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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Fragrance and Perfume Government Compliance Testing

India Laboratory needed for fragrance and perfume for gov... (view details)

Full Body Deodorant and Malodor Air Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed to perform malodor air testing and ful... (view details)

Candle Testing (Burn Time, Weight, Soy Wax, Pthalates Type of Wick)

Australia Company needs Consumer Products Laboratory for ca... (view details)

Agarbathi Fragrances Lab Testing (6-10 Fragrances)


India Laboratory needed for Agarbathi fragrances lab te... (view details)

Perfume Fragrance Line Development

START-UP Contract Laboratory needed for development of perfume fragrance ... (view details)

Essential Oils and Rose Water Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for essential oils and rose ... (view details)

Fragrance Oil Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for fragrance oils testing (view details)

Perfume 2, 6-Xylidine (2,6-dimethylaniline) testing

Contract Laboratory needed for 2, 6-Xylidine (2,6-dimethylaniline) in perf... (view details)

Fragrance Formulation Development.

Fragrance Company needs laboratory for development of a new fragrance formu... (view details)

Perfume Safety Assessment Testing

Perfumer needs Product Safety Laboratory to perfo... (view details)

Deodorant Ingredient Testing

Contract Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deodorant ingredient t... (view details)

Children's Product Line Pediatrician Validation Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed to validate 'pediatrician tested' or p... (view details)

India Perfume Lab Testing

India Contract Laboratory needed for perfume testing (view details)

Perfume Oil Ingredient Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ingredient testing of company's perfume oils... (view details)

Perfume Analysis for Duplication

Middle East Cosmetics Laboratory needed for sample analytics testing on per... (view details)

Fragrance Essential Oil Fixative Qualities

Contract Research laboratory needed for study to understand the fixative qu... (view details)

Perfume Fragrance Chemical Analysis and Safety Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for perfume fragrance chemical analysis and... (view details)

Perfume Testing

India Cosmetics Laboratory needed for gc/ms testing for perfumes (view details)

Cosmetics Reverse Engineering

Company needs Cosmetics Laboratory for reverse engineering on unknown fragr... (view details)

India Incense Chemistry Testing

India Contract Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for incense testing ... (view details)

Expert Fragrance Analysis

India Third party Laboratory with expert fragrance panelists, who can help... (view details)

Contract R&D Scent/Essential Oil Compound Development

Contract Research and Development Organization needed for scent/essential o... (view details)

Fragrance Phototoxicity , Flash Point and Stability Testing

Fragrance Manufacturer needs Laboratory for the following required tests pr... (view details)

Perfume Testing

Cosmetics Analytical Test Laboratory needed for perfume testing for ingredi... (view details)

Perfume Analysis

Hospital needs Contract Test Laboratory needed for perfume testing prior to... (view details)

Perfume Analysis

Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for perfume analysis by GC/MS.
(view details)

Fragrance and flavor testing

Fragrance Company needs Laboratory for Aromatherapy, Aeros & Plug-ins, Lau... (view details)

LEGAL Perfume Authenticity Testing

LEGAL Contract Laboratory needed for perfume authenticity testing between ... (view details)

Hair Lotion Fragrance Essential Oil Testing

Interested to identify the fragrance essential oils in a hair lotion. What ... (view details)

Amazon Certificate of Analysis Testing for Perfume

USA Contract Test Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis COA for a ... (view details)

Powdered Fragrance Flashpoint Testing

Fragrance Co needs Contract Test Laboratory for flashpoint testing on a po... (view details)

Perfume Clothing Spray Formulations and Ingredient Testing

Consumer Products Company needs India Analytical Laboratory for formulation... (view details)

Candle Scent Profile and Fragrance Development Testing

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Company starting to private label /contract manufacture... (view details)

Fragrance Testing

Analytical Test Laboratory needed for contract testing of fragrances for S... (view details)

Perfume Analysis

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for perfume content testin... (view details)

FDA Fragrance Safety Testing

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for FDA safety testing for a fragrance. Please... (view details)

ASTM Lube Oil Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM Lube oil testing to ASTM 7419 , Standard Tes... (view details)

Perfume Development

India Cosmetics Laboratory needed for development of fragrances for perfume... (view details)

Fragrance General Certificate of Conformity GCC

Perfume Company needs USA Consumer Products Laboratory for fragrance soluti... (view details)

Perfume GCC Testing

Perfume Company needs Consumer Products Laboratory for GCC testing (view details)

Perfume Fragrance Flash and Boiling Point

Perfume Company needs Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for flash ... (view details)

Fragrance and Lotion Deformulation

Cosmetics Analytical Laboratory needed for deformulation of a fragrance an... (view details)

Candle Fragrance Development

Candle company needs Analytical Laboratory to match and develop a fragrance... (view details)

ASTM Lube Basestock Testing

ISO 17025 Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of lube basestocks to ASTM... (view details)

Fragrance Deformulation

Company needs USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for deformulation of fra... (view details)

Consumer Products Sensory Laboratory needed for fragrance duration testing ... (view details)

Perfume Formulation and Development

Europe Cosmetics Laboratory needed for formulation and development of perfu... (view details)

Fabric Softeners Perfume Testing

Large Company needs Consumer Products Sensory Laboratory for conducting tes... (view details)

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