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Contract Laboratory has received the following sensory Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These sensory Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their sensory Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a sensory Laboratory, please Submit a sensory Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Consumer Products Sensory Laboratory needed for fragrance duration testing in perfumes View More

Fabric Softeners Perfume Testing

Large Company needs Consumer Products Sensory Laboratory for conducting testing of perfume on concentrated fabric softeners. Long lasting perfume & ca... View More

Powdered Blend Coffee Blend Substitute Comparison Study

Food Consumer Products / Sensory Laboratory needed for conducting beverage comparison study of powdered spray dried coffee blend substitute to other p... View More

Fruit Consumer Sensory Study

Consumer Products Laboratory needed to run a consumer sensory study on fruit samples in November, 2018. The Consumer Products Laboratory must have rec... View More

Wine Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for wine testing for:
Sensory feedback ie. Nose, color and taste

Please let... View More

Odour and Flavour

Sensory Laboratory needed for sensory tests for odour and off-flavour on food packaging. View More

Offer request

Food Packaging Laboratory for food contact applications analysis and certificate of declaration of conformity for paperboard products according to the... View More

Polypropylene film manufacturer needs Sensory Laboratory for odor profiling on it' s polymer products. View More

Large home appliance company needs Laboratory for sensory analysis testing View More

Food Sensory Laboratory needed for organoleptic testing for the level of bitterness and licorice after notes in powder. View More

Large corporation needs food laboratory needed with a certified sensory expert to run ASTM comparison study on two developmental food packaging system... View More

Large environmental company needs sensory laboratory needed for olfactometry testing of air samples View More

Food laboratory needed for performing testing on individual chicken breast fillets including tenderness testing Warner-Bratzler Shear and sensory pan... View More

Natural beverage company needs FDA food laboratory for nutritional, shelf-life, microbiology and WHO testing of 3 different variant of their fruit jui... View More

URGENT Packaging laboratory needed for sensory testing on a new food packaging item in order to market it in the EU. Assess whether the packaging when... View More

Organization needs sensory laboratory for sensory evaluation testing on aromatic plants including color, flavor, fragrance, touch, smell, odor, and ol... View More

Food laboratory needed for seafood testing including sensory evaluation of fresh and frozen tilapia. Laboratory must be familiar with geosmin charact... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for sensory testing of beer products to determine consumer panel preferences. View More

Sensory laboratory needed for tactile, tactile experience, and touch testing of leather. View More

LONG TERM TESTING FDA GMP ISO food laboratory needed for sensory testing after reheating soup contained in a specific bowl using a specific brand of m... View More

Clinical research laboratory needed for clinical trial on sensory study: split-nostril / nasal lateralization testing on a consumer panel for olfacti... View More

Skin care laboratory needed for clinical testing of a product for sensory characteristics both in-use, and post-application.

View More

Sensory laboratory needed for sensory fragrance evaluation of pest control and home cleaning products. Must be able isolate and contain fragrance int... View More

Australian company needs baby product tested for safety and compliance with Australian Consumer Law 2011. The product is a handmade sensory pillow for... View More

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for clinical study of oral care products including sensory testing and preference testing for the preference/ acce... View More

European Union Pharmaceutical Sensory Laboratory needed for sensory testing: odor, color, taste preferences of oral care products compared to other co... View More

Certified laboratory needed for animal feed testing. Quotes to be Requested for following Parameters
PRODUCT: ( Animal Feed).

