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Contract Laboratory has received the following alternative energy Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These alternative energy Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their alternative energy Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a alternative energy Laboratory, please Submit a alternative energy Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Pharma Lab for USP Methods Verification and N-Nitrosodimethylamine Quantification

Please advise pricing, turnaround time, and rush fees. URGENT Pharmaceutica... (view details)

ANSI Personal Protection Product Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ANSI heat, cut, puncture, and impact resista... (view details)

XPS Characterization of Covalent Organic Framework

Materials Laboratory needed for for XPS Characterization.The sample is a ne... (view details)

Laboratory Advisory Services

Technical Consultancy Firm in Renewal Energy Services needs Laboratory Cons... (view details)

LED Lighting LM 79 Testing Report

Power and Energy Company needs Laboratory for LED Lighting testing for the ... (view details)

