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Lyophilized NAD+ Quality and Sterility Testing

Project Description

Bioceutical company needs Contract Laboratory for the quality and sterility testing of NAD+ lyophilized powder that will be injected in an IV setting. We plan to provide regular samples from every new batch we receive for testing purposes. We have not observed any adverse reactions so far, but we understand the importance of ensuring sterility and want to take proactive measures to guarantee the quality of our product.
While we have no reason to believe our NAD+ is contaminated, we must take this precautionary step to ensure the safety and efficacy of our product.
Could you please provide information on your laboratory's capabilities and expertise in testing lyophilized powders?
Specifically, we would like to know:
- What types of testing methods do you offer for verifying the identity and purity of NAD+?
- Can you perform tests to confirm the absence of foreign substances in our lyophilized powder?
- What kind of reporting do you provide after testing, and what format would it be in?
Additionally, could you please let us know if your laboratory has experience working with similar products in the bioceutical industry?
We would appreciate any information you can provide regarding your lab's familiarity with lyophilized powders and their testing procedures.

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