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Contract Laboratory has received the following filters and filtration Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These filters and filtration Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their filters and filtration Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a filters and filtration Laboratory, please Submit a filters and filtration Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Vehicle SAE Air Dryer Filter Testing

Certified Contract Laboratory needed for SAE Air Dryer Filter testing accor... (view details)

Performance Laboratory needed for prototype efficacy testing of personal fi... (view details)

ASHRAE Testing of Nonwoven Air Filter Media

Independent Test Laboratory needed for ASHRAE testing of nonwoven air filte... (view details)

Oil Testing After Filtration

Oil Laboratory needed for oil testing after filtration. We would also incl... (view details)

ASTM facemask bacterial efficiency testing

Microbiology laboratory needed for ASTM testing of facemask (SMS fabric, wh... (view details)

Sunscreen Study: Patient and Control Serum Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING Clinical Laboratory needed for analysis of 30 serum sampl... (view details)

Marine Mammal Center Sand Filter Media Analysis

Marine Mammal Center needs Laboratory to analyze their silica sand filter m... (view details)

Contract Insect Research Study

Laboratory needed for creating a Study on a Closed System Transfer Device ... (view details)

Water Filter Physical Properties

Small water testing laboratory to test water filters physical properties i... (view details)

Construction Materials Laboratory needed for performance testing of air fil... (view details)

NSF P231 Water Purifier Claims Testing

URGENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for NSF Water Purifier Simulated Clai... (view details)

Water Filter Virus and Bacteria Removal

URGENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for R&D testing for a water filter de... (view details)

Night Vision Monocular Sets Certificate of Conformance

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for Certificate of Conformance Testin... (view details)

Copper Sulphate Based Product OECD Toxicity Studies

Toxicology Laboratory needed for OECD Toxicity Studies of 5% copper sulpha... (view details)

Air Purifier Antiiviral Testing

Air purifier manufacturer needs Microbiology Laboratory for anti-viral test... (view details)

ASHRAE VOC Air Purification Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE VOC removal efficiency of air purif... (view details)

AHAM ACI CADR Dust Challenge Testing

START-UP Air filtration company needs Laboratory for AHAM AC1 CADR Dust cha... (view details)

Containment Performance Testing

Nano-Pharmaceutical Company needs Laboratory for containment performance te... (view details)

KEBS Standard Filter Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for filter testing as per KEBS Standards (view details)

Depth Filter Analysis

Third-Party Laboratory needed for lab analysis of depth filters (filter med... (view details)

Phototherapy Mask Spectral Transmittance

Medical Device Safety Performance Laboratory needed for EN Spectral transmi... (view details)

ASHRAE Activated Carbon Filter Media Efficiency

Reputable USA Industrial Testing Facility needed to measure activated carbo... (view details)

Eco-Friendly Shower Filter

Green company needs laboratory for all required testing on eco-friendly sho... (view details)

Filter Media Collection Efficiency

Laboratory needed for filter media collection efficiency by using PAO. DOP... (view details)

ASHRAE H2S Removal Efficiency

Air Purification Company needs Industry Laboratory for ASHRAE H2S removal e... (view details)

Petroleum Laboratory Equipment

Petroleum Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier to provide a quote for the f... (view details)

Benchtop Filtration Research Study

Laboratory needed for performing the following bench top filtration researc... (view details)

Air Filter Burst Testing

Asia Mechanical Laboratory needed for burst testing of Air filters used in ... (view details)

ASHRAE Air Cleaning System

Environmental Laboratory needed for hydrogen sulphide removal capacity of i... (view details)

ASHRAE Refrigeration Oils Testing

Large Corporation needs Third-Party Laboratory for ASHRAE Testing of refrig... (view details)

ASHRAE HVAC Filter Evaluation

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE of t air filter as per ASHRAE 52.2 ... (view details)

NSF / ANSI Water Purifier and Filtration

Laboratory needed for NSF / ANSI testing of water purifier and filter accor... (view details)

ASHRAE 145.2

Third-Party Laboratory needed for ASHRAE testing of carbon grid block/ hone... (view details)

Wine Filter Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Independent Laboratory needed to conduct a filtration ... (view details)

Ashrae 52.2 Testing of Electrostatic Filter

Performance Laboratory needed for ASHRAE efficiency testing of elecctrostat... (view details)

URGENT Large Industrial Machinery Company needs Materials Laboratory for im... (view details)

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE fuel filter performance testing per SA... (view details)

Large Manufacturer needs Laboratory for SAE testing of fuel gasket material... (view details)

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for the following analyses in cigare... (view details)

Laboratory needed for water treatment equipment testing to NSF/ANSI 419 te... (view details)

Laboratory needed to measure nicotine captured by (1) passive air filters, ... (view details)

