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Contract Laboratory has received the following emissions Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled! These emissions Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their emissions Laboratory Test and Scientific Research. If you need a emissions Laboratory, please Submit a emissions Laboratory Test Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

GMW Vehicle Interior Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for GMW Testing of Vehicle Interior Materials to GMW16853 COMPREHENSIVE STANDARD FOR OVERALL EMISSION TESTING OF INTERIOR... View More

SAE Gasoline Additive Testing

URGENT Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE testing service of a new additive for gasoline engine according to standard SAE-1321 using gasoline as bas... View More

SAE J2044 Life Cycle Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE life cycle testing of plastic fuel line connectors for the automotive industry according to SAE J2044 Quick Conne... View More

EPA Emissions Testing

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for emission testing as per USEPA methods 29, 26a and 23a View More

Large Manufacturer needs Laboratory for SAE testing of fuel gasket material tested per SAE J2659 to see if it qualifies as a low permeation material p... View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for emissions and crash testing of hybrid and electric car. Other testing maybe required as well. View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing to 2 IEC Standards: IEC 62132-2 Integrated circuits - Measurement of electromagnetic immunity - Part 2: M... View More

Oil laboratory needed for fuel additive testing for efficacy concerning lowering of Diesel Particulate Matter and other emissions such as NOX. We wo... View More


Laboratory needed for EPA fuel efficiency certification testing of truck and large engine as well as emissions testing with use of a liquid organic en... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE functional and validation testing of automotive quick couplings as per SAE J2044 , Quick Connect Coupling Specifi... View More

Consumer Products laboratory needed for incense sticks testing for smoke emission, etc. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for ASTM physical, mechanical, and accelerated aging testing of polymer auto parts to car manufacturers ... View More

Environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ISO & ASTM VOC emissions testing of window coating product to ASTM D5116 and ISO 16000-6 stan... View More

Construction company needs materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of insulation material to ASTM C1371 Standard Test Method for Determination o... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for ASTM D5500 (Standard Test Method for Vehicle Evaluation of Unleaded Automotive Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel for Intake ... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for LED light intensity and color testing on a steering wheel. View More

LARGE AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY needed for sealed house evaporative determination (SHED) testing for California air resources board (CARB) certification test... View More

Medical Device company needs materials laboratory for mirror testing for reflectivity in the spectra range 600 nm - 1100 nm. View More

Optical filter laboratory needed for transmissivity from UV testing through the visible spectrum of three filter glasses with the assumption two are b... View More

Materials laboratory needed for plastics testing for hazotoxin determination from burning plastics.
View More

Telecommunications laboratory needed to measure radiated efficiency of an antenna chamber equipped with network analyzer. View More

Lighting test laboratory in Germany & Mexico needed for airline cabin LED lighting testing for DO 160G compliance View More

Large aerospace company needs laboratory for SAE fuel system testing to 3 SAE Standards: SAE J2260, Non-metallic Fuel System Tubing with One or More L... View More

Need laboratory testing for VOC content in adhesive material to comply with SCAQMD rule #1168, shall be determined by USEPA'S Test Method 18, or Air R... View More

Laboratory needed for Cigar emission testing View More

Automotive Laboratory needed to conduct tests according to General Motors standards:
GMW: 3205 - Odor
, 3232-Flammability
, ... View More

Manufacturer a counter top material with recycled window glass and an epoxy resin binder needs physical laboratory for NSF / ANSI / ASTM Physical Prop... View More

Manufacturer needs laboratory for automotive interior emissions testing to
General Motors specifications to GMW16853 (overall interior emissions tes... View More

Pharmaceutical product safety and toxicology laboratory needed for product safety studies of electronic cigarette pharmaceutical, 1 x Electronic ciga... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA FTP Testing: Emissions Testing for FTP-75 EMISSIONS TESTING - ALTERNATIVE FUELS CD 10 to some catalytics
View More

USA Physical Radiochemistry Laboratory needed for radiation emissions testing from foam with Tourmalin View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for Emmissions Testing to VW 50180 includes:
- Condensable constituents according to Test Specification PV 3015 (FOGGING... View More

Fuel Laboratory needed for fuel testing of new product line with our customer base.Biodiesel 9000 testing and ASTM Testing: Fuel Quality Test, Fuel Ec... View More

Canada and USA Analytical Chemistry Laboraory needed for plastics/ rubber testing to ISO 13741-2:1998 (Plastics/rubber - Polymer dispersions and rubbe... View More

