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Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Milk and Dairy Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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ISO Milk Powder Fat Purity Testing

Government Agency needs Food Laboratory for ISO testing of powdered milk products for the purity of fat content to ISO Standard 17678:2010 - Milk and... View More

Infant Milk Products

Food Laboratory needed for 20 samples of infant milk products for the following: 17 alpha-nandrolone,Prolacin, Chlormadinone, 5 a steroids, IGF-1, me... View More

Coconut Milk Xanthan or Guar Gum

Food Laboratory needed for coconut milk testing for the presence of xanthan or guar gum in coconut milk. View More

Powdered Ice Cream Mix Deformulation and Nutritional Facts

Food Laboratory needed for deformulation and nutritional facts labeling testing of a product powdered ice cream mix with known amounts of products View More

Off-Flavor Whole Fat Milk Powder Failure Analysis

Import / Export Company needs Food Laboratory for failure investigation to determine the cause of an off-flavor whole fat milk powder product View More

Egg proteins identification

Food Laboratory needed for protein analysis to determine specific egg proteins - ie ovalumbin, and others- container in processed food product. Testin... View More

Plant-Oil Based Milk Food Products

Food Laboratory needed for osmolality determination on shakes and plant-oil based milks food products View More

Dairy Product Nutritional Analysis

Food manufacturer needs Food Laboratory for nutritional analysis of Dairy Product

View More

Dairy Product Shelf Life Study

Food manufacturer needs Food Laboratory for shelf life study of frozen dairy products.
Please provide quotation.
View More

Isolation and Identification of Probiotic

Food Microbiology needed for characterization and identification of probiotic strains for a fermented food item to verify if all 10 strains of a prob... View More

Yogurt Probiotics strain refinement

Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for probiotics strain refinement or selection to determine the end of shelf life which probiotic strains in a non-... View More

Cream Analysis

Food Laboratory needed for quantitative composition of a cream to determine the amount of all ingredients and their amount found in the sample. View More

Viral Inactivation Study

Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for a Research Study on viral inactivation in samples of lyophilized breast milk pasteurized with UV radiation. Vi... View More

Food laboratory for milk and dairy testing including:

Butterfat Content Testing
Calcium Testing
Dairy Test Methods Testing
Dairy Test Methods Te... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Dairy needs USA Microbiology laboratory for Microbiological testing of cheese and butter and solids testing of concentrated whey.
N... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Analysis of recombinant bovine somatotropin in Ultra-High Processed UHT milk and possibly other dairy products View More

Food laboratory needed for nutritional testing and food safety testing (microbiology and contaminants) analysis to Chinese standards. View More

Bagel Shop needs food laboratory for health department testing of cheddar cheese and Asiago cheeses for pH View More

Europe food laboratory needed for nutritional labeling testing and food research study on melatonin levels on milk powder that have been milked durin... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for protein analysis to detect A1/A2 protein in our dairy farm's cows. View More

FDA Food Laboratory needed for nutritional labeling testing and shelf-life stability testing for artisanal cheeses to FDA Standards. Need to get 1) t... View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for milk testing: Heavy metals residue tests of processed milk for lead, mercury, aluminum View More

LONG-TERM TESTING: USDA Food Laboratory needed for ice cream testing (microbiology and nutritional) for import license. Testing needed is for Milk So... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for probiotic testing for bacterial spore count , View More

Food bioanalytical laboratory needed to measure non protein nitrogen levels in milk/whey samples. There is less than 2% NPN ( including urea) but we n... View More

Food Laboratory needed for yoghurt testing for Nutritional values View More

Small farm needs microbiology laboratory for goat milk testing for brucelosis or any other bacterias or virus View More

Food microbiology laboratory needed for microbial testing of milk sweets TPC, TFC and Yeast and mold studies View More

LEGAL Law firm needs food laboratory for food deformulation analysis performed on a supermarket brand parmesan cheese product to determine the cellulo... View More

North America Food Bioanalytical laboratory needed for milk analyses for Galacto-oligosaccharides to well-recognized method like AOAC.
View More

LEGAL Law firm needs food laboratory for food deformulation analysis performed on a supermarket brand parmesan cheese product to determine the cellulo... View More

Agriculture food laboratory needed for dairy testing of Ploy dextrose in dairy base and soya base products. View More

India analytical chemsitry labroatory needed for antibiotic testing in milk and chicken. Please provide quote View More

Biochemistry laboratory needed for assay of Lactulose sample. At least composition of following chemicals need to be tested in this sample.
-) Lactul... View More

Food Laboratory needed for ingredient testing of retail food product (grated cheese) to (1) confirm ingredients, (2) determine percentages of ingredi... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Northeast USA Food Microbiology laboratory needed for kefir beverage testing including: lactobacillus strain test, ABV test, nutriti... View More

Small business needs Canada food laboratory for cottage cheese Testing for food quality, nutrition and label View More

Dairy company needs food laboratory for Proteolytic count analysis View More

Importer of frozen ice confection product needs Canada Laboratory for milk fat content testing of 8 different products: fatty acid profile through g... View More

University Researcher needs laboratory for dairy products testing to evaluate their antibiotic and pesticide content. Please provide the approximate ... View More

Europe laboratory needed for Chlorate Analysis in Milk Products View More

Food laboratory needed for skim milk power testing to confirm the absence of Sodium thiocyanate as per customer request View More

Large dairy company needs Ireland laboratory for Edge Crush Testing on 3-4 box samples View More

Germany Nutritional Laboratory needed for milk testing for aoac nutrional values to export to usa. View More

Industrial milk company needs Eastern Europe agriculture laboratory needed for roughage testing and manure testing. What is the price and conditions o... View More

Food Laboratory needed for food microbial analysis and anti-oxidant testing for milk samples.
There will be initially 3 samples. I would like to kno... View More

Midwest USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for milk testing of antibiotics are in the milk (bovine milk) and I need to know how much of those ... View More

Food nutrional laboratory needed for milk testing: nutritional analysis of nutritional elements in milk samples, along with fat content in milk sampl... View More

Contract Laboratory needed for Analysis of glycomacropeptide in UHT milk. There are no specified reporting limits or protocol. The client just wants... View More

Food Laboratory for Cheese Testing: utritional Analysis including Calories
-------------------- ... View More

USDA Certified Food Laboratory needed for milk raw testing: Microbiology Bacterial content and nutritional analysis of raw milk samples over time at v... View More


Food Laboratory needed for yougart stability testng. Test yogurt cups for stability in florescence light to mimic supermarket conditions 45-60 days View More

Food Laboratory needed for quality testing: dairy testing of three dairy product samples including butter, cheese, and ice cream. My firm is very invo... View More