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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Perfume Formulation and Development

Europe Cosmetics Laboratory needed for formulation and development of perfume brand for men and women View More

Denim Fabric Testing

Textiles Laboratory needed for denim fabric testing View More

9 panel drug and alcohol (ETG)

Clinical Laboratory needed for 9 panel drug and alcohol (ETG) testing in urine. View More

Cannabis Child Resistant Packaging Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for Child Resistant Packaging testing for the cannabis industry to get CRP certification. View More

Influenza Vaccine Challenge Study Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed for Influenza vaccine challenge study with H5N1 virus (BSL3). Delivery of adenovirus-vect... View More

Doxepin Deformulation Testing

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for deformulation testing of excipients concentration in a topical Cream ( Doxepin Cream). [ Q2 estimat... View More

EPA Filing - Alkylphosphite Polymer Determination

Materials Laboratory needed for polymer analysis for HPLC determination of unreacted monomer and additive in a viscous liquid polymer. Specifically l... View More

DHEA Cream Quality Control Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Independent Cosmetics Laboratory needed for third-party, quality control testing of topical DHEA cream containing 12 ingredients.
In... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial testing on Streptococcus Mutans bacteria View More

Lentil Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for lentil testing to see if they can be certified chemical free for human consumption View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for tobacco/cannabis clay pipe testing for metallic oxides in ceramic color, glazes, and clays used to make the ... View More

FDA Eyeshadow Color Additive Testing

URGENT FDA GMP Cosmetics Laboratory needed for eyeshadow kit testing for color analysis for non-permitted color additives. View More

CCCR2001 Canada's Consumer Chemicals and Containers Compliance Testing

Vape Company needs Product Safety Laboratory needed for e-vape packaging testing to comply to canada CCCR2001 Canada's Consumer Chemicals and Containe... View More

Determination of Phospholipids in Lecithin

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for phospholipid analysis of lecithin samples for a phospholipid profile using AOAC method Ja 7b-91 or Ja 7C-07... View More

Cashew Cheese Sauce Deformulation

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation of a commercial water based cashew cheese sauce. View More

Sugar Sample Testing

Agriculture Milling Company needs Food Laboratory for sugar testing to determine the calories value of sugar samples in order to set up the product de... View More

H2S Scavenger Performance Testing

Independent Industrial Laboratory needed for performance testing of H2S Scavenger to UOP 163 Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptan Sulfur in Liquid Hydrocar... View More

Diclofenac Sodium USP Research

Contract Pharmaceutical Analytial Laboratory needed for independent research on different brands of diclofenac sodium tablets marketed as OTC to perfo... View More

Clinical Research Study - Repeat Insult Patch Test

Chemical Company needs Clinical Research Laboratory for RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Test)/ HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test) on reactive chemical d... View More

Unknown Protein Peak Analysis

Biopharmaceutical Company needs FDA GMP Compliant Bioanalytical Laboratory CE-MS or CZE-MS testing for identification of an unknown protein peak in a... View More

Small Molecule Competitive Enzyme Inhibitor

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for small molecule developmental study involving small molecule competitive enzyme inhibitor and purified human enzyme... View More

Metal Glue Adhesion

Materials Laboratory needed for testing the adhesion of a glue to ABS to ABS and ABS to Metal Clips including Clip Pull test, and Lap Shear Testing a... View More


Microbiology Laboratory needed for confirmatory testing of plant based compound activity against MRSA by LCMS . View More

Rice Beer Ethanol Content Analysis

Independent Contract Analytical Laboratory needed to estimate the ethanol content in rice beer by using iodometric titration method, but upon calculat... View More

Reusable Surgical Medical Equipment

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO and AAMI Testing for verification and validation of cleanliness requirement for reusable surgical medical equ... View More

Oral Care Product In-Vitro Product Efficacy

Oral care company needs USA Laboratory for in vitro efficacy testing of toothpastes, toothbrushes, flosses for the following:
- Anti-inflammatory ef... View More

Cosmetics HRIPT


Seat Belt Failure Investigation Examination

Mining Company needs Laboratory for failure analysis investigation of seat belt failure at one of their mines which caused the operator to fall out o... View More

Vegetable Oil Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for vegetable oil testing for the content of 3-MCPD, 2-MCPD and glycidol according to any of the methods: AOCS Cd 29a, b... View More

UAE Food Laboratory Partnership

LONG-TERM TESTING PARTNERSHIP United Arab Emirates Hotel is looking for UAE food laboratory to partner with to perform their restaurant's food testing... View More

Illegal Substance Testing

HR Consultant needs Forensics Laboratory for illegal substance residue testing of small sample container and a straw like item we suspect to have bee... View More

Marble Maze Puzzle Consumer Products Testing

START-UP Small Puzzle Business needs Consumer Products Safety Laboratory for CE Marking and Consumer Products Testing of different variations of marb... View More

ISO Road Vehicle Cable Testing

Europe Independent Laboratory needed for ISO cable testing to ISO 6722-1 Road vehicles -- 60 V and 600 V single-core cables -- Part 1: Dimensions, tes... View More

ISTA Packaging Simulation Testing

Supply Company needs Packaging Laboratory for ISTA Package Certification Testing to ISTA-3A General Simulation Performance Tests View More

ISO Sphygmomanometers Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO testing Sphygmomanometers to ISO 81060-1 standards for Sphygmomanometers including
it would involve pressu... View More

AOAC Biomass Testing

URGENT Government Agency needs USA Agriculture Laboratory for AOAC agricultural testing for freeze dried algae biomass.
Biomass characteristics
Moi... View More

Medical Laboratory

USA Medical Laboratory needed for Routine biochemistry,haematology,urine and stool analysis and microbiology and serology View More

Essential Oil Blend Flash Point Testing

Canada Contract Analytical Laboratory needs flash point testing on some of our essential oil blends to see if they are classified as dangerous goods. View More

Surface Tension

Scientific Researcher needs Analytical Chemistry Test Laboratory for quote for measuring surface tension and the time it takes for the results to get ... View More

Medication Child Resistant Carton Testing

USA Packaging Laboratory needed for Medication Child Resistant CR paperboard cartons testing in accordance with the USA and European Child Resistant ... View More

Paper Cup Leak Testing

USA Independent Laboratory needed for Paper Cup Leak Testing of 4 different size cups as per our company method. View More

ASTM Adhesive Tape Testing

US Company needs exporting adhesive tapes to Saudi Arabia needs ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory with SASO certification to carry out these two ASTM t... View More

Animal Feed Testing

URGENT Agriculture Laboratory needed ASAP to provide a quote for animal feed testing

... View More

Foil Pouch Oxygen Transmission Rate Testing

Independent Packaging Laboratory needed for Oxygen Transmission Rate OTR Testing in laminated foil pouch. View More

Black Pearl Granite Absorption Testing

Mining company needs Geology Laboratory for black pearl granite testing for water absorption report. View More

Chemical Company needs Laboratory Engineering Company for technical advising on building industrial chemistry testing laboratory in India. View More

Diesel Blend Performance and Emission Studies

Oil Laboratory needed for Research Study on the performance and emission characteristics of plastic diesel and Jatropha blend in internal combustion e... View More

Thermoset Nanocomposite Synthesis and Characterization

Nanotechnology laboratory needed for synthesis and characterization of new thermoset nanocomposites based on polymer and montmorillonite clay to be u... View More

Car Air Freshener Gel Dispensing Problem

Independent Laboratory needed for failure analysis of Car Air Freshener Gel that is experiencing a dispensing problem View More

OECD Environmental Risk Assessment

We would need log Kow (octanol/water partition coefficient) determination of several drugs, using OECD 107 or OECD 123.
Could you please help us? View More

Non-Destructive Measurements

Independent Laboratory needed for NDT Non-Destructive Measurements for quantitative surface roughness measurement of two types of electrical gold plat... View More

Water Legionella Testing

Europe Microbiology Laboratory needed for Legionella testing in water for cell growth, PC and immunological methods View More

USP Massage Oil Testing

START-UP Chicago, Small Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Compendial Testing of Liquid -message oil made of natural herbs. Product i... View More

Ground Nut Cake Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for confirmation testing of ground nut cake:

MOISTURE: 6% MAXIMUM ... View More

Saffron Testing

Spice company needs Food Laboratory for Saffron Quality Control Testing View More

Anabolic Steroids and Research Chemicals

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry Laboratory needed for HPLC analysis of anabolic steroids and research chemicals. View More

Non-GLP Pharmacokinetic PK Studies

AALAC Laboratory needed for non-GLP rodent (rat and mice) pharmacokinetic pk studies with bioanalysis. View More

Independent Laboratory needed for TXL and GXL cable testing to SAE J1128 Low Voltage Primary Cable View More

IV Bags USP Container Closure Integrity Testing

Canada Laboratory needed for USP container closure integrity testing on IV bags, to USP 1207 Container Closure Integrity Testing View More

Tooth Surface Roughness

Asia Biophysical Laboratory needed for testing for the measurement of tooth surface roughness. View More

Explosive Atmosphere

Aerospace Company needs Laboratory for Explosive Atmosphere RTCA/DO-160G testing for section 9 equipment View More

Bioactive Molecules Dosing Studies

Biochemistry Research Laboratory needed bioactives molecules application dosing study on oxidative stress and antioxidants View More

Fabric Light Reflectivity Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Textiles Laboratory needed for fabric testing to check the light reflectivity or gain for one of our fabrics. This is a value that is... View More

Florida Fire Flame Retardant Compliance Testing

Large Corporation needs Independent Laboratory for Florida fire flame retardant compliance testing of felt sound/echo reduction panels. View More

