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New Laboratory Green and Organic Products Requests

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100 Most Recent Green and Organic Products Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Green and Organic Products Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Coffee Cup Testing

$3000 BUDGET APPROVED Food Company needs Consumer Products Laboratory to reverse engineer and develop a coffee cup made from coffee grounds. View More

Organic Cosmetics Stability Study

Africa Independent Laboratory needed for stability study testing on organic cosmetics View More

Eco-Friendly Shower Filter

Green company needs laboratory for all required testing on eco-friendly shower filter for sale to the US including whether it is compatible with relat... View More

New Organic Fertilizer Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Large University needs USA Agriculture Laboratory for new organic fertilizer testing for Acetate, Butyrate, Ammonia, and Ammonium... View More

Organic Skin Care Microbiology Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiological testing on 10 samples of Organic skin care product,
View More

EPA Natural Cleaning Products

EPA Certified Laboratory needed to perform the following testing on 5 anti-microbial natural cleaning products:

1) Green Ingredients verification
... View More

AOAC Organic Fertilizer Testing

Agriculture Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for powdered, organic fertilizer to three AOAC Methods:
AOAC 993.13 or 978.02 for Total Nitrogen ... View More

Natural Cleaning Product Ingredient Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ingredient testing in natural cleaning product View More

Resin IEC testing

Industrial Laboratory needed to perform the following IEC tests on resins:
Relative permittivity, 1 Hz and 100 Hz (IEC 60250) ... View More

Allergen Testing of Disposable, Eco-Friendly Straws

Food Clinical Research Laboratory needed for allergen and gluten testing of disposable, eco-friendly drinking straws . View More

EPA and ASTM Oil Analysis

Oil Laboratory needed for EPA and ASTM testing of tire derived oil analysis to the following Test Methods::
EPA Test Methods 3040 Dissolution Proced... View More

Child Resistant Packaging

Packaging Laboratory needed for California Child Resistant compliant packaging testing of 3 different sizes of compostable bags used for marijuana d... View More

OPPTS Acute Toxicity and Pathogenicity

Toxicology Laboratory needed for OPPTS 885.3050 Acute oral toxicity/pathogenicity.
Principles of the test method. The test product is administered o... View More

REACH Compliance

Laboratory needed for REACH compliance testing of sodium hydroxide, sodium glucoheptonate, and Calcium dihydroxide. Analysis for substance Identific... View More

Organics fertilizer company needs Microbiology Laboratory for strain identification of fungus and microbes - 4 types
Identify fungus and microbes at ... View More

Renewables chemical company needs biochemistry laboratory for residue preparation including synthesis and analysis View More

Manufacturer needs GLP approved tests of organic agriculture pesticides to be in compliance with exportation regulation View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Plastics laboratory needed for acetaldehyde and viscosity testing of PET to 2 ASTM standards:
for acetaldehyde according ASTM F2013... View More

Agriculture laboratory needed for ASTM radiocarbon analysis of natural pesticide to determine the biobased content of solid, liquid, and gaseous sampl... View More

Medical device company needs clinical product safety laboratory for in vivo, in vitro and microbiology testing of disposable feminine pads including: ... View More

FDA GLP Toxicology laboratory needed for GLP Toxicity Study: Acute Inhalation Toxicity Studies for Consumer Product (Insect Repellent) View More

Materials laboratory needed for plastics testing for hazotoxin determination from burning plastics.
View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for Disinfection mitigation efficacy testing needed on one plant pathogen bacteria species (Erwinia amylovora) and one ... View More

Cosmetics laboratory neede for international certification testing on organic cosmetics View More

URGENT Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of non-ionic surfactant to ASTM 2281-68. View More

Analytical chemistry Laboratory needed for dietary supplement testing of organic moringa oleifera leaf & seed powder for
Gross organoleptic analysis ... View More

Physical laboratory needed for Flammability testing for SDS purposes. 2-3 products in the retail cleaning category View More