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Recent plastics and polymers Laboratory Testing Requests

Below are some examples of the most recent incoming plastics and polymers Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for plastics and polymers laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their plastics and polymers Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Request

Polymer testing laboratory needed to perform melt flow rate (MFR) testing for a polystyrene resin per the ASTM test standards.

Independent testing facility needed to test Granular Virgin PTFE Resin/ Sheet sample for 3-A Sanitary Standard (SSI) for Multiple-Use Plastic Materials. Test will cover;
a) ...

Food company needs ISO-17025 accredited laboratory to perform plastic (PFAS), allergen, environmental pathogen, aflatoxin, etc., testing.

Accredited laboratory needed to perform ASTM tensile, compression, and shear testing of composite plastic materials used in wind energy industry per the ASTM test standards.

Large Corporation needs Contract Laboratory for flashpoint testing of acrylic polymer dissolved in butyl acetate.

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for safety and toxicity testing of glow-in-the-dark cured resin product l used in 'decor art' products, targeted t...

Polymer Laboratory needed for Acetaldehyde and limonene analysis of recycled rPET resin (pellet) including Migration (SMl and OML), deco...

Polymer Laboratory needed for Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Flakes testing. Please let me know whether you can do the t...

Large company needs Polymer Laboratory for Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-Polyethylene (UHMWPE) block or cutting board cut resistance testing.

Polymer Laboratory needed for mechanical quality testing of injection molded polyolefin foams.

Large Company needs Analytical Laboratory for oil products testing for percent of bromine index and aliphatic unsaturation (amount of double bonds) in total...

Contract Laboratory needed for testing Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring product for dimensional stability, planar imbalance, and plasticizer imbalance.


USA Polymer Laboratory needed for testing biodegradability of plastic sheeting according to ASTM D5526 standards.

Contract Laboratory needed for testing small scale rubber mixing (50-100 gms). What will be the charge per mixing?

Polymer Laboratory needed for testing plastic material and quantifying amounts of monomers in oligomers, such as HEMA, 2-EHA, TMDI, and IPDI.

Thank you,

Polymer Laboratory needed for testing xylene soluble for polypropylene resin.

Polymer Laboratory needed for CLTE testing for a polymeric product as per test standards: ISO 11359-2 / ASTM E831

Contract Laboratory needed to measure alpha particle for certain materials like NiV film sheet,

Corporation needs USA 3rd party laboratory that provide round robin testing services in order to evaluate their accuracy and precision in t...

USA Materials Laboratory needed for analysis of two samples of PET monofilament racquet string analyzed via NMR to see differences and to reverse engineer one...

Middle East Laboratory needed to measure the viscosity of Polyether Polyol using method ISO3219 Plastics ? Polymers/resins in the liquid state or as e...

Film Maker needs Independent Laboratory for investigation and labeling claims testing of three plastics products for documentary.

1st company: They claim all their product...

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for boot testing for identification of materials (Leather and RUbber) used in the body of the boot and the sole. It should be used to dete...

Coffeee Company needs Polymer Laboratory needed for non-destructive testing of cup thermoformed plastic us for Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) and Moisture vapor transmission ...

Polymer Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of plastics according to 3 ISO Standards: ISO 4577 Plastics -- Polypropylene and propylene-copolymers -- Determination of thermal oxi...

LONG-TERM TESTING Disposable plastics company needs microbiology laboratory for ASTM biodegradability testing of a wide range of plastic disposable products to ASTM D5511-11 S...

Plastics Laboratory needed for urethane testing to HKMC spec MS300-55 (release of volatile organic compounds) testing on a UVA-cured acrylated urethane.

Polymer Laboratory needed for polythene film testing for the presence of Tris Nonylphenyl Phosphate ) & 4-np free (P-nitrophenol) in the polythene film.

Plastics laboratory needed for shrink film testing for:
puncture thumb edge, puncture sharp edge, tear strength and haze

Environmental toxicology laboratory needed for eco-toxicity testing on a pipe liner to be used in culverts in California.

Polymer laboratory needed for testing water vapors and oxygen gas permeability testing of new improvement in barrier of food packaging films made by blending two polymers.

Materials laboratory needed for UV resistance testing in HDPE Corrugated Flexible Pipe used as an electrical conduit

Polymer laboratory needed forGas chromatography mass spectrometry GC-MS analysis to determine the organic purity of 2-Octyl cyanoacrylate monomer using with Agilent 7820A or...

Construction materials company for agriculture needs polymer laboratory to test content analysis of PVC

Consumer products / textiles laboratory needed for polyester textile fiber testing for silicone composition.

LONG-TERM TESTING Plastics laboratory needed for ingredient analysis of recycled PET (RPET) for benzene, acetaldehyde, and limonene measurable in PPB.

INDIA snack food manufacturer needs packaging laboratory for package integrity testing of snack bar pouch which consists of three layer laminates including NAT PE, aluminum, a...

Materials laboratory needed for confirmatory testing of jointing materials for sewer drains to DIN 4062, Cold processable plastic jointing materials for sewerdrains - Jointing...

Materials laboratory needed for determination of optical transmission characteristics of red plastic lens resin used in laser receiver products. The optical transmission ch...

Packaging laboratory needed for child resistant packaging testing of plastic caps under CFR 16, Part 1700,Poison Prevention Packaging

LONG-TERM TESTING Plastics laboratory needed for acetaldehyde and viscosity testing of PET to 2 ASTM standards:
for acetaldehyde according ASTM F2013-10 Determination of Resi...

LONG-TERM TESTING Polymer laboratory needed for polyvinyl limit value testing on a variety of plastic formulations

Polymer laboratory needed for UV resistance / weathering testing to ISO-21898 of a standard polypropylene (plastic) jumbo bag for stone and iron ore. Lab in India requested. ...

Food packaging laboratory needed for FDA direct food contact compliance testing for compostable PLA foam products used in packaging of meats, fish, poultry and fresh produce.

Pharmaceutical packaging laboratory needed for USP testing of polypropylene vials as per USP 671 for moisture transmission rate and spectral transmission (light resistance)

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM thermal conductivity testing of plastic roofing product to ASTM C518 (Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Propertie...

Polymer laboratory needed to identify composition of a gelatinous elastomer product and a coating product used for breast prostheses and other medical applications. The elasto...

Materials laboratory needed for development of fire retardant rubber products as per EN 4554 fire testing of materials and components for trains

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