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Contract Laboratory has received the following Adhesives, Glues, and Tapes Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Adhesives, Glues, and Tapes Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Adhesives, Glues, and Tapes Laboratory Test and Scientific Research. If you need a Adhesives, Glues, and Tapes Laboratory, please Submit a Adhesives, Glues, and Tapes Laboratory Test Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Tape Comparison Study

Materials Laboratory needed for adhesives comparison study testing for peel adhesion, temperature range for double coated tape for corrugated applicat... View More

Adhesive Acute Dermal Irritation Study

Toxicology Laboratory needed for Acute Dermal Irritation Study on a liquid adhesive according to 16 CFR 1500.41 Method of testing primary irritant su... View More

GMW Automotive Adhesive Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for automotive adhesive testing to GMW14573 Label specification testing. Automotive adhesive label testing. View More

ASTM Construction Materials Dry Wall Tape

Construction Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of dry wall tape for the following parameters
1. Peel test
2.Shear test
3.Tack test
4.Tensile t... View More

Adhesive Performance on Coated PSA Laminate

Independent Adhesives Test Laboratory needed for confirmation of results from the manufacturing lab for the adhesive performance of a production coate... View More

Heat Seal Lacquer Formulation Development

Industrial Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for formulation of a heat seal lacquer that would be used industrial production View More

ASTM Roofing Elastomeric Coating

Elastomeric Coating to ASTM D6083 Standard Specification for Liquid Applied Acrylic Coating Used in Roofing View More

Waterproof Medical Grade Adhesive Reformulation

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Laboratory needed for reformulation of a Medical Grade Adhesive to make it more waterproof while ensuring it is still safe on a... View More

Natural Rubber Molecular Weight

Materials Laboratory needed for natural rubber testing for it's molecular weight and molecular weight distribution.
View More

Study to Determine Effects of UV on Adhesive Tapes

Materials Laboratory needed for pH and UV longevity testing of adhesive tapes to confirm adhesive tapes longevity/resistance to long-term light exposu... View More

Mil-T-9906C Label Testing

I am looking for someone who can perform testing on labels for wire and fuel line markers to Mil-T-9906C MIL-T-9906C, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: TAPE, ID... View More

Failure Analysis of Adhesive

Materials Laboratory needed for failure analysis of construction materials adhesive that moisture has infiltrated compared to the same adhesive in id... View More

Medical Device Certificate of Friction

Laboratory needed for Certificate of Friction COF testing of a polymer medical adhesive product. Testing to be performed in a reciprocal movement (bac... View More

ASTM Metal Coating Adhesion to Metal

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM adhesion testing for metal coatings on a metal substrate to ASTM D4541, Standard Test Method for Pull-Off Strengt... View More

Aerosol Cans Packaging Testing

Manufacturer needs Packaging Laboratory for burst and leak testing of aerosol cans. View More

OECD Studies

Large Corporation needs Toxicology Laboratory for skin sensitization, skin irritation, eye irritation studies (preferably according to OECD guideline... View More

Packing Tape Testing

Physical Laboratory needed for biaxial oriented polypropylene (BOPP) tape testing View More

Adhesive Stability Studies

Materials Laboratory needed for stability studies of liquid adhesives View More

Adhesive Stability Studies

Industrial Laboratory needed for Stability Studies on adhesive to determine the shelf life on three levels:preservative stability, adhesive bond stabi... View More

PSTC Tape Adhesion Testing

Third-Party Materials Laboratory needed to test adhesion of tape to Pressure Sensitive Tape Council PSTC Standards: 180 peel to steel and 180 peel to... View More

ASTM Metal Peel Test

Aerospace Company needs Industrial Laboratory for ASTM testing: metal to metal climbing drum peel test to ASTM D1781 Standard Test Method for Climbing... View More

Cleavage Testing of Bonded Joints

Industrial Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Cleavage testing of composite materials to ASTM D5041, Standard Test Method for Fracture Strength in C... View More

VOC Testing

Large Corporation needed for VOC testing of cloth adhesive tape using Toyota Method TSM0508G or equivalent.

View More

Large Chemical Manufacturer needs Toxicology Laboratory for in vitro testing of adhesive for skin corrosivity to OCED 431 for potential dangerous goo... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for physical testing of VHB tapes for strength, durability, aging, and resistance to temperature View More

Materials Laboratory needed for physical properties testing of adhesive transparent tape used in mattresses including thickness of adhesive coating,co... View More

Large Manufacturer needs Materials Laboratory for forensic X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS to determine the of particle contamination in a produ... View More

Large Manufacturer needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM testing of viscous adhesives to ASTM D56, Standard Test Method for Flash Point by Tag Closed Cu... View More

USA Large Beverage Company needs Materials Laboratory for adhesive coat weight testing. Similar to ASTM F 2217 or FINAT Test Method 12 View More

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for testing kinesiology tape products. View More

Medical Device company needs materials laboratory for comparison of two adhesives to determine similarities and differences between the two such as ch... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing 5 - 6 different hot melt glue sticks for their viscosity, open time, cure time and other technical details th... View More

Construction laboratory needed to examine the bonding performance of an adhesive and PVC flooring product combination. View More

Polymer laboratory needed forGas chromatography mass spectrometry GC-MS analysis to determine the organic purity of 2-Octyl cyanoacrylate monomer us... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing to support expiration date extension for adhesive tapes used in aerospace industry View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for quarterly ASTM testing of tape for minimum peel strength of 60 oz/inch width when tested in accordan... View More

Materials laboratory needed for adhesive testing for bond strength of adhesive to metals View More

Packaging laboratory needed for ASTM testing to ASTM C868 Standard Test Method for Chemical Resistance of Protective Linings and ASTM D6677 Standard ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for IEC testing of adhesive tapes to IEC 60454 (pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for electrical purposes) including tensi... View More

Large corporation needs polymer laboratory needed for molecular weight distribution of natural rubber materials by light scattering detector and visco... View More

Materials laboratory needed for SAE Testing of adhesive tape to SAE-AMS-T-22085 Type II View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Adhesion tape testing for confirming Adhesiveness of tapes View More

Europe company needs materials laboratory for specialized military-use tape testing for reflective, effective- fluorescence, yellow color,fire resista... View More

UK Medical device company needs paper surgical adhesive tapes tested
View More

Large manufacturing company needs testing of Sealants (Silicone/PU/Acrylic) used in building and construction to comply with ASTM standards (ASTM C920... View More

ISO Accredited USA and European Biophysical Laboratory Needed for biomaterials testing of dental implant material: to ISO 14801- Dynamic fatigue test... View More

Biomedical company needs biomaterials laboratory for ISO Testing of resins cements to ISO 5833:2002 specifications, Implants for surgery -- Acrylic r... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for polyurea powder testing for residual formaldehyde:

View More

Laboratory needed for multiple testing on tape product
AAMA 713
AAMA 711
ASTM D412 ? Tensile Strength
ASTM D 1970 Water Penetration
AS... View More

Need laboratory testing for VOC content in adhesive material to comply with SCAQMD rule #1168, shall be determined by USEPA'S Test Method 18, or Air R... View More

Construction Buildings Materials company needed for ANSI or ISO adhesive testing to ANSI A118 or ISO 13007
Test adhesive tensile strength at normal ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for rheology testing of adhesive used in pharmaceuticals. Please provide quote. View More