Laboratory needed for VBI filter porosity testing to The Association of Ger... (view details)

Medical Device laboratory needed for ISO pre-compliance filter testing on m... (view details)

Virology laboratory needed for virus transfer study of medical device membr... (view details)

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing of activated carbon powd... (view details)

URGENT TESTING Performance laboratory needed for ASHRAE testing of air filt... (view details)

Automotive parts manufacturers needs laboratory for accelerated againg of t... (view details)

ISO mechanical automotive laboratory needed for IEC 17067 and SAE J 1401 te... (view details)

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP testing of ac... (view details)

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE testing of refrigerant hose assemblies... (view details)

Automotive parts company needs physical materials laboratory for ASTM flamm... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for ongoing and yearly proof testing of... (view details)

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE J905 Sections 3 through 7 (Resistance ... (view details)

Automotive laboratory needed for DOT mechanical testing of air brake hose t... (view details)

URGENT. ASTM aviation laboratory needed for cleanliness testing via ASTM D4... (view details)

Optical filter laboratory needed for transmissivity from UV testing through... (view details)

Research laboratory needed for optimization study on ozonators used for wat... (view details)

Company planning on establishing independent and third party Tobacco & Ciga... (view details)

Mechanical laboratory needed for ISO performance & filter certification tes... (view details)

Pressure drop & CFM airflow testing on new line of HVAC cold air returns we... (view details)

Major beverage production facility needs ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Standard testing ... (view details)

Large company needs laboratory for Filtration device testing including bubb... (view details)

Clinical Laboratory needed for amino acid analysis: Plasma Amino acids by I... (view details)

Physical Laboratory needed for FDA Testing of new portable water filtration... (view details)

Environmental Laboratory needed to perform several analyses on well water s... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING: Third-party consumer product laboratory needed for cooki... (view details)

NABL approved laboratory for millipore cleanliness test for filterable resi... (view details)

Contract Laboratory needed for fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) analysis on ... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Microbiology laboratory needed for sterility testing using m... (view details)

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiological analysis:for validat... (view details)

Contract Laboratory needed for evaluation of the efficiency of air filtrati... (view details)

Test Laboratory needed to perform filtration efficiency and pressure drop a... (view details)

Europe filter company needs test laboratory to perform turbidity reduction... (view details)

USA or Europe Pharmaceutical preclinical CRO contract research organization... (view details)

USA EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for PM2.5 capability testing for ai... (view details)

Environmental Laboratory needed for pesticide testing for pesticides on mem... (view details)

Materials Laboratory needed for required Filter Testing (Directly from US C... (view details)

UK Laboratory needed for Research Study with the Concentration of viral sam... (view details)

East Coast USA Clinical Laboratory needed for ELISA and western blot testin... (view details)

Southern USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Human serum albumin bindin... (view details)

Aerospace Laboratory needed for environmental testing of the air entering o... (view details)

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chromatography testing: Distribu... (view details)

USA Performance Laboratory needed for comparative testing of crushed glass ... (view details)

USA mechanical laboratory needed for SAE basic fuel filter testing as outli... (view details)

Helicopter company located in remote area needs oil laboratory for fuel tes... (view details)

Large Oil Compay needs Materials Laboratory for ANSI / SF Testing 4 samples... (view details)

USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for impurity testing. Need to di... (view details)

Europe, Japan, USA FDA GMP, ISO Biomedical laboratory needed for CE Marking... (view details)

India Automotive Laboratory needed for automotive Part & Testing:
1. Dies... (view details)

Large multinational corporation needs materials laboratory for ISO Testing:... (view details)

Asia, India or USA Automotive Laboratory needed for vehicle parts testing. ... (view details)

Filter Manufacturer needs Physical Laboratory for filter testing of filter... (view details)

California Microbiology Laboratory needed for Sterility testing per USP (71... (view details)

Physical Laboratory needed for air filtration media testing. five samples o... (view details)

South Africa Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for gravimetric, analytical t... (view details)


compressor filtration company needs physical laboratory for air filter test... (view details)

USA FDA GMP Microbiology Laboratory needed for Microbiology Testing: Bacter... (view details)

Eastern Europe Analytical Chemsitry Labroatory needed for ISO Testing: FUE... (view details)

Middle East analytical chemistry , radiochemistry ARAMCO laboratory needed ... (view details)

Physical Laboratory neeed for comparison testing of filters: Ashrae testin... (view details)

USA FDA Microbiology Laboratory needed for Disinfectant Testing and Bacteri... (view details)

laboratoire de chimie analytique de la France requis pour essai d'efficacit... (view details)

Physical Laboratory needed for testing filter frames from HVAC units. Filt... (view details)

India Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial filtration efficacy test... (view details)

Vancouver Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing to test w... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Company needs North Carolina microbiology laboratory for EP,... (view details)