1. Crude protein ( ... View More

Sensory and analytical chemistry laboratory needed for comparision testing vendor qualification of activated carbon to be used for odor absorption o... View More

Laboratory needed for multiple testing on hand sanitizer 1. Glove Compatibility: The influence of Instant hand sanitizer on nitrile and latex gloves w... View More

Sensory laboratory needed for perfume testing View More

Enology Laboratory needed for wine research study for USDA SBIR Phase One Grant Under8.5 Food Science My product is Light Wine.
I need services to ... View More

Refined lipids company needs sensory laboratory for sensory taste comparison testing on two oils for several quality aspects including taste. View More

Africa Sensory Laboratory needed for determination of flavor profile of dried mushroom powder View More

Personal care company needs consumer products laboratory for stability and sensory panel studies: Sensory panel evaluations for a new line of product... View More

New york CIty Area Sensory laboratory needed for pheromone testing in humans to determine the composition of pheromones and other compounds to replica... View More

University Researchers need Asia sensory laboratory for slow release fragrance technology testing for markets in Asia. View More

FDA cGMP Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer products testing including sensory testing, comparison studies testing, consumer panel testi... View More

Food laboratory needed for Sensory tesing of stevia sweetner View More

Pharmaceutical Company needs consumer products laboratory for sensory testing: Taste evaluation of an oral dissolving product View More

Sensory chemistry laboratory needed for perfume deformulation testing of product. Potentially reformulation with added ingredients. View More

Asia University Researcher needs laboratory apple brandy testing for research Study of the difference in reducing sugar, pH content, alcohol content, ... View More

New Zealand sensory laboratory needed for wine testing: Sensory testing of wine. Simple difference testing of wine samples (e.g. triangular tests) View More

Food Laboratory needed for hamburger testing: Organoleptic, sensory and physicochemical testing of uncooked hamburgers,
sensory evaluation of cooked ... View More

Sensory Laboratory needed for attars, fragrance, and perfume testing to ascertain the strength and the lasting of the fragrance. View More

Europe Packaging Laboratory needed for Flexible Packaging testing - OPP-OPP
o Chemical composition of the Material
o Coefficient of friction (C... View More

URGENT: Ireland Packaging / Sensory Laboratory needed for the sensory and peel seam testing. sensory analysis i.e. the comparison of taste and odour ... View More

Fruit Juice manufacturer needs food laboratory for food microbiology and sensory quality control testing to improve the quality control system - for ... View More

New York Food Laboratory for microbiology and sensory testing of 4 food products. Looking to have shelf life and sensory testing. How long will my d... View More

USA sensory laboratory needed for Tactile Sensory Analysis of nonwoven fabrics. Conduct a sensory panel testing (tactile) for one of the development p... View More

Sensory Laboratory needed for odor testing of a liquid product. View More

Food Laboratory needed for food sensory testing and finished product evaluation to control a co-packer in the US. View More

USA Pharmaceutical Sensory Laboratory needed Bitterness testing for Pharmaceutical API' and dosage forms View More

South America Sensory Laboratory needed for Expert sensory testing of food Wet ambient cooking sauce to determine whehter an existing UK product can b... View More

Middle East food laboratory needed for food testing including stability testing, analytical testing, microbiology testing, sensory testing, and packag... View More

USA or Canada sensory laboratory needed for Sensory testing of wine packaged in 187ml polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles View More

Japan Food Laboratory needed for wine sensory testing and cork stopper testing: Extraction force of the cork stopper.
Wine sensory evaluation. View More

USA Analytical chemistry sensory laboratory needd for reverse engineering of a human biologic scent and felt that we have to analyze the sample, rever... View More

Eastern USA sensory laboratory needed for sensory taste testing with electronic tongue tester for oral solid dosage form taste Test samples provided View More

UAE or Kuwait consumer product sensory laboratory needed for sensory acceptance testing of 5 digestive biscuits
( 1 ourproduct + 4 competitor produc... View More

India Sensory Laboratory needed for perfume testing View More

Washington sensory laboratory needed for sniff testing 9000 units of finished product formulated to be fragrance free however in the filling a small ... View More

Washington Sensory Laboratory needed for on-site odor testing of a fine fragrance liquid cosmetic View More

Washington Sensory laboratory needed for sensory testing, water testing for Taste and odor of water samples View More

Pharmaceutical Sensory Laboratory needed for texture analysis on Novel herbal topical gel formulation. View More

