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Contract Laboratory has received the following food Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These food Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their food Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a food Laboratory, please Submit a food Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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Tumeric Curcumin Testing

Farm needs Agriculture Laboratory for determining the amount of curcumin in... (view details)

Tea Drink Beverage Product Development

Food Development Laboratory needed for product development of a tea drink f... (view details)

Tea Comparison Testing

LEGAL Law Firm needs Food Laboratory for comparison testing of two teas fr... (view details)

Chocolate Spread Product Development Testing

Contract Food Laboratory needed for chocolate spread product development te... (view details)

Chili Sauce Ingredient Testing

URGENT Food Laboratory for ingredient testing of chili sauce (view details)

Malt Beverage Beer Alcohol Content Testing

Southeast USA Contract Laboratory needed for alcohol content testing for b... (view details)

Cassia Tora Plant Anthraquinones Isomers

India Contract Laboratory needed for HPLC testing for 5 isomers of plant an... (view details)

Powdered Drink ISO Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index for a powdered drink mix ISO 26642:2010 (view details)

Candy Ingredient Testing

Food Laboratory needed for candy ingredient testing (view details)

Corrugated Board and Box Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for complete corrugated board and corrugated bo... (view details)

Food Nutrition Facts and Organic Certification Testing

Food Laboratory for Nutrition Facts and Organic Certification Testing (view details)

Cocktail Dry Seasoning Blend Reverse Engineering

Food Laboratory for reverse engineering new dry seasoning powdered blend ... (view details)

Christmas Berry Honey Pollen Count Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for pollen count analysis in christmas berr... (view details)

Nutritional Facts Analysis

Brewery needs Food Laboratory for testing to develop their nutritional fact... (view details)

Mad Honey Testing

Food Laboratory for mad honey for all required honey testing in addition to... (view details)

Dietary Supplement Premix Testing

Europe Company needs Contract Test Laboratory needed for testing dietary s... (view details)

Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score PDCAAS Testing

LONG-TERM TEsTING Asia Laboratory needed for (preferably Philippines) Food ... (view details)

Beehive Honey and Honeycomb Testing

USA Food Laboratory needed for beehive honey and honeycomb testing for pest... (view details)

Coffee Liqueur ABV Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for Alcohol by Volume ABV testing of a coffee li... (view details)

Baked Goods Food Recreation

Baked Goods Company needs Food Culinary Laboratory to reproduce a single ch... (view details)

Cold Brew Coffee Microbiology Contamination Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial contamination testing on cold ... (view details)

Food Company needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM Oxygen transmission rate f... (view details)

Ready to Drink RTD Cocktail Nutritional and Stability Testing

East Coast USA Food Laboratory needed for nutritional and shelf stability t... (view details)

Monthly Peroxidase Activity in Horseradish Roots

LONG-TERM TESTING Food Company wants to outsource a non-routine assay for ... (view details)

Butter Vegetable Oil Testing

United States Food Laboratory needed for analysis of butter sample for pres... (view details)

Seafood AOAC Histamine Testing

Eastern USA 3rd party Food Laboratory with seafood expertise needed to cond... (view details)

Spring Water Bacteria Testing

Canada Microbiology Laboratory needed for bacteria testing of spring water ... (view details)

Honey Vodka Quality Testing

UK Independent Laboratory needed for quality testing honey vodka brewed fro... (view details)

Raw Honey Testing for EU and United Kingdom Importation

EU or United Kingdom Food Laboratory needed for raw honey, 2 type Acacia an... (view details)

Candy Complete FDA Food Analysis

FDA Food Laboratory needed for complete testing of two chocolate candy prod... (view details)

Food Processing Motor IP Rating Testing

Independent Laboratory needed for IPX9k and ISO 20653 testing of two motor... (view details)

Coffee Right Roast and Grain Size Testing

Large Corporation needs Food Laboratory for Coffee Right Roast and grind si... (view details)

Cookie and Icing Ingredient Testing

INDIVIDUAL Culinary Food Laboratory needed to determine the ingredients and... (view details)

Dairy Quality Control and Pathogen Testing

LONG-TERM Western USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for long-term Quality ... (view details)

Milk Solution Fat Globule Laboratory Evaluation

USA Food Laboratory needed to evaluate the size of the fat globules in diff... (view details)

India IS 17025 / NABL Food Laboratory Start-Up

India Laboratory Consultant needed for advising in the laboratory start-up ... (view details)

Herb Identification Testing

Food Laboratory needed for identification testing of 11 herbs as below. Ple... (view details)

USDA Honey Grade Testing

Food Laboratory needed for USDA honey grade testing to USDA Standards.
(view details)

Laboratory Beer Testing

Third-Party USA Laboratory needed for finished beer testing to measure IBUs... (view details)

Metal Particle Identification

Food Company needs metallurgical laboratory for testing and identifying of ... (view details)

Tableware Food Contact Testing

US or Canada Food Laboratory needed for food contact testing for tableware ... (view details)

Bee Honey Testing

Food Laboratory needed for bee honey testing including organoleptic and phy... (view details)

Raw and Mushroom Extract Testing

Food Laboratory needed for liquid mushroom extracts and raw or processed m... (view details)

Food Product Deformulation

Food Company needed for deformulation and ingredient testing of discontinue... (view details)

Organic Honey Testing

Hobbyist bee keeper needs Food Laboratory for organic honey testing to dete... (view details)

LCBO Alcoholic Beverage Testing

ISO / IEC 17025 Accredited Canada Laboratory needed for alcoholic beverag... (view details)

Plant Extract Analysis

Europe Third-Party Laboratory needed for plant extract analysis for the fol... (view details)

Dry Herbs Certificate of Analysis COA Testing

USA Food Laboratory needed for dry herbs Certificate of Analysis testing fo... (view details)

RTD Cocktail Shelf-Life Determination

US Food Laboratory needed to determine the shelf life of a RTD cocktail (view details)

Bread Testing

Bakery Products Manufacturer needs Food Laboratory for bread testing for in... (view details)

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