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Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These packaging and labeling Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Environmental toxicology laboratory needed for EPA California Proposition 65 testing for VOC in cardboard paper by CG/MS and or LC-MS .

View More

Packaging laboratory needed for melt flow index MFI testing for hdpe resin used in the manufacture of plastic crates. 20 samples View More

Food Repackager needs microbiology laboratory for fruit, vegetable and environmental testing: : APC, Coliform and Ecoli - Food sample and environmenta... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Brewery needs packaging laboratory to outsource their HDPE resin analysis used in producing plastic plastic crates for bottles. Melt... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for vibration testing an automotive pallet load to ensure returnable packaging will hold up
pack ships for automotive ma... View More

Accredited laboratory needed for electrical paperboard testing for compliance for type B3.1A of IEC 60641-3, Standard | Pressboard and presspaper for... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for Burst Strength Testing of Corrugated Cardboards. View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for toxicity testing of plastic casing of Pool cleaner. Please specify pricing and tests. View More

Pharmaceutical company needs packaging laboratory for special packaging of three different types of bottles to 16CFR 1700.20, Testing procedure for s... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of linens to ASTM F739-99a/12e1 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Protective Clothing Materials to P... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for Child resistant packaging testing on resealable mylar bag. View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for packaging certification testing as Child Resistant according to 16 CFR 1700.20, Testing procedure for special packagin... View More

Company needs Laboratory to conduct study of recyclability of PET kegs. and conformance testing to ensure keg conform to all recyclables mandates. P... View More

Pharmaceutical packaging laboratory needed for packaging testing of containers to USP 671 Containers?Performance Testing for light transmission requi... View More

e-liquid company needs packaging laboratory for packaging teting of glass and LDPE Plastic bottles to Title 16, Part 1700.20, Testing procedure for sp... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for BHT free testing Solvent Extraction/ analysis by GC-MS of LLDPE Stretch Wrap film. Please send quotation and accredita... View More

Accredited Food Laboratory needed for extractables and migration testing of Food grade (LLDPE Cling) film testing to U.S. FDA CFR 21 177.1520 clauses ... View More

FDA Packaging Laboratory needed for FDA Packaging testing of coated paperboard according to the Microwave Heat Susceptor Packaging section of the 200... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for certification testing: Child Resistant Packaging Testing for a child resistant trigger sprayer and bottle View More

URGENT Packaging laboratory needed for child-resistant package certification testing of Packaging used for single use edibles, mylar bag, open pouch,... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large corporation needs microbiology laboratory for Measuring Anti-Algae and Antibacterial efficacy of plastics composites compound. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Testing for plastics testing of LDPE / HDPE plastic bags:
1. Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR)
2. Water Vapor Trasmissi... View More

Food laboratory needed for food packaging testing of packaged consumer food products for a measurement in parts per million of lead and/or an analys... View More

ISO/IC Packaging Laboratory needed for child-resistant packaging testing to testing method 16 CFR 1700.20,Testing procedure for special packaging View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Weathering Testing to ASTM G-154 , QUV Exposure testing on 40 - 50 samples 4 X 4# each, 3,000 hours View More

Large corporation needs materials laboratory for physical testing: Peel adhesions in cold temperatures. 90° and 180° peels on various substrates. We ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for plastics testing of corrugated polypropylene layerpad. abrasion test in accordance to DIN 53754 TESTING OF PLASTICS; ... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASCM (?) and the US Product Safety Commission testing child safety consumer panel testing of plastic grocery b... View More

Contract Research Laboratory needed for Product development and Prototyping of an adhesive application/device in high temperature edible oil environme... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for TEM for Determining the difference in crystalline in plastic parts with different colorants using TEM View More

Packaging laboratory needed for ASTM transportation testing for the new medical device packaging box according to ASTM D4169-09 as per below: Pleas... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for ASTM shock pulse testing : 100 vertical half sine 10G, 11 msec shock pulses on a 6' x 4' crate weighing 2000 lb View More

Physical laboratory needed chair testing to test structural welding on a metal chair View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test acetaldehyde (AA) on plastic (PET) preforms & bottled drinking water.. View More

Sensory and analytical chemistry laboratory needed for comparision testing vendor qualification of activated carbon to be used for odor absorption o... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for European Pharmacopoeia Testing of polypropylene resin to European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.3. Poliolefins test articles. View More

Polymer laboratory needed to provide quotation for analysis of polypropylene resins intended for shelf life studies. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic... View More

ISTA certified packaging laboratory for carton testing of packaged furniture items, some of which will exceed 350 lbs. View More


Pharmaceutical company needs laboratory for Leak Testing for drug 10cc Lyophilized Vials View More

