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identification Laboratory Testing Requests

Below are some examples of the most recent incoming identification Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for identification laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their identification Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Olth-2 A Ethoxylated Alcohol Certificate of Analysis by USP Methods

Large Pharma Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for Certificate of Anal... (view details)

Fragrance Oil Identification in Fragrance Oil Blend

USA Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for fragrance oil identification... (view details)

JSQI Monograph Testing of Multiple Raw Materials

USA Pharmaceutical Labor... (view details)

Fossil Dating, Identification and Certification

Archaeology Laboratory needed for fossils dating, identification and certi... (view details)

Rock Identification (white jade, jadite,nephrite)

NORTH AMERICAN LABORATORY Canada Company needs North American Geology Labor... (view details)

Packaging CSA Gouge Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed to prepare a quote for gouge testing per the la... (view details)

Heparin Sodium USP Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for the following Heparin Sodium USP test... (view details)

Wood Floor Identification Determination

Contract Laboratory needed for wood floor testing for identification of wo... (view details)

Mineral and Crystals Specimen Identification

Small Shop specializing in various minerals, specimens,... (view details)

Mentholated Ointment Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for the following Menthol... (view details)

Galvanized Sheet Metal Contaminant Identification Testing

USA Contract Laboratory needed for contaminant identification testing to ga... (view details)

Dried Herbal Leaves Identification

Botany Laboratory needed for identification of different dried ... (view details)

FDA Corn Oil Triglycerides HPLC Analysis

Veterinary Medicine Company needs US FDA Compliant Laboratory needed for ra... (view details)

Paint Type Identification and Water Vapor Transfer Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for identification testing of a paint type and... (view details)

Wireless Mobile Phone Charger Fault Identification Testing

Australia Independent Electrical Laboratory needed fo... (view details)

Insect Identification (3 Specimens)

Environmental Laboratory needed for identification of 3 insect specimens in... (view details)

Natural Vinegars Microbiology Testing (Riboprinter Analysis, Repeat PCR)

Manufacturer needs Fo... (view details)

Kimberlite Ore Identification Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for kimberlite ore identification testing. (view details)

Metal Parts Chemical Composition and Alloy Identification (2 Parts)


USA Metallurgical Laboratory needed... (view details)

Dyes Identification and Quantitative Analysis

Contract Laboratory needed for both identification and quantitative analysi... (view details)

Veterinary Medicine Pills Ingredient Identification Testing

Canada Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory ne... (view details)

Precious Metals Testing


Metallurgical Laboratory needed for precious metals identific... (view details)

Rocks, Minerals and Gemstone Identification and Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for identification and testing of an ... (view details)

Hot Chili Pepper Identification and Heat Scale Rating

Agriculture Laboratory needed for hot chili pepper identification and Scovi... (view details)

Honey Identification Testing

Beekeeper needs Agriculture Laboratory for identification of honey to ensur... (view details)

Sedimentary Rock Examination and Identification

Geology Laboratory needed for examination and identification of sedimentary... (view details)

Crushed Rock Metal Identification Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for metal identification in crushed rock heavies.... (view details)

EPA Certificate of Analysis Testing of Antiviral Solution

EPA Certified Environmental Laboratory needed for Certificate of analysis ... (view details)

Aquamarine and Aragonite Testing

USA Geology Laboratory needed for for performing the following tests on aqu... (view details)

DNA Identification of Mushroom Species

LONG-TERM TESTING Genetics Laboratory needed for periodic (10-20 times a ye... (view details)

Bullet Metal Identification Testing

Licensed NY Contract Metallurgical Laboratory needed for metal identificati... (view details)

Medicinal Compound Extract Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for testing medicinal compound extract testing ... (view details)

Flavored Smoked Almonds Testing

Food company needs flavored smoked almonds.testing for spice identification... (view details)

Plastic Identification Testing

Polymer Laboratory needed for identification of plastic used in some of the... (view details)

Dental Mouth Guard Odor Identification

North America Materials Laboratory needed for testing dental mouth guard de... (view details)

Tooth Filling Metal Identification

INDIVIDUAL Metallurgical Laboratory needed for identification of tiny piec... (view details)

Contract Method Validation and Analytical Testing (API and Finished Product)

USA FDA Registered Laboratory needed for contract method validation and ana... (view details)

Pill Ingredient Identification Testing

LEGAL Law Firm needs Pharmaceutical Analytical Laboratory to test a pill fo... (view details)

Herb Identification Testing

Food Laboratory needed for identification testing of 11 herbs as below. Ple... (view details)

RFQ USA Pharmaceutical Lab Testing

Large Pharma needs USA Pharmaceutical Laboratory for identification, microb... (view details)

Cosmetics Reverse Engineering

Company needs Cosmetics Laboratory for reverse engineering on unknown fragr... (view details)

Pathogen ID from Perkinsus sp. parasite in mollusks

Microbiology Laboratory needed for identification testing of a pathogen/ba... (view details)

Kratom Powder Natural Herb Mix Testing

Beverage Company needs Laboratory for kratom powder natural herb mix testin... (view details)

Boot Materials Identification (Leather and Rubber)

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for boot testing for identification of ... (view details)

Laboratory Plastic Identification Evaluation

Polymer Laboratory needed for plastic identification evaluation as either P... (view details)

Clinical Nasal Fungal Cultures with ID

Clinical Laboratory needed for fungal culture, nasal, evaluation with ident... (view details)

Catuaba Species Confirmation Testing

Health Canada Contract Laboratory needed for Catuaba samples identificatio... (view details)

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