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Contract Laboratory has received the following resins Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These resins Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their resins Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a resins Laboratory, please Submit a resins Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Automotive Standard Resin Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for polymer grades (resins) testing to multiple Automotive Standards ( Toyota, Nissan, Honda and BMW) including

Toyota... View More

Automotive Thermoplatic Pellet Testing

Polypropylene manufacturer needs Automotive Laboratory for testing thermoplastic pellets to automotive standards from Toyota, Nissan, Honda and BMW in... View More

Phenolic Resin Testing

OPEN TO LOCATION India Chemical Company needs Materials Laboratory for testing for a Phenol resin project where they need to analyse Flow Distance, Ge... View More

ASTM Encapsulation Resins and Conformal Coatings

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM E595 testing for encapsulation resins and conformal coatings. Please provide one set price per product and anoth... View More

Phenolic Resin Testing

India NABL Materials Laboratory needed for materials analysis on 10 types of phenolic resins. View More

ASTM Encapsulation Resin and Conformal Coatings Testing

Materials Laboratories needed to provide with some quotes for ASTM E595 testing on 1, 5, and 10 encapsulation resins and conformal coatings.

View More

Plastic Parts Resin Confirmation

BUDGET APPROVED Medical Device Company needs Materials Laboratory resin confirmatory testing of the parts used in 2 plastic disposable infusion sets... View More

PolyEthylene Terephthalate PET Intrinsic Viscosity

Polymer Laboratory needed for Intrinsic Viscosity IV testing of PolyEthylene Terephthalate PET resin material. View More

Resin Melt Flow Index

Automotive Parts Supplier needs Materials Laboratory for Melt Flow Index analysis of a resins used in a plastic automotive part by Melt Flow Analyzer... View More

Resin IEC testing

Industrial Laboratory needed to perform the following IEC tests on resins:
Relative permittivity, 1 Hz and 100 Hz (IEC 60250) ... View More

Ion Exchange Resin Testing

FDA Registered, GMP Laboratory needed to carry out testing on ion exchange resins.(TOC extraction) to show compliance to US Code of Federal Regulati... View More

Resin Liquid Flashpoint Determination

Accredited Polymer Laboratory needed to conduct flash point testing for a resin liquid material. View More

Quote for 3 Resin Comparison Studies

Plastics Laboratory needed for conducting comparison studies on 3 different resins we currently purchase against three that we would like to possibly ... View More

Glycol Refractive Index

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Refractive Index Testing performed on a a hydantoin glycol used as a resin cross linker used in coatings and poly... View More

The Effects of Moisture on 3D Printing

Polymer Laboratory needed for conducting study on how moisture can affect the 3D printing process and/or mechanical process of photo-active resins. Mo... View More

ISO 17025 Accredited Toxicology Laboratory needed for biodegradability and toxicity testing of biodegradable plastic to validate biodegradability and ... View More

Organic geochemical laboratory needed to analyse oil sand for its bitumen content, saturate, aromatics, resins and asphaltenes content (using SARA ana... View More

Organic geochemical laboratory needed to analyse oil sand for its bitumen content, saturate, aromatics, resins and asphaltenes content (using SARA ana... View More

Construction laboratory needed for environmental simulation / accelerated weathering testing of Exterior Grade High Pressure Laminates HPL as per EN-... View More

Materials laboratory needed for determination of optical transmission characteristics of red plastic lens resin used in laser receiver products. Th... View More

Materials / Polymer laboratory need for analytical chemistry testing: optical polarimetry for chirality of two separate bisphenol A (BPA) epoxy resin... View More

Biomedical company needs biomaterials laboratory for ISO Testing of resins cements to ISO 5833:2002 specifications, Implants for surgery -- Acrylic r... View More

Laboratory needed for phthalates analysis on plastics packaging made of polypropylene resins.

