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Recent Alternative Energy Laboratory Requests

Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Contract Laboratory needed for testing a 5-ton-capacity Single Package Heat Pump Unit to AHRI 390 standards.

Asia Laboratory needed for testing smart photovoltaic (PV) products scheduled to begin in May.

UAE Laboratory needed for mechanical testing services.

Contract Laboratory needed to test the gross calorific value (GCV) of biomass briquettes.

Europe Laboratory needed for fluoride content testing of gas samples. We prefer the lab to be in Sweden however any part of Europe is ok. Please update us R...

USA Contract Laboratory needed for testing biodiesel product made from coconut oil

Canada Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM Biofuel testing to ASTM B100 Standard Specification for Biodiesel Fuel Blend Stock (B100) for Middle Distillate Fuels + cloud point

East Coast USA Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM oxidative stability testing via Rancimat for B100 biodiesel as per ASTM D-6751,

Contract Laboratory needed for glucan content testing for determination of Cellulosic Glucan Content in Starch Containing Feedstocks from an Ethanol Plant as per US National R...

Agriculture Laboratory needed for biogas constituents testing for amounts of , CH4, CO2 , O2 , H2S & Nitrogen etc from manure.

Third Party Testing Facility Needed for phytochemical quantification, qualification and anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity testing of biomass extractio...

Contract Laboratory needed for biodiesel testing to EN14214 Biodiesel Specifications for reference purposes.

Petroleum Company needs USA or Asia Laboratory Pilot Scale-up Testing and Test Design, based on the Bench Scale data
3. Subject Technology : Bio-Ethanol to Propylene proces...

USA Contract Laboratory needed for testing residential roof 25 watt solar powered attic ventilators that go on residential roofs to determine the highest CFM it can reach. Th...

Construction materials Laboratory needed for performance and specifications of solar panel aluminum frames and corner keys testing for a project related to solar panel technol...

ASIA LABORATORY (India preferred)
Independent Laboratory needed for 3kW Solar Inverter testing for UL certification.

Australia Contract Laboratory needed for biodiesel testing for the following properties:Kinematic viscosityDensityLower heating valu...

Contract Laboratory needed for biodiesel parameters testing.

AFRICA LABORATORY (Caameroon Lab Preferred)
Africa Laboratory needed for research study which involves analysis of gas samples from production of Biogas t...

International Contract Laboratory needed for EN14214 Biofuel full testing

Contract Laboratory needed to analyze a one-pound baggie of shredded fiberglass from a wind turbine blade to identify 'what' composition (materials) it possesses. I'm needing ...

Solar Company needs Contract Laboratory for testing wafer from our existing vendor. The following tests are required for the wafers: Carrier lifetime, Reflec...

Contract Laboratory needed for Particle Size Distribution PSD analysis on a wood chips.
Feature of material to be analyzed: Biomass (woodchip)
- Biofuel consists of long par...

Contract Laboratory needed for determining the yield of erythritol resulting from the fermentation of glycerol. We also want to find out if other polyols are present in the fe...

Contract Laboratory needed for multiple testing of alternator for a wind turbine that needs Mechanical Properties Testing and Analysis, Cyclic Load TestingDyna...

Consultant pour une chaine de franchise et nous aimerions connaître les ingrédients et les proportions afin de reproduire un produit essentiel à ...

ISO 17025 Contract Laboratory needed for FCC required testing of Ethanol

START-UP New Energy Efficiency Company needs Electrical Laboratory to run studies to show Effective Power Consumption (kWh) of electrical equipment with and without device usa...

Laboratory needed to measure water content in biodiesel with Karl fischer titrator

Alternative Energy Company needs Environmental Toxicology Laboratory for chemical testing for (1) cuticular penetration, (2) dynamic surface tension, and (3) phytotoxicity.

Electrical Laboratory needed for EN and IEC certification testing of on-grid solar inverter to the following specifications

1. IEC62109-1; IEC62109-2;
2. EN61000-6-1; EN...

Biofuel company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for molecular weight determination of soluble protein fragments to help determine the type (pore size) of membrane to be...

Oil laboratory needed for all ASTM standard testing of biodiesel B100

Laboratory needed for UL fire testing of solar panels to UL 1703 Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels.

ON-SITE TESTING Electrical laboratory needed for voltage electrical safety testing. General Low Voltage below 70 Volts DC testing for the Safety of a product similiar to batte...

Materials Science laboratory needed for solar reflectance index SRI Testing

Electrical laboratory needed for load testing in accordance with IEC 62561-5, Clause 5.2.2 Lightning protection system components (LPSC) - Part 5: Requirements for earth elect...

Electrical laboratory needed for load testing in accordance with EC62561-5 Clause 5.2.2.

Electrical laboratory needed for testing 117 samples in accordance with clause 6.3 of IEC 62561-1.

Lighting laboratory needed to test bulb insertion force for a T20 lighting socket.

Power laboratory needed for testing the strength and durability of a power line cable.

LONG-TERM TESTING: Renewable ENergy company needs Environmental laboratory for environmental monitoring stack analysis on regular interval Source emission (PM, SO2, NOX), HCL...

Metallurgical laboratory needed for stainless steel and an oxide powder testing using Atomic Emission Spectroscopy ICP AES.

Physical laboratory needed for ANSI vibration testing of luminaries to ANSI standard ANSI C136.31:2010.

LONG TERM TESTING. Electrical laboratory for AHAM Refrigerator Testing: Mechanical Pull-down, Continuous operation, conservation, energy cosnumption and ON/OFF ratio per AHAM ...

Power company needs Laboratory for engine ash deposits testing taken from GE Jenbacher Gas engines.

Lighting manufacturer needs testing of LED light fixture to certifiy that it meets cleanroom ISO-5 and also biosafety levels 1 and 2.

Petroleum and Oil: Performance Testing for Bio diesel needed

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