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    Most Recent Food Supplements Laboratory Testing Requests

    Below are 48 of some of the most recent Food Supplements Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Food Supplements laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Food Supplements Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Raw Human Milk Viral Analysis in India

India Microbiology Laboratory needed for raw human milk viral analysis (20 ... (view details)

Environmental Swab Testing for Bacillus cereus

URGENT Environmental Microbiology Laboratory need for testing of 70 environ... (view details)

UKAS Food Supplement Evaluation

UKAS Food Laboratory needed for food supplement product evaluation for
1.... (view details)

Food Oxalate Testing

Food Analytical Laboratory needed for oxalates testing in food (mushroom ex... (view details)

NY or NJ Food Lab Needed for Shelf Life Studies

New York or New Jersey Food Laboratory needed for shelf life testing done f... (view details)

FDA New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of Grape Pomace

FDA Laboratory needed for New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of gr... (view details)

INDIVIDUAL NMN Supplement Testing

I have ordered NMN from a company and would like to see if they are legit, ... (view details)

USP Glycine Testing for PCBs and Dioxins

Food Company needs Analytical Laboratory needed for USP testing of Glycine ... (view details)

US Food Microbiology Lab needed for Bacillus Enterotoxin Testing

US Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for Bacillus cereus enterotoxin test... (view details)

FDA GMP Microbiology Lab for Staphylococcal Enterotoxin

FDA GMP Microbiology Laboratory needed for FDA BAM method testing for staph... (view details)

Long-Term FDA Dietary Supplement Labeling and Quality Testing

URGENT / LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP Product Test Laboratory needed for annu... (view details)

Honey Methylglyoxal MGO Testing

Agriculture Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for methylglyoxal MGO t... (view details)

Dietary Supplement Efficacy Testing

Newly started biotechnology company making biochemicals from fermentation n... (view details)

Clinical Trial Plasma Curcumin Concentration

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for performing blood tests for a clinic... (view details)

Total Collagen Testing with Biovision Kit

LONG-TERM TESTING Food Laboratory needed for collagen testing on food produ... (view details)

Multigrain Health Mix Nutritional Analysis

Food Laboratory needed for nutritional and glycemic index testing on multig... (view details)

Whey Immunoglobulins

Test Laboratory needed for whey testing for immunoglobulins along with test... (view details)

Food Supplement Testing

Europe Food Laboratory needed for sylimarin and cynarin content in food su... (view details)

Carotenoids Content Analysis

URGENT LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP Aquaculture Company needs Accredited ISO 17025... (view details)

Protein Powder Analysis

READY TO BUY Personal Trainer needs Food Laboratory for label confirmatory... (view details)

Food Lab Testing Partner

LONG-TERM TESTING Large USA food handler needs accredited ASTA Food Cont... (view details)

Vacuum Seal and Torque Testing

USA Physical Laboratory for Vacuum Seal Test and Torque testing to ensure d... (view details)

Biologics Release Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Manufacturing Organization focusing on producing... (view details)

Dietary Supplement AOAC Caffeine Analysis

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for AOAC Caffeine Analysis for ... (view details)

Non-Dairy Liquid Shake Reverse Engineering

INDIVIDUAL Inventor needs certified Food Laboratory to provide a quote to r... (view details)

Fitness Supplement FDA Labeling Claims Testing

FDA Fitness Supplement Manufacturer needed for Active Ingredient, labeling ... (view details)

cGMP FDA Nutracutical Testing

cGMP FDA Laboratory needed for nutritional value testing of vitamin cockta... (view details)

Herbal Supplement Finished Product Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for tests to support the Certificate of Analy... (view details)

Prostrate Health Natural Supplement Sterol Comparison Study

FDA GMP Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for a comparison study of mult... (view details)

Type IV Collagen Testing

Large Nutritional Company needs Dietary Supplement Laboratory for Type IV ... (view details)

PDCAAS Analysis of Vegan Nutritional Powder

India Food Laboratory needed for PDCAAS testing of a nutritive powder (vega... (view details)

Dietary Supplement Electrophoretic Purity Analysis

Nutraceutical Laboratory for electrophoretic purity testing in Chondroitin... (view details)

Dietary Supplement AOAC Fiber Testing

Nutraceutical company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for AOAC testin... (view details)

Whey Permeate Powder Hytroscopy and Caking

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for hygroscopy and caking test ... (view details)

Dates Bar Glycemic Index

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Glycemic Index Gi testing o... (view details)

Multivitamin Supplement Heavy Metal Testing

MEDIA Journalist needs Dietary Supplement Laboratory for heavy metal testin... (view details)

Protein Supplement Amino Acid Analysis

Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for amino acid analysis of a protein s... (view details)

FDA HPTLC Kale and Blueberry Powder Identification Testing

FDA Food Laboratory needed for HPTLC or other identification testing on th... (view details)

Isolation and Identification of Probiotic

Food Microbiology needed for characterization and identification of probio... (view details)

Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score PDCAAS

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino A... (view details)

Powdered Silkworm Identity

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for identity testing of powdered sil... (view details)

Identification: Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for nutritional product testing for ... (view details)

Quote for Phytase Activity

Nutrition Company needs Biochemistry Laboratory for phytase activity of t... (view details)

DIAAS bioanalysis

Natural Products Company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for protein analys... (view details)

HPLC Analysis

Functional Ingredient Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for qua... (view details)

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