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Most Recent proteins and peptides Laboratory Requests

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Contract Laboratory has received the following proteins and peptides Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These proteins and peptides Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their proteins and peptides Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a proteins and peptides Laboratory, please Submit a proteins and peptides Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Amino Acid Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING University Researcher needs Bioanalytical Laboratory to measure amino acids such as methionine and cysteine in the water View More

Peptide Fragment Comparison

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for peptide fragment comparison testing or two peptides HGH Fragment 176-191 and CJC-1295 w/DAC tested for legitimacy... View More

Protein PDCAAS Testing

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for PDCAAS in Protein Sample. View More

Protease Activity and Matrix Value

NABL Bioanalytical Laboratory needed protease testing for enzyme activity and its matrix value in formulating animal feed. View More

Peptide Aliquot QA

Biologics company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for Peptide Aliquot Quality Assurance Testing.
In each 5mg peptide vial, in addition to the peptide... View More

Protein Dietary Quality Testing

Biochemistry Laboratory needed for protein dietary quality testing of protein hydrolysate testing for DIAAS analysis. I was wondering are you performi... View More

Biopharmaceutical Cicular Dichroism Experiments

Outstanding Contract Research Organization CRO needed who can do Circular Dichroism Experiments. Specifically we are interested in using CD to probe t... View More

FDA GMP Biopharma Container Closure Testing

Biopharmaceutical needs FDA GMP Packaging Laboratory for Container Closure Integrity test (CCIT) with validated method.The package integrity verificat... View More

US Bioanalytical needed for 960.48 Protein Efficiency Ratio Rat Bioassay,to 21 CFR 106.96(i)(3 View More

Nootropic Compound Certificate of Analysis (COA)

BUDGET APPROVED / LONG-TERM TESTING Bioanalytical Laboratories needed to provide a few quotes or quote package on small-sample peptide purity and spe... View More

Unknown Protein Peak Analysis

Biopharmaceutical Company needs FDA GMP Compliant Bioanalytical Laboratory CE-MS or CZE-MS testing for identification of an unknown protein peak in a... View More

FDA Biopharmaceutical Release, Stability and Container Closure Integrity Testing

Biopharmaceutical Company of recombinant therapeutic proteins needs FDA GMP Laboratory for Release, Stability and Container Closure Integrity testin... View More

Protein Powder Analysis

READY TO BUY Personal Trainer needs Food Laboratory for label confirmatory testing of protein powder to see if there are other ingredients in product... View More

Early Cancer Warning System Biomarker Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CLIA Certified Clinical Laboratory needed for assisting a company in the development of an early warning system for cancer. Labora... View More

VIrology Research Study

Large Microbiology Laboratory in Egypt or Europe needed for conducting a scientific research and development virology study divided into to two diffe... View More

FDA GMP Monoclonal Antibody Batch Release Testing

Large Biotechnology Company needs FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory for monoclonal antibody testing for GMP batch release
- physiochemical methods (co... View More

Protein Polymer Extraction Method Development and Optimization

USa Contract Research Organization to develop and optimize extraction methods ofr recombiant unstructured protein polymer molecules with Phenol, TCA/a... View More

Biopharmaceutical CSII Dose Accuracy and Precision

Biopharmaceutical Company needs Laboratory for dose accuracy & precision of currently available CSII system.The laboratory must have a team who has ne... View More

Egg proteins identification

Food Laboratory needed for protein analysis to determine specific egg proteins - ie ovalumbin, and others- container in processed food product. Testin... View More

European Pharmacopoeia Sterile Pharmaceutical Release Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for sterile biopharmaceutical release testing according to European Pharmacopeia to the following parameters and met... View More

USP Calcitonin Salmon Bio-Identity Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for USP Bio-Identity Testing for Calcitonin Salmon as per it's USP Monograph View More

Small Molecule, Polymer Based Drug Delivery System Method Development


Protein Comparison Study

Accredited FDA GMP / GLP and ISO 17025 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for comparison study of a protein (mW ~5700 g/mol) from two different manufact... View More

