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Contract Laboratory has received the following biopharmaceuticals Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These biopharmaceuticals Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their biopharmaceuticals Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a biopharmaceuticals Laboratory, please Submit a biopharmaceuticals Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Hyaluronic Asic Bioprocessing, Fermentation, and Purification

FDA GMP Bioprocess laboratory with BCL2 needed for fermentation and purifi... (view details)

AB Serum Method Transfer

Large Pharmaceutical Company Clinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for m... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Bioassays

Life Science Company needs India Bioanalytical Laboratory for the following... (view details)

GLP Medical Device Prototype Verification Study

FDA GLP Clinical Microbiology Laboratory needed for verification testing o... (view details)

Biologics Clinical In-Use Compatibility Studies

Biologics Contract Research Organization needed with expertise in clinical ... (view details)

Microbiology Lab needed for Medical Device Virucidal Efficacy Testing

Medical Device Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for Virucidal Efficacy... (view details)

FDA GMP Heparin Biological Activity Analysis

BUDGET APPROVED FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for the ISO Determ... (view details)

FDA Registered Bioanalytical Lab For GLP Protein Isoelectric Point

Bioscience Company needs FDA Registered Bioanalytical Laboratory for Dete... (view details)

Genetics Lab for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Karyotyping

Genetics Laboratory needed for mesenchymal stem cells karyotyping to see th... (view details)

Pharmaceutical PDX Grown Tumor Mammosphere

Preclinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to create mammospheres from PDX... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Lab for Linseed Oil USP Hydroxyl Value

Biopharmaceutical Co needs Pharmaceutical Laboratory for USP Testing to det... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Transportation Simulation Validation

USA Pharmaceutical Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM and ISTA transpor... (view details)

Heparin Potency Testing

Pharmaceutical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for potency testing on hepar... (view details)

USP Human Albumin Protein Analysis

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for USP bioanalysis: total protein content ... (view details)

Biosimiliar Testing

TGA approved Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for full biological Biosimilar... (view details)

Enzyme Purification by DEAE and SDS-PAGE

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for DEAE- cellulose coloum chromatography(I... (view details)

Clinical Cell Product GLP PCR Assay

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for GLP Neisseria Gonorrhea analysis by PC... (view details)

Biological Products FDA GMP Analysis

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA cGMP Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for testin... (view details)

New Drug Candidate Evaluation

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Contract Research Organizations CROs needed for ... (view details)

ECHO-7 Virus Assay Validation

Biologics Company needs Microbiology Laboratory to validate an ECHO-7 virus... (view details)

Peptide Fragment Comparison

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for peptide fragment comparison testing or ... (view details)

Peptide Aliquot QA

Biologics company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for Peptide Aliquot Qualit... (view details)

Collagen Aminio Acid Analysis

Medical Device Company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed amino acid ana... (view details)

Mouse Antibodies

LEGAL Law Firm needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for inquiries regarding Mouse... (view details)

Vial Seal Force Testing

Large Bioscience Company needs Packaging Laboratory for Residual Seal Force... (view details)

Whole Blood Cell Surface Marker Testing

Pharmaceutical Company needs Europe Bioanalytical Laboratory for cell surfa... (view details)

Water for Injection WFI / Environmental Monitoring

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP North Carolina Analytical Laboratory needed to p... (view details)

Pyrrole Solution Flash Point and Melting Point

Life Sciences Company needs Laboratory for flash point and melting point te... (view details)

Blood Tetrahydrocurcumin Analysis

Contract Research Organization CRO needs Clinical Laboratory for blood anal... (view details)

In Vivo Oxygen or Air Permeability

Pharmaceutical Company needs Laboratory for In Vivo Oxygen or air permeabil... (view details)

Plasma Protein Binding Studies

Germany Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for in vitro plasma protein bindin... (view details)

FDA cGMP BSL-2 Tap Density

FDA cGMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for EP2.9.34. tap density of a BS... (view details)

Biopharmaceutical Cicular Dichroism Experiments

Outstanding Contract Research Organization CRO needed who can do Circular D... (view details)

In-Vivo General Safety and Pyrogen Testing

Pharmaceutical Toxicology Contract Research Organization CRO needed for in... (view details)

FDA GMP Biopharma Container Closure Testing

Biopharmaceutical needs FDA GMP Packaging Laboratory for Container Closure ... (view details)

US Bioanalytical needed for 960.48 Protein Efficiency Ratio Rat Bioassay,to... (view details)

Nootropic Compound Certificate of Analysis (COA)

BUDGET APPROVED / LONG-TERM TESTING Bioanalytical Laboratories needed to p... (view details)

Influenza Vaccine Challenge Study Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed for Influenza ... (view details)

Unknown Protein Peak Analysis

Biopharmaceutical Company needs FDA GMP Compliant Bioanalytical Laboratory ... (view details)

Small Molecule Competitive Enzyme Inhibitor

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for small molecule developmental study invo... (view details)

