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New Laboratory microscopy and imaging Requests

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100 Most Recent microscopy and imaging Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These microscopy and imaging Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Pharmaceutical Fluorescence Microscopy

Large Pharma needs Laboratory for Fluorescence microscopy View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Surface Characterization Tests for granular activated carbons including SEM-EDS Analysis, BET Surface Area
BET Surfac... View More

START-UP Biomedical Imaging Laboratory needed for cadaver imaging & experimental testing focused on the computational biomedical engineering, involvin... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed grow Human Primary Trophoblast cells with serum and without serum for varying amounts of time (0, 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs,... View More

Materials laboratory needed for powder coatings testing applied to metal panels. The topography and texture of powder coating surfaces to image and qu... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for micro structure study of differing layers of zinc on zinc-coated reinforced bars (re bars). View More

Materials science laboratory needed for SEM imaging for mineral identification looking for tellurium presence. View More

Analytical Laboratory needed for XRD and XRF microscopy and imaging: 6 XRD, 6 XRF and cut 12 thin sections with photographs of the thin section.

... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing for fire extinguisher compliance and safety testing to meet AHRI standards using the following guidelines... View More

Geochemistry laboratory needed for olivine testing: LA-ICP-MS mass spectrometry analysis - melt inclusion of trace, and elemental testing of olivine ... View More

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for particle size analysis using a Malvern Zetasizer ZS90 with the red laser and a stray-light f... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Carbon Black as perASTM D3849 TEM determination of carbon black particle and aggregate size. View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for stainless steel and an oxide powder testing using Atomic Emission Spectroscopy ICP AES.

View More

Civil Engineering firm needs materials laboratory for concrete and banana fiber physical testing and SEM analysis: View More

Generic drug manufacturer needs laboratory for XRD analysis View More

University needs industrial hygiene laboratory for solid waste management worker monitoring testing: Hair and nail samples for: HEAVY METALS (LIKE ME... View More

International biotech company needs: Bioanalytical assay development for PK analysis of glycosaminoglycan of in vivo plasma sample View More

Large University in India needs laboratory with Bioassay capability for cytotoxicity study(apoptosis) using cell Hela cell lines for synthetic compoun... View More

Analytical chemistry Laboratory needed for dietary supplement testing of organic moringa oleifera leaf & seed powder for
Gross organoleptic analysis ... View More

Cytology laboratory needed for TEM imaging of 4 leishmania cell samples and I need to have TEM images of all of them. View More

University Medical Researcher needs need Canada cytology laboratory for cell karyotype testing for research purposes. Please specify costs and how to... View More

Contract laboratory needed for clay analysis on clay mineral content by XRD ANalysis. For X-ray analysis, particle size analysis will be carried out ... View More

Laboratory needed for X Ray diffraction of raw tissue as teeth and bone View More

Europe University Researcher needs histology laboratory for Immunohistochemistry for CD52 on a tissue slide (paraffin-embedded, formalin fixation. View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for TEM for Determining the difference in crystalline in plastic parts with different colorants using TEM View More

Metallurgical laboratory chemical analysis (ICP analysis) to be carried out on crushed and grinded catalyst converter powder. Extensive test is neede... View More

Materials laboratory needed for rubber testing for Hexane extract, Thermal analysis (DSC, DMA, TGA) , EDX analysis (REM) of the material for heavy met... View More

LONG-TERM: Preclinical CRO Immunology/Histology Laboratory needed for Non-GLP histological processing from buffered formalin fixed tissues (human and... View More

FDA GLP laboratory needed for pharmaceutical testing: Cryo TEM analysis of liposomal injections View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Nutraceutical laboratory needed to analyze various probiotic supplements: 4-5 different probiotic brands per week for: probiotic via... View More

Geology laboratory needed for Geochemistry Analysis on stones including crushing and x rayfor the chemical compound for mineral identification View More

US FDA approved analytical chemsitry laboratory needed for for XRD,DSC and Palladium in active drug substance. View More

Non-Destructive NDT Laboratory needed to provide a quote for the failure analysis of a failed CW pump bolts.

We require doing the following test... View More

Medical Device company needs laboratory for staining with Toluidine-blue on our samples (hydrogels) and pictures (5x, 10x and 50x) magnification. View More

India engineering services company needs microscopy laboratory for TEM Analysis for ASBESTOS DETECTION. View More

Asia company needs laboratory for microscopic testing of tube and shell type heat exchanger used in Liquified petroleum gas View More

INdia pharmaceutical company needs laboratory for X-ray diffraction XRD analysis View More

Microscopy Imaging Laboratory needed for Scanning Thermal Microscopy on rock samples.100nm or sub-100nm resolution is required. View More

USA Laboratory needed for microscopy and imaging to visualize localization of a detection probe to low levels of antigen on the surface of a target ce... View More

Microscopy and imaging non-destructive materials laboratory needed for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Analysis color SEM images? Is there any oth... View More

California Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory needed for Scanning Electron Microscopy (resolution 20-50nm)
Transmission Electron Microscopy (resolutio... View More

USA Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory needed for XR-based (including mammography), MRI, PET, CT, Ultrasound imaging scans. No interpretation of result... View More

India Analytical Chemistry Microscopy Laboratory needed for X-Ray Diffraction testing of steel ball for "QUANTITATIVE ESTIMATION OF RETAINED AUSTENITE... View More

USA FDA GMP Microscopy and Imaging laboratory needed for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) View More

UK Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed with fluorescence spectrometer/fluorescence microscope and spectral imager View More


USA, Non-GMP Microscopy and Imaging Lab needed forTransmission Electron Microscopy to test various HPLC fractions of a plasmid DNA product by TEM to v... View More

Eastern USA FDA GMP laboratory needed for XRPD View More


Pharmaceuticals Microscopy laboratory needed for microCT imaging View More

West Coast USA Materials lab needed for surface imaging 100x-125x images of coins entire surface. Preferablly depth of field composites for each imag... View More

Laboratory needed for SEM Imaging of metallic powders View More

Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory for petrography and optical determination of heavy mineral grains View More

Microscopy and imaging genetics laboratory needed for electron micrroscopy on skin sections to look at localization of gold labeled siRNAs. View More

GLP medical devices laboratory needed for processing fixed human coronary tissue from cassettes to H&E and Movat's pentachrome slides.

2) Using m... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for SEM fatigue crack metalography in failed steel component. View More

Technical company needs laboratory for High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) images owith image resolution of less than 1 nm. We would l... View More

Laboratory needed for High Resolution Transmission HR-TEM selected area SA defraction of multicarbon walled MWNT. Resolve spacing in concentric walls... View More

TEM/EDX analysis of aluminum sheet (cross-section)I have 5 samples and need to analyze them using TEM. I have already prepared the samples using ultra... View More

Biological Electron Microscopy. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis of red blood cells, 10 samples fixed in gluteraldehyde View More

CT and MRI compatibility 10-20 Medical Devices samples; required are images of a device (>2cm length) using a 1.5-5T MRI and CT scanner. View More

We are looking for an cotract lab which could carry out measurement of length and diameter of an object by image anaylsis. View More

To check the temperature profile of the components within a product and the temperature of surface during usage of product View More

contract lab which may perform a QC test for my company. The following needs would be for occasional routine QC testing. Testing must be performed acc... View More