Aerospace ASTM Polyurethane Testing

Aerospace Company needs Polymer Laboratory for ASTM Polyurethane testing: ASTM D4274 Standard Test Methods for Testing Polyurethane Raw Materials: Det... View More

ASTM Wetting Agents Testing

Chemical Company needs USA Materials Laboratory for ASTM Draves' Wettability testing to ASTM D2281-6821 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Wetti... View More

ABS Sheet General Motors Corporation Standards Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for General Motors Corporation GMW Testing of ABS sheet to GMW16853 Comprehensive Standard for Overall Emission Testing o... View More

AIS 075 Anti-Theft Testing

India Automotive Laboratory needed for AIS Anti theft testing of keyset to AIS 075 Approval of Vehicles with regards to their protection against unaut... View More

Belgium Independent Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for full testing of Nutraceutical Products. View More

Artificial Turf Testing

USA Independent Laboratory needed for different types of tests on artificial turf in particular Solar Reflectance Index according to ASTM E903 Standa... View More

Cosmetics Stability and Microbiology Challenge

Skincare Company needs European Cosmetics Laboratory for cosmetics stability 90 day and microbiology challenge tests. View More

Spray Coating

Food Laboratory needed for testing of a vegan coating after spray coating 4 food compounds with the coating. View More

FDA Biopharmaceutical Release, Stability and Container Closure Integrity Testing

Biopharmaceutical Company of recombinant therapeutic proteins needs FDA GMP Laboratory for Release, Stability and Container Closure Integrity testin... View More

EPA GLP Pesticide Studies

Environmental Laboratory needed EPA GLP studies for pesticides. View More

Pharmaceutical Excipient and Packaging Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Complete Excipients and Packaging Material testing as per USP/NF, Ph.Eur. and Vendor In-House Method including e... View More

ISO Milk Powder Fat Purity Testing

Government Agency needs Food Laboratory for ISO testing of powdered milk products for the purity of fat content to ISO Standard 17678:2010 - Milk and... View More

Quote for Diesel Testing

Petroleum Laboratory needed for Diesel Density testing, Calorific Power testing and Lower heating value testing. .Please send us your quote View More

Saffron Certification

Saffron Producer would like to work with a Asia Food Laboratory for certification testing. View More

KEBS Standard Filter Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for filter testing as per KEBS Standards View More

Packaging Materials Testing

Large Packaging Corporation needs Materials Laboratory for testing to the following test methods standards: EN12068, ASTM E96, ASTM D1000/D257, ASTM G... View More

Medicare Florida Clinical Laboratory

Group looking to purchase Florida Laboratory that has Medicare contract and does blood work. If interested, please submit a response at client.contra... View More

ASTM Nylon Relative Viscosity

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Relative Viscosity for Nylon Polymer Pellets and Zip tie samples per ASTM D789. View More

ASTM Fence Panel and Post Testing

USA Construction Laboratory needed for ASTM Fence Panel and Post Testing including to ASTM D149 (Dielectric testing)
Fence Panels, Posts, ASTM G154 c... View More

Carotenoids Content Analysis

URGENT LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP Aquaculture Company needs Accredited ISO 17025 recognized and specialized laboratory with EXTENSIVE experience in the det... View More

Mica and Quartz Mineral Analysis

India Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of mica and quartz View More

Granite Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for granite testing to allow for exports to European and Asian standards.

View More

Phenolic Resin Testing

OPEN TO LOCATION India Chemical Company needs Materials Laboratory for testing for a Phenol resin project where they need to analyse Flow Distance, Ge... View More

Honey Certification Testing

Food Laboratory needed for honey certification testing of different honeys so company can export to other countries. View More

ABV and Fermentable Sugar Testing

URGENT Third-Party Laboratory needed for ABV and fermentable sugar testing with a fast turn-around. Company understands this is extra cost. View More

Soil Fertilitiy Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing for soil fertility, pH, organic matter content, suitability to support plant life.The soil samples wo... View More

Corn Cob Grit Testing

USA Agriculture Laboratory needed that that can run absorption, resistance to attrition and material decomposition on corn cob grit. View More

Contract Research Organization In-Vivo Study

BUDGET APPROVED Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for new pharmaceutical drug in-vivo study. Mouse facility with adult mice (wild-type... View More

Novel Carbon Powder Analysis

Experienced Materials Laboratory needed for analysis of novel carbon powder samples containing fluorine surface functional groups and having its F con... View More

Garment Claims Substantiation

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for assistance on development of testing for claims substantiation of a garment that could protect against lower ... View More

5 different HPS 600W bulbs Comparison Study

Electrical Laboratory needed for comparison study of 5 different HPS 600W bulbs for the following:

-CCT (k)
-Efficacy ... View More

Fabric Softeners Perfume Testing

Large Company needs Consumer Products Sensory Laboratory for conducting testing of perfume on concentrated fabric softeners. Long lasting perfume & ca... View More

AOAC Sporocial and Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

Large Pharma / Medical Device Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for AOAC sporocidal and disinfectant efficacy testing. View More

Styrene Impact Strength and UV Additive

Polymer Laboratory needed for impact strength and UV additive testing of Styrene material. View More

Erucic acid- inherent plant toxins and Ergot sclerotia and ergo alkaloids

USA Life Sciences Company needs laboratory for AOAC and ASTM endotoxin (total) and scorched particle testing of Erucic acid- inherent plant toxins an... View More

Plant Based Beverage Ingredient

Two Food Laboratories needed (one in USA and one in India) for testing plant-based beverage ingredient with HPLC-ELSD. View More

Video Analytic Software for Speed Detection of Vehicles

Third-Party Laboratory needed for certification testing of Video Analytic Software for Speed Detection of Vehicles View More

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Adhesive Bond Strength

Large corporation needs Materials Laboratory for Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) testing of adhesive bond strength on Transportation Safety... View More

ASTM Encapsulation Resins and Conformal Coatings

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM E595 testing for encapsulation resins and conformal coatings. Please provide one set price per product and anoth... View More

Residential Electric Meter Accuracy Testing

Organization needs Southeast USA Independent Electrical Laboratory for residential electric meter accuracy testing from a small poor town with only on... View More

SF6 (Sulphur hexafluoride) analysis in air.

Environmental Laboratory needed for SF6 (Sulphur hexafluoride) analysis in air. Please send me the information (method, sampling technique, prices, et... View More

HIV-1 Genotyping for RT and Integrase

Large Medical Center needs Genetics Laboratory for HIV-1 genotyping test for RT and Integrase as part of HIV-1 research project, we are growing T cell... View More

Pharm Eur Monograph Poloxamer 338

ISO17025 Certified Test Laboratory applying GLP standards for full analysis of Poloxamer 338 according to Pharm Eur monography for Poloxamers
View More

Buffer Chemical Analysis Services

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical analysis services on a set of buffer solutions we would like to carry a composition... View More

ASTM Shipping Container Performance Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM packaging transportation testing for medical product which comply to ASTM D4169 Standard Practice for Performanc... View More

Jewelry Gold Plating Thickness

Laboratory needed to measure the thickness of 4-5 jewelry samples for the thickness of its gold plating by electron microscopic measurement. Please p... View More

Anti-Denque, Zika , Influenza and Zika

Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing two bovine colostrum samples that for anti dengue, Influenza A and HIV and Zika activity.
The goal is ... View More

Blood Nicotine Levels

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Nicotine level testing in rat blood. View More

ISO Bone Graft Substiture Testing

FDA GLP Medical Device Lbaoratory needed for Biocompatibility testing on bone graft substitute according to ISO 10993. View More

Boeing and Airbus Surface Wipe Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Aerospace Laboratory needed for aircraft surface wipe testing according to AMS3819C Cloths, Cleaning For Aircraft Primary and Secondar... View More

Interlaboratory Proficiency Testing

MULTIPLE LABORATORIES NEEDED Research Center needs Laboratory for some TGA and DSC testing on some shared samples as part of interlaboratory tests of... View More

ASTM Polyethylene PE Film Biodegradability Testing

Accredited Laboratory needed for ASTM Biodegradability testing of Polyethylene PE films after changing the additives for the film properties.
Plea... View More

ASTM Art Material Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of an Art Material to modify its labeling to ASTM D4236 - 94(2016)e1 Standard Practice for Label... View More

USP Pharmaceutical Testing

USA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP testing assays performed on 3 lots of taladafil API and 1 lot of sildenafil. View More

Imported Peppercorn Testing

CONSULTING AND ADVISORY Importer needs Food Laboratory for testing imported peppercorns testing prior to bringing product into the USA. Company would ... View More

Toxicology Ames and LD50 Toxicity Studies

Toxicology Laboratory needed for Ames and LD50 Toxicity Study Testing on a botanical extract nutraceutical ingredient View More

Pharmaceutical Packaging Feasibility Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for feasibility testing of the packaging material of innovator pharmaceutical drug product for the Certificate of Analysis... View More

Processed Meat Food Safety Tests

LONG-TERM TESTING International Food Laboratory needed to perform various tests for processed meat products used for food safety . View More

ISO Medical Device Genotoxicity Testing

Toxicology Laboratory needed for ISO Genotoxicity testing a silicone part ussed in a medical application to ISO 10993
(Body contact: Tissue / Contact... View More

ISO Contact Lens Compatibility Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO compatibility testing to standard ISO 11981, Ophthalmic optics - Contact lenses and contact lens products - D... View More

India Fragrance Product Devleopment

India Laboratory needed for product development of an aagharbhati fragrance. Fragrance must be in compliance with India government standards. View More

Round Robin Magnetite Testing

MULTIPLE LABORATORIES Laboratories needed for certification testing of technique to produce reference materials of a very resistive material by micro... View More

