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    Most Recent green technology Laboratory Testing Requests

    Below are 48 of some of the most recent green technology Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for green technology laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their green technology Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Natural Organic Lip Balm Certificate of Analysis COA

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for simple product content verification of a pr... (view details)

Coconut Sugar Glycemic Index Testing

Food Analytical Laboratory needed for glycemic index testing for coconut su... (view details)

ASTM Green Cleaning Product Effectiveness, Sensory and Competitor Comparison Study

One of our clients needs ASTM cleaning product tests to evaluate the effect... (view details)

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Studies on a New Eco-Material (hydrocarbon)

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Contract Research Laboratory needed for studies for th... (view details)

ASTM Certification of Eco-Home Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB)

Builder of Eco home out of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) needs ... (view details)

Electronic Recycling Glass Specification Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for glass specification testing. The glass is ... (view details)

Energy Power Consumption Studies on New Energy Efficiency Devices

START-UP New Energy Efficiency Company needs Electrical Laboratory to run s... (view details)

Ecoroof / green roof media testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for ecoroof/green roof media testing for p... (view details)

Recycled Plastic Testing

Asia Materials Laboratory needed for testing recycled plastic from Turkey f... (view details)

Biodegradability Testing

ISO 17025 Contract Laboratory needed for biodegradability testing of bio-pl... (view details)

ASTM Biodegradation Rate

Contract testing laboratory needed to measure bio-degradation rate from pow... (view details)

Coffee Cup Testing

$3000 BUDGET APPROVED Food Company needs Consumer Products Laboratory to re... (view details)

Organic Cosmetics Stability Study

Africa Independent Laboratory needed for stability study testing on organic... (view details)

Eco-Friendly Shower Filter

Green company needs laboratory for all required testing on eco-friendly sho... (view details)

New Organic Fertilizer Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Large University needs USA Agriculture Laboratory for n... (view details)

Organic Skin Care Microbiology Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiological testing on 10 samples of... (view details)

EPA Natural Cleaning Products

EPA Certified Laboratory needed to perform the following testing on 5 anti-... (view details)

AOAC Organic Fertilizer Testing

Agriculture Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for powdered, organic fe... (view details)

Natural Cleaning Product Ingredient Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ingredient testing in natural c... (view details)

Resin IEC testing

Industrial Laboratory needed to perform the following IEC tests on resins: ... (view details)

ANSI Flooring Testing

Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing of flooring to ANSI B101.1 Dynamic Coeff... (view details)

Allergen Testing of Disposable, Eco-Friendly Straws

Food Clinical Research Laboratory needed for allergen and gluten testing o... (view details)

Tea Pesticide Testing

Food Laboratory needed for organic certification testing of tea to be pesti... (view details)

EPA and ASTM Oil Analysis

Oil Laboratory needed for EPA and ASTM testing of tire derived oil analysis... (view details)

Child Resistant Packaging

Packaging Laboratory needed for California Child Resistant compliant packag... (view details)

Certification of On-Grid Solar Inverter

Electrical Laboratory needed for EN and IEC certification testing of on-gri... (view details)

OPPTS Acute Toxicity and Pathogenicity

Toxicology Laboratory needed for OPPTS 885.3050 Acute oral toxicity/pathoge... (view details)

REACH Compliance

Laboratory needed for REACH compliance testing of sodium hydroxide, sodium... (view details)

Kratom Testing

Distributor needs Microbiology / Chemistry Laboratory for salmonella, metal... (view details)

Organics fertilizer company needs Microbiology Laboratory for strain identi... (view details)

Renewables chemical company needs biochemistry laboratory for residue prepa... (view details)

Manufacturer needs GLP approved tests of organic agriculture pesticides to ... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING Plastics laboratory needed for ingredient analysis of rec... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING Plastics laboratory needed for acetaldehyde and viscosity... (view details)

Agriculture laboratory needed for ASTM radiocarbon analysis of natural pest... (view details)

Large automotive company needs environmental simulation laboratory for DIN ... (view details)

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for UV weathering testing on equ... (view details)

Physical laboratory needed for DIN Testing of automotive parts to 5.9 Solar... (view details)

Construction company needs materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of ... (view details)

Materials Science laboratory needed for solar reflectance index SRI Testing (view details)

Materials laboratory for ASTM paint testing 1. Anti-carbonation: Test metho... (view details)

Solar Panel Testing: Metal composite panel thermal properties testing requi... (view details)

ISO 17025 and WHO certified laboratory needed for DIN Testing of automotive... (view details)

URGENT Engineering company needs laboratory for solar system testing.
(view details)

Materials laboratory needed to measure the solar reflectance index (SRI) t... (view details)

Laboratory needed for Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) testing for a coated te... (view details)

India laboratory needed for solar photovoltaic module testing including mec... (view details)

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