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Contract Laboratory has received the following occupational health Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These occupational health Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their occupational health Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a occupational health Laboratory, please Submit a occupational health Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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ASTM Face Mask Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of face masks to ASTM Level 1 r... (view details)

KN95 Face Mask NIOSH and ASTM Testing

Medical Device Company needs Experienced Contract Laboratory for NIOSH and ... (view details)

Medical Device Ethylene Oxide ETO Contract Sterilization

Contract Sterilizer needed for ISO Ethylene Oxide ETO Sterilization of med... (view details)

RFQ Health Canada Hospital Disinfectant Efficacy Testing (4 Formulations)

REQUEST FOR QUOTES (Several QUotes Needed)
Pharmaceutical Microbiology La... (view details)

CBD Nonprescription Pharmaceutical Hand Cream Testing

Medical Group needs Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for CBD... (view details)

Children's Jewelry Consumer Products Safety GCC Testing

Consumer Products Textiles Laboratory needed for GCC of Children's Jewelry ... (view details)

Calibration of Medical Device with NIH Virus Samples

Medical Device Company needs USA Contract Labora... (view details)

ASTM Face Mask Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM Face Mask testing as per ASTM F2100-201... (view details)

CLIA Certified Laboratories for IgE Environmental and IgE Food Allergy Testing

CLIA Certified Laboratories needed the perform IgE envi... (view details)

ASTM F2100 Face Mask Testing

URGENT Medical Device Company needs Contract Laboratory for ASTM testing ... (view details)

RFQ AAMI Level 3 Surgical Gown Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for a quote for AAMI level 3 testing for surgica... (view details)

ASTM F2100 Facemask Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for the following ASTM F2100 Face Mask testing -... (view details)

FDA ISO and ASTM Surgical Mask Testing

USA FDA Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM and ISO bio-compatibility , sen... (view details)

Expedited ANSI Face Shield Testing


USA Contract Laboratory needed for ANS... (view details)

Life Science Packaging Evaluation

Packaging company needs Packaging for evaluation of packaging component u... (view details)

Face Mask ASTM Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM face masks testing for the following
... (view details)

COVID-19 IgG/IgM Antibodies Testing


Healthcare Company needs Clinical Laborato... (view details)

EPA Certificate of Analysis Testing of Antiviral Solution

EPA Certified Environmental Laboratory needed for Certificate of analysis ... (view details)

ASTM and NIOSH Surgical Respirator Mask Testing

USA Medical Device Laboratory needed to certify the production of surgical ... (view details)

DI Water System Analytes Concentration Testing

USA (Preferred) Contract Laboratory needed for DI water system testing for ... (view details)

Complete Honey Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Food Laboratory needed for Honey Testing including the f... (view details)

EUA Compliance Testing of KN95 Respirator and Surgical Mask

URGENT Europe Laboratory needed for Emergency Use Authorization testing of ... (view details)

KN95 Face Mask Testing

Canada Laboratory needed for KN95 face mask testing (view details)

N95 Face Mask Testing

URGENT Contract Laboratory needed for N95 Face Mask testing (view details)

Nitrile Glove COnfirmatory Testing

Healthcare company needs Materials Laboratory d for confirmatory testing of... (view details)

EN Disinfectant Virucidal Efficacy Testing

Chemical Manufacturer needs Europe Microbiology Laboratory needed for EN vi... (view details)

Art Paint ASTM Toxicological Assessments

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM toxicological assessments ... (view details)

Frankincense testing

Dear Sir,
We have started to important tons of Frankincense from Puntland... (view details)

Health Canada Disinfectant Drug Virucide Claims Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed to perform efficacy testing for broad viruc... (view details)

Pet Supplement Reverse Engineering

Animal Healthcare Company needs Contract Laboratory for reverse engineering... (view details)

Broad Spectrum Virucidal Efficacy testing of Non-Enveloped Viruses

Microbiology Laboratory needed for Health Canada compliance broad-spectrum ... (view details)

ISO Textiles Anti-Viral Activity Testing

Healthcare Manufacturer needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for ISO textile t... (view details)

CDC COVID-19 Surface Swab Testing

URGENT LONG-TERM TESTING Large Engineering Company dealing with disasters n... (view details)

Urine Stoddard Solvent and Vinyl Toluene Testing

Canada or US Clinical Laboratory needed for analysis of human urine samples... (view details)

Safety Glasses Testing

North America Contract Laboratory needed for safety glasses testing accordi... (view details)

Contract Research Study

Contract Research Organization needed for study on frequency of genetic le... (view details)

ISO Assistive Devices Testing

START-UP Asia Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO evaluation of assist... (view details)

Hair Creme Labeling Claims Study

USA Clinical Research Laboratory needed for labeling claims substantiation ... (view details)

Employee 10 Panel Drug Testing

Saudi Arabia Company needs Clinical Laboratory for 10 panel drug testing on... (view details)

Health Canada

Canada GMP compliant Pharmaceuticals Laboratory needed for stability testin... (view details)

Raw Honey Testing for EU and United Kingdom Importation

EU or United Kingdom Food Laboratory needed for raw honey, 2 type Acacia an... (view details)

Health Mix Glycemic Index Testing

Dietary Supplement Company needs India Laboratory for glycemic index (GI) t... (view details)

Mosquito Repellent WHO Testing

Asia Laboratory needed to test a liquid mosquito repellent. to World Health... (view details)

Corrugated Box Health and Safety Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for corrugated box testing in health and safety... (view details)

NIOSH Powdered Silica X-Ray Diffraction XRD Analysis

India Analytical Laboratory Services needed for X-Ray Diffraction on powder... (view details)

ISO Prosthesis Evaluation

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO testing of a prosthesis to ISO 103... (view details)

Catuaba Species Confirmation Testing

Health Canada Contract Laboratory needed for Catuaba samples identificatio... (view details)

ASTM Craft Glue Consumer Product Safety Testing

Consumer Products Safety laboratory needed for ASTM craft glitter testing p... (view details)

Microbiology Lab for Anti-Viral Efficacy Testing

Personal Healthcare Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for anti-viral ef... (view details)

Food Sauce pH Testing

Food Laboratory needed for pH testing of sauces to test pH for Health Dept ... (view details)

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