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Contract Laboratory has received the following pharmaceuticals Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These pharmaceuticals Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their pharmaceuticals Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a pharmaceuticals Laboratory, please Submit a pharmaceuticals Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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USP Lanolin Related Substance Method Testing

Large Company needs USA FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory for USP Lanolin r... (view details)

Corneal Fibrosis Model

Consultancy company looking for Contract Research Organization with a mode... (view details)

USP Triclosan Raw Material Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for testing of Triclosan raw material as p... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization Preclinical Studies

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for Preclinical Studi... (view details)

National Formulary NF Metals Testing

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratories needed to provide quote f... (view details)

ASTM Bottle Cap Testing

URGENT - BUDGET APPROVED East Coast USA Packaging Laboratory needed for AST... (view details)

FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Packaging Testing

FDA GMP Packaging Laboratory needed for Pharmaceutical USP packaging testi... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Eye Drop Stability Studies

BUDGET APPROVED Ophthalmology company formulating a new sterile eye drop ne... (view details)

USP Monograph Ethyl Cellulose (COA) Retesting

Experienced Pharmaceutical Analytical Laboratory needed to retest ethyl cel... (view details)

Pill Ingredient Identification Testing

LEGAL Law Firm needs Pharmaceutical Analytical Laboratory to test a pill fo... (view details)

Health Canada

Canada GMP compliant Pharmaceuticals Laboratory needed for stability testin... (view details)

Peptide Product KCL Content

URGENT Biotech company needs rush quotation for non-GMP KCL content by IC ... (view details)

USP Ethyl Cellulose Testing

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for re-quantification... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Vaccine Preclinical In-Vivo Safety and Efficacy Studies

Pharmaceutical Company needs Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory for in-vivo ... (view details)

Japanese Pharmacopeia Heavy Metal Analysis

Large Company needs Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for JP H... (view details)

USP Propylene Glycol Test Method Testing

Chemical Manufacturer needs Pharmaceutical Test Laboratory for USP Testing ... (view details)

USP Thyroid Powder Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for internal USP Analysis for company's in... (view details)

Gene 21 Hydroxylacia Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Sequencing

Genetics Laboratory needed for complete sequencing of gene 21 hydroxylacia ... (view details)

FDA GMP USP Monograph Triclosan Raw Material Analysis

Subcontracting FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP Monograph... (view details)

Non-USA Testing Laboratory for SPF Testing

Large manufacturer for the Australasian markets needs non-USA laboratories ... (view details)

SPF Testing on 10 Formulations

Company seeking alternative Clinical Research laboratories to their test la... (view details)

Eye Drop Testing for Key Compounds

BUDGET APPROVED Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for analysis of three samp... (view details)

USP <788> Particulate Matter In Injection Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP testing of a safety needle for pa... (view details)

RFQ USA Pharmaceutical Lab Testing

Large Pharma needs USA Pharmaceutical Laboratory for identification, microb... (view details)

Sterile Drug Stability Study

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for a
USP Stability Study for controlled... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Formulation Laboratory Acquisition

Company looking to acquire USA pharmaceutical formulation laboratory (view details)

USP Lanolin Pesticide Residue Testing

Large Pharma needs FDA GMP Analytical Test Laboratory for USP testing Lan... (view details)

Cell Product STR Short Tandem Repeat Analysis

CLIA Certified or ASHI Accredited Contract Research Organization needed th... (view details)

USP Pharmaceutical Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP fluorescence spectroscopy of a pha... (view details)

USP Protein Analysis

Pharmaceutical Analytical Laboratory needed to provide quote for USP testin... (view details)

Sterile Pharmaceutical XRD Analysis and Polymorph Study

Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturer needs Analytical Test Laboratory for XR... (view details)

Streptavidin Conjugation

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to conjugate streptavidin agarose beads to ... (view details)

Biotinylate an Antisense Oligonucleotide

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to biotinylate an antisense oligonucleotide... (view details)

FDA Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO

FDA Contract Research Organization for in -vivo preclinical dermatology ski... (view details)

JSQI Quasi-Drug Ingredient Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for drug testing to JSQI (Japanese Standards of ... (view details)

USP and BP Pharmaceutical Drug Testing

Pharmaceutical Company needs India Laboratory for USP and BP testing of thr... (view details)

Bronchial Smooth Muschle Drug Metabolism Study


Novel Antibiotics Study Against Bacillus anthracis

FDA GLP Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed to conduct an... (view details)

Solid Oral Drug Product Organoleptic Evaluation

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for organoleptic property evaluation of so... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO needed CRO to manage a mu... (view details)

SEM and TEM analysis

University Pharmaceutical Researcher needs India Contract Analytical Labora... (view details)

USP Urea Monograph Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Assay and related substances in Urea a... (view details)

Bacillus Differentiation

Large Pharmaceutical Company needs Microbiology Laboratory that can differe... (view details)

UK Pharmaceutical API Purity and Identity

LONG-TERM TESTING UK Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed ... (view details)

Contract Ethylene Oxide Sterilization of Plasticware

Biotech Company needs Contract Sterilizer for Ethylene Oxide sterilization ... (view details)

Pharmaceutical USP Rubber Stopper Penetrability Testing

URGENT Materials Laboratory needed for USP penetrability testing of rubber ... (view details)

Microbiology Bacteria, Fungal Kill / Viral Reduction Tests

Microbiology Laboratory needed for bacteria and fungal kill tests, as well ... (view details)

Nitrosamines Testing

Pharmaceutical Company needs Contract Analytical Test Laboratory needed for... (view details)

Nitrogen Gas Analysis

Pharmaceutical Company needs Asia Contract Laboratory for Nitrogen gas an... (view details)

USP Castor Oil Triglycerides Testing

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Testing for t... (view details)

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