Canada or USA FDA GLP Preclinical Product Safety laboratory needed for pre-... (view details)

Large mutlinational corporation needs FDA GMP Bioanalytical Preclinical Lab... (view details)

Analytical Chemistry to test compressed Natural Gas filter elements for Ind... (view details)

Large Agrochemical Mfg needs AIHA Contract Lab for pesticide analyses. Need... (view details)

UK Industrial Chemistry Laboratory needed for process routes testing involv... (view details)

ASTM Microbiology Laboratory needed to test coated air filters for MRSA res... (view details)

NAFA ASHRAE Laboratory needed for testing Air Filters in accordance to Ashr... (view details)

ISO Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ISO compliance testing to en... (view details)

USA/Europe/UK ISO Materials Laboratory needed to test filters elements with... (view details)

Thailand Manufacturer for air dryers and filters needs ISO Medical Equipmen... (view details)

"USA/UK ISO, FDA GMP/GLP laboratory needed for product safety testing a fil... (view details)

USA ASHRAE Laboratory needed for Air filtration testing to ASHRAE 52.2, Ozo... (view details)

India Microbiology Laboratory needed or ASTM F2101 Testing Nonwoven filter ... (view details)

FDA laboratory for testing on extractables of resin bonded filters as outli... (view details)

Canada ISO Mechanical Laboratory needed for Efficency testing for pleated a... (view details)

Preclinical Laboratory for preclinical efficacy trials to test water filter... (view details)

USA FDA GLP Materials Laboratory needed for SEM analysis of explanted medic... (view details)

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing, ANSI Z87.1

... (view details)

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory required for HPLC analysis at the microgram/cu... (view details)

Optical Laboratory needed for optical selectivity and transmission analysis... (view details)

UK OECD and GLP Bioanalytical Laboratory required for Molecular Weight Cha... (view details)

USA MIL-C-48497A Thermal Optical Laboratory required for optical transmissi... (view details)

India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for testing some filtration ... (view details)

Manufacturer of compressed air filters and elements needs physical mechanic... (view details)

Nanotechnology Advanced Materials Laboratory needed for testing small nicke... (view details)

Biotech Co needs preclinical CRO for Proof of concept study of allergic rhi... (view details)

Asia FDA Microbiology Laboratory needed for bacterial and viral removal rat... (view details)

Medical Facility needs Industrial Hygiene/ Environmental Laboratory for air... (view details)

Asia NIOSH Industrial Hygiene Laboratory needed for testing Activated carbo... (view details)

USA Analytical Laboratory needed for testing Activated Alumina products. S... (view details)

Singapore ASTM F2101-07 Microbiology Laboratory needed for Bacterial Filtra... (view details)

US, brazil, argentina, australia, taiwan, europe biomedical laboratory need... (view details)

USA tribology laboratory needed for testing hose barb ends of clear plastic... (view details)

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for Aerosoal Microbial filtration testin... (view details)

Food Manufacturer needs Environmental/Industrial Hygiene Laboratory needed ... (view details)

USA Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed Fat extraction of algal bi... (view details)

US Materials Lab needed to test water filters for a)materials filter is com... (view details)

Analytical Chemsitry Lab needed 2-3 times per month for lithium analysis i... (view details)

Metallurgical lab needed for lithium analysis in nontoxic, nonflammable and... (view details)

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for synthesis on 100g scale of polym... (view details)

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for contract testing of media used i... (view details)

ISO 17025 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for metals and VOCs testin... (view details)

Biomedical lab needed for the following ASTM testing:

1.) ASTM F2101-01 ... (view details)

Environmental Radiochemical laboratory required to analyze Sr-90 in about 2... (view details)

Microbiology Laboratory needed for Aerosol testing using Measles, mumps chi... (view details)

Microbiology laboratory needed for testing the biological filtration effici... (view details)

Environmental laboratory needed for Metal and PAHs EC Directive testing on ... (view details)

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for EP, USP bioanalytical and microbiology ... (view details)

Physical Laboratory needed for testing Diesel engine particulate. Specifica... (view details)

FDA GMP microbiology laboratory needed for Sterility Testing by Membrane F... (view details)

EPA Radionuclide study needed for EPA HRS scoring on environmental matrice... (view details)

FDA GLP microbiology laboratory needed for validation of sterile filters (0... (view details)

AIHA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Cobalt testing OSHA ID-213 ... (view details)

FDA GLP Bioanalytical laboratory needed for BP HPLC Gel Filtration Column c... (view details)

"Seeking analytical laboratory to accurately quantify percentage of trace e... (view details)

Sterility testing of parenteral products. Prefer the membrane filtration me... (view details)

"Each purified water sample requires total aerobic count, E. coli, and Ps. ... (view details)