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Recent Food Laboratory Requests

Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Contract Laboratory needed for chlorogenic acid testing services for roasted coffee beans to determine their presence/quantity in numerous roasted coffee s...

USA Food Laboratory needed to analyze different foods for their nutritional value and oxalata content.

USA Food Agriculture Laboratory needed for quality testing of our honey product.

Contract laboratories needed for sea salt and nigari testing for heavy metals, trace minerals, and elements. For the Pa...

California third-party food testing laboratory needed to determine the aerobic thermophilic spore count in a skimmed milk powder product.

Contract Laboratory needed for titanium dioxide testing of edible paper.

US or Canada Independent food technology laboratory needed to perform alkaline degradation to determine the melt value of three desugared beet juice product ...

Independent food technology lab needed to test polyphenol/flavanol/antioxidant content in cocoa smaples.
We think maybe you can help us.

Laboratory looking to purchase laboratory instruments/equipment and supplies (reagents, reference standards of calibration standards from reliable suppliers for their three te...

ISO 17025 Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for vitamins and food supplement products testing for the presence of chemical, microbial, ...

Law Firm needs Food Laboratory for unknown substance testing for a potential case, and wanted to reach out to get further information: Their client purchased a big-bra...

Food Laboratory needed for alcohol drink formulation. I want to transform a local/ traditional drink into a commercial and try to industrialize in our region. Please let us kn...

BUDGET APPROVED ($5,000-$10,000)
Florida independent food testing laboratory needed for pathogen testing on food ingredients and finished food products p...

Food Laboratory needed for badam powder testing

Food Laboratory Consultant needed to advise start-up food laboratory on comparison information such as:
1- Which is the Best food lab in the world?
2- The hierarchy of the l...

Contract Laboratory needed for analysis of the following compounds via ELISA & LCMS. Kindly confirm the feasibility for the same.
Acetate, Propionate, Butyrate,Lactate, Gamma...

Singapore only -- Food-grade pilot chromatography unit needed on rent for protein purification studies.

Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC)-accredited laboratory needed to perform ethanol testing on three samples.

Contract laboratory needed to perform migration testing for a food contact laminate product.

Brazil Contract laboratory needed to perform water potability test of tap water samples per the Codex Alimentarius: International food standards, guidelines and codes of pract...

Third-party food testing laboratory needed to test Shilajit resin samples per the FDA standards to sell outside India.

USA Food Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis COA for 2 new liquid core caffeine gum with 2 flavors with different caffeine strengths. If you could please provide pr...

Agriculture Laboratory needed to test animal feed supplements by titration method per the Food Chemical Codex by the USP (FCC/USP).
Kindly confirm the feasibility.

India food testing laboratory needed to determine isomaltulose presence, its food-grade level, energy, and purity percentage in our food product.

Law firm needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for litigation involving alleged salmonella food poisoning . We will need analysis of the food and a certificate of analysis.

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for compliance testing of lunch box for sale in the USA to ensure it is BPA free and food grade safe PP plastic. Can you advise...

Food Laboratory needed for food contact surfaces testing of a product

Food Laboratory needed reverse engineering of hot sauce to determine ingredient content and nutritional values.


Manufacturer needs Food Laboratory for HAACP Compliance testing hot sauce in order to abide by the health department regulations to sell to consumers I need to perform the ne...

USA third-party clinical laboratory needed to perform glycemic index testing on 20 people per food item (50g sample each) by 0 to three-hour capillary blood glucose measureme...

US or Canada food laboratory needed for reverse engineering or de-formulating plant-based milk beverage samples.

FDA GMP Food testing laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis (COA) testing of Ashwagandha dietary supplement gummy product per the FDA standards.
Our Ashwagandha gummie...

Independent food testing lab neeed to reverse engineer salt seasoning to know the ingredients, amount of each, and nutritional details.

Contract food testing laboratory needed to reverse engineer a salt substitute seasoning to determine how much of each ingredient is used.
The product is a salt substitute sea...

India Food Laboratory needed for food testing service

Contract Laboratory needed for plant NTA for particle concentrations and Western Blot analysis for TET3, CD81, CD 63, and CD9.

Two sets of samples will be provided. One ...

Independent testing facility needed to test Granular Virgin PTFE Resin/ Sheet sample for 3-A Sanitary Standard (SSI) for Multiple-Use Plastic Materials. Test will cover;
a) ...

USA Food testing facility needed for protein dispersibility index testing for up to 16 chickpea flour samples. Please provide cost estimate.

Food testing laboratory needed to conduct an experiment to prove our claims regarding our processing's elimination of Salmonella contamination of a tahini product.
We want t...

Company development protein bar in two flavors needs laboratory to verify that they are low in their glycemic index.

Contract laboratory needed to analyze food digestates and cell culture supernatants for their iron content using flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) unless you have an...

Contract Laboratory needed for Palladium Testing

Cape Town, South Africa-based third-party laboratory needed for testing a prebiotic digestive aid product per the FDA standards.

Food Laboratory needed for FDA testing of various sauces (over five samples) tested for ingredients and percentage composition. Ideally, that would also generate a formal nut...

California Food Laboratory needed for elderberry syrup testing.

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM product packaging biodegradation / biosphere testing as per ASTM D 5511-18 Standard Test Method for Determining Anaerobic Biodegradation of...

Third-party food testing laboratory needed to perform GC-MS compound profiling for a food grade/cereal sample.

Australia-based GMP Independent food testing laboratory needed to conduct 6 month accelerated shelf-life testing on two 30% alcoholic beverages. Will require a six-month trial...

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