Gene Therapy Vector Copy Number

Pharmaceutical Company needs USA Bioanalytical Laboratory to test plasma samples by droplet digital PCR for VCN. ddPCR for gene therapy vector copy nu... View More

Urine Testing

Medical Center needs British Columbia Medical Laboratory for urine testing of 1-hydroxypyrene after PAH exposure.
View More

Aerospace Adhesive Lifetime Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for lifetime testing of a new adhesive coating we are planning on using on an aerospace and defense application. View More

In Vivo Acute Toxicity and Product Safety Study

FUNDING APPROVED Preclinical CRO needed for in vivo acute toxicity and product safety study of pharmaceutical drug coating using 5 different medical d... View More

START-UP Individual needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to help them develop new product using wholesale essential oils. View More

Powdered Blend Coffee Blend Substitute Comparison Study

Food Consumer Products / Sensory Laboratory needed for conducting beverage comparison study of powdered spray dried coffee blend substitute to other p... View More

Aircraft Odor Eliminator Testing

Cleaning Product Company needs Materials Laboratory for odor eliminator testing to Aerospace Standard AMS1550B Cleaner, Water Base, Aircraft interior ... View More

Protein Powder Analysis

READY TO BUY Personal Trainer needs Food Laboratory for label confirmatory testing of protein powder to see if there are other ingredients in product... View More

New Cocktail Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT New York Metropolitan Area Food Laboratory needed for assistance in the development and testing of a new cocktail formula. View More

ANSI Flat Glass and Tempered Glass Testing

USA Physical Laboratory needed for ANSI flat glass and tempered glass testing including:

Ball Drop test, Edge stress, surface stress, laminated g... View More

Depth Filter Analysis

Third-Party Laboratory needed for lab analysis of depth filters (filter media) which contains resin according to 21CFR 177.2260 Filters, resin-bonded ... View More

Adhesive Food Grade Certification

BUDGET APPROVED Third-Party FDA Laboratory needed for Food Grade certification testing of Liquid Adhesive Product according to 121 CFR as per View More

Phenol Formaldehyde Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for phenol formaldehyde testing to include the following 10 tests
1.specific gravity
2.water absorption
3.tensile stre... View More

ASTM Wastewater Analysis

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM wastewater analysis for Mercury and Arsenic in the wastewater using an Atomic Absorption Spectroph... View More

Barite Elemental Analysis

UK Laboratory needed for elemental analysis of natural barite mineral View More

Consumer Blueberry Muffin Testing

INDIVIDUAL Consumer needs Food Laboratory for confirmatory testing that blueberries in blueberries are blueberries. View More

FDA Honey Compliance testing

Corporation intending to export honey to California needs Laboratory for testing their honey in compliance with FDA regulations. View More

India Perfume Certification

Manufacturer needs India Laboratory for certification testing of their perfumes. View More

Dietary Supplement Formulation Confirmation

Dietary Supplement Company needs Laboratory for confirmatory testing of the or formulation of 100 of their products. (commercialized in capsules or pi... View More

Phenolic Resin Testing

India NABL Materials Laboratory needed for materials analysis on 10 types of phenolic resins. View More

Wet Wipe Microbial Challenge Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial challenge testing for wet wipes. View More

Honey Analysis

Food / Agriculture Laboratory needed for complete honey analysis. View More

Araucaria araucana DNA Analysis

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT University Researcher needs Environmental Genetics Laboratory for DNA analysis to determine the sex of Araucaria araucana. Si... View More

Quote Request - Oxo-Degradability of Plastic Films

USA Materials Laboratory needed for Oxo-Degradability Testing on multiple plastic films by the following methods (but open to others)

? QUV Acce... View More

Quote Request - Textural Hardness of Dried Pineapple

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT USA Food Laboratory needed for development of a test/ experiment to determine the textural hardness of pieces of dried pineap... View More

Micro Analysis in Foreign Soil

USA Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for soil testing in compliance for soil import permit would be needed. Analysis needed for

Count ... View More

Dried Fruit PSL

USA Laboratory needed that can conduct Photostimulated Luminescence (PSL) testing on 2-4 different types of dried fruit. Laboratory must be experience... View More

ASTM Encapsulation Resin and Conformal Coatings Testing

Materials Laboratories needed to provide with some quotes for ASTM E595 testing on 1, 5, and 10 encapsulation resins and conformal coatings.

View More

Analytical Instrument Testing for Proof of Concept

LONG-TERM TESTING PARTNERSHIP Analytical Instrument Manufacturer needs Food Laboratory to support them on an evaluation of the testing various agricu... View More

Mosquito Repellency Efficacy Testing

India Environmental Laboratory needed for Mosquito repellent efficacy testing View More

FDA GLP BSL2 Clinical Bacteria Isolates

USA West Coast FDA GLP BSL2 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to provide titered clinical isolates of gram pos/neg bacteria from stool specimens or othe... View More

New Clamato Juice Food Product

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Food Laboratory needed to reverse engineer clamato juice for and help in formulation into a new food product which contains c... View More

New Wine Product Alcohol Content

Food Laboratory needed for ABV alcohol content testing of a new wine product View More

Nail Treatment Clinical Research Labeling Claims Substantiation Study

USA Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for clinical labeling claims testing on 6 nail care treatment products including their ability to ... View More

Food Lab Testing Partner

LONG-TERM TESTING Large USA food handler needs accredited ASTA Food Contract laboratory services partner for USP, AOAC and California Prop 65, mi... View More

ASTM Medical Fixation Device Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of orthopedic intramedullary nail to ASTM F1264 Standard Specification and Test Methods for Intrame... View More

2 Confectionary Product Deformulation

Food Laboratory needed for deformulation testing of two packaged confectionary products in original packaging, and would like deformulation completed... View More

Fermented Sauce Shelf-Life Testing

Food Manufacturer needs India Laboratory for shelf-life testing of fermented sauce prior to sale to big retail stores. View More

Plastic Parts Resin Confirmation

BUDGET APPROVED Medical Device Company needs Materials Laboratory resin confirmatory testing of the parts used in 2 plastic disposable infusion sets... View More

Facility Combustible Dust Analysis

Large Mechanical Contracting Company needs Industrial Hygiene Laboratory for combustible dust analysis at a company's facility View More

Pulp Mill Washer Line Soda Loss

Company would like to speak to Laboratory on scheduling soda loss testing on a pulp mill washer line. View More

Wastewater Treatment Bacteria Growth

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed to grow bacteria in a controlled and sterile environment, which will then be used in wastewater treatment... View More

ASME Plastic Bag Compostability Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASME testing of plastic bags to ASME D6400 Standard Specification for Labeling of Plastics Designed to be Aerobically... View More

ANSI Hi-Vis Safety Vest Certification Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for ANSI certification testing of Hi-Vis safety vest to ANSI/ISEA 107. Our target is ANSI Class 2 Type R. If you are ... View More

Alcoholic Beverage ABV testing

START-UP Developer of alcoholic beverage needs Laboratory for ABV alcohol volume percentage in the beverage and potentially expiry dating testing. View More

Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) analysis

Dallas-Fort Worth Texas Clinical Laboratory needed for Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) analysis View More

Gel permeation chromatography film testing

United Arab Emirates Materials Laboratory needed for polymer film testing by Gel permeation chromatography . View More

ISO saffron stigmas testing

Southern England UK Laboratory needed for ISO saffron stigmas (Crocus sativus) testing following the procedures set out in ISO 3632.
Saffron, essent... View More

Chili Heat Testing

Food Laboratory needed for Heat testing on chilli's scoville or
Capsaicin testing. Averave Scoville score, average Capsaicin concentration per chili... View More

Polio Virucidal Efficacy Testing

Accredited Microbiology Laboratory needed for Virucidal efficacy testing according to EN 14476:2015, screening
Test products: 4 Alcoholic samples
T... View More

Lab Caffeine Inhaler Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Research and Development Laboratory needed for caffeine inhaler in the laboratory. View More

Food Peanut Allergen and Glyphosates

Houston Food Laboratories needed for food testing for peanut allergens and glyphosates View More

Candle Industry Standard Development Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for testing of 3 different types of retail candles (both for purity levels and also for the % amounts of different... View More

FDA Compliant e-Cigarette New Product Development

FDA compliant laboratory needed for product development and running experiments on a new e-cigarette product. Development will include analysis of t... View More

Chewing Tobacco Competitor's Analysis

Chewing tobacco manufacturer needs laboratory for competitor's analysis and deformulation of competitors tobacco for reformulation of company's chewi... View More

NF Monograph Dimethicone Validation Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING USA (preferrably Texas) Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed with validated method for NF Monograph Testing on Dimethicone 1000 cst flui... View More

ACTH and Corticosterone Testing

Pharmaceutical Company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Non-GLP measurement of ACTH and corticosterone in mouse plasma View More

Baby Suction Bowl Consumer Products Testing

USA Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for certification testing of baby product which is a set of 3 silicone suction bowls.