India or Asia Mechanical Laboratory needed for Mechanical Testing on Diesel engine: ESC, ETC and Durability on Transient Engine Dynamometer capable to... View More

China automotive, mechanical laboratory needed for ECE Testing, Motorcycle Testing to ECE R39,R40,R41,R78 Speedometer, emissions,noise, brakes on moto... View More

Italy and Switzerland analytical chemistry laboratory needed for regular testing of materials to assess Far Infrared emissions at body temp (38degree)... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for materials testing of cultured marble product for number of varied projects (ASTM D638, D2583, D696, G21, D570, E84, NE... View More

Southern California Electronics, Automotive Laboratory needed for testing electronic device that claims to increase MPG and reduce emissions. View More

USA West Coast Electronics Laboratory needed for circuit board testing and burn-in at temperature extremes -20C to +50C. ... View More

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of VOC emissions (species and levels) from flexible polyurethane foams as per ASTM D5116. View More

Singapore Automotive Materials Laboratory needed for performance & emissions testing with biodiesel fuel (EURO IV engine, static & road test). View More

EPA Laboratory needed to process fuel testing for treating fuels and fuel additives with a frequency-based technology, dramatically altering both perf... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing the emission to air of aromatic diisocyanates (during polymerisation and fibre production,measured ... View More

Turkey Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing the emission to air of aromatic diisocyanates during polymerisation and fibre production,
m... View More

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for testing in accordance to EPA Method number 24 ULTRA LOW EVAPORATIVE EMISSIONS View More

US laboratory (preferably Colorado), using proprietary device to process gasoline AND diesel, test for miles per gallon with untreated and then treate... View More

U.S. laboratory needed for ASTM or GLP emissions testing to determine auto-ignition temperatures for fragrance oils. View More

USA Physical Radiochemistry Laboratory needed for radiation emissions testing from foam with Tourmaline. View More

Canada Mechanical Laboratory needed for vehible baseline testing of diesel engine to record output power, emissions, etc...Our company is currently wo... View More

Utan and Idaho Electrical Laboratory needed for FCC Class A EMC Field/In-SituField testing of large outdoor electronic units View More

West Coast Automotive Laboratory needed for diesel truck engine efficiency, emissions testing, wind resistance. View More

USA Start-up, Biofuel Manufacturer needs Green Laboratory for testing Fuel Efficiency, Emissions Testing, Mileage Gain, Horse Power Loss or Gain,
Co... View More

Canada or USA EPA Petroleum laboratory needed for engine testing to determine chemicals effect on increasing mileage, increasing octane levels and red... View More

Oil and Petroleum laboratory needed for EPA testing to determine chemicals effect on increasing mileage, increasing octane levels and reducing emissio... View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for engine, emissions vehicles Testing: Raw, EGR, pre & post catalyst, or diluted exhaust Bench for testing under Diesel ... View More

American lab to test construction of solid bamboo flooring, tongue & grooved planks. Looking for the following testing:
Hardness ASTM D 1037 Janka B... View More

US electrical lab needed for ANSI Pre Cert engineering evaluation testing of a Watthour Meter to ANSI C12.20 Test 17 (Effects of High Voltage Line Sur... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for validation of energy achieved testing for Self-Sustaining Energy Process

Supplies needed:

- Hydrogen (gas)
- ... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for CISPR EMI testing of electronic marine engine monitoring system. View More

Mechanical laboratory needed for Carb Tier III evaporative emissions testing on motorcycle small engine application. Diurnal testing required for fuel... View More

Automotive laboratory need for Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Testing on patented fuel modifying device. We need testing to certify the device's effica... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for EPA VOC validation testing for Region 1 emissions performance reduction. The product for analysis is Reform... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for Electro magnetic compatibility survey testing. The survey environment includes the comms systems, microwave facilitie... View More

Environmental laboratory needed for stack emissions vapors testing for pesticides. View More

Environmental laboratory needed for stack emissions testing for pesticides View More

EPA Environmental laboratory needed for USEPA # 23 . CFR 40 testing dioxins and furans taken from gas emissions samples. We have the equipment to sam... View More

Analytical laboratory needed for testing Fuel additive to determine: %age mileage per gallon improvement, %age decrease in emissions, %age decrease i... View More

Physical materials laboratory needed for Airbus Directive ABD0031 toxic testing of carpets to know if they meet Airbus Directive ABD0031 (Smoke Toxic ... View More