FDA Biopharmaceutical Release, Stability and Container Closure Integrity Testing

Biopharmaceutical Company of recombinant therapeutic proteins needs FDA GMP... (view details)

Contract Research Organization In-Vivo Study

BUDGET APPROVED Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for new p... (view details)

HIV-1 Genotyping for RT and Integrase

Large Medical Center needs Genetics Laboratory for HIV-1 genotyping test fo... (view details)

Anti-Denque, Zika , Influenza and Zika

Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing two bovine colostrum samples t... (view details)

Biologics Release Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Manufacturing Organization focusing on producing... (view details)

Enzyme Reduction Potential Values

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to determine reduction potential values for... (view details)

Pericardium Patch Thrombogenicity Studies

Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for In-vivo/in-vitro thr... (view details)

URGENT Microbiology Confirmatory Study - 2500 samples

URGENT Microbiology Reference laboratory needed to perform confirmatory tes... (view details)

Early Cancer Warning System Biomarker Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CLIA Certified Clinical Laboratory needed for assisting... (view details)

Porcine Blood Nitrous Oxide Levels

Preclinical Laboratory needed to quantify the levels of nitrous oxide (N2O... (view details)

FDA GMP Monoclonal Antibody Batch Release Testing

Large Biotechnology Company needs FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory for mono... (view details)

Protein Polymer Extraction Method Development and Optimization

USa Contract Research Organization to develop and optimize extraction metho... (view details)

FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Vapor Pressure

FDA GMP Eastern Europe Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed that is equipped wi... (view details)

Biopharmaceutical CSII Dose Accuracy and Precision

Biopharmaceutical Company needs Laboratory for dose accuracy & precision of... (view details)

European Pharmacopoeia Sterile Pharmaceutical Release Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for sterile biopharmaceutical release tes... (view details)

FDA GMP Gene Therapy Lot Release

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for GMP method va... (view details)

USP Calcitonin Salmon Bio-Identity Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for USP Bio-Identity Tes... (view details)

Small Molecule, Polymer Based Drug Delivery System Method Development


Protein Comparison Study

Accredited FDA GMP / GLP and ISO 17025 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for... (view details)

Finished Release Bioassays

LONG-TERM TESTING Experienced FDA GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed finis... (view details)

Biomaterial MBEC Studies

Biomaterials Company needs Medical Device Laboratory to for both FDA GLP an... (view details)

GCP and MHRA/EMA Clinical Trial ELISA Assays

FDA GCP and MHRA/EMA clinical trial sponsor looking for clinical laboratory... (view details)

Protein Circular Dichroism

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for circular dichroism testing on a protein... (view details)

Rhinovirus Research Study

Canada Microbiology Laboratory needed for Rhinovirus Study Testing of 680 S... (view details)

USP Heparin Monograph Testing

FDA-registered GMP Bioanalyticala Laboratory needed to perform USP-NF <208>... (view details)

Insulin Assay on Culture Media

Start-up needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for Insulin Assay on Culture Media... (view details)

GLP/ICH Chronic Toxicity Study

LONG-TERM TESTING. GLP/ICH-compliant Preclinical Contract Research Organiza... (view details)

Recombinant HGH Quality

Biotechnology company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for verificatio... (view details)

Preclinical Helicobacter Study

FDA GLP Preclinical Gastrenterology Contract Research Organization CRO need... (view details)

Transfection of SH-SY5Y Neural Cells with Candidate Plasmids.

LONG-TERM TESTING Experienced Biotechnology Contract Research Organization ... (view details)

Preclinical Oncology Contract Research Organization CRO

Preclinical Oncology Contract Research Organization CRO needed for new drug... (view details)

14C Radiolabeled USP Bacterial Endotoxin Testing

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed with a radioactive materials ... (view details)

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for biosimiliars testing: hydrogen deuteriu... (view details)

Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturer needs USA FDA GLP/ GMP bioanalytical labora... (view details)

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for NanoImaging and characterization of... (view details)

FDA Laboratory required for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals.

Residual... (view details)

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for biopharmaceuticals process mixing studi... (view details)

FDA GLP / GMP contract analytical laboratory needed for determination of re... (view details)

FDA GLP / GMP Contract laboratory needed for determination of residual Ant... (view details)

FDA GMP biopharmaceuticals laboratory needed for USP Monograph testing for ... (view details)

GMP, FDA bioanalytical laboratory needed for biopharmaceuticals methods dev... (view details)

Biopharmaceuticals company needs immunology bioanalytical laboratory needed... (view details)

Biopharmaceuticals company needs preclinical bioanalytical laboratory for i... (view details)

Large biopharmaceuticals corporation needs laboratory to perform circular d... (view details)

Preclinical optimization of biopharmaceuticals formulations for dissolving... (view details)

Biotechnology / biopharmaceuticals company needs Preclinical and toxicology... (view details)