Materials laboratory needed for Polypropylene testing in a plastic to determine:
Is the material Homopolymer or copolymer
Is there any fillers pres... View More

Large company needs laboratory for water testing for purity View More

Laboratory needed for DOT Jerrican (2.2-gallon portable fuel container) Testing per Department of Transportation (DOT) ?Subpart M: Testing of Non-Bulk... View More

Large consumer products company needs CPCB authorized materials laboratory for Plastic (Multi Layer Packaging) recyclability testing View More

Packaging laboratory needed for leachables and extractables testing in LDPE and HM-HDPE polybags View More

India Foodpackaging laboratory needed for testing printing inks for food packagingfor migration of TNPP in topline ink @20-30ppm (TNPP -TRIS NONYL PH... View More

Packaging company needs plastics laboratory need Melt Flow Index and Density Testing of HDPE. View More

Materials laboratory needed for PTFE (teflon) powder analysis to determine the level of any residual contaminants for filing a FDA GRAS notice . The... View More

ISO/IEC 17025 Automotive Laboratory needed for General Motors Testing: Test for automotive GM14573, Global Performance Requirements for Labels. View More

India NABL approved testing labs needed for testing flexible packaging and printed laminates View More

Physical laboratory needed for Glass strength testing for food container. Glass shock testing for breakage. View More

India materials laboratory needed to perform Tests required for Material of Gland Packing. Glass Ply OR Carbon Fibre Ply, Silicon OR Made of Ceramic F... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for film testing of a film structure for testing outgassing and refractory Components. View More

USA Packaging laboratory needed for sample corrugate box strength testing in terms of EU- Newton ECT (kN/m)

For certification for EU - Newton ECT ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM flexible laminate testing to check the WVTR and UV transmission rate to ASTM F1249. If
yes, please provide the ... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for Food Packaging testing to comply with EU food Packaging requlations. We make a water based coating that can be alterna... View More

India materials laboratory needed for aluminum foil testing: Water Vapour Transmission Rate Testing for Aluminium Foil (20-25 microns). View More

Packaging laboratory needed for CoF value testing to determine the reason for Cof change with high change after lamination View More

Large Consumer Products company needs packaging laboratory for ASTM high altitude transporation simulation testing including subject packaged product ... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for tapes and film labeling testing to Standard test method of tapes and films revision 20081201 View More

Packaging company needs physical laboratory to determine activity of sulfur capture of limestone that used for boiler. . View More

Europe Materials certification laboratory needed for packaging certificaiton testing to European Union and UN Standards: FIBC UN and EN21898 test cer... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for California Prop 65 testing for Ethyleneimine on LDPE film on which adhesive is applied and is suspected to contain... View More

Large corporation needs Europe food laboratory for food packaging testing: Specific migration testing according to EU guidance for primary aromatic a... View More

Southeast Asia packaging laboratory needed for UN Performance Testing View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for inorganic chemistry testing: determine melting point of an inorganic compound that melts at about 1600F View More

Manufacturer needs analytical chemistry laboratory for (Primary Aromatic Amines Testing (PAA) of laminate plastic flexible packaging using a hybrid A... View More

Europe Packaging Laboratory needed for Flexible Packaging testing - OPP-OPP
o Chemical composition of the Material
o Coefficient of friction (C... View More

Canada Packaging Laboratory needed for Edge crush test for 6 samples of corrugated board and 6 samples of boxes View More

India packaging laboratory needed for leak test pressure for strips, blisters & alu-alu pack
View More

Middle East Region or Arab Gulf Region Laboratory needed for packaging testing og UN approved Composite Drums as per below UN certification No.

UN ... View More

US analytical chemistry laboratory needed for silver nitrate titration test to determine PPM for quat. (solution is quat & water) View More

Flexible packaging company needs genetics laboratory for gDNA-free certification testing.
View More

New York microbiology laboratory needed for microbiology testing: mold testing of heat resistant mold. molds separated and the count reported for each... View More

India ISO Packaging Laboratory needed for ISO packaging testing View More

Philippines Laboratory needed for physical testing that can determine the durability/strength or Brittleness of a Plastic Container. Your responsed is... View More

Canada Packaging Laboratory needed for Drop, Stack and Vibration, UN Packaging Testing to P4D UN Testing 3090.Packing Instruction P903 of the IMDG Cod... View More

Mexico Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of 60 kraft paper sacks for cement under ASTM D5276, Standard Test Method for Drop Test of Loaded... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing: 1.ATPC Total Anaerobic Plate Count, 2. E-Coli. I will have 12 sample to send at a time.I have t... View More