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performance Laboratory Testing Requests

Below are some examples of the most recent incoming performance Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for performance laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their performance Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Furnace Air Filter ANSI/ASHRAE Dust Spot Efficiency Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for ANSI/ASHRAE Dust Spot Efficiency Test for... (view details)

Surgical Gown AAMI 4 Performance Testing

United States Contract Laboratory needed for surgical gown... (view details)

Candle Safety and Performance Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for candle safety and p... (view details)

Asia Laboratory Electrical Air Filter Testing

Asia Performance Laboratory needed for electrical air fil... (view details)

ASHRAE Air Filtration Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for ASHRAE 52.2 air filtration testing and po... (view details)

Electronic Firework Noisemaker Impulse Sound Level Testing

USA Performance Laboratory needed for Impulse sound level testing of an ele... (view details)

ACIL Baseballs and Softballs Performance and Materials Testing for Gameplay

ACIL Consumer Products Laboratory Testing Facility needed for Baseballs an... (view details)

EPA Safer Choice Label Detergent Tablet Performance Testing

Performance Laboratory needed to test detergent tablet used to clean washin... (view details)

Pole Mount Cabinet Bellcore Specification Wind Testing

USA LABORATORY (Midwest Preferred)
USA Telecommunications Performance Labo... (view details)

Sports Ball Product Performance Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for the following perfo... (view details)

Flame Retardant Performance Comparison Study

Performance Laboratory needed for comparison study testing of two flame ret... (view details)

Asphalt Testing from Heavy Oil


Oil Laboratory needed for testing asphalt from a heavy o... (view details)

New Watch Line Performance Testing

Contract Performance La... (view details)

ASTM Sorbent Performance Testing on Crude Oil and Oil Spills

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM material samples tests against ASTM F7... (view details)

Air Purifier Performance Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for performance testing of low level electricity... (view details)

Pressure Cooker Cooking Performance Testing for Substantiation of Claims

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for cooking performance testing of Pres... (view details)

Home-Use Hair-Dryer Electronic Component Safety and Performance Testing

Haircare Company sourcing a new hand held hair-dryer product for home use ... (view details)

ASTM Sorbent Performance of Adsorbents for Oil Spills

Contract Laboratory needed for materials testing against ASTM F726-81 Stand... (view details)

HVAC Air Filter MERV Rating and ASHRAE testing

Contract Performance Laboratory needed for HVAC air filter products MERV r... (view details)

Roof Ventilators CFM's Comparison Studies

Performance Laboratory needed for comparison studies done on Ventilation Ma... (view details)

Tape Unwinding Force Measurement Testing (High-Speed)

Performance Laboratory needed for tape unwind force measurement testing for... (view details)

Detergent Competitor Evaluation Study (Asia)


Asia Consumer Products Laboratory needed for competitor... (view details)

AAMI/ ANSI/ ISO / AATCC Surgical and Isolation Gown Testing

ISO 17025 accredited testing facility needed for the following ISO/ANSI/AAM... (view details)

RFP/RFQ Pharmaceutical ASTM Package Distribution Testing of Drug Product

USA Packaging Laboratory needed for for ASTM Package Distribution Testing f... (view details)

FDA Medical Device Studies to Support 510{k} Filing


USA CLIA Approved Medical Device Laboratory need... (view details)

FDA 510k Face Mask ASTM Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of face masks for FDA 510k acco... (view details)

Solid Absorbents Gas Removal Performance Testing

Test Facility needs for solid adsorbents testing for gas removal performanc... (view details)

Medical Gown Level 3 Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for Medical Gown Level 3 AATCC and ANSI/AAMI PB7... (view details)

Power Backup Generation Battery Inverter System Safety and Performance Testing

South Africa Electrical Laboratory needed for full safety and performance t... (view details)

Meltblown Material Non-Drop Rate NDR and Cytotoxicity Testing

Non-Drop Rate NDR performance and a cytotoxicity testing on meltblown mater... (view details)

ASTM Medical Face Mask Testing

Canada Testing Facility needed for ASTM Testing for surgical face masks to... (view details)

Bituminous Membrane Sheet Fire and Anti-Riot Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for the following Fire and Anti-RIot Testing of... (view details)

India AAMI or ISO Surgical Clothing and Drapes Testing

INDIA Laboratory needed for ISO or AAMI Surgical clothing and drapes antivi... (view details)

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Performance Testing

India Contract Laboratory needed for performance testing of an automatic ha... (view details)

ASTM and CPSC Home Playground Equipment Testing

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for CSPS and ASTM home playgroun... (view details)

ASTM F2100 Facemask Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of face masks to ASTM F2100 Sta... (view details)

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE Study of Line of Non-Woven Fabrics

Contract Laboratory needed for performing an assessment of a line of nonwov... (view details)

Surgical Mask ASTM 2100 Testing

URGENT FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed for testing of US-manufactured ... (view details)

BIFMA Framed Shower Door Cycle and Load Testing

USA (West Coast Preferred) Performance Laboratory needed for BIFMA and EN ... (view details)

ASTM Medical Face Mask Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM mask testing to ASTM F2100-11 : Standa... (view details)

Face Mask Materials ASTM Performance Testing

PPE supplier needs Laboratory for ASTM performance testing of materials use... (view details)

Face Mask Material ASTM Efficiency Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for particle filtration efficiency testing, bact... (view details)

Face Mask ASTM F2100 Testing

Microbiology Laboratory to test for the following according to ASTM F2100 S... (view details)

FORD Vibration testing

Performance Laboratory needed for vibration testing of FORD parts. (view details)

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