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Contract Laboratory has received the following composites Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These composites Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their composites Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a composites Laboratory, please Submit a composites Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) ASME Testing

Two Materials Laboratories (one in Texas and one East Coast) needed for Request for Proposal on ASME testing for fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) b... View More

Composite Leaf Spring Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Large Composites Manufacturer looking to forge a partnership with a certified laboratory that can give timely results on composite l... View More

ASTM Radiant Barrier Laminates Testing

India Construction Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of radiant barrier laminates and film for Emissivity/Refictivity as per ASTM standard... View More

Furnishings PET Laminate Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for PET Laminate testing for UL94 certification (ASTM E85), and NFPA-286, for use in decorative furnishings and wall cove... View More

Composite Panel and Polyester Fiber Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for three tests on composite panels and it's polyester fiber including:

1. Thermal insulation with Aluminium foil - The... View More

Metal Glue Adhesion

Materials Laboratory needed for testing the adhesion of a glue to ABS to ABS and ABS to Metal Clips including Clip Pull test, and Lap Shear Testing a... View More

Thermoset Nanocomposite Synthesis and Characterization

Nanotechnology laboratory needed for synthesis and characterization of new thermoset nanocomposites based on polymer and montmorillonite clay to be u... View More

Foam Environmental Simulation and Packaging Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for environmental simulation and packaging testing of new foam composite packaging materials made from wood and nanocel... View More

Contaminate Failure Analysis

URGENT Large Corporation needs Industrial Forensics Laboratory for failure analysis and identification of contaminate affecting composites part qualit... View More

Cleavage Testing of Bonded Joints

Industrial Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Cleavage testing of composite materials to ASTM D5041, Standard Test Method for Fracture Strength in C... View More

Polymer Composite Sheet Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials Laboratory needed for acoustics properties and sound absorption evaluation of polymer composite sheets of size (250 mm X ... View More

Biodegradability of Biomaterial Composites

Laboratory needed for ASTM seawater biodegradability testing of biomaterial composites to determine if the materials degrade in marine water to ASTM ... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for ASTM thermal conductivity testing of epoxy polymer matrix composites View More

Physical Laboratory needed for nut chipping testing using SAE J400 equipment of non-wovens. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Aerospace company needs materials laboratory for testing new aircraft part including mechanical property testing for composites and ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM bench mark testing of acrylic caulks. Tests needed include
Application Rate v2 ASTM C1183
Boeing Flow ASTM D22... View More

Construction materials laboratory needed for properties testing of a resin/cement blend for oilfield use including compressive strength (MPa), flexura... View More

URGENT Physical laboratory needed for ASTM composite testing to test method of ASTM E 756: Vibration Dampening Testing

The testing sample will be ... View More

University research scientist needs materials laboratory for thermal conductivity testing of composites across varying temperature ranges. View More

University researcher needs acoustics laboratory for sound absorptivity testing and thermal conductivity testing of a composite material. View More

Medical device / materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of personal protective equipment / gloves to ASTMF2878-10 (Needle Stick Test) View More

Large corporation needs materials laboratory for ASTM slip resistance testing of polymer and acrylic prototype bathroom tiles to ASTM 462, Standard Co... View More

Construction laboratory needed for materials and toxicity testing of naval thermal insulation testing to various standards including: NCD 1427 : SPECI... View More

LONG TERM TESTING Plastics laboratory needed for chemical composition analysis for nitrogen content (should be theoretical N~1500 ppm) in 3 plastic pe... View More

Composite materials laboratory needed for ASTM D1781 standard test method for climbing drum peel for adhesives or DIN 53295 testing of sandwiches; pee... View More

ASTM materials laboratory needed for total mass loss and collected volatile condensable materials from outgassing in a vacuum environment testing of u... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of freestanding 50um plastic films for yellow index ASTM E313 or equivalent and index of refraction ASTM ... View More

Materials (textiles) laboratory needed for protective clothing testing to check the cut resistance of protective textiles to ASTM 2992 or F1790 using ... View More

Construction company needs materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of insulation material to ASTM C1371 Standard Test Method for Determination o... View More

Healthcare company needs materials laboratory for failure investigation for durability and performance testing of vinyl flooring that is wearing. View More