USA Sensory Laboratory needed for a 3 day, 2 week and 4 week sensory test study of chocolate in an Environmental Chamber at 29 degrees C and 50% Rh wi... View More

Government needs USA consumer Products laboratory for consumer panel sensory testing including recruitng panel of trained olfactory testers to evaluat... View More

Large Food Manufacturer needs Asia, Mexico or Brazil Food consumer products laboratory for Qualitative sensory evaluation of various incoming ingredie... View More

Consumer Products Sensory Laboratory needed for consumer product study: sensorial panel training for hair care products. View More

Massachusetts Sensory Laboratory needed for testing a new fragrance line to see what smells good. View More

Sensory Laboratory needed for sensory testing of OTC pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements View More

Sensory Laboratory needed to investigate binding of a small molecule to bitter taste receptors. View More

USA/Brazil Sensory Laboratory needed for fragrance testing by product type View More

Sensory Laboratory needed for sensory testing: odor, color, taste preferences and differences of different mouthwash products. View More

USA. Georgia/North Carolina/ Virgina Sensory Clinic needed for Cologne/Perfume testing. View More

Sensory Laboratory needed to test a given non caloric sweetener syrup to compare the sweetness with table sugar View More


Sensory Laboratory needed for nylon odor testing. View More

India Sensory Laboratory needed for Odor testing through Olfactometer. View More

Midwestern USA Sensory Laboratory needed for testing of candle air freshener - Looking at comparing fragrance delivery (fragrance development and frag... View More

Toronto Analytical Food Laboratory needed for Beer, sensory evaluation. View More

India or Europe Sensory Laboratory needed for Sensory analysis, Taste of medicine formulations in humans View More


Canada or West Coast USA Sensory Laboratory needed for testing to determine odor reduction in refridgerators from gases given off by decaying food pro... View More

Sensory Laboratory needed to develop a series of fragrances for production by the end of the year. Need a lab that can handle the development of the p... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry, Sensory Laboratory needed for fragrance testing for aromatic nitro musks, polcyclic musk compounds,and macrocyclic musk comp... View More

Europe COnsumer Products Laboratory needed for Concept Product Taste Test (beverage)Climate-Controlled (sensory lab) central location; interview room ... View More

India Sensory Laboratory needed for olfactometry testing, dynamic dilution. View More

East Coast Sensory Laboratory needed for Odorous Sample Evaluation of Detection & Recognition Thresholds following EN13725:2003 & ASTM E679-04, determ... View More

Eastern USA or Chicago Sensory Laboratory required for QDA type sensory descriptive analysis View More

California Food Laboratory needed for sensory evaluation on grapes, if consumable or not View More

South Africa FDA GMP Microbiology Laboratory needed for nutritional analysis testing, Microbial Analysis, Chemical test, Microbiological Tests and Sen... View More

Hong kong/Singapore/France/USA GMP, HACCP and ASTM Preclinical Food Testing Laboratory needed for Sensory test: preference test for ready to eat froze... View More

Canada Microbiology (Laboratory needed for microbial testing (pathogens & spoilage organisms)& sensory testing for fluid milk shelf life project View More

ASTM Materials Laboratory needed for ISO, DIN Odor testing about plastic either human sensory or equipment. View More

US or European food sensory lab needed to perform sensory taste testing to determine if taste is affected by certain additives used in the plastic pac... View More

FDA GMP Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for evaluation of a microencapsulated food product required, including particle size, structure, c... View More

Sensory laboratory needed for testing recycled polystyrene pellets for odor type and strength View More

Consumer Products Food laboratory needed for sensory testing on a range of tortilla products in Ireland. View More

Sensory laboratory needed for testing pet neutralization solution. View More

Consumer Products Testing Laboratory needed for Sensory profile testing of hair care products by an expert panel View More

Sensory laboratory needed to conduct expert panel sensory study of low dose bitter blocker in drug formulation (eg quinine, dextromethorphan etc) View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing Benzyl Salicylate sensory tests View More