Finished Release Bioassays

LONG-TERM TESTING Experienced FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed finished biopharmaceutical release testing using for Bioassay L929, TNF alfa ce... View More

Peptides HPLC Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING Pharmaceutical Distributor needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to conduct HPLC testing on a variety of around 6-8 peptides confi... View More

Glycopeptides in Shrimp

Food Laboratory needed for seafood testing: shrimp meat analyzed for total glycopeptides. View More

Protein Circular Dichroism

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for circular dichroism testing on a protein in solution. This is the direct measurement and would not include test pro... View More

Recombinant HGH Quality

Biotechnology company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for verification of quality and contaminants of recombinant HGH including other proteins,... View More

GLP Preclinical Studies

FDA GLP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for GLP Studies on anti-parasitic combination product including: Pharmacokinetics Study, Tol... View More

Residual Host Cell DNA by qpcr

Biotechnology Company needs Genetics Laboratory needed to perform residual host cell DNA by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR),. Protein s... View More

FDA Dietary Supplement Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for complete testing of dietary supplement finished products and raw materials used in diet... View More

In vitro exon skipping study

FDA Preclinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for In vitro exon skipping using phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomer (PMO) AOs In dystrophin gene. ... View More

Albumin Zone Electrophoresis

US FDA registered bioanalytical laboratory needed for bioanalysis: protein composition testing by zone electrophoresis as per human albumin Ph.Eur mo... View More

Peptide ID Confirmation & Purity Assay

Bioanalytical Company needed to confirm the identity and purity of lyophilized peptide samples of <15AA length. View More

FDA GMP Dermatology Clinical Research Laboratory needed for clinical study with skin prick testing of a new protein based wound dressing on 20 patient... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for microalgae digestibility testing Microalgae is composed to 50% proteinsand this indicator (PDCAAS) to commercializ... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for measuring total protein and turbidity of 60 samples cell culture media and water View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Cosmetics Laboratory needed for testing of multiple skin care projects in development. Quotes are needed on the following analytic... View More

Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for testing cell-permeable, water soluble peptide compound in the monkey model forage-related macula... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Bioscience company needs bioanalytical laboratory for raw material, in-process, and final product MAT or cell-based endotoxins testi... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for developing and validating bioassays in bulk substance high-titer antibody biologics (PPM... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for USP and EP testing for enzyme activity of chymotrypsin (lyophilised enzyme material) as per the EP and USP monogra... View More

START-UP Brewery needs TTB laboratory for hard cider alcoholic beverage analysis for submission of formula and labelling to the TTB. Testing to includ... View More

Pharmaceutical bioanalytical laboratory needed for antifactor IIa assay testing for heparin sodium to BP 2017 standards.

View More

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization (CRO) needed for preclinical study of efficacy of antimicrobial peptides against corona virus causing Mi... View More

Molecular Diagnostics company needs Contract Research Organization CRO for biocompatibility testing services. View More

Pharma needs preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO for biological, small molecule (viral) in vivo studies of HBV and HCV infections View More

FDA GLP ISO-17025 bioanalytical laboratory needed for characterization of collagen scaffold medical device including amino acid analysis, quantificati... View More

Medical researcher needs bioanalytical laboratory for liposome suspension testing for quantification of residual ethanol in aqueous buffer (PBS) View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for structural analysis of therapeutic protein molecule by FTIR (ATR) aqueous samples, like BSA in aqueous, etc. View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for protein characterization using circular dichroism. View More

Applied Science Company needs agriculture microbiology laboratory for bioanalysis for organic acid profile of digestate from a microbial digestion pro... View More

Medical Device preclinical contract research organization CRO needed for insulin characterization with or without infusion through medical device: (1... View More

Chemistry laboratory needed for testing glutamic acid content of a nutritional supplement by titration. Supplement also contains betaine, pepsin, and... View More

Food laboratory needed for milk powder quality testing :