Can you pleas... View More

Staphylococci isolates pulsed field gel electrophoresis

Europe Microbiology lab needed to do pulsed field gel electrophoresis for 20 staphylococci isolates. View More

Pain Treatment Genetics test Study

Medical Center developing pain treatment needs Genetic Laboratory for genetic testing study with both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA Pain Treatment ha... View More

ASTM Biodegradation Testing

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM Biodegradation Testing to ASTMD5511-12, and ASTM D6954, Tests for Anerobic and Aerobic Biodegrad... View More

Vacuum Seal and Torque Testing

USA Physical Laboratory for Vacuum Seal Test and Torque testing to ensure dietary supplement product are not leaking. View More

Vegetable Powder Nitrate Content Testing

USA Agriculture Laboratory needed for Nitrate Content Testing in various samples of powdered beets, greens and other vegetable powders tested for nitr... View More

Consumer Food Nutritional Testing

INDIVIDUAL Consumer needs Food Laboratory needed for nutritional content (macro and micro nutrients) testing for personal use. View More

FDA Sardine Nutritional Facts Testing

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for FDA nutritional facts label compliance testing for frozen Sardines. If you are able to do the analysis as required... View More

Food and Pet Food Labeling Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Large Corporation needs Eastern Europe Laboratory for Food Labeling checks of Food and Pet Food

View More

Food Calorie Testing

Restaurant needs Food Laboratory for calorie testing of multiple food products. View More

OECD Endocrine Disruptor testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for OECD thyroid and endocrine disruptor testing as per OECD Guideline 150 provided for Tier 2 (OECD TG 455, 456,... View More

Antimicrobial Cloth REACH, Heavy Metal and Anti-Bacterial Efficacy Studies

Packaging Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for testing antibacterial cloth according to

Polyurethane Physical Properties Prior to and after Oil Soak

Large Chemical Company needs materials laboratory conduct a study of the physical properties of polyurethane samples before, during, and after an oil... View More

Lubricant R&D Studies

LONG-TERM TESTING Research and Development Laboratory needed for weekly lubricant testing of 12 samples View More

ASTM Blister Pack Distribution and Environmental Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM distribution and environmental testing of cartons and blister packs of liquid-filled product to ASTM Test Standa... View More

THC Medical Cannabis

UK Laboratory needed for THC testing in medical cannabis. View More

Disinfectant Virucidal Activity

India Microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidal activity of a disinfectant product? View More

Plastic Sterilization Validation

Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilization and validation for plastic procedure tips for Sterrad low temp sterilization.
View More

Phototherapy Mask Spectral Transmittance

Medical Device Safety Performance Laboratory needed for EN Spectral transmittance in the ultraviolet for phototherapy masks using the European Standar... View More

Powdered Eyeshadow Microbiology Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING USA Tri-State Cosmetics Laboratory needed for microbiology testing and any other required safety testing for pressed powder eyeshado... View More

Liquid Sunscreen Reverse Engineering / Deformulation

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to reverse engineering/deformulation of a liquid sunscreen. Although we know most of the active ... View More

USP Pharmaceutical Osmolality Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP osmolality testing of Fluodeoxyglucose final product as per USP 785 View More

TTB Liqueur Testing

USA Laboratory needed for TTB testing of two liqueurs for alcohol content, shelf life, nutrient breakdown, and caffeine levels. View More

FDA 510(k) submission Nebulizer Aerosol Testing

FDA cGMP Medical Device Laboratory needed for Nebulizer Aerosol Testing for a FDA 510(k) submission. Manufacturer device and predicate device. View More

Thermal Resistance of Camping Mattresses

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Measuring Thermal Resistance of Camping Mattresses. We need quotation for 3 separate R-Value Testing.... View More

Alcoholic Beverage ABV testing

United Kingdom UK Laboratory needed for alcohol by volume abv testing on our alcoholic beverage. View More

Masking Tape Comparison Study Testing

Organization considering moving to new supplier of masking tape product and wants Materials Laboratory to run comparison study between new and old t... View More

ASTM, ISO, GOST and Chinese Standard Testing

LONG-TERM LABORATORY PARTNER Oil Laboratory needed for a variety of ASTM, ISO, GOST and Chinese standard testing of liquefied petroleum gas , Petroleu... View More

Pharmaceutical Water Activity

Pharmaceutical Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for water activity testing in one product. Need to know the charges and time required View More

Silicone Gum Blend Evaluation

Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for development of experimental study for evaluation of silicone gum blend for it's use as film former f... View More

Cat Botulism Testing

Veterinarian's Office needs USA Food Microbiology Laboratory for Botulism testing in cat food. Increase in sickness in cat patients seemingly related ... View More

Soil SEM or XRF Elemental Analysis

BUDGET APPROVEDUniversity Researcher needs Laboratory for SEM or XRF elemental analysis of 14 different soil samples
View More

Tea Product Testing

India Food Laboratory needed for protein, fat and carbohydrates in a tea product View More

Polymer Refractive Indices at Various Wavelengths

University Researcher needs USA Materials Laboratory to measure the refractive indices of 8 polymer samples at various wavelengths. The polymer sampl... View More

ISO Ash Content and Extractable Matter Testing

Large Automotive Parts Manufacturer needs Laboratory that can perform ash content as per ISO 3451 Method A and extractable matter as per ISO 6427. ... View More

Sugar Divinylbenzene (DVB) & Ethylvinylbenzene (EVB)

I'm looking for a laboratory which can measure on syrup (of sugar) : divinylbenzene (DVB) & ethylvinylbenzene (EVB) with limits of quantification < 4... View More

Candle Consumer Safety laboratory

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for CPSC product safety testing of candles just to make sure they are within guideline View More

Comparison Adhesion Study Testing

Slitting - Rewinding companyneeds Third-Party Independent Laboratory for comparison adhesion study testing between 2 adhesive tapes. View More

Sodium Chloroacetate REACH testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for Ion chromatography analysis of a sample of sodium chloroacetate powder for REACH testing. Quantification of sodium a... View More

Real Time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) assay

CAP and CLIA Certified Genetics Laboratory needed for quantitative Real Time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) assay of # genes in FFPE primary mela... View More

ASHRAE Activated Carbon Filter Media Efficiency

Reputable USA Industrial Testing Facility needed to measure activated carbon filter media efficiency according to Ashrae 145-1 View More

Food Retail Sauce Reverse Engineering

Food Laboratory needed for deformulation of a sauce that food manufacturer uses to with vegetables in a bowl as food retail product. We are interested... View More

Weight Loss Accelerated Aging Study

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Accelerated Aging Study Testing on weight loss products. View More

USP Differential Scanning Calorimetry

BUDGET APPROVED Southern USA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP Differential Scanning Calorimetry for 200mL bottles B#111064 to USP 661 Thermal ... View More

USP Pharmaceutical Packaging testing

FDA GMP Packaging Laboratory needed for USP testing of pharmaceutical packaging material as LDPE, HDPE and different blister like PVC,PVDC, Aclar and... View More

USP 41 - NF 36 Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP analysis of product proyplene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate to USP 41 - NF 36 View More

Glass Gem Composition

Large Electrical Company needs Laboratory for glass gems composition testing View More

Soil Conditioner Evaluation

Environmental Laboratory needed for agriculture evaluation testing of soil conditioner in soil & coir for fruit & vegetable yields, water retention, r... View More

Dietary Supplement Labeling Ingredient Confirmation

Nutraceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Identity testing on the ingredients in powdered dietary supplements for confirmation of the i... View More

USP Pharmaceutical Stability Studies

Pharma Manufacturer needs Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for one-time USP stability study testing for various tablets (apap,asa,caffeine, phenylephr... View More

Natural Liquid Fertilizer Testing

Fertilizer Manufacturer needs Agriculture Laboratory for ingredient testing of natural liquid fertilizer. View More


LONG-TERM TESTING Physicians Oncology Group needs Clinical Laboratory for HLA ABC DR/DQ View More

Swimwear Fabric Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Swimwear Manufacturer needs textiles testing facility for multiple testing to review our fabrics for quality and consistency.

We... View More

Metallurgical Testing

INDIVIDUAL Laboratory needed for metallurgical testing on metal stone View More

Food Laboratory needed for deformulation of cookies to determine amount and type of ginger and molasses. View More

Honeybee Pheromone Duplication

Agriculture Laboratory needed for duplication of queen honeybee pheromone attractant.

View More

Honey Bee Pollen Substiture

Agriculture Laboratory needed to evaluate honey bee pollen substitute to determine ingredients. View More

Skunk Spray Compound Testing

Industrial Hygiene Company needs Laboratory for testing for skunk spray compounds trans-2-butene-1-thiol
and 2-quinoline meth... View More

Bread Improver Ingredient Testing

Food Laboratory needed for ingredient testing in bread improver (kind of the same as flour) from Vietnam to determine if bread food product can be im... View More

Plastic Bag Oxygen and Moisture Barrier Testing

Polymer Laboratory needed for oxygen and moisture barrier testing on plastic bags. View More

Nutritional Supplement Contract Formulation

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for contract formulation of nutritional supplement in which small molecules augment the large View More

Plastics Degradation from Insect Repellents

North America GLP Environmental Laboratory needed for conducting studies of several EPA Registered insect repellent formulations to determine whether ... View More

Diesel Engine Lubricant Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for diesel engine lubricants testing and in low emissions internal combustion engine and high performance tests with the latest ... View More

Prepared Food Shelf Life Stability Study

Food company needs Food Laboratory for nutritional chart as well as shelf life stability study testing on prepared food. View More

Food Hand Sanitizer ASTM Antimicrobial Efficacy Studies

Personal hygiene productscompany needs NABL Accredited Microbiology Laboratory to study the ASTM antimicrobial efficacy of food compliant hand sanitiz... View More

Ore Lithium Concentration

Metallurgical Laboratory needed for elemental analysis on a spodumene mineral sample for chemical analysis to determine % Lithium in the ore View More

Facial Moisturizer Testing

ISO 17025 Cosmetics Laboratory needed for full testing of a cosmetics facial moisturizer cream to comply with cosmetics safety act View More

Light Truck Fuel Contamination Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for fuel contamination testing of fuel used in light trucks View More

Ointment Stability Testing

Laboratory needed for stability testing of ointment.

