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Aerospace, Aviation, and Aeronautical Laboratory Test Requests

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Featured Aerospace, Aviation, and Aeronautical Laboratory Test Requests

Below are some featured Aerospace, Aviation, and Aeronautical Laboratory Test Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Aerospace, Aviation, and Aeronautical laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Aerospace, Aviation, and Aeronautical lab testing and Aerospace, Aviation, and Aeronautical scientific research projects.

Aerospace Aircraft Product Testing

Aerospace Laboratory needed for performing 3 different ASM and Boeing Test Standard testing on 3 different cleaning products: : Aircraft Wash & Wax, P... View More

Cleaning Product Aquatic Biodegradation

Contract Laboratory needed for aquatic biodegradation testing of cleaning product to 40CFR796.3100 Aerobic aquatic biodegradation View More

Explosive Atmosphere

Aerospace Company needs Laboratory for Explosive Atmosphere RTCA/DO-160G testing for section 9 equipment View More

Aerospace ASTM Polyurethane Testing

Aerospace Company needs Polymer Laboratory for ASTM Polyurethane testing: ASTM D4274 Standard Test Methods for Testing Polyurethane Raw Materials: Det... View More

AIS 075 Anti-Theft Testing

India Automotive Laboratory needed for AIS Anti theft testing of keyset to AIS 075 Approval of Vehicles with regards to their protection against unaut... View More

Boeing and Airbus Surface Wipe Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Aerospace Laboratory needed for aircraft surface wipe testing according to AMS3819C Cloths, Cleaning For Aircraft Primary and Secondar... View More

Aerospace Adhesive Lifetime Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for lifetime testing of a new adhesive coating we are planning on using on an aerospace and defense application. View More

Aviation Fuel Coating Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for epoxy phenolic coating testing according to EI 1541 (Standard for aviation fuel coating) View More

Transportation Industry Glass Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Glass corporation needs a partnership with a large international laboratory for testing their glass used in the transportation secto... View More

Aerospace Trasmittance Measurement

Aerospace Company needs Optical Laboratory for Certification Transmittance measurement [300 to 3000 nm] of a 16 diameter optical window 1 nanometer sp... View More

Aerospace Turbine Blade Experiment Study

Aerospace Laboratory needed for performing an Research and Development experiment on aero-engine gas turbine blades

determine the composition, and... View More

Air Filter Burst Testing

Asia Mechanical Laboratory needed for burst testing of Air filters used in gas turbines View More

Aerospace Reflectance and Refractive Index

Large Engineering Company needs Laboratory for Aerospace Reflectance and Refractive Index Testing View More

Aerospace Wipers

Aerospace Laboratory needed for AMS and BMS Testing of aerospace wipers to AMS 3819C Cloths, Cleaning, for Aircraft Primary and Secondary Structural S... View More

FAA Flammability Testing

Aerospace company needed FAA accredited laboratory for FAR carpet tape testing for carpet holding application to FAR 25:853 Flammability Requirements ... View More

Aviation Carpet Testing

Aerospace laboratory needed for aviation (textiles) carpet testing to BSS 7313 Boeing Edge Binding Strength. View More

Airbus Leakage Current Testing

Electrical Laboratory that specializes in Airbus Testing needed for Leakage Current Testing as per X2520RP0504375 Issue 1 for Airbus. View More

ASTM Metal Peel Test

Aerospace Company needs Industrial Laboratory for ASTM testing: metal to metal climbing drum peel test to ASTM D1781 Standard Test Method for Climbing... View More

DER/FAA Aerospace Flame Test

Large corporation needs USA Industrial Laboratory with a DER/FAA certified Flame Chamber for Vertical Flame Test per 14 CFR ยง 25.853(a), Appendix F, p... View More

Explosive Residues

Aerospace company needs laboratory for testing for presence of explosive residue on a small plastic fragment 7 X 1 View More

Aerospace Laboratory needed for compliance testing of aviation grade wipes under the AMS3819C standard, Cloths, Cleaning, For Aircraft Primary and Sec... View More

Manufacturer needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for testing to determine the purity of beeswax. View More

Aerospace Laboratory needed for Ph.D research study on Aerospace Gas Turbine Blades . View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Aerospace company needs materials laboratory for testing new aircraft part including mechanical property testing for composites and ... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE J2297 or SAEJ2911 specification testing Fluorescent refrigerant leak detection for dyes. View More

Aerospace laboratory needed for one time first article testing on 3 edge lit panels that conform to SAE-AS-7788, Class 1W, Type VII. Testing of contr... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing of aerospace cleaner to AMS 3167, Solvents, Cleaning for Cleaning Prior to Application of Primer and Top Coat... View More

Aerospace laboratory needed for FAA fire testing of several products used in an aircraft engine compartment including:
- 1 type of firewall (fireproo... View More

Aerospace Laboratory needed for ASMT material testing for atomic oxygen to ASTM E2089 Ground Laboratory Atomic Oxygen Interaction Evaluation of Mater... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing to support expiration date extension for adhesive tapes used in aerospace industry View More

Airline needs aviation laboratory for MIL-STD testing of aviation oxygen to MIL-PRF-27210 Oxygen Aviator's Breathing Liquid Gas. View More

Oil and petroleum / microbiology laboratory needed for jet fuel (Jet A1) testing for microbial growth and presence of fungi. View More

Laboratory needed for SAE stability testing of fluorescent dyes as per SAE J2297, Ultraviolet Leak Detection: Stability and Compatibility Criteria of ... View More