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Featured Filters and Filtration Laboratory Test Requests

Below are some featured Filters and Filtration Laboratory Test Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Filters and Filtration laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Filters and Filtration lab testing and Filters and Filtration scientific research projects.

NSF P231 Water Purifier Claims Testing

URGENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for NSF Water Purifier Simulated Claims testing to NSF Protocol P231: Microbiological Water Purifiers View More

Water Filter Virus and Bacteria Removal

URGENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for R&D testing for a water filter device for virus and bacteria removal from water.. View More

Copper Sulphate Based Product OECD Toxicity Studies

Toxicology Laboratory needed for OECD Toxicity Studies of 5% copper sulphate pentahydrate based aqueous product to the following

OECD TG 492 RhCE ... View More

Air Purifier Antiiviral Testing

Air purifier manufacturer needs Microbiology Laboratory for anti-viral testing of air purifier against H5N1_Influenza A subtype / H7N9_Avian Influena... View More

ASHRAE VOC Air Purification Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE VOC removal efficiency of air purification equipment to the following testing methods: Testing methods: ASHRAE... View More

AHAM ACI CADR Dust Challenge Testing

START-UP Air filtration company needs Laboratory for AHAM AC1 CADR Dust challenge testing View More

KEBS Standard Filter Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for filter testing as per KEBS Standards View More

Depth Filter Analysis

Third-Party Laboratory needed for lab analysis of depth filters (filter media) which contains resin according to 21CFR 177.2260 Filters, resin-bonded ... View More

ASHRAE Activated Carbon Filter Media Efficiency

Reputable USA Industrial Testing Facility needed to measure activated carbon filter media efficiency according to Ashrae 145-1 View More

Eco-Friendly Shower Filter

Green company needs laboratory for all required testing on eco-friendly shower filter for sale to the US including whether it is compatible with relat... View More

Filter Media Collection Efficiency

Laboratory needed for filter media collection efficiency by using PAO. DOP is currently used for Collection Efficiency testing to using PAO and firm ... View More

ASHRAE H2S Removal Efficiency

Air Purification Company needs Industry Laboratory for ASHRAE H2S removal efficiency to ASHRAE 145.2 Laboratory Test Method for Assessing the Performa... View More

Benchtop Filtration Research Study

Laboratory needed for performing the following bench top filtration research study:

Step 1 - Filter
Step 2 - PH adjust result of 1
Step 3 - Centr... View More

Air Filter Burst Testing

Asia Mechanical Laboratory needed for burst testing of Air filters used in gas turbines View More

ASHRAE Air Cleaning System

Environmental Laboratory needed for hydrogen sulphide removal capacity of impregnated granular media to ASHRAE 145.1 Laboratory Test Method for Assess... View More

ASHRAE HVAC Filter Evaluation

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE of t air filter as per ASHRAE 52.2 Standard, Testing for HVAC Air Filtration. View More

NSF / ANSI Water Purifier and Filtration

Laboratory needed for NSF / ANSI testing of water purifier and filter according to
NSF/ANSI 177 standard Shower filtration systems Aesthetic effects... View More

ASHRAE 145.2

Third-Party Laboratory needed for ASHRAE testing of carbon grid block/ honeycomb filter 594x594x95mm to be tested with toluene, H2S and SO2. ASHRAE 14... View More

Ashrae 52.2 Testing of Electrostatic Filter

Performance Laboratory needed for ASHRAE efficiency testing of elecctrostatic filters to Ashrae 52.2 Method of Testing General Ventilation Air-Cleani... View More

URGENT Large Industrial Machinery Company needs Materials Laboratory for impact, failure analysis and identification of the cause of filtration liquid... View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE fuel filter performance testing per SAE1985/SAEJ905, Fuel Filter Test Methods View More

Large Manufacturer needs Laboratory for SAE testing of fuel gasket material tested per SAE J2659 to see if it qualifies as a low permeation material p... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for the following analyses in cigarette filter material:

Citrate analysis
Determination of Diethylene glyco... View More

Laboratory needed for water treatment equipment testing to NSF/ANSI 419 testing of ultrafiltration membrane module View More

Laboratory needed for VBI filter porosity testing to The Association of German Engineers Standard
VDI 3926 PART 1 . 2004 Evaluation of filter media ... View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for ISO pre-compliance filter testing on medical ventilation module in accordance with ISO 23328-1:2008 standard, Bre... View More

Virology laboratory needed for virus transfer study of medical device membrane blood filter. View More

URGENT TESTING Performance laboratory needed for ASHRAE testing of air filter to ASHRAE Standard 52.1-1992,Gravimetric and Dust-Spot Procedures for Te... View More

Automotive parts manufacturers needs laboratory for accelerated againg of test oil sa including GC-MS headspace and GC-MS direct injection (after dilu... View More

ISO mechanical automotive laboratory needed for IEC 17067 and SAE J 1401 tests of hydraulic brake hoses

View More

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP testing of activated carbon. View More

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE testing of refrigerant hose assemblies to SAE J2064 standard (Refrigerant Automotive Air-Conditioned Hose) View More

Automotive parts company needs physical materials laboratory for ASTM flammability testing to ASTM D6668 - 01(2016) Standard Test Method for Discrimin... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for ongoing and yearly proof testing of various hose assemblies to IAW SAE J2064 using an inert gas and cleanlines... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE J905 Sections 3 through 7 (Resistance to flow, contamination collection, release of contamination from filter int... View More

URGENT. ASTM aviation laboratory needed for cleanliness testing via ASTM D4898 using a 0.8 micron filter meeting MIL-PRF-17331K specifications. View More

Research laboratory needed for optimization study on ozonators used for water treatment to define the optimal ozone amount for treatment of customer's... View More

Mechanical laboratory needed for ISO performance & filter certification testing of internal combustion engines and compressors to ISO 5011:2014 stand... View More

Pressure drop & CFM airflow testing on new line of HVAC cold air returns we are manufacturing. View More

Major beverage production facility needs ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Standard testing completed on air filters used in the building to determine current Minimum ... View More

Large company needs laboratory for Filtration device testing including bubble points and flow rate View More

Physical Laboratory needed for FDA Testing of new portable water filtration device with ceramic filter ,ion exchange resin , carbon fiber , nano clust... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING: Third-party consumer product laboratory needed for cooking oil filter performance testing. Requires food to be fried, oil filtered ... View More

NABL approved laboratory for millipore cleanliness test for filterable residual contaminate weight View More

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiological analysis:for validation the bacteriostatic properties of filters using microbiological test a... View More

Contract Laboratory needed for evaluation of the efficiency of air filtration media at adsorbing common gas phase pollutants. We are particularly inte... View More

Test Laboratory needed to perform filtration efficiency and pressure drop analysis on developmental media coupons. We prefer that a TSI 8130 be used f... View More

Europe filter company needs test laboratory to perform turbidity reduction and contaminat retained mass on our sand filter. Our sand finter in very s... View More