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Contract Laboratory has received the following clinical research Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These clinical research Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their clinical research Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a clinical research Laboratory, please Submit a clinical research Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Detection in Scent Detection Dogs

Company that works with scent detection dogs would like to conduct a Resear... (view details)

CLIA / FDA GMP Clinical Testing

USA CLIA Clinical Laboratory that is in compliance with FDA GMP needed for ... (view details)

Oral Care Pharmaceutical Antibacterial and Antiviral Studies

Pharmaceutical Company needs Contract Research Organization for antimicrobi... (view details)

Non-GLP Ozone Microbicide Activity Against Coronavirus 229E Study

$20K BUDGET APPROVED Contract Research Organization needed for non-GLP aque... (view details)

Type A Influenza Viruses Immune Response Study

Contract Research Organization CRO needed for immune response to type A in... (view details)

BSL 1/2 Compliant Coronavirus In Vitro Infaction Research Study

Scientific Research Facility needs BSL 1/2 Compliant Contract Research Orga... (view details)

Pedestal Pavers Flexural Strength Research Study

Materials Laboratory needed to conduct a research study on the flexural st... (view details)

Urine Stoddard Solvent and Vinyl Toluene Testing

Canada or US Clinical Laboratory needed for analysis of human urine samples... (view details)

Laboratory Validation Soybean Carbohydrate HPLC Analysis

Research Laboratory needs Bioanalytical Laboratory with expertise in carboh... (view details)

Medical Device Biocompatiability Study

Medical Device Company needs Contract Research Organization CRO for biocomp... (view details)

Textile ISO Antiviral Activity Testing

Research Scientist needs Microbiology Laboratory for ISO antivirus testing ... (view details)

Phenibut in Human Urine

Clinical Laboratory needed for screening and confirmatory testing for Pheni... (view details)

FDA GMP Lentiviral Vector Study in HEK293T Cells

FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for lentiviral vector research stud... (view details)

Cosmetics Lip Gloss SPF Testing

FDA Registered Clinical Research Laboratory needed for SPF testing in lipg... (view details)

CLIA Certified Lab for Small Molecular Drugs in Sweat Detection

CLIA Certified Clinical Laboratory needed for detection of small molecule d... (view details)

In-Vitro Testing for Inhibition of H1N!

URGENT Preclinical Microbiology Laboratory to in-vitro testing for inhibiti... (view details)

Family Medicine Clinic Diagnostic Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Family medicine clinic wants to set up long-term lab ser... (view details)

Veterinary Dermatology Study

Contract Research Organization needed for veterinary dermatology study . I ... (view details)

Personal Lubrcant Condom Compatibility and Bioirritation Testing

Contract Research Organization CRO needed for personal lubricant condom com... (view details)

Cosmetics Products Dermatological Testing

Europe Clinical Research Laboratory needed for dermatological testing on co... (view details)

Sunscreen Water Resistance Testing

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for sunscreen testing for Water Resista... (view details)

Candy Consumer Research Tolerability and Sensitivity Study

10K BUDGET APPROVED: Candy company needs Food Consumer Panel Research Study... (view details)

SARS-CoV-19 Product Testing

Large Corporation needs Virology Research Laboratory for testing product ag... (view details)

Nanoparticle ICP-MS Copper Impurity Analysis

Research Scientist needs Contract Laboratory for ICP-MS analysis on nanopar... (view details)

Cosmetics Human Repeat Insult Patch Test

Manufacturer needs Clinical Research Laboratory for Cosmetics Human Repeat... (view details)

De-identified Digital Blood Test Result Data Needed

Company undertaking studies researching blood would like clinical laborator... (view details)

CAP & CLIA Accredited Genetic Panel Lab Testing

USA CAP & CLIA Accredited Clinical Diagnostics Genetics Laboratory needed t... (view details)

Contract Research Study

Contract Research Organization needed for study on frequency of genetic le... (view details)

Clinical Trial Central Laboratory Patient Testing

Central Laboratory needed for a clinical trial project for analysis of pati... (view details)

Laboratory Developed Test CLIA Compliant Analytical Validation

Clinical Laboratory Consultant needed to provide guidance in performing C... (view details)

Aquifers Groundwater Research Study in Urban Settlements

Environmental Laboratory needed for testing to support research study on mu... (view details)

Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT) Testing

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRI... (view details)

Dallas Chemical Laboratory Space Needed

Company would like to rent Dallas chemical laboratory space for chemical s... (view details)

Corneal Fibrosis Model

Consultancy company looking for Contract Research Organization with a mode... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization Preclinical Studies

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for Preclinical Studi... (view details)

HSV Real Time Quantitative PCR Assays

LONG-TERM TESTING USA Clinical Laboratory needed for viral swabs testing fo... (view details)

Eyelash Extension Human Repeat Insult Patch Test HRIPT

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for Human Repeat Insult Patch Test HRI... (view details)

Hair Creme Labeling Claims Study

USA Clinical Research Laboratory needed for labeling claims substantiation ... (view details)

Employee 10 Panel Drug Testing

Saudi Arabia Company needs Clinical Laboratory for 10 panel drug testing on... (view details)

NIPT Non Invasive Prenatal Testing NIPT

INDIVIDUAL Clinical Laboratory needed for NIPT Non Invasive Prenatal Testin... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Vaccine Preclinical In-Vivo Safety and Efficacy Studies

Pharmaceutical Company needs Preclinical Toxicology Laboratory for in-vivo ... (view details)

Medical Device Implant Clinical Trial Biological Evaluation

Contract Research Organization needed for Medical Device Implant Clinical T... (view details)

Fragrance Essential Oil Fixative Qualities

Contract Research laboratory needed for study to understand the fixative qu... (view details)

SPF Testing on 10 Formulations

Company seeking alternative Clinical Research laboratories to their test la... (view details)

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator Analysis

Life Science Laboratory needed for HPLC analysis required to determine ass... (view details)

Industrial Optical / Electronics Laboratory Start-Up Services

Laboratory Consulting Firm needed for assisting industrial research laborat... (view details)

Cell Product STR Short Tandem Repeat Analysis

CLIA Certified or ASHI Accredited Contract Research Organization needed th... (view details)

Human Urine Gas Chromatography Analysis

Clinical Laboratory needed for Gas Chromatography of Human Urine Samples.
... (view details)

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