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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Carpet and Rug Flammability and Fire Retardant Evaluation Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for the follo... (view details)

Tape Degradation Environmental Factors Experimental Study

Signage Company needs Research Facility to design an experiment to determin... (view details)

Multiple Tests on Spice Products.

Food Laboratory neede... (view details)

ISO 18184 Paper Antiviral Testing Against Corona Virus

Contract Laboratory needed for Iso 18184 antiviral testing for paper agains... (view details)

Anti-Bacterial Paper with Sanitizing Agent Antiviral Testing

Manufacturer needs Laboratory for testing anti-bacterial paper with sanitiz... (view details)

Pharmaceutical USP Blister Packaging Testing

Pharmaceutical Packaging Laboratory need for USP Film and Foil (Blister Pac... (view details)

Biocidal Paper Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Study

Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-viral and anti-bacterial testing o... (view details)

SAE and ASTM Bursting Strength Testing

Large Company needs Laboratory for SAE /ASTM Bursting Strength testing per ... (view details)

Mosquito Repellent Knockdown and Repellency Properties Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent knockdown / repellency p... (view details)

Decorative Laminates ISO Anti-Microbial and Anti-Viral Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO anti-microbial and anti-viral testin... (view details)

Pollen TIncture Canada Liquor Board Alcohol Content Testing

Canada Liquor Board Third-Party Independent Laboratory needed for total al... (view details)

Laminating Film Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Paper Company needs Independent Microbiology Laboratory for laminating fil... (view details)

Paper Smoke Analysis

Paper company needs Laboratory for smoke analysis on their paper to find ou... (view details)

Automotive Electrical System PCB Evaluation

Automotive Company needs Electrical Laboratory for evaluation of electrica... (view details)

I need an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory to test paper with HS code 480257... (view details)

Non-Woven Fabric ISO Anti-Viral Verification Testing

Textile chemicals company needs Contract Microbiology Laboratory for indepe... (view details)

Paper Coating Antiviral / Antibacterial Properties

Microbiology Laboratory needed for antiviral/antibacterial properties test... (view details)

Influenza and Corona Virus Environmental Treatment Study

Large Air Handling and Treatment Company needs Environmental Microbiology ... (view details)

Corrugated Board and Box Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for complete corrugated board and corrugated bo... (view details)

Gypsum Board Sulfur Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for sulfur testing for the gypsum board. (view details)

PET Flake Testing

Polymer Laboratory needed for PET Flakes testing. The tests we need are as ... (view details)

Seafood AOAC Histamine Testing

Eastern USA 3rd party Food Laboratory with seafood expertise needed to cond... (view details)

India IS 17025 / NABL Food Laboratory Start-Up

India Laboratory Consultant needed for advising in the laboratory start-up ... (view details)

ASTM Electrical Rubber Insulating Matting Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for Electrical insulation testing for switchboa... (view details)

LCBO Alcoholic Beverage Testing

ISO / IEC 17025 Accredited Canada Laboratory needed for alcoholic beverag... (view details)

Deformulation of Paper Coating

India Laboratory needed to deformulate a water based chemical used to coat ... (view details)

Paper Cup Titanium Dioxide Testing

Large corporation needs Contract Test Laboratory for Titanium Dioxide testi... (view details)

NABL Polyurethane Board Certification Testing

India NABL Laboratory needed for certificate of analysis for polyurethane ... (view details)

Avocado Finished Product Persin Testing

Food Laboratory for Persin testing via LC-MS or GC-MS in an avocado based p... (view details)

Magnesium Oxide Sample Rate of Hydration Comparison Study

Chemical Manufacturer needs Analytical Laboratory needed to conduct experim... (view details)

UL Panelboard Testing

Electrical Compliance Laboratory needed for UL Short circuit product testin... (view details)

Printed Circuit Board Validation Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for electrical validation testing of printed c... (view details)

Amazon SIOC Type A Packaging Certification Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for certification of corrugated packaged for A... (view details)

Corrugated Paper Gluing Process Study Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for developing test study to determine how new ... (view details)

FDA New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of Grape Pomace

FDA Laboratory needed for New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of gr... (view details)

FDA High Altitude Air Freight Transportation Validation Studies

FDA Packaging Laboratory needed for high altitude air freight transportatio... (view details)

Laboratory Advisory Services

Technical Consultancy Firm in Renewal Energy Services needs Laboratory Cons... (view details)

Blister Sealing Packaging Testing (30,000 Samples)

Expert Packaging Laboratory needed to test our blister sealing on paper wit... (view details)

Paper Wax Extraction and Lab Testing

Analytical Laboratory needed to conduct wax extraction from a waxed sheet o... (view details)

URGENT Board Certified Cytogeneticist for Cytogenetic Case Signing

URGENT Genetics Laboratory needs Board Certified Cytogeneticist for cytoge... (view details)

CSPC/CPSIA Printed Poster certification

URGENT Consumer Products Laboratory needed for CSPC/CPSIA certification of ... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Packaging Microbial Barrier Testing

Large Pharmaceutical Co needs Microbiology Laboratory for ASTM and DIN Pack... (view details)

LED PCB Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for LED PCB Board testing are so that we can ... (view details)

School Dry Erase Boards Testing

Education / School Furniture Manufacturer needs Consumer Products Laborato... (view details)

Skin Hypoallergenic Claim Validation Study

BUDGET APPROVED Paper product company (bath tissue, paper towels, napkins, ... (view details)


(view details)

Brazilian Hardwood Testing

URGENT LEGAL Law firm needs Construction Materials Laboratory for hardwood ... (view details)

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