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    Most Recent Fats, Oil, and Oilseeds Laboratory Testing Requests

    Below are 48 of some of the most recent Fats, Oil, and Oilseeds Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Fats, Oil, and Oilseeds laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Fats, Oil, and Oilseeds Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Crude Peanut Oil Testing

ISO 17025 Accredited Contract Laboratory needed for the following tests on... (view details)

Coffee Oil Analyses

Independent Laboratory needed for analyses on a coffee oil such that its co... (view details)

Canola Oil FCC Codex Compliance

Third-Party Food Contract Test Laboratory needed for edible canola oil anal... (view details)

Peppermint Oil Certificate of Analysis Testing

Food Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis testing for a nutritiona... (view details)

Food testing | Olive oil

I'm looking for a lab to run a test on our private label EVOO. We are a dis... (view details)

Fenugreek, Tumeric and Cumin Oil Analysis

India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for HPLC or GCMS analysis of 3... (view details)

Certification Laboratory needed for Olive Oil Authenticity Testing

Large Food Company needs Agriculture Laboratory for olive oil authenticity ... (view details)

Argan Oil Purity Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for Argan oil purity testing. (view details)

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Certificate of Analysis Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Amazon compliant C... (view details)

Essential Oil Analysis

India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for analysis of 10 different t... (view details)

Food-Grade Emulsion Oil Additive Testing

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for food-grade additive testing... (view details)

Egg Oil Certifications and Declarations

Agriculture / Food Laboratory needed for the follow certifications and decl... (view details)

Hydrocarbon Residue Cleaning Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for hydrocarbon residue testing after cleaning two me... (view details)

Soybean Oil Analysis

Agriculture Laboratory needed for full soybean oil analysis. (view details)

ASTM Used Vegetable Oil Testing

Contract Food Analytical Laboratory needed for ASTM tests on used vegetable... (view details)

Vegetable Oil Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for vegetable oil testing for the content of ... (view details)

Black Seed Oil Thymoquione Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for thymoquinone concentration testi... (view details)

Gac Fruit Oil Beta Carotene Testing

ISO 17025 Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for beta carotene tes... (view details)

Camellia Cooking Oil Analysis

Food Laboratory needed for Camellia oil (also referred to as tea tree oil)... (view details)

Soil Analysis

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing for the presence of soybea... (view details)

ThymoquinoneTHQ value in black cumin seed oil

Laboratory needed for testing three 250 ml of black cumin seed oil for the... (view details)

Peanut Moisture and Alflatoxin Testing

Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for moisture and aflatoxin testing of p... (view details)

Cotton Seed Oil Gossypol Testing

India Laboratory needed for crude cotton seed oil testing for gossypol.
(view details)

USP Castor Oil Testing

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Compendial Te... (view details)

Epoxidated Oils and derivatives EODA REACH Physico-Chemical Properties

Europe Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for physico-chemical properti... (view details)

Sorbitan Tristearate in Sunflower Oil

Agriculture Laboratory needed for sorbitan tristearate testing in sunflowe... (view details)

USP Soybean Oil Testing

Pharmaceutical company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for USP testin... (view details)

Butterfat Fatty Acid Profile

Food Laboratory needed for fatty acid profile testing of butterfat. (view details)

Grapefruit Peel Oil Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for quantitative analysis of samples... (view details)

Inhalation Toxicity Study

GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for Oregano oil Inhalation toxicity studie... (view details)

Palm Fatty Acid Dioxin and PCBs

Large Pet Food Manufacturer needs Food Laboratory needed for dioxins & PCBs... (view details)

Fat Content Testing to ISO 17678:2010

Food Laboratory needed for I SO 17678:2010 or IDF 202:2010 fat content test... (view details)

Cardamom Oil

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Cardamom Oil testing to quantify... (view details)

Extra Virgin Oil Nutritional Analysis Testing

Extractor of extra virgin oils, fiber of sesame seeds and nuts needs Food L... (view details)

Castor Oil COA Analysis

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Castor Oil Certificate... (view details)

Chili oil deformulation

Company needs Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for deformulation and fo... (view details)

Vegetable Oil Acceptance Testing

Vegetable oil producer needs Food Laboratory for acceptance testing of 3 d... (view details)

Essential Oil Testing

Organic Farm developing aromatic and medicinal herbs for essential oil and... (view details)

GMO Certification of Vegetable Oils

Food Laboratory needed for testing and certification of Non-GMO vegetable o... (view details)

Europe FDA GLP Food Laboratory needed for crude fat testing in fish (view details)

Food Laboratory needed for AOCS method or Mettler drop point testing for ed... (view details)

FDA registered laboratory needed for microbiological analysis, pesticide re... (view details)

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for osmolarity testing on oil ... (view details)

START-UP FDA Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of 20 organic p... (view details)

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for vitamin A testing in olive ... (view details)

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing to determine the percent... (view details)

Food laboratory needed to measure the natural levels of antioxidants in vir... (view details)

Food laboratory needed for Food Chemical Codex testing and certification ... (view details)

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