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    Below are some examples of the most recent incoming environmental Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for environmental laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their environmental Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

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RFQ Food Manufacturing Plant Potable Water Testing (Every Two Weeks)


Beverage company needs Cont... (view details)

Sports Performance Surfaces Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for testing different sports performance surfac... (view details)

Ore testing

Mining Laboratory needed for dirt testing to determine the type of ore. (view details)

Rocks, Minerals and Gemstone Identification and Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for identification and testing of an ... (view details)

Insect Repellent Efficacy Testing

Estou precisando do laboratorio para fazer analise de eficácia em r... (view details)

Evaluation of Honey Bees

Entomology Laboratory needed for evaluation of cause of death of 322 honey... (view details)

Synthetic Stone Geological Makeup Analysis


Geology Laboratory needed for Geological mak... (view details)

RFQ Flavored Water Evaluation and Shelf Life Testing (4 Flavors)


USA Food Laboratory needed for evaluat... (view details)

Water O.R.P PL Oxidation Reduction Potential Testing

Asia Environmental Laboratory needed for water testing for O.R.P PL Oxidati... (view details)

Rock Metals and Meteorite Testing


Geology Laboratory needed for metals testing 30 different typ... (view details)

ISO Antiviral Testing of Non-Porous Surfaces

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO Antiviral testing on non porous surfaces... (view details)

Natural Product (Plant Extract and Organic Chemistry Compound) Testing

Analytical Contract Laboratory needed for natural product testing of plant ... (view details)

Fine Art Wood Evaluation and Identification

Europe Materials Laboratory needed for fine art examination to determine if... (view details)

Multiple Geology, Mineralogy, Chemical Composition Tests


Geology Laboratory ... (view details)

Airborne Pathogen Kill and Effectiveness Studies

UK, EU or USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for Airborne Pathogen Kill and... (view details)

Tobacco Leaf Plant Matter Nitrosamines Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for tobacco leaf plant matter testing for n... (view details)

RFQ Water and Soil Heavy Metals, PAHs, TPH, BTEX (50 Samples)

Africa Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for heavy metals (Pb, Cd, ... (view details)

Insect Repellent Active Ingredient (IBI-246) Content Verification Testing

Europe, USA, Canada or China Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for ... (view details)

Air Duct Filter and Air Sanitiser Efficacy Studies

(UK Laboratory Preferred, but open to all)
Contract L... (view details)

ASHRAE and ISO Airbourne Microorganisms Inactivation Testing

Certified Laboratory needed to perform a test accordingly to Ashrae 185.1 L... (view details)

BS 3416 Testing of Bitumen-Based Coatings for use with Potable Water

Contract Laboratory needed for BS Test Standard Testing of reduced asphalt ... (view details)

XRD and SEM Analysis for Mineralogy and Mineral Separation of Rock and Sediment

Commercial or Research Geology Labor... (view details)

Fabric Mosquito Repellent Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent testing on fabric. Percen... (view details)

RFQ Natural Insect Repellent Effectiveness Testing

(Small Laboratory Preferred)
Contract Laboratory neede... (view details)

Experienced EPA Contract Laboratory needed for efficacy testing control and... (view details)

New Portable Air Sanitization UV-C Light Device Validation


Medical Research Group of Infectious Disease Specialist needs ... (view details)

Environmental Sample Collection and Microbial Analysis (600 samples)


Environmental Microbiology needed to collect ... (view details)

Insecticide Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for insecticide testing that includes efficacy r... (view details)

Mining Mineral Analysis

USA Mining Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of 10 Rock and Mineral sa... (view details)

Mosquito Repellent Knockdown and Repellency Properties Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent knockdown / repellency p... (view details)

Compost Herbicide Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for compost testin... (view details)

UVC LIghting Technology Surface Anti-Viral Efficacy Testing

USA (West Coast Preferred) Laboratory needed for efficacy surface-test for ... (view details)

Water, Tar and Oil Testing


Environmental Company needs Laboratory for the following... (view details)

Cooling Tower and Water Treatment Water Testing

Foundry needs laboratory for cooling tower maintenance and water treatment... (view details)

Combination Insect Repellent and Sunscreen Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for testing of combination insect repellent-sun... (view details)

SATRA Cold Flex Testing of Polyurethane Coated Fabric (12 Samples)

USA Materials Laboratory needed for SATRA cold flex testing of polyurethane... (view details)

NIST Botanical Extract Mass Spec Analysis

Bioscience Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to conduct mass sp... (view details)

Non-Porous Surface ISO Antiviral Activity Testing

Europe Contract Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO antiviral activity f... (view details)

Technical Textile ISO 18184 Testing

USA Contract Laboratory needed for ISO 18184 Anti-Viral Testing of technic... (view details)

Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral reduction Efficacy Studies


Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial ef... (view details)

Wheat Glycemic Index Testing

Seed Company needs India Food Laboratory for glycemic index (GI) testing of... (view details)

Olive Tree Leaves Deficiencies Research Study

Organization needs EUrope Environmental Laboratory for Research Study of t... (view details)

Sedimentary Rock Examination and Identification

Geology Laboratory needed for examination and identification of sedimentary... (view details)

Agricultural Protein Product for Plant Enhancement

Agricultural Research & Development Laboratory nee... (view details)

Quartz Inclusions and Elements Evaluation

Contract Geology Laboratory needed for quartz evaluation for inclusions an... (view details)

Gypsum By-Product Agriculture Use Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for testing gypsum byproduct for use in the a... (view details)

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