A few questions:
I believe I should only need the following?
* Heat at 45 and/or 50/55 deg... View More

Respiratory Monitoring Device Testing

FDA GMP Laboratory needed for ISO VOC, particulate, CO, CO2 and Ozone testing for respiratory monitoring device (dry gas pathway). View More

Dietary Supplement Shelf-Life Testing

Dietary Supplement Company needs Laboratory for shelf-life testing of single ingredient health supplement. View More

General Molecular / Microbiology Laboratory

Seeking to buy/rent general molecular and microbiology lab with ducting for chemical hood, benches and etc in the Toronto/GTA View More

CPSIA Toy Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for various CPSIA testing of various dollhouse, furniture and accessories including Substances testing (e.g. Bisp... View More

Bamboo Light Fixture Weathering Testing

Laboratory needed for weathering testing of bamboo material utilized in light fixtures for exposure to all outdoor elements i.e. wind, rain, sun, etc... View More

Oxygen Transmission Rate and Permeation of Flexible Barrier Materials

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM and ISO oxygen transmission rate of flexible plastic film barrier materials to ASTM D3985 Oxygen Transmission Rat... View More

Cleaning Products 30 Day Vibrio Challenge Testing

Large Cleaning Products Company needed for 30-day vibrio challenge testing after treatment with proprietary products. Test will contain at least 4 tre... View More

Pointe Ballet Shoe Mechanical Flex Testing

Consumer Products Performance Laboratory needed for mechanical flex testing on pointe ballet shoe with thermoplastic insert. View More

Foam Environmental Simulation and Packaging Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for environmental simulation and packaging testing of new foam composite packaging materials made from wood and nanocel... View More

Carpet Dye Fastness Testing

Housing Development Office needs Textile Laboratory for carpet dye fastness testing. View More

Cobalt Percentage

Laboratory needed for testing to determine the percentage of cobalt and other metlas in 2 samples View More

GLP OECD Studies

Nutritional Company needs GLP Toxicology Laboratory to conduct OECD studies 404 Acute Dermal Irritation/Corrosion & OECD 405 Acute Eye Irritation/Co... View More

Canada Ore Testing

Canada Laboratory needed for accreditation testing of ore with proctor fagerbergtesting; TML and additional test in BC canada. Material can not be exp... View More

ASTM Pharmaceutical Distribution/Transit Testing

Large Pharmaceutical Company needs ISO 17025 Packaging Laboratory for ASTM distribution/transit testing for pharmaceutical products to the following s... View More

Biodiesel Water Content Testing

Laboratory needed to measure water content in biodiesel with Karl fischer titrator View More

EPA 25b Exempt Pesticide Products

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of 25(b) product Exempt Pesticide Products for /MOA data for state registration purposes. W... View More

Facial Cream Harmful Substances

India Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for harmful chemical testing in face cream . View More

Quote for Anti-Microbial Efficacy Testing

Physician's Office has developed an anti-bacterial product needs Microbiology Laboratory for anti-miicrobial testing against Bacillus Cereus, E. Coli,... View More

ASTM Waterproof Coating Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of coating material in accordance to ASTM C1305 Standard Test Method for Crack Bridging Ability of Liquid... View More

OECD Biodegradability Testing

ISO 17025 Laboratory for OECD biodegradability testing of textile sizing chemical for Biodegradibility acc. To oecd 301 a , b , c , d , e ? ( textile... View More

Beehive Health Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for Beehive Health, Floral Source Testing, Flavor Testing, and Botanical Testing. View More

ASTM Biomechanical Testing of Orthopedic Implants

Medical Device Laboratory needed for Biomechanical testing for orthopedic implants i.e. interlocking nails, bone plates, bone screws and spine fixatio... View More

Face Mask Skin Clinical Research Study

Company preparing to launch a new face mask would like a Clinical Research Laboratory to run testing to evaluate the results of the mask on different ... View More

Custom R&D Study V79 colony formation cytotoxicity project

CUSTOM Medical Device Laboratory (ideally in USA) needed to initiate a custom Research & Development R&D Study V79 colony formation cytotoxicity proj... View More

EPA Test Method Microbiology Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

EPA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology disinfectant Efficacy testing to EPA test methods. View More

Laboratory Instrument Calibration

LONG-TERM Large Aerospace Company needs contractor for performing recurring calibration of pressure gauges, pressure transducers, pressure relief valv... View More

Saffron Testing

ISO `7025 Food Laboratory needed for saffron testing for acquiring certification. View More

VCI Test Bed

Large Automotive Company needs Automotive Laboratory for Vehicle Communication Interfaces VCI evaluation in Test Beds. View More

ANSI / ISEA 107 Safety Apparel Testing

Safety Laboratory needed for safety apparel testing as per ANSI/ ISEA 107 Type R Class 2 American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel... View More

Toyota Spec Testing

Automotive Mechanical Laboratory needed for voltmeter specs testing of 1nzfe Toyota rumion testing crankshaft sensor. Specifications for sensor and w... View More

Black Seed Oil Thymoquione Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for thymoquinone concentration testing in Black Seed Oil. View More

Welding Helmet Compliance Testing

Laboratory needed for welding helmet testing for compliance to the ANSI and CSA standards and issue a certificate of compliance with test report. View More

Animal Tissue Collagen and Elastin

Life Sciences Laboratory needed to measure collagen and elastin content in animal tissues View More

Herb Infused Tincture Caffeine Content

Food Laboratory needed caffeine content testing of a herb infused tincture. View More

Autoclave Cellulosic Beads

LONG_TERM TESTING Hi! Our company needs USA Contract Sterilizer to periodically autoclave some closed jars with cellulosic beads. If you can help, ple... View More

Dietary Supplement Deformulation

Health Corporation needs dietary supplement product deformulated to show specific ingredients and quantity per ingredient and percentage amount per in... View More

Ginsenosides Testing -

Hello Laboratories,

Our corporation needs turn-around time and quote from Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for Ginsenoside Testing via HPLC to dete... View More

Kryptopyrrole Urine Test Kits Purchase

Laboratory supplier needed for purchase of Kryptopyrrole urine test kits to measure zinc and B6 levels for a condition called CIRS, due to mold toxici... View More

ISO Opthalmic Implant Intraocular Lenses Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed to perform hydrolytic, biocompatibility, and photostability test for hydrophobic intraocular lenses as per ISO 11979 ... View More

Request for Quote RFQ: Lubricant Wear, Load and Weld Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for lubricant testing to determine if lubricants meet the wear, load and weld requirements imposed by the relevant standa... View More

Melanoma Cell Lines

Company would like to purchase melanoma cell lines such as Melanoma Cell Line B16 and Melanoma Cell Line A375. View More

Spirulina Analysis

Aquaculture company needs Food Laboratory for spirulina finished product analysis. View More

Beverage Caffeine Testing

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for caffeine testing for beverages View More

Packaging DIN Microbial Barrier Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for DIN microbial barrier testing of packaging to (DIN58953 - 6 Sterilization; sterile supply; sterilization paper for... View More

Chocolate Calorie Testing

Chocolate Factory needs Food Laboratory for calorie testing of chocolate to get the calories as government requirement. View More



Spirulina Analysis

Biochemistry Laboratory needed for biomass analysis. Please send a quotation for the following analysis:
Bulk density in g/cc
Light filth
Particle... View More

Pharmaceutical Blend Concentrate Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING India Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for blend concentrate testing of of androstenol, androstenone, pheromone... View More

Saffron Certification

Food Laboratory needed for saffron testing to get certified. View More

Government of Canada Pharmaceutical Equivalency Study

Pharmaceuticals Laboratory needed for physiochemical testing done for two formulations of liquid suspension of potassium chloride (20 mEq/15 mL) medic... View More

Core Sample Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for testing on Core Samples, Tensile strength, Poisson's Ratio, Shear Parameters View More

Pyroligneous acid Extract Analysis

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to analyse extract Pyroligneous acid. If the answer is positive, we need to know the prices in quantification o... View More

ASTM Nitrile Glove Permeation to Chemotherapy Drugs

Materials Laboratory needed for Nitrile Glove Testing to Chemotherapy Drugs and Concentration ( Tested for Resistance to Permeation by Chemotherapy Dr... View More

IEC Wire Connector Pull and Hi-Pot Electrical Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC wire connector pull test and hi-pot electrical testing for crimped connector and wire to IEC 60352 View More

Blood Autoimmune Myositis Antibodies Testing

Clinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for blood testing for antibodies to rule out Autoimmune Myositis (anti Cn-1a-auto-antibodies). View More

Eco-Friendly Shower Filter

Green company needs laboratory for all required testing on eco-friendly shower filter for sale to the US including whether it is compatible with relat... View More

Herb Identification

Food Laboratory needed for identification testing of various herbs mixed in sealed water packet. View More

Dermatological Clinical Research Studies

Large Chemical Company needs Clinical Research Laboratory for the following dematological studies: Patch Testing and Repeat Insult Patch Testing RIPT.... View More

Dog Paw Sanitizer Anit-Microbial Efficacy Study

Pet Products Company needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for anti-microbial efficacy testing of dog safe paw sanitizer formula to test the formulation's... View More

Tea Seed Meal Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Asia Food Laboratory needed for Tea Seed Meal testing for Tea Saponin %, Moisture and volatile matter.