Heat Instability: Alcohol Test > 75% IDF: 133:1981

Cl... View More

Contract sterilizer needed for cosmetics sterilization containing human proteins without denaturing the proteins. View More

Pharma needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for Japanese Pharamcopeia (JP) Amino Acid Analysis for Peptides Amino Acid Analysis of Leupolide Acetate as per ... View More

FDA compliant food laboratory needed for characterization of a natural extract (including microbiological analysis and analytical support) with the go... View More

Georgia laboratory needed for organic waste stream testinf for relative volumes and BOD of the following organic constituents in a supplied sample of... View More

START-UP New food company needs food laboratory for nutritonal testing of tomato sauce marinara sauce for labeling claims as well as nutrients sugar, ... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for amino acid analysis of whey protein for comparison studies between different whey proteins View More

Medical device company needs GLP laboratory for quality control of Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices, according to ISO 15798:2013, Ophthalmic implants ... View More

Food company needs laboratory for animal studies. Company has incomplete egg protein isolate that they like to better understand from a nutritional st... View More

USA genetics laboratory needed to Establish and run reporter gene assays in bacteria. It would probably employ a standard reporter strain strategy tha... View More

US Bioanalytical laboratory needed for bioanalysis : protein analysis 1) Determination of the molecular weights of various proteins in a mix, and thei... View More

Canada bioanalytical laboratory needed for Capillary Zone Electrophoresis for determining purity of stable isotope labeled synthetic peptides. 5000 pe... View More

USA Laboratory needed to process mullet residual tissue composition (proteins, minerals:Ca, Fe, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for biomarker screening of 4 pine bark extract (powder) samples to be tested for anti-inflammatory ability: several b... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to extract Collagen Type 2 proteins from Chicken Sternal Cartilage. This is a simple process but requires specific equ... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Bovine Calcium Powder testing for: growth factors such as; - insulin-like growth factors I and II (IGF-I, IGF-II)... View More

East Coast USA Clinical Laboratory needed for ELISA and western blot testing for conjugated and unconjugated proteins. Plasma testing of 250 plasma sa... View More

Canada Agriculture analytical chemistry laboratory needed for mustard seed testing: Quality and utility of mustard seeds Oil percentage
- Contents of... View More

Nanotechnology Researcher Post-Doc needs Food laboratory that uses standard ISO techniques for analysing some juice samples. We are mainly interesting... View More

FDA GMP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for FDA GMP preclinical experiments:

1) Exposing human plasma to the test article to modi... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for release testing on a chromatography resin we are developing. Tests will include dynamic binding capacity for prote... View More

Biopharmaceutical manufacturer needs FDA GMP compliant bioanalytical laboratory for FDA GMP pharmaceutical testing of some of it's pharmaceutical prod... View More

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Peptides Biochemistry analysis by preparative HPLC with C18 revers faze column. Collect samples of peptides an... View More

Europe Laboratory needed for collagen protein drink testing for:
Molecular weight distrubution of collagen peptides in the drink product
Method: Mea... View More

FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for FDA tissue protein testing using Validated Quantitative Western Blot for mammlian tissue proteins View More

Pharmaceutical Product Safety Laboratory needed for Microbiology testing and product safety testing of excipient to obtain GRAS status. Acne: propion... View More

India FDA GMP preclinical laboratory needed for preclinical studies. Ex-Vivo Study (Macrophage uptake studies , MTT and apoptosis assay for cytotoxici... View More

US CLIA / CAP clinical laboratory needed for serum testing: LC MS/MS testing for specific proteins in serum for use as a diagnostic test. View More

Northeastern USA bioanalytical laboratory needed for protein testing of 30 drug proteins, all human monoclonal antibodies, will be subject to R&D grad... View More

India Food Laboratory needed for organic health beverage testing of organic health beverage made with juices of vegetables & fruits nutritional cont... View More

Preclinical Laboratory, Contract Research Oranization CRO needed for Influenza vaccine proof-of-concept studies. Peptide immunizations in HLA-transgen... View More

