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Recent environmental Laboratory Testing Requests

Below are some examples of the most recent incoming environmental Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for environmental laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their environmental Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Request

Independent natural materials testing facilities needed for testing wood samples for EPA certification.
Set of test requirements are:
- Concentrations of...

EUROPE Chemical testing laboratory needed for testing natural repellents against many targets (especially fleas and ticks) for safety to directly use on dogs...

Contract soil testing facility needed for testing a solid soil sample to confirm there is no contamination so the city landfill accepts the excess soil we ha...

UK Environmental Laboratory needed to do an environmental survey between 4th to 9th July inclusive.
Each day, a 24-hour composite sample for the following d...

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing for minerals like gold.

Contract testing laboratory needed to perform environmental testing, specifically thermal vacuum chamber (TVAC) and vibrational testing.
Can you provide more information on ...

India Environmental Laboratory needed for water quality testing like Ca, Mg, BOD, COD

USA LABORATORY (Florida Lab Preferred))
Contract Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for bacteria testing on recently shocked well.

Contract Laboratory needed for residential environmental soil testing. Soil suspect to contain radioactive material/ radiation. perhaps remnants of rocket fuel. LA...

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for arsenic testing in Irish Moss (Chondrus Crispus)

Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for testing to confirm dietary supplement claims of non-toxic, non-sensitizing, biodegradable/environmentally friendly.

India Environmental Chmistry Laboratory needed for CHNSO analysis of organic samples in powder form

BUDGET APPROVED (C$1,000-C$2,000)
Canada Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing for resistivity, pH, and oxygen content

Houston third-party environmental lab needed to analyze 20 soil samples from an iron mine for Silica content with the semi-quantitative X-ray diffraction (XRD) Method.


Philippines independent testing facility needed to perform effluent testing and share results per the Environmental Management Bureau - Department of Environment and Natural ...

Independent Environmental testing facility needed to provide a quote for wastewater testing (done twice a year) in compliance with the California Environmental Protection Agen...

UK environmental laboratory needed to conduct comprehensive impact assessment analysis of about 100 samples of soil and animal tissues, including periwinkles, crabs, and snail...

California-based Third-party FDA GMP laboratory needed for environmental monitoring of water systems per the FDA standards. Trending and periodic report generation of results ...

EPA GLP environmental chemistry laboratory needed for testing one to five botanical pesticide samples for the percentage of eugenol.

BUDGET APPROVED ($50,000-$100,000)
Certified, USA-based contract facility needed to mix lead paint, deposit it on substrates under ISO/IEC 17020 (Conformity assessment), ISO ...

Food company needs ISO-17025 accredited laboratory to perform plastic (PFAS), allergen, environmental pathogen, aflatoxin, etc., testing.

Farm needs Environmental Laboratory needed testing city water, filtered water, and local spring water.. What could be included in that testing profile and what is the cost? Th...

India Environmental Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of mosquito repellent incense sticks on mosquitoes.
Your positive response will be greatly appre...

BUDGET APPROVED ($50,000-$100,000)
EU Environmental Laboratory needed for testing air, water and soil. Prefer Lab in Netherlands , Belgium ( ARA region ) ...

USA EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for Analysis and cost per sample for testing of ambient air to the following test standards:

EPA TO-15 Technical Assistance Documen...

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for lead testing in water in order to meet DCFS home daycare license qualifications.

Environmental Laboratory for on-site NY State collection and processing potable water, processed water and other water samples at various locations as described in Weekly and...

Environmental Laboratory needed for evaluating the efficacy of coffee grounds and lemongrass combination as a natural fly repellent.

Defense company needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for fungus testing in accordance with MIL-STD-810H DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE TEST METHOD STANDARD: ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CON...

Environmental Laboratory needed for well water testing.

Asia Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity, effectiveness and comparison testing of insecticide made from (Mangifera indica) Extract.

ISO 17025 Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for bacterial water testing

Germany Environmental Laboratory needed for complete biodegradability testing in specific by-product (sludge)

1. Initial analytics
The following parame...

Contract Laboratory needed for olfactory, sensory , stability, safety and chemistry testing of a cologne.
Olfactory Evaluation: Comprehensive assessment of...

Environmental Laboratory needed for sodium testing of soil tested in ppm. Multiple soil samples would be needed.

USA Contract Microbiology Laboratory needed for ophthalmic medical device research study
Aim 1: Assess effectiveness of UV-C disinfection on reducing pathogen load (BS 8628 p...

Environmental Testing Lab needed for analysis of air samples to help troubleshoot/confirm a very strange but strong odor in the air.

Environmental Laboratory needed for various testing. Please provide fee schedule.

Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA VOC testing according to EPA 1666 Volatile Organic Compounds Specific to the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry by Isotope Dilution...

Environmental Health Service needs USA Environmental Laboratory service to supply and analyse tubes for passive monitoring of VOCs? Please provide how much does it cost per tu...

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA pesticide acute inhalation toxicology study testing for a biological pesticide containing beauveria bassiana according to EP...

AFRICA LABORATORY (Kenya Lab Preferred)
Africa Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for pesticides and PAHs testing facilities.

Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA water testing for VGP compliance as per USA EPA guidelines .

Farm needs Environmental Laboratory for the following bentonite clay complete analysis:
1.Particle Size Distribution
2. Mineral Composition Analysis
3. Heavy Metals Analys...

Environmental Testing Lab is needed for Toxicity Investigative Evaluation. Failing fish toxicity testing (96-hr Acute Rainbow Trout LC50 Test).

Radiochemistry or Environmental Laboratory required to measure Cesium-137 in marine sediments.

Environmental Laboratory required to perform Silt Density Index tests on 6 wells we have drilled. We are using Reverse Osmosis to clean the water from these wells.

Environmental Laboratory needed for methylene diphenyl diisocyanate MDI emission testing according to one of the following DFG, NIOSH, HSE, and IFA test met...

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