View More

Baby Care Product Safety

START-UP Consumer Products Laboratory needed for product safety testing on 3 new baby care products. View More

Drugs of Abuse Testing

USA Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory needed for drugs of abuse sweat patch testing following Federal SAMHSA cutoff levels View More

FTIR and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Middle East Laboratory needed for Scanning electron microscopy and
Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy FTIR for 06 samples. Please specify cost... View More

PolyEthylene Terephthalate PET Intrinsic Viscosity

Polymer Laboratory needed for Intrinsic Viscosity IV testing of PolyEthylene Terephthalate PET resin material. View More

Scanning Electron Micrograph Cyclodextrin Complexes

Inventor needs USA Laboratory for scanning electron micrograph with resolution to .05 nm or less of powder product to identify any cyclodextrin compl... View More

Herbal Powder Testing

Dietary Supplement Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for phosphatidylcholine for Herbal Powder mixture. . Please send quotation asap View More

Haircare Clinical Research Study

Organization needs Consumer Products Laboratory for Research Study on Flat Top Hair Brush View More

GCC Compliance of Candles and Reed Diffusers

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for General Certificate of Conformity (GCC) compliance testing on fragrance candle and reed diffuser for company's... View More

Dental Products Cleaning Residues

Medical Device Company needs Laboratory for cleaning residues testing (cleaning agents) per MSDSs on dental products. View More

Dental ISO RoHS Compliance Testing

Medical Device Company needs Laboratory for ISO RoHS Compliance Testing to determine the concentrations of restricted RoHS substances in the test sam... View More

Polypropylene Semicarbazide Testing

Polymer Laboratory needed for semicarbazide testing on polypropylene bottle caps. View More

SAE Lubricant Evaporation Loss

Oil Laboratory needed for Evaporation Loss% testing at 250 C max in SAE 10W lubricant. View More

SAE Lubricant Viscosity Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for SAE 15W40 lubricant testing 1: High temp high shear viscosity @150 C 2: Low temp pumping viscosity, mPas -30 C ... View More

API Genotoxicity Testing

India Toxicology Laboratory needed for genotoxicity testing on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API amlodpine besilate [ cas # 111470-99-6 ] View More

Polypropylene Film Migration Testing

Polymer Laboratory needed for migration testing of polypropylene film as per standard IS-10910.
Product is being used in flexible packing such as con... View More

Nano-Sized Colloidal Intravenous Iron Preparation

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed to perform testing for nano-sized colloidal intravenous iron preparation which includes whole particle, I... View More

Human Repeat Insult Patch Test HRIPT Study

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for Human Repeat Insult Patch Test HRIPT Study. Please provide cost. View More

Cosmetics Skincare Line Product Testing

Skincare Manufacturer of multiple products needs USA Clinical Research Cosmetics Laboratory to perform all ingredient, labeling claims, product safety... View More

Automotive ELectric Wire Fire Performance Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for automotive electrical wires and cables fire performance testing according to ECE R118-02 & R100. View More

ASTM Vibration Dampening Testing

Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM testing to ASTM E756-05 Standard Test Method for Measuring Vibration-Damping Properties of Materials

Test condi... View More

Cookie Deformulation

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Large Food Company needs North American Laboratory for deformulation of cookie recipe ingredients. View More

Pharmaceutical USP Impurity Testing

Large Pharmaceutical Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for USP Impurity Testing: . Limit of xxxxx-isomer and other Impurities (by HPCE): C... View More

Petroleum Coke and Ore X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Large Mining Company needs ISO 17025 Laboratory to analyze petroleum coke and ore samples by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and Atomic Absorption Spectrom... View More

FDA Health Beverage Labeling Claims Testing

FDA Food Laboratory needed for vitamins, minerals and nutritional value labeling claims testing of I two wild berry health drink products packaged in ... View More

New Pet Food Line Product Development

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Large natural pet treats manufacturer for dogs and cats needs Food Laboratory for new product of development of new formulas o... View More

IEC Rail Car Wire Assembly Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for the following IEC wire assembly testing: wire pull testing, hi-pot testing of crimped wire assemblies in passenger ra... View More

Gummy Candy Product Development

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Food Laboratory needed to formulate a new gummy candy recipe. There is a product in the market already that we would like to r... View More

Clinical Hair Loss Restoration Product Allergy Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Clinical Research Laboratory needed for allergy testing for a new cosmetics hair loss restoration scalp cream for Men and Women. View More

Gac Fruit Oil Beta Carotene Testing

ISO 17025 Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for beta carotene testing in gac fruit oil sample (gac oil is diluted in coconut oil 50 times) f... View More

EN Road Traffic Noise Reducing Device Testing

Laboratory needed for performance testing of road traffic noise reducing devices to standard: EN 1794 Road traffic noise reducing devices. Non-acousti... View More

Biodegradability Food Plate Strengths and Microwave Performance

Importer needs Food Laboratory for strength and microwave performance of imported biodegradable food plates. Please respond with the cost and time ne... View More

ASTM Coating Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of coating to ASTM F519 Standard Test Method for Mechanical Hydrogen Embrittlement Evaluation of Plating... View More

ASTM Industrial Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for ASTM Testing to the following standards:
ASTM C1304 - Odor emission
ASTM C1338 - Fungi ... View More

Biologics Release Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Manufacturing Organization focusing on producing live biotherapeutics, both as biologics (drugs) and(food) needs FDA Compli... View More

Enzyme Reduction Potential Values

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to determine reduction potential values for a heme enzyme by spectroelectrochemistry or cyclic voltammetry. View More

Phytochemical Testing

Certified ISO 17025 Food Chemistry Laboratory needed for phytochemicals testing

Total Carotenoids
Zea... View More

Water Cationic Surfactants

Utilities Agency needs US Environmental Chemistry Laboratory for water testing to measure cationic surfactants (CTAB/CTAC) in water.samples. View More

Pericardium Patch Thrombogenicity Studies

Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for In-vivo/in-vitro thrombogenicity studies of a biological pericardium patch. View More

Weekly USEPA Surface Water Analytes Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for weekly USEPA surface water analytes testing of 60 -200 samples over a 1-year period. P... View More

Organic Black Seed Confirmation Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for confirmatory organic certification testing of supplier black seeds. View More

Insect Replellent Wipe Labeling Claims Studies

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for labeling claims testing of natural biodegradable insect repellent wipes to show they are non-irritating, etc... View More

CEC Lubricant Biodegradability Testing

University Engineering Researcher needs Biodegradability Testing of lubricant with oil and sand to Coordinating European Council?s CEC L 33 A 93 View More

PET Preform Failure Investigation Analysis

ISO 17025 Forensics Laboratory needed for failure investigation analysis of PET preforms. One PET preform has a grey shade and another PET preforms ha... View More

Honey Authenticity and Antibiotic Testing

USA Importer needs Food Laboratory for authenticity and antibiotic testing for honey.
View More

Surface Antibacterial Resistance Testing

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for Antibacterial Resistance Testing of door handle surface in compliance with the US requirements.
View More

Google Lens' Transmittance and Anti-Fog

Large Corporation needs Laboratory for transmittance and anti-fog verification testing of goggle lens' used in clean rooms. View More

Azoxymethane Quote Needed

Midwest USA University Scientific Researcher needs to purchase azoxymethane, a carcinogen for research studies. Please provide quote. View More

Pharmaceutical Yellow Dye Raw Material Testing

Large Pharmaceutical needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for Yellow Dye Raw Material including the following HPLC (Purity), Melting Point, H NMR, C... View More

CLIA Genetics / Pathology Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Molecular pathology group needs CLIA Genetics /Pathology Laboratory for long-term partnership. Laboratories must be able to do pharm... View More

Footwear Insole Durability, Flex and Wear Testing

Footwear Company needs Consumer Products Laboratory for durability, flex and wear(with accelerated cycle) insoles footwear testing on polypropylene a... View More

ASTM Condom Compatibility Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Condom Testing to ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test Method for Determining Compatibility of Personal Lubricants wi... View More

ISO and IEC Dental Equipment Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO and IEC testing of dental equipment on ISO 14457:2017 Dentistry -- Handpieces and motors , IEC 60601-1 Medica... View More

3 Packaging Laboratory Quotes on ECT Testing

3 Packaging Laboratories needed to provide quotes on 5 ECT tests in FEFCO international units and two basis weight tests in Grams per Square Meter (G... View More

MIL-STD Department of Defense Environmental Acidic Atmosphere Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for acidic atmosphere testing according to MIL-STD 810G DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE TEST METHOD STANDARD: ENVIRONMENTAL ENGI... View More

URGENT Microbiology Confirmatory Study - 2500 samples

URGENT Microbiology Reference laboratory needed to perform confirmatory testing (viral culture and Alere i) on approximately 2700 samples. Our target ... View More

ISTA Pharmaceutical Packaging Testing

Large Pharmaceutical Company needs Packaging Laboratory for testing 3 different EPS foam containers in compliance to ISTA 7E.
We currently ship Phar... View More

CLIA CRO FDA Medical Device 510(k) Study

CLIA-waived CRO needed to help run one more studies in support of filing a 510(k) /CLIA Waiver petition of a whole blood analyzer device. View More

Sustainable Apparel Certificates and Declaration Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for conformity testing of the certificates and declarations for 3 different sustainable brand garments that are pl... View More

Filter Media Collection Efficiency

Laboratory needed for filter media collection efficiency by using PAO. DOP is currently used for Collection Efficiency testing to using PAO and firm ... View More

Generic Drug Pharmaceutical Physiochemical Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for generic drug and brand drug equivalence study with physiochemical testing to show pharmaceutical equivalence of t... View More

Soil Thermal Conductivity

Environmental Laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing of soil View More

Food Dry Mixture Reverse Engineering

Food Chemistry Analysis needed for deformulation / reverse engineering of a mixture of dry ingredients. Please provide a price quote View More

Waterproof Shoe Manufacturing Defect Testing

Consumer Products Performance Laboratory needed for waterproof shoe testing for manufacturing defects View More

ASTM Automotive Insulation Product Testing

USA Automotive Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of a series of automotive insulation products to ASTM C177 (Double-Sided Guarded Hot Plate). There ... View More

Natural Mosquito Repellent Efficacy Studies

Environmental Laboratory needed for efficacy tests on a number of natural mosquito repellents View More