Biological biocide manufacturer needs microbioogy and genetics laboratory for biocide testing. In the production range we have three biological insect... View More

USA Analytical chemistry sensory laboratory needd for reverse engineering of a human biologic scent and felt that we have to analyze the sample, rever... View More

USA nutraceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for dietary supplement testing for melamine, alcohol, hormones and illegal substances in spor... View More

US Biochemistry laboratory needed for research: Liposome formulations for research peptides" View More

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO experienced in expression and refolding of recombinant proteins. We have expressed our fusion protei... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for peptide testing: Deactivation Studies on Peptides: put varying amounts of peptides in 10ml of ebiocide and see if ... View More

FDA GLP Bioanalytical laboratory for TKN and Western Blot Testing of a Natural Bone Grafting Material 1. Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) Test - Organic cont... View More

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for in vivo radiotherapy testing. Radio label proteins, grow luciferase expressing 4T1 or MDK-321... View More

USA Bioanalytical laboratory needed for frozen Cerebrospinal Fluid testing of (CSF) samples for a determination of their blood/plasma contamination, ... View More

California bioanalytical laboratory needed for Karl Fisher testing on lyophilized recombinant proteins. View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP analysis: Optical rotation of 2 water- soluble peptides View More

Melbourne, Australia USP Microbiology Laboratory needed to analyze 3 preparations of our materials for microbial contamination and ensure that the sai... View More

FDA GLP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for testing a new color additive for AMDE, Short Term Toxicity in Rodents, Short Term Geneti... View More

USA Analytical Food Laboratory needed for testing glycomacropeptides by HPLC quantification and testing level of propylene glycol in food products. View More

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for full compositional analysis of cell walls of a marine, green microalgae. Need specific polysaccharides, glyco... View More

USA GMP/GLP Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing Human Papillomavirus (HPV-6, 11, 16, and/or 18). We are specifically interested in quantitative... View More

USA GLP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for simulated gastric fluid digestibility on semi-purified proteins. View More

USA/Canada Microbiology Laboratory needed for Functional testing (efficacy) of a new soap product for a client company. Enzymatic formula is designed ... View More

USA FDA GLP, GMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed to determine sterility and viral incativation and toxicology tox/degs on human plasma proteins and f... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for eutectic point testing determined for aqueous solutions of proteins and salt View More

USA Clinical Serology Laboratory needed for whole blood clotting testing and plasma clotting test to examine the pro-thrombotic activity of biocompati... View More

Ontario, Canada Bioanalytical Laboratory required for biochemical characterization or Western blot for specific proteins View More

Product Safety Laboratory required for testing Costmetic Products for human safety and efficacy testing; synthetic peptides - alone and in concert wi... View More

Canada food laboratory needed to verify that there are no peanut / nut proteins in the batters of baked goods. View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for analysis of biomass % H¬2O
b. % glucans
c. % xylans
d. % total lignin (differentiation of ASL and ISL, specific... View More

Large Pharmaceutical Mfg needs FDA, GLP, GMP analytical chemistry laboratory for all testing that is required for exploratory through Ph III clinical ... View More

Germany Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for HPLC analysis of protein(thaumatin)to determine the thaumatin content and other impurities and proteins, i... View More

USA Biomedical laboratory needed for quantitation testing of several very short peptides (from 4-9 aa) in human plasma at a very low detection level ~... View More

Bioanalytical labs needed for affinity separation & identification (sequence) of oligo-peptides.