ASTM composite laboratory needed for fatigue testing of rods with S-N curve analysis.
View More

Physical Laboratory needed exterior grade laminate testing for UV resistance View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of composite construction materials to astm e 84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristic... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Processed woodcore Panel Board assemblies (using core material such as MDF / Particle Boards, Laminate... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Packaging Laboratory needed for packaging testing of In flexible packing materials like double laminated , triple laminated & other ... View More

Construction materials company needs toxicology laboratory for toxicity and carcinogenicity testing of High pressure laminated sheet View More

Accredited laboratory needed for electrical paperboard testing for compliance for type B3.1A of IEC 60641-3, Standard | Pressboard and presspaper for... View More

Laboratory needed for failure analysis on metal composite delamination problem During the production,Test result of adhesion is ok but after 2,3 weeks... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large corporation needs microbiology laboratory for Measuring Anti-Algae and Antibacterial efficacy of plastics composites compound. View More

Materials Laboratory needed to Measure 3D surface profile of a very smooth service with Wyko Optical Interferometer View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial testing of High pressure laminates samples View More

Materials Laboratory needed for materials characterization testing of solid surface acrylic / polyester resin based composite material used in manufa... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for peel testing of non-woven, laminated material View More

Geology laboratory needed for geophysical testing: Size, abrasive index, moisture content, bulk density, gradation

These tests need to be done on ... View More

Large consumer products company needs CPCB authorized materials laboratory for Plastic (Multi Layer Packaging) recyclability testing View More

Materials laboratory needed for physical testing of machine part that has Sulphuric Anodization on Aluminium that require following testing.

a. ... View More

Manaufacturer needs laboratory for hybrid composite testing with added carbon fibre and fly ash,though we require chemical composition of that hybrid ... View More

India Materials Laboratory needed to provide a quote of rates for testing shear strength Flatwise of Fabric base Phenolic sheet as per Bureau of Indi... View More

University Researcher needs India Physical Laboratory needed for Fracture toughness testing (K1c) for aluminium composite. View More

India Materials laboratory needed to provide quotation for astm e 84 testing charges of composite material View More

University researcher needs Materials Laboratory for polymer testing of newly synthesized 05/29/1 polymers of nanocomposites of acrylonitrile.Polymer... View More

Materials laboratory needed for materials testing of composite materials: Composite Samples: Aluminium matrix alumina reinforced composites Total comp... View More

Physical Laboratory for composite testing: moisture diffusion in fibre reinforced compositesfatigue test,creep test,salt spray test,humidity test on t... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Electrical conductivity testing of some polymer composites to be tested to ASTM D 257 (Electrical conducti... View More

USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, ISO Testing and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis for a number of mechanical tests. The tests would be a... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for polymer testing: thermal conductivity of polymer matrix composites and polymers? If so, 1. What kind of tests do you pe... View More

India Physical laboratory needed for high strain testing of metals, composites and ceramics in and around India. Could be South Africa, Australia, Sin... View More

Midwest USA needed for ASTM Testing, materials testing of several Carbon Fiber Composites coupons similar to ASTM D3039 and D2344 View More

Polymer Materials Laboratory needed for Gel Permeability Chromatography, Molecular Weight testing of polypropylene composites need to check the molecu... View More

China Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for formulation and standard testing on a novel hardener for epoxy composites. View More

UK Physical Laboratory needed for Rub testing, Blue Wool Scale testing and testing for the ignitability of upholstered composites for seating. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for SACMA SRM 8R-94material strength properties testing: Short beam shear strength of orientated fiber-resin composites.
... View More

polymer characterization and composites analysis View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM micobial testing (ASTM G 21)to evaluate growth of fungi on Wood Fibre / High Density Polyurethane Composites i... View More

Physical laboratory needed for testing Polymeric Composites is Gas and Oil media; i.e. sweet crude, sour crude, brine, etc.. View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for testing to PSA Peugeot Citroen Specfication.
B65 2110. Supplies of Textiles and their Composites General Requirement... View More

West Coast USA Materials lab needed for surface imaging 100x-125x images of coins entire surface. Preferablly depth of field composites for each imag... View More

Physical laboratory needed for static load testing composites. Composites need to be tested as part at 15 psi measuring yeild and ultimate load View More