Cannabidiol Oil Certificate of Analysis Testing

Laboratory needed for certificate of analysis COA testing for cannabidiol oil View More

Alcoholic Product Testing

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Independent Third-Party Laboratory needed for testing 3 new canned alcoholic beverage products for the following:
- Brix
- ... View More

API Colloid Particle Characterization Analyses

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for the following Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API analyses 1. Colloid particles characterization
- Z-average ... View More

RTD Certificate of Conformity Testing

Importer needs UK ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory for Certificate of Conformity Testing of RTDs Resistance Temperature Detectors View More

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API examination of complex oil-in-water emulsion drug and the h... View More

Assembled PCB and Component NDT Non-Destructive Testing

Laboratory needed for NDT non-destructive testing of physical samples of Assembled PCB and Components on it. we require to Scanned Cross sectional re... View More

Low Voltage Distribution Board

Third-Party Electrical Laboratory needed for full test report for Low Voltage Distribution Board . View More

Ground Enhancing Compound ASTM and IEC Testing

Electrical laboratory needed for ASTM & IEC Testing of ground enhancing compound to IEC 62561 Lightning protection system components
1. Leaching tes... View More

CDFA Fertilizer Micronutrient, Heavy Metals and Microbial Analysis

Agriculture Microbiology Laboratory needed for CDFA fertilizer testing for micronutrient, heavy metals and microbial analysis including counts of bene... View More

Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance Consulting and Testing

Company looking to bring in cosmetics from overseas and registering them in Canada needs Cosmetics Laboratory to guide them in the testing, registrati... View More

CLIA Gene Sequencing

LONG-TERM TESTING Health Organization needs CLIA Clinical Laboratory for gene sequencing of 100 micro tubes/week (extraction done by company) for rpoB... View More

ASTM Reduced Graphene Oxide rGO Textile Performance

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM peel off performance testing of reduced graphene oxide rGO coated textiles with adhesive tapes. The process for c... View More

SAE Air Dryer Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for SAE Air Dryer Testing to SAE J2384 Air Dryer Test Procedure, This Standard defines the Tes... View More

Pepper Product Scoville Rating

Food Laboratory needed for Scoville Rating Testing of a pepper in a sweet brine product that is infused with chilli to provide a spicy heat. View More

Shelf-Life Stability Studies

Contract Manufacturer needs Pharmaceutical Laboratory for shelf-life stability studies of 3 of it's products sold in retail pack prior to sale in Trin... View More

H2 Gas Content Verification Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for verification of the contents of 2-3 gas samples/ a week (in 500-1000 mL Tedlar bags) via gas chromatography. ... View More

AOAC Inulin and FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) Testing

Pharmaceutical Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for AOAC raw material and finished tablet testing for the content of Inulin and FOS (Fru... View More

ASTM Wire Relaxation Testing

Laboratory needed for relaxation testing for PC strands (7wires) as per ASTM A416/416M Standard Specification for Low-Relaxation, Seven-Wire Steel St... View More

Synthetic Ester Oil OECD Biodegradation Testing

Laboratory needed for OECD Biodegradation testing of synthetic ester oil sample by OECD 301 F method-I Biodegradation Test ? O2 Consumption. Please ... View More

Food Analytical and Microbial Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Large Food firm needs Local Food Laboratory to perform a variety of analytical & microbial quality control food testing. Please prov... View More

Cosmetics Skin Care Macademia Oil Testing

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for advising and quality testing food grade macademia nut oil for cosmetics skin care dermatology application. Company is ... View More

Nasal Solution Tonicity Testing

Large Pharmaceutical Company needs Laboratory for tonicity testing of a Nasal Solution View More

Honey Grade, Quality and Purity Testing

Food Laboratory needed for honey purity, impurity content and grade value(quality) certification. View More

Polyurethane Injection Process Development

PROCESS DEVELOPMENT Polymer Laboratory needed for working on a project that wants to create an optimized process of polyurethane injection, that´s inc... View More

M. incognita nematodes Inhibition Efficacy

Life Science Company needs Laboratory for standard assay evaluating the efficacy of a compound for nematode (M. incognita) inhibition.
Method exampl... View More

ASTM Furniture Surface Accessibility

Large Furniture Company needs accredited laboratory in EU that is able to conduct ASTM 1951 standard testing for surface accessibility of Test Panel ... View More

Anti-Viral Studies (CPV, IFV, VSV, BPSV)

Life Sciences Company needs India Microbiology Laboratory to conduct anti-viral studies of calcium carbonate based substance against four known specie... View More

Pharmaceutical Semi-Solid Pharmaceutical Reverse Engineering

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for reverse engineering of semi-solid product. View More

Ditch Cuttings Dielectric Measurements

Third-Party Laboratory needed for dielectric measurements of 300 samples of ditch cuttings. View More

Hair Dye p-phenylenediamine Content

ISO or FDA Accredited Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for hair dye testing for the determination of % content of p-phenylenediamine ... View More

Baby Soap Product Safety Testing

Consumer Safety Laboratory needed for complete baby soap product safety testing View More

FDA GMP Preclinical Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO needed to implement and validate an ITC method, that is in R&D mode, under FDA G... View More

Tape Comparison Study

Materials Laboratory needed for adhesives comparison study testing for peel adhesion, temperature range for double coated tape for corrugated applicat... View More

ISO Medical Humidity Exchanger Testing

Medical Device Company needs Performance Laboratory for ISO Testing for pressure drop and moisture loss and salt testing on heat and humidity exchange... View More

Mineral Analysis

UK Geology Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of raw minerals testing for platinum, rhodium, Tourmaline etc View More

ASTM Soil Susceptibility to Frost Heave and Thaw Weakening

Environmental Laboratory needed for ASTM soil testing to ASTM D5918 Standard Test Methods for Frost Heave and Thaw Weakening Susceptibility of Soils View More

Footwear Polyurethane Foam Biodegradability Testing

Laboratory needed for OECD or ISO biodegradability testing of Flexible Polyurethane Foam for applications in footwear. View More

Bulk Powder Analysis

Large Construction Building Materials Company needs Laboratory for Chemical/Physical Properties of a Bulk Powder Sample analysis:

Upper/lower flamm... View More

Hoodies Clothing Shrinking and Color Fasting

Textiles Laboratory needed for shrinking and color fasting testing of cotton /polyester men's hoodies. View More

Resin Melt Flow Index

Automotive Parts Supplier needs Materials Laboratory for Melt Flow Index analysis of a resins used in a plastic automotive part by Melt Flow Analyzer... View More

Veterinary Medicine Sterile Injectable Pyrogen Testing

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for pyrogen testing for a veterinary medicine sterile injectable solution for ani... View More

High Lipid Food Product Testing

Food Laboratory needed to perform the following tests on a high lipid food product with specified required methods of testing: Total lipids ISO 17189m... View More

Nasal Swab Juts

Company would like to order 25 Nasal Swab Test Kits View More

Haircare Shampoos, Conditioners, Additives Testing

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for conducting independent accelerated package stability, physical, consumer labeling claims and microbiology ... View More

Carbon Black Testing to Brazilian Ordinances

Laboratory needed that is capable of performing chemical tests for the pigment Carbon Black Powder, according to Brazilian Ordinances RDC 17 (page 20)... View More

Jet Propellant 8 JP-8 Total Aromatics Content Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for Jet Propellant 8 JP-8 testing for total aromatics content and quantification of the total amount of naphthenes, olefins an... View More

Mirror General Certificates of Conformity (GCC) Testing

Manufacturer needs Third-Party CPSC Consumer Products Laboratory for General Certificates of Conformity (GCC) testing for 3 different types of import... View More

Proanthocyandins HPLC Analysis

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Dietary Supplement HPLC-fluorescence test. It's a normal phase HPLC analysis for Proanthocyandins which can... View More

SAE Brake Vacuum Tube Assemble

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE Life testing of Brake Vacuum Tube Assembly to
ESACP1-2420-AH (Ref.: SAE J2045 Sec. 4.6 and SAE J2044 Sec. 7.5 Va... View More

Elemental Analysis CHNOS

Canada Metallurgical Laboratory needed for Elemental Analysis CHNOS View More

Garment General Certificate of Conformity (GCC)

Apparel Company needs Textile Laboratory for General Certificate of Conformity GCC and REACH testing to support certification for finished garments in... View More

USP Blister Pack MVTR

Pharmaceutical Packaging Laboratory needed for USP MVTR (Moisture vapor transmission rate) of Blister packs as per the USP 671. View More

Industrial Propellant Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for propellant testing to industry standard qualifications and certifications including:
1. Thermal stability and JANNAF... View More

Safety Lighting Temperature and Vibration Testing

Safety Lighting Manufacturer needs component tested for multiple temperature and vibration conditions View More

Manufacturing Cleaner Silver Content Testing

Chemical formulator & developer needs Midwest USA Metallurgical Laboratory for silver content testing of cleaners and chemicals used by manufacturers. View More

Clinical L-Aspariginase Assay

Hospital needs Clinical Laboratory for L-Aspariginase Assay View More


Materials Laboratory needed for OECD testing of Automotive Sealer Coating in compliance to Transport of UN Dangerous Goods including the following te... View More

Medical Device ASTM Biodegradation

Medical Device Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for ASTM Biodegradation of Plastic Materials to ASTM ASTM D5511 Standard Test Method for Determin... View More

Rum Beverage Alcohol Content

Small rum distillery needs Laboratory for certified alcohol content testing for it's bottled rum beverages. View More

Honey Testing

Food Agriculture Laboratory needed for pesticide and beneficial elements in honey. View More

