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Contract Laboratory has received the following healthcare and medical Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These healthcare and medical Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their healthcare and medical Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a healthcare and medical Laboratory, please Submit a healthcare and medical Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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Multiple Genetics Tests

Genetics Laboratory needed for the following genetics testing:

HLA genot... (view details)

Surgical Mask Bacterial Filter Efficiency (BFE)

Surgical Mask Manufacturer needs Microbiology Laboratory for bacterial fil... (view details)

ASTM Face Mask Filtration Efficiency Testing

ASTM F2101 Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Bacterial Filtration Eff... (view details)

URGENT ASTM Surgical Mask Testing

URGENT Asia Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM surgical mask testing... (view details)

Electrolyzed Water (Hypochlorite) Solution Certificate of Analysis (COA) Testing

Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis Testing o... (view details)

ASTM Face Mask Testing

URGENT Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM F2100 Testing for two different... (view details)

CLIA / FDA GMP Clinical Testing

USA CLIA Clinical Laboratory that is in compliance with FDA GMP needed for ... (view details)

Pet Supplement Reverse Engineering

Animal Healthcare Company needs Contract Laboratory for reverse engineering... (view details)

FDA GMP EEG Electrode Performance Testing

FDA GMP Medical Device Laboratory needed for ANSI/AAMI performance testing ... (view details)

Biomedical Company needs Pathology Laboratory for dermatology MOHS testing.... (view details)

Metal Lymphocyte Transformation Test (LTT) Panel 1

Clinica Laboratory needed for Metal Lymphocyte Transformation Test (LTT) Pa... (view details)

ASTM Blood Penetration Resistance Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM Blood Penetration Resistance Testing of... (view details)

ISO Textiles Anti-Viral Activity Testing

Healthcare Manufacturer needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for ISO textile t... (view details)

ASTM Face Mask Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of face masks to ASTM F2100 Sta... (view details)

Ellispot Testing

Large Life Science Company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for we are trying... (view details)

Urine Stoddard Solvent and Vinyl Toluene Testing

Canada or US Clinical Laboratory needed for analysis of human urine samples... (view details)

ISO Prosthetic Part Structural Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO testing of a prosthetic part for a... (view details)

Medical Device Biocompatiability Study

Medical Device Company needs Contract Research Organization CRO for biocomp... (view details)

Phenibut in Human Urine

Clinical Laboratory needed for screening and confirmatory testing for Pheni... (view details)

European Standard Surgical Mask Testing

URGENT Medical Device Company needs Contract Test Laboratory for testing su... (view details)

ASTM F2100 Face Mask Materials Testing

URGENT Manufacturer needs Contract Materials Laboratory for ASTM face mask ... (view details)

Medical Device Cytotoxicity Testing

Medical Device Company needs Toxicology Laboratory for cytotoxicity testing... (view details)

SAE Medical Device Fabric Testing

Medical Device Co needs Textiles Laboratory needed for SAE testing of medic... (view details)

Family Medicine Clinic Diagnostic Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Family medicine clinic wants to set up long-term lab ser... (view details)

Medical Device Viral Elimination Study

Medical device company needs Virology Laboratory to evaluate a device's ab... (view details)

FDA Medical Device Contract Sterilization Services

LONG-TERM FDA Contract Sterilizer needed for ETO & Gamma sterilization serv... (view details)

FDA 510K Personal Lubricant Testing

FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed for personal lubricant testing for 510... (view details)

Medical Device Textile Testing (USP or EN)

Large Corporation needs Medical Device Laboratory for EN or USP Testing of ... (view details)

ASTM Medical Face Mask Testing

BUDGET APPROVED USA Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM medical face ... (view details)

CAP & CLIA Accredited Genetic Panel Lab Testing

USA CAP & CLIA Accredited Clinical Diagnostics Genetics Laboratory needed t... (view details)

Spinal Stabilization Device Biomechanical Testing

Biomechanical Laboratory needed for biomechanics testing of novel spinal s... (view details)

UVA/UVB Fluorescent Lamp UV Measurements

Accredited Laboratory. need for UV measurements of
of UVA/UVB fluorescent... (view details)

Contract Research Study

Contract Research Organization needed for study on frequency of genetic le... (view details)

Clinical Trial Central Laboratory Patient Testing

Central Laboratory needed for a clinical trial project for analysis of pati... (view details)

Protein and PTM identification in gel sample via Mass Spectroscopy

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to identify a protein band that has been re... (view details)

Medical Device Metal Disk Surface Composition

Medical Device Company needs Contract Metallurgical Laboratory for surface ... (view details)

Biomarkers of Exposure (BoE) and Biomarkers of Potential Harm (BoPH)

LONG-TERM TESTING Toxicology Laboratory needed for testing 500 plus urine s... (view details)

Face Mask Anti-Viral Efficacy Testing

URGENT China Medical Device Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-viral e... (view details)

Medical Device Laboratory needed for AAMI disposable ECG patch testing to t... (view details)

Annual Paternity Testing Services

LONG-TERM TESTING Request for Quote for Genetics Laboratory to provide a q... (view details)

ISO Manually Powered Resuscitation Bag Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed ISO dead-space testing on manually powere... (view details)

RFQ Genetics Lab Paternity Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Genetics Laboratories needed to provide quotes for long-t... (view details)

ELISA Assays for E. coli, Clostridium, Salmonella

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for ELISA based assays for E.coli, Clostrid... (view details)

HSV Real Time Quantitative PCR Assays

LONG-TERM TESTING USA Clinical Laboratory needed for viral swabs testing fo... (view details)

Medical Device Process Validation Testing and Consulting

As part of the 510(k) submission, we need a FDA Medical Device Laboratory w... (view details)

ISO Assistive Devices Testing

START-UP Asia Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO evaluation of assist... (view details)

URGENT ASTM Surgical Mask Testing

URGENT Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM surgical mask testing unde... (view details)

Employee 10 Panel Drug Testing

Saudi Arabia Company needs Clinical Laboratory for 10 panel drug testing on... (view details)

NIPT Non Invasive Prenatal Testing NIPT

INDIVIDUAL Clinical Laboratory needed for NIPT Non Invasive Prenatal Testin... (view details)

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