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Incoming Food Laboratory Testing Requests

Below are some examples of the most recent incoming Food Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Food laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Food Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Request

Caffeine Gum Certificate of Analysis COA Testing

USA Food Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis COA for 2 new liqui... (view details)

Animal Feed Supplements Antibiotics Testing to FCC/USP Titration Method

Agriculture Laboratory needed to test animal feed supplements by titration ... (view details)

Isomaltulose Detection, Characterization, and Purity Analysis

India food testing laboratory needed to determine isomaltulose presence, it... (view details)

Salmonella Food Testing

Law firm needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for litigation involving allege... (view details)

Lunchbox Compliance Testing (BPA Free and Food Grade Safe PP)

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for compliance testing of l... (view details)

Food Contact Surface Testing

Food Laboratory needed for food contact surfaces testing of a product (view details)

Hot Sauce Reverse Engineering for Ingredients and Nutritional Values

Food Laboratory needed reverse engineering of hot sauce to determine ingred... (view details)

Hot Sauce HAACP Compliance Testing

Manufacturer needs Food Laboratory for HAACP Compliance testing hot sauce ... (view details)

Glycemic Index Testing by Capillary Blood Glucose Measurement

USA third-party clinical laboratory needed to perform glycemic index testi... (view details)

Deformulating Plant-Based Milk

US or Canada food laboratory needed for reverse engineering or de-formulati... (view details)

Ashwagandha Gummies Certificate of Analysis COA Testing - FDA Standards

FDA GMP Food testing laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis (COA) te... (view details)

Salt Seasoning Reverse Engineering

Independent food testing lab neeed to reverse engineer salt seasoning to kn... (view details)

Salt Substitute Seasoning Reverse Engineering

Contract food testing laboratory needed to reverse engineer a salt substitu... (view details)

Food Testing Services

India Food Laboratory needed for food testing service (view details)

Sour Cream Salmonella Testing

Third-party food testing laboratory needed for salmonella testing i... (view details)

NTA for Particle Concentrations and Western Blot Analysis ( TET3, CD81, CD 63, and CD9)

Contract Laboratory needed for plant NTA for particle concentrations and W... (view details)

Granular Virgin PTFE Resin/ Sheet Testing - 3A SSI Standards

Independent testing facility needed to test Granular Virgin PTFE Resin/ She... (view details)

Chickpea Flour Protein Dispersibility Index Testing

USA Food testing facility needed for protein dispersibility index testing f... (view details)

FDA Salmonella Contamination Testing

Food testing laboratory needed to conduct an experiment to prove our claims... (view details)

Protein Bars Glycemic Index GI Testing

Company development protein bar in two flavors needs laboratory to verify ... (view details)

Food Digestates and Cell Culture Supernatants Iron Content Analysis

Contract laboratory needed to analyze food digestates and cell culture sup... (view details)

Palladium Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for Palladium Testing (view details)

Prebiotic Digestive Aid Testing as per FDA Standards

Cape Town, South Africa-based third-party laboratory needed for testing a p... (view details)

Ingredients & Nutritional Profile Analysis for Sauces to FDA Standards

Food Laboratory needed for FDA testing of various sauces (over five sample... (view details)

Elderberry Syrup Testing

California Food Laboratory needed for elderberry syrup testing. (view details)

ASTM Product Packaging Biodegradation / Biosphere Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM product packaging biodegradation / bios... (view details)

GC-MS Testing of Cereal

Third-party food testing laboratory needed to perform GC-MS compound profil... (view details)

GMP Six Month Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing of Alcoholic Beverages

Australia-based GMP Independent food testing laboratory needed to conduct 6... (view details)

Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) Testing - FDA Standards

USA-based FDA GMP Food testing laboratory needed to run Protein digestibili... (view details)

Nutritional Analysis of Tuna Dried Muscle

Food testing lab needed to analyze some nutritional aspects (i.e., lipid an... (view details)

Creatine Gummies Purity and Safety Testing

USA-based testing facility needed to analyze creatine monohydrate gummies ... (view details)

Scoville Level Testing of 10 Different Sauces

Food testing laboratory needed to determine the Scoville level of H... (view details)

Dog Food Glyphosate/ampa Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for testing dog food for glyphosate/ampa?
(view details)

Food Seasoning Testing for Poly 60

Food testing laboratory or facility needed to check for poly 60 (polysorbat... (view details)

Honey In Vitro Glycemic Index Testing

Philippines Clinical Research Laboratory needed for in vitro glycemic index... (view details)

Cocoa Mass / Liquor Viscosity Analysis

Cocoa company needs Food Laboratory to analyze the cocoa mass/liquor visco... (view details)

CODEX Dietary Fiber Analysis

USA Food Laboratory needed that can perform a CODEX Dietary fiber analysis ... (view details)

Soup Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) Testing

USA Food Laboratory needed for Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) testing on spicy b... (view details)

Food PFAS, Allergen, Environmental Pathogen, Aflatoxin Testing

Food company needs ISO-17025 accredited laboratory to perform plastic (PFA... (view details)

Spice Blend Polysorbate 60 Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing for polysorbate 60 testi... (view details)

Entrained Air Quantification in Condensed Whey Retentate

Food testing laboratory or food technology facility needed to quantify entr... (view details)

Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters Testing for Impurities as per FCC Standards

FDA GMP Analytical laboratory needed to run three sucrose-fatty aci... (view details)

Direct Membrane Osmolarity Testing of Solutes as per FDA Standards

USA-based Analytical Chemistry lab needed to perform Direct Membrane Osmola... (view details)

Gelatin-Containing Food Preparation and Quality Analysis

Food testing laboratory/facility needed for preparing and testing gelatin-c... (view details)

Pet Food Formula Analysis - AAFCO Panel

Pet food testing lab needed to perform a full AAFCO panel analysis on a pet... (view details)

FDA Food Testing for Undeclared Colors -

Food Manufacturer needs FDA Food laboratory for testing a product under the... (view details)

Edge Crush Testing Box Samples

Food Company needs Packaging Laboratory to conduct edge crush testing (ECT)... (view details)

Wheat Flour Testing as per FSSAI Standards

India based Agriculture Food Laboratory needed for testing one 500g sample ... (view details)

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