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Microbial Analysis

Beverage Company need Microbiology Laboratory for standard microbial analysis on bottled non-alcoholic beverage product View More

DIN Polycarbonate Optical Distortion

Automotive Laboratory needed for DIN testing of polycarbonate sheet for determining The Optical Distortion And Refractive Power Of Safety Glazing Mate... View More

Home Food Contamination

INDIVIDUAL Consumer needs Food Laboratory for contamination testing of foods (salt, brown sugar and other condiments, etc.) at home that may have been... View More

Infant Milk Products

Food Laboratory needed for 20 samples of infant milk products for the following: 17 alpha-nandrolone,Prolacin, Chlormadinone, 5 a steroids, IGF-1, me... View More

Pharmaceutical Excipient Analysis

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for excipient analysis of Maize starch and pregelatinsed starch from one of the tablet formulat... View More

Pharmaceutical Gel Strength / Bloom Value

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for gel strength or bloom value testing using a texture analyser View More

IEC Hand Abrasion Testing

URGENT Third-Party Laboratory needed for IEC Hand abrasion testing IEC 60068 2-70 Environmental testing - Part 2-70: Tests - Test Xb: Abrasion of mar... View More

Anti-Parasitic Efficacy Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-parasitic efficacy testing of a powdered product added to dog and/or cat feces against ce... View More

Pharmaceutical HPLC Impurity Determination

Pharmaceutical company needs Asia Analytical Chemistry for the HPLC analysis for the quantitative determination of hexetidine related substances (impu... View More

New CLIA Breast Cancer Test

LONG-TERM TESTING Texas CLIA certified laboratory needed for introducing a new diagnostic test for breast cancer with 1000 samples per month. The labo... View More

Kerogen Analysis

Geology Laboratory needed for kerogen (a solid organic matter in sedimentary rocks) analysis using FTIR, TOC and NMR for the chemical and structural c... View More

Dietary Supplement Raw Material and Finished Product

California Dietary Supplement Company needs Laboratory for physical, chemical, and microbiological testing for the raw materials an finish products... View More

Bacteria Identification

France Microbiology Laboratory needed for bacterial identification of the following s1. E.coli2. Salmonella spp.3. Enterobacter aerogenes4. Proteus vu... View More

Anaerobic Biodegradability Testing

Food Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for anaerobic biodegradable testing on food contact plastic container View More

UKAS ISO Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

Large Disinfectant Company needs UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and INAB (Irish National Accreditation Board) Microbiology Laboratory for... View More

Camellia Cooking Oil Analysis

Food Laboratory needed for Camellia oil (also referred to as tea tree oil) used for cooking. We want to test for the contents of the following subst... View More

Spark Arrester Efficiency

Electrical Laboratory needed for testing spark arrester efficiency. View More

Extracted Crude Gibberellic Acid

India Laboratory needed for % of Gibberellic acid (mainly GA3) testing in extracted crude. The Gibberellins in Butanol from fungi . View More

Asia Packaging Testing

Asia Packaging Company needs Packaging Laboratory to provide outgas testing, ionic contamination, FTIR testing View More

AOAC Disinfectant Virus Challenge Testing

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for AOAC disinfectants virus challenge testing View More

USA Activewear Collection Textile Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Brand Development Consultant working with USA activewear lines needs USA Textile Laboratory to assist in incorporating textile and g... View More

OECD Oil Biodegradability

Oil Laboratory needed for OECD oil biodegradability testing of our oil by OECD 301F Biodegradation Test ? O2 Consumption View More

Plastic Biodegradation Testing

Canada Laboratory needed for performing biodegradation testing of plastics. View More

Green Coffee Bean Caffeine Testing

Agriculture Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for caffeine testing of green coffee beans. View More

Pharmaceutical Oil Based Gel Suspension

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for identification and quantification of one of the components in a three component oil based ge... View More

Laboratory Instrument Calibration

Contract Laboratory Service Provider needed for accredited calibration of the following laboratory Instrument: HOTTINGER BALDWIN INSTRUMENTSMODEL: HB... View More

Mine Tailings Analysis

USA Mining Company needs to have mine tailings analysed to see what was left behind from the first wash of dirt. Then see if any other minerals are lo... View More

Mouthwash Microbiological Challenge Testing

Personalcare Products Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for antibacterial microbiological challenge testing for a new ingredient for mouthwash. Th... View More

SAE Thermal Sleeve Insulation Effectiveness Testing

Laboratory needed for SAE thermal testing of 2 thermal sleeve insulation products per sae j2302 Thermal Effectiveness of Sleeve Insulation View More

Perfume Safety Certification Testing

Consumer Product Safety Laboratory needed for solid perfume formulation and safety certifications on its safety. Is View More

ASTM Thermal Interface Materials Testing

URGENT Materials Supplier to the Automotive Industry needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM Testing of Thermal Interface Materials to ASTM E595 - Test Me... View More

Alkaline Stability Study

Financial Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to provide stability testing for a concentrated alkaline product to determine if manufacturer... View More

Quarterly ASTM Biodegradable Thermoformed Plastic Food Packaging

LONG-TERM TESTING US Plastics Laboratory needed for quarterly ASTM testing of thermoformed plastic food packaging with biodegradable additives for PP ... View More

Anti-HIV Activity throguh Protease Inhibition

India Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed for evaluation of the synthesized chemical compounds for Anti HIV activity through protease inhibit... View More

Dietary Supplement AOAC Caffeine Analysis

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for AOAC Caffeine Analysis for powdered supplement to an AOAC method View More

Flake Graphite Testing

Laboratory needed to test flake graphite concentrate for carbon content levels, particle size distribution, bulk and tap density, thermo gravimetric a... View More

Amazon Plastic Child Safety Device

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Materials Laboratory needed for testing to certify a Plastic Child safety device to sell on Amazon. The device has already passed... View More

Early Cancer Warning System Biomarker Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CLIA Certified Clinical Laboratory needed for assisting a company in the development of an early warning system for cancer. Labora... View More

Plant Extract Microbiology Analysis

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing for plant extracts with 92-97% ethyl alcohol View More

SAE Low Voltage Cable Testing

Large Corporation needs Automotive Laboratory for SAE cable testing to SAE J1128 Low Voltage Primary Cable. View More

India Pharmaceutical Rheology Studies

University Researcher needs India Materials Laboratory for rheological studies of pharmaceutical samples. View More

Non-Dairy Liquid Shake Reverse Engineering

INDIVIDUAL Inventor needs certified Food Laboratory to provide a quote to reverse engineer the recipe of non dairy liquid shake for complete ingredien... View More

BS Modular Wiring Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for modular wiring products tested and certificated to BS8488 Prefabricated wiring systems intended for permanent connect... View More

Alcoholic Beverage Caffeine Content

Canada Laboratory needed for caffeine content (mg/ml) testing in alcoholic beverage.
View More

Propiconazole Testing

Agriculture Company needs Laboratory for propiconazole testing for the following:
1. Determine propiconazole in tree vascular tissue within one PPM... View More

HDPE FDA and MHRA Pharmaceutical Bottles and Cap Testing

Pharmaceutical Company needs Packaging Laboratory for FDA and MHRA 16CFR1700.20 testing to some HDPE bottles and caps.

This products are a Pharma... View More

VIrology Research Study

Large Microbiology Laboratory in Egypt or Europe needed for conducting a scientific research and development virology study divided into to two diffe... View More

Beer Alcohol by Volume

URGENT Small Producer of Beer needs Laboratory for determination of the alcohol percentage ASAP.
View More

Sporicidal, Fungicial, Bactericidal and Virucidal Effectiveness

Manufacturer needs Accredited Microbiology Laboratory for microbial
effectiveness of disinfectant as sporicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and viruc... View More

Fly nutritional analysis

Organization needed Laboratory for determining the nutrition composition in flies View More

Fitness Supplement FDA Labeling Claims Testing

FDA Fitness Supplement Manufacturer needed for Active Ingredient, labeling claims, and heavy metals testing.

View More

Pharmaceutical Metals and Microbiology Testing

Israel Pharmacutical Laboratory needed for metals and microbiology analysis View More

Coffee Beverage Testing

Eastern Europe Food Laboratory needed for determining the amount of Arabica versus Robusta in coffee using a laboratory analysis. View More

CLIA Molecular Diagnostic UTI and RPP Samples

CLIA Certified Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory needed to run some UTI and RPP samples. Ideally first step would be done by RT-PCR, followed by antiob... View More

IVF Genetic Infertility Tests

Embryologist needs genetics laboratory for approximately 100 genetic infertility tests for In-Vitro Fertilization IVF View More

Mil-Spec Military Packaging testing

Fortune 500 Company needs Packaging Laboratory for Mil-Spec package testing for bags Mil-spec 2073 appendix g Standard Practice for Military Packagin... View More

cGMP FDA Nutracutical Testing

cGMP FDA Laboratory needed for nutritional value testing of vitamin cocktails. View More

Glass Transmission Properties

Optical Laboratory needed to determine the transmission properties of glass to determine it's use in solar panels View More

Geology Lab needed for Rock Testing

I have a sample of rock material that I would like to have tested to know exactly what it is made of and the percentages of the different minerals in ... View More

SAE Low-Voltage Cable Wire Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for SAE testing and certification of one wire type to be tested to SAE J1128 - Low Voltage Primary Cable View More

Argan Oil Purity Testing

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for purity testing of Argan Oil Skincare Product and how much percentage of the Argania spinosa (know... View More

Vanilla Flavor Reverse Engineering

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation / reverse engineering on a vanilla flavor.Please provide a price quote
View More

Antimony Ore Chemical Composition

Metallurgical Laboratory needed for antimony ore chemical composition.
Would like to know the charges and time estimated

View More