We provide

1., a Target Oligopeptide Pool (TOP... View More

Texas Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing isoelectric points for gelatin and pea proteins View More

Eastern USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for determination of fluoresence labeled peptides from cell culture at pM level View More

India GLP Analytical Chemistry Lab needed for 2D NMR NOESY Testing for proving biosimiliarity of proteins View More

We are looking for a lab in Europe able to quantitatively analyse:
- Yeast beta-glucans
- Chitin
- Mannoproteins View More

Analytical Chemistry CRO for needed for preformulation studies for small molecules and peptides.
Specifically, I would like them to be an expert in... View More

Asia GLP Bioanalytical lab needed to identify sequencing of C-terminus of proteins. View More

India lab with FDA certification needed to determine the C terminal sequence of proteins, CD Spectra of proteins. View More

Californian lab to do bioanalytical/nutritional full-spectrum analysis of animal tissue including amino acid composition, proteins, and cartilage co... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for testing small peptides known as casomorphins: 5- 7 amino acid peptides by mass spece.g., Beta casomorphin-7 = Try... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for Non-GLP and GLP Quantification of endotoxin (LPS)levels in samples of purified proteins View More

Food toxicology lab needed for toxicological testing for food supplement that contains amino acids and short polypeptides. View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for isoelectric focusing of Proteins and Antibodies View More

Biotechnology Toxicology laboratory needed to test ADCC (antigen-dependent cytotoxicity) and complement-dependent lymphocytotoxicity (CDC) for 3 recom... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed to perform a screening assay testing which proteins and mRNAs shows increased expression after exposure to our compoun... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for detection of the osmotic pressure (e.g. measured against water) for six samples. Sample solutions consists ... View More

Biotechnology laboratory needed for the following:

Construction and screening of partially random (15, site specific randomization in 45 nucleotide... View More

Analytical chemistry lab needed to perform the bacterial fermentation for 100 litres to obtain the recombinant proteins View More

Clinical cell biologoy laboratory needed for SDS-PAGE & western blot testing of human tumor cells including separating into cytosolic and membrane por... View More

GMP / GLP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for LC-ESI/APCI/MS/MS testing of Unknown Proteins View More

Pharmaceuticals Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory needed for Intravenous acute toxicology Testing. We are preparing to submit recombinant therapeutic ... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for amino acid analysis testing of proteins/peptides at levels ranging from 0.20 to 100.00 pmol/uL. For the evaluatio... View More

Non-GMP Proteomics Laboratory needed for GLP Capillary zone electrophoresis testing of peptides. Method and conditions provided. View More

Proteomics laboratory needed in vitro bioassay testing for Recombinant protein with the capability of conducting receptor binding / cell proliferati... View More

GLP Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of Whey Protein microfractions:
β-lactoglobulin ... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed to quantify proteins or cells absorbed on the surface of our device, here we coated some of our device with a polymer ... View More

Genetics laboratory needed for DNA in-vitro manipulation of tering the behavior of a DNA molecule to enhance the expression of the therapeutic polypep... View More

FDA ISO Microbiology laboratory needed for testing proteins, metals , viscosity, gel strength, and different types of bacteria View More

Genetics laboratory needed for real-time PCR Residual DNA testing estimation in our recombinant therapeutic proteins. I would like to know if you use ... View More

Electroscopy and Microscopy laboratory needed for Electron microscopy (EM) to analyze for cellular locatilization of several key proteins in mouse bra... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for ELISA testing for a variety of proteins including IL-8, TGF-alpha, MCP-1, MIP-1-alpha, adiponectin, and CCR1. Proj... View More

Biotechnology company needs FDA GMP, GLP bioanalytical and immunology laboratory for testing in-vitro diagnostic antigens and proteins CRP, Cancer & T... View More

Pharmaceuticals manufacturer needs laboratory for Bioanalysis using RIA (Radio Immuno Assay) for detection of peptides in plasma View More

Sequencing of peptides
Circular dichroism
differential scanning calorimetry for european pharmaceuticals genomics company View More

differential scanning calorimtry, dc, sequencing proteins View More

protein & polypeptides testing in beer View More

Gluten testing with a high sensitivity method that will be able to detect less than 20ppm of gluten and is specific to gliadin and does not react to c... View More

Identification of Bioactive Peptides by High Resolution Liquid Chromatography-ElectroSpray Mass Spectrometry, and identification of other molecules in... View More