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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Caffeine Gum Certificate of Analysis COA Testing

USA Food Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis COA for 2 new liqui... (view details)

Animal Feed Supplements Antibiotics Testing to FCC/USP Titration Method

Agriculture Laboratory needed to test animal feed supplements by titration ... (view details)

Pressure Testing of Plastic HDPE Tubing

Canada Laboratory needed to perform pressure testing of plastic HDPE tubing... (view details)

Cellulose Extraction from Biomass Wastes

Abu Dhabi contract laboratory needed to extract cellulose from different bi... (view details)

ASTM Tensile, Compression, and Shear Testing of Composite Materials

Accredited laboratory needed to perform ASTM tensile, compression, and shea... (view details)

Isomaltulose Detection, Characterization, and Purity Analysis

India food testing laboratory needed to determine isomaltulose presence, it... (view details)

Peptide Purity Testing

Wellness company needs Laboratory for peptide purity testing, for peptides ... (view details)

Water Quality Testing (10-1000 Samples)

India Environmental Laboratory needed for water quality testing like Ca, Mg... (view details)

Machine Shop Wastewater Testing to CA EPA Mandates

Third-party testing facility needed to perform wastewater testing for mid s... (view details)

H&E Slides Prep and Interpretation with AI Software

USA-based CLIA-certified clinical pathology laboratory needed that can acce... (view details)

Reverse Engineering Odor Bombs

Mobile detailing business needs contract Iaboratory to de-formulate odor bo... (view details)

Clinical Laboratory for Practitioner's Office

New practitioner's office needs a New York-based clinical laboratory for te... (view details)

Titanium Dioxide Testing in Herbal Products as per EU Regulations

India Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for testing two to four samples ... (view details)

Peptide Testing, Identification, Quantification

Contract laboratory needed to perform peptide testing.
Specifically, iden... (view details)

Benzene (BTEX and related VOCs) Testing (10 weekly samples)

Group doing citizen science monitoring of benzene (BTEX and related VOCs) n... (view details)

Sunscreen SPF Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for SPF testing on a prototype sunscreen that I ... (view details)

Salmonella Food Testing

Law firm needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for litigation involving allege... (view details)

FPA Testing in Casement Window

Contract Laboratory needed for testing TAS 202 Casement Projected Window f... (view details)

Commercial Electronic Product Contaminant Identification Testing

BUDGET APPROVED ($5000-$10,000)
Contract Laboratory needed for contaminant... (view details)

Natural Herbs Testing

Dietary Supplements Laboratory needed for testing of powdered natural herb... (view details)

Line of Duty International Testing

Middle East Clinical Laboratory needed for international testing on line du... (view details)

Concrete Sealer ASTM Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of concrete sealer to see if it... (view details)

Lunchbox Compliance Testing (BPA Free and Food Grade Safe PP)

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for compliance testing of l... (view details)

Metal Slag Testing Results Interpretation

Steel company needs consultant to help interpret metal slag testing resul... (view details)

Hemp Pet Oil Product Composition Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for composition of two identical hemp pet produc... (view details)

Food Contact Surface Testing

Food Laboratory needed for food contact surfaces testing of a product (view details)

Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer Testing (Multiple Tests)

ISO 17025 Contract Laboratory needed for testing cosmetic tinted moisturize... (view details)

Incontinence Underpads Labeling Claims Testing


Beauty / Personal Care Formulation Services

Europe Laboratory needed for formulation services in the Beauty/Personal Ca... (view details)

DNA Testing

New Mobile DNA Testing Business is seeking an accredited genetics laborator... (view details)

Pre-Policy Health Blood Testing

UK Clinical Laboratory needed for various health blood testing for pre-poli... (view details)

SEC-MALLS / RI Method Development

Analytical Laboratory needed for SEC-MALLS/RI method development. We would... (view details)

Hot Sauce Reverse Engineering for Ingredients and Nutritional Values

Food Laboratory needed reverse engineering of hot sauce to determine ingred... (view details)

Down Hole Tools and Electrical Equipment Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for testing down hole tools and electrical equip... (view details)

Peptide Purity and Content Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for testing peptides sources from China for pu... (view details)

Quantity, Purity and Amino Sequence Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for quantity, purity and amino sequence testing ... (view details)

Anesthesia and Ventilator ISO Testing

Middle East 17025 Certified Medical Device Laboratory needed for testing V... (view details)

Fiberglass Sheet Testing

India Laboratory needed for fiberglass sheet testing. The fiberglass goes a... (view details)

Building Construction Materials PLM Analysis (3000 Samples)

USA or Canada Construction Materials Laboratory needed for PLM analysis for... (view details)

GLP Research Peptides Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for testing of glp research peptides (view details)

Natural Sunscreen Gel SPF and Anti-Oxidant Activity Testing

India Consumer Products Laboratory needed for testing to determine SPF and ... (view details)

Hot Sauce HAACP Compliance Testing

Manufacturer needs Food Laboratory for HAACP Compliance testing hot sauce ... (view details)

Consumer Skincare Product Deformulation Services

Contract Laboratory needed for deformulation or reverse engineering a consu... (view details)

Eucalyptus Tree Oil Testing and Advisory Services

Essential oil farm needs USA Contract Laboratory for testing oil produced f... (view details)

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Prototype Testing - California Proposition 65

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for testing new stainless steel (18-10)... (view details)

Beta-hydroxybutyrate Testing on Vitros Instrument to FDA Standards

Contract laboratory needed to perform beta-hydroxybutyrate testing on a Vit... (view details)

Post-Purification Salt Content Determination of Oligonucleotide to FDA Standards

USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed to determine the salt content of... (view details)

Small Molecule FTIR Spectrum Analysis to FDA Standards

USA FDA laboratory needed to perform and provide non-GMP FTIR spectrum ana... (view details)

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