits for a compressed air breathing system. Unit being sampled is an Air systems international COMP- 3 system.

Large University needs Laboratory Supplier to supply the following:
Aerosil 200 Powder - Fumed Silica Aerosil 200 Powder - Fumed Silica Styrene Monomer Acid Resistant Re...

COmpany needs Laboratory Supplier for quote on 8 Ohaus balances. The balances are Ohaus® - AX224/E - Analytical Balance  === 8 UNITS

USA Laboratory needs quote for the following laboratory equipment:
:FLUKE 1507 Qty: 10 unitsFLUKE 117 Qty: 10 unitsFLUKE 28II Qty: 10 unitsFLUKE 789 ...

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