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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

ASHRAE Standards Testing for MERV Rating on Advanced Air Filtration Media

Nanotechnology Company needs USA Contract Laboratory for AS... (view details)

Purchase of Bengaluru India Laboratory

Biotechnology / Life Science Company would like to purchase a Laboratory in... (view details)

TGA Analysis

Materials Laboratory needed for TGA analysis. please contact as so... (view details)

Novel Air Cleaning Technology Antiviral Efficiency Testing

UK Laboratory needed for antiviral efficiency testing of a n... (view details)

Military Computer Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for military computer testing to DO-160F Sectio... (view details)

Waterproofing Products Solar Reflective Index SRI Testing (2 Products)

Materials Laboratory needs waterproofing product group ... (view details)

Quality Control QC Testing % Reflectance

High Technology Company needs US Materia... (view details)

Laboratory Space Rental for Biotech Start-Up

Biotechnology startup and looking for laboratory space.with the following ... (view details)

Antibacterial Surface Antiviral Testing Against Coronavirus

Biotechnology company needs Contract Laboratory to run some... (view details)

ASTM Nickel / Aluminum Dry Powder Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM Nickel/Aluminum dry powder sample test... (view details)

SARS-CoV-2 ISO 181884 and ISO 21702 Antiviral Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO 18184 and ISO 21702 anti... (view details)

Temperature Screening Camera Testing and Consulting

Artificial Intelligence Company needs Electrical Laboratory... (view details)

Nanotechnology Based Disinfectant Effectiveness Testing to EPA Requirements

EPA Contract Laboratory needed for disinfectant effectiveness testing of a ... (view details)

New Raman Based Analysis Product Development

Large University developing a Raman based analysis wou... (view details)

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Testing of Disinfectants and Sanitizers

India Contract Microbiology Laboratory n... (view details)

Novel Surface Coating Antiviral and Antimicrobial Properties Testing

Biotechnology Laboratory needs Research Facilities to run testing on our n... (view details)

Botanical Formulation Stability Studies

Contract Laboratory needed for stability studies on Botanical formulation ... (view details)

Coating Nonenveloped Virus and Human Cornoavirus Research


Technology Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for... (view details)

Nanocoating Antiviral Efficacy Testing


Nanotechnology firm needs USA Contract Laborat... (view details)

ASTM Coating Testing for Self Heating Properties

Large Corporation needs USA Based Materials Laboratory for ASTM coating tes... (view details)

UVC LIghting Technology Surface Anti-Viral Efficacy Testing

USA (West Coast Preferred) Laboratory needed for efficacy surface-test for ... (view details)

Meltblown Material Non-Drop Rate NDR and Cytotoxicity Testing

Non-Drop Rate NDR performance and a cytotoxicity testing on meltblown mater... (view details)

Nanotechnology Chemical, Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Properties Testing

India Laboratory needed to evaluate the chemical, anti... (view details)

High Temperature Storage Life Testing

Qualification laboratories in Europe for High Temperature Storage Life HTS... (view details)

Phase Change Material Thermal Conductivity Testing

India Materials Laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing of phase... (view details)

Embedded Technology IVB Stability and Photostability Studies

Large Electronics Corporation needs Laboratory for IVB stability and photo... (view details)

Contract Synthesis of New Polymer Group

Company needs Contract Polymer Laboratory to he... (view details)

Laminating Film Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Paper Company needs Independent Microbiology Laboratory for laminating fil... (view details)

Nanotechnology Device Decomposition of Bacteria and Virus Study

Contract Research Organization needed to evaluate a nanotechnology device f... (view details)

Preclinical Pharmaceutical Non-GLP In-Vivo Studies

Preclinical Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for no... (view details)

New Touch Screen Disinfection Technology Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Microbiology Laboratory needed that has virology experi... (view details)

Anti-Viral Infused Medical Fabric Antiviral Efficacy Study

Microbiology Laboratory needed for antiviral efficacy study of medical fab... (view details)

BSL2 Laboratory Space Rental Wanted

Nanotechnology Laboratory needs USA BSL2 lab space rental to test our powde... (view details)

Coating Agent Virucidial Efficacy Studies

Technology Institute needs USA, UK, Germany, or France Large BSL-4 Laborat... (view details)

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency testing

I m manufacturing facemask and I wish to test them for Bacteria efficiency;... (view details)

Coronavirus COVID-19 Detection in Scent Detection Dogs

Company that works with scent detection dogs would like to conduct a Resear... (view details)

Air Purification Filter Viral Efficacy Studies


Nanofiber Textile and Media ISO Anti-Viral Activity Testing Against Coronavirus

URGENT Contract Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO anti-viral activity ... (view details)

UVC Germidical Lamps Testing

Accredited Laboratory needed to measure UVC germicidal lamps in low pressur... (view details)

Water Condensate Analysis

Technology Company needs India Laboratory to analyze water in condensate u... (view details)

ASTM Testing of Unknown Substances

Advanced technology company needs Southwest USA Laboratory needed for ASTM... (view details)

Hydrogen and High-Voltage Current Electricity Study

Start-up technology company needs Laboratory to re-conduct tests with hydro... (view details)

ASTM and IEC Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM and IEC testing to the following testi... (view details)

Tar Viscosity Testing

Advanced materials company needs Laboratory for viscosity testing of tar t... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Bulk Water Contamination Testing

URGENT Pharmaceutical Company needs Northeast USA Contract Laboratory for t... (view details)

UHF TV White Space Device Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for testing a UHF TV white space device to th... (view details)

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