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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Environmental Laboratory Water UV Transmittance Testing

USA LABORATORY (Southwest Preferred)
Large Corporation needs USA ISO 17025... (view details)

Air Sample GC-MS Analysis for Trace Volatile Organic Compounds VOC

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed that can do G... (view details)

Essential Plant Growth Nutrients Testing in Decomposed Organic Liquid Matter

Asia Environmental Laboratory nee... (view details)

Disinfecting Wipes EPA N Application ANtiviral Efficacy Testing

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for EPA N application antivira... (view details)

Uniconazole Active Fungicide Ingredient Content Testing

Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to determine content o... (view details)

GLP and Non-GLP Testing of Antimicrobial Pesticide Device

Contract Laboratory needed for GLP and non-GLP testing of an antimicrobial ... (view details)

Garden Soil Herbicide Contamination Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for garden soil testing for h... (view details)

Insect Identification (3 Specimens)

Environmental Laboratory needed for identification of 3 insect specimens in... (view details)

Tape Degradation Environmental Factors Experimental Study

Signage Company needs Research Facility to design an experiment to determin... (view details)

USA Water PCB Tests

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for water testing for the determination... (view details)

Mosquito Repellent Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for mosquitoes repellent testing. (view details)

Automatic Door Development and Testing under Different Environments

Europe Testing facility needed for automatic door development and testing t... (view details)

Groundwater Brines Gross Alpha and Beta Testing (20 Samples)

Environmental Laboratory needed for Gross alpha and beta testing on groundw... (view details)

Pet Flea and Tick Spray Efficacy Testing


USA Environmental Laboratory ne... (view details)

EPA GLP Virucidal Testing for Rotavirus for Hard Surfaces Virucidal Claims

EPA GLP Compliant Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for GLP Vir... (view details)

Danish Environmental Protection Agency Hand Sanitizer Testing

Europe Contract Laboratory needed for EN14476 of our hand sanitizer Clean H... (view details)

Utilities Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Laboratory needed for Environmental Monitoring testing of th... (view details)

Soil Mineral Analysis


Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing for minerals... (view details)

Virucidal Disinfectant Testing (Herpes, Coronavirus and HIV)

Canada or USA Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidal di... (view details)

ISO 21702 Disinfection Testing of Nano-Composite Material

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO 21702 Section 7 and 8 ... (view details)

EPA Surface Disinfectant Registration Testing

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for all testing required by the EPA for... (view details)

Frankincense "Honey" Cortisone Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for cortisone testing in "honey" from frankincen... (view details)

Inspection Mold Sample Testing


Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed testing ... (view details)

Honey Floral Source Analysis


Southwest USA Agriculture Laboratory needed for... (view details)

AIHA Certified Lab for NIOSH Lead-in-Air sampling analyses

AIHA Certified Laboratory needed for NIOSH Lead-in-Air sampling analyses in... (view details)

EN 14476 A2:2019 Surface Disinfectant Virucidal Testing


URGENT Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed fo... (view details)

EPA OPPTS Acute Disinfectant Testing

EPA Environmental Toxicology Laboratories needed for acute testing under EP... (view details)

Evaluation of Honey Bees

Entomology Laboratory needed for evaluation of cause of death of 322 honey... (view details)

Water O.R.P PL Oxidation Reduction Potential Testing

Asia Environmental Laboratory needed for water testing for O.R.P PL Oxidati... (view details)

Airborne Pathogen Kill and Effectiveness Studies

UK, EU or USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for Airborne Pathogen Kill and... (view details)

RFQ Surface and Hand Rub Disinfectant Antiviral Efficacy Testing

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for virus testing(efficacy)on... (view details)

Tobacco Leaf Plant Matter Nitrosamines Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for tobacco leaf plant matter testing for n... (view details)

RFQ Water and Soil Heavy Metals, PAHs, TPH, BTEX (50 Samples)

Africa Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for heavy metals (Pb, Cd, ... (view details)

Insect Repellent Active Ingredient (IBI-246) Content Verification Testing

Europe, USA, Canada or China Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for ... (view details)

Environmental Sample Collection and Microbial Analysis (600 samples)


Environmental Microbiology needed to collect ... (view details)

Company Wanting to Purchase Atlanta Laboratory

Company looking to purchase (or rent/lease) 5,000 sq ft Laboratory in the A... (view details)

Compost Herbicide Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for compost testin... (view details)

Water, Tar and Oil Testing


Environmental Company needs Laboratory for the following... (view details)

Non-Porous Surface ISO Antiviral Activity Testing

Europe Contract Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO antiviral activity f... (view details)

Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral reduction Efficacy Studies


Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial ef... (view details)

RFQ Disinfectant Virucidal and Sporicidal Testing

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidal and sporicidal t... (view details)

Disinfecting Wipes Virucidal Efficacy Studies Against Influenza Adenovirus Coxsackie B3

Cosmetics company needs Environmental Microbiology Laboratory for Virucida... (view details)

Olive Tree Leaves Deficiencies Research Study

Organization needs EUrope Environmental Laboratory for Research Study of t... (view details)

SANS Virucidal and Sporicidal Disinfectant Testing

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidal and sporicidal t... (view details)

EPA GLP Hospital Disinfection Claim, VIrucidal, Time Kill and COVID-19 Studies

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for EPA GLP Hospital-Grade dis... (view details)

CLIA Certified Laboratories for IgE Environmental and IgE Food Allergy Testing

CLIA Certified Laboratories needed the perform IgE envi... (view details)

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