View More

Polymer laboratory needed to provide quotation for analysis of polypropylene resins intended for shelf life studies. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for ASTM Testing and testing to norm MS211-47 Type A2 (KIA/HIUNDAI):
ASTM D792, Standard Test Methods for Density and S... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to strip xylene and mineral spirits from functional fluoropolymer resins for coatings, then process the resulti... View More

Coatings Company needs polymer lab that can test National Fire Protection Association NFPA via ASTM D6668. Standard Test Method for Discrimination B... View More

India polymer laboratory needed for ASTM Testing and BIS Testing: Epoxy Testing of more than 200+ samples to be tested of epoxy components. having res... View More

Asia laboratory needed seawater immersion testing corrosion tests for various materials (resins and metals) and for composite modules of offshore loca... View More

Plastics Laboratory needed for plastics testing: Size Exclusion Chromatography Service needed. Quotation on a per sample basis. Phenolic Resins, mol... View More

South Africa Food Laboratory needed for Food Chemical Testing for Colour value (ICU) for Paprika Oleoresins View More

USA FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Chemical analysis to identify the components/properties of the resins.
Note: We would like to ... View More

Asia analytical chemistry laboratory needed for resin testing for chemical breakdown of resins from fruit nuts (Scientific name: CANARIUM OVATUM ). Or... View More

Middle East Materials Laboratory needed for analysis for Cation and Anion resins. Kindly send the details of required quantity and other details with ... View More

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for foood contact surface testing ussing surrogate testing procedures in FDA's Recycled Plastics-Chemistry Consideratio... View More

USA Non GLP Analytical Chemistry Food Laboratory needed for testing 21 CFR 175.300 for resins -three samples of polyethylene pellets (food contact) View More

UAE Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for testing condensate (Oil & Gas) for:
1.Wax Appearance Temperature Test(WAT)

2.Saturates Aromatics ... View More

ISO 17025 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to conduct analyses for chemical substances. In the framework of the REACH legislation we need to ana... View More

FDA GMP Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for LC-MS analysis of tocopherols and resins additives extracted from polymer food contact layer f... View More

Materials laboratory needed for analysis: EN 12192-1 Products And Systems For The Protection And Repair Of Concrete Structures - Granulometry Analysis... View More

Eastern USA Materials Laboratory needed for rheology testing for viscosity as a function of shear rate, at temperatures of 40, 80 and 120 F, of about ... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing to determine Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) data on polypropylene resins View More

Electical Lab needed for determining the Dielectric constant and loss tangent for Ceramic powders and polymer resins at 6.8 MHz View More

ANalytical Chemistry Lab needed to measure the solubility of a chemical compound containing Rubidium in one of our UV curable resins. This is for pat... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for sub ppm sulphur in resins View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to undertake gel permeation chromatography measurements on polymer resins (typically Nylon 12 or Pebax pellets)... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for gas testing in compact fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, as well as their approximate mass balance.... View More

Analytical Chemistry needed for to reverse engineering of a polyol resin blend (formula) that is used as the resin side to a 2 component polyurethane... View More

Mechanical laboratory needed to confirm that two resins are equivalent in Mechanical and Chemical Poperties. Information may be used for FDA submissio... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for anti-microbial effectiveness testing and compatability of an anti-microbial compound in various resins. View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed HPLC and FTIR testing of epoxy resins. View More

FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Raw material testing of resins ussing chromatography per manufacturer methods, Sephadex LH-20 and C... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for testing 2 liquid hybrid polyester resins to assure that they are identical. View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for deformulation testing of 2 polyester resins (liquids). View More

ASTM or ISO laboratory needed for testing sulfuric acid solution viscosity measured on about 5 reinforced nylon resins. This would involve dissolvin... View More

Analytical laboratory needed for testing to determine concentration of cesium in ion exchange resins and solutions View More

specific migration test for exgress of acrolein from Naphthalate polyester resins (PTN) produced using 1,3 propane diol View More

Crude oil condensates for saturated hydrocarbons, aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes. Must be familiar with the Iatroscan (TLF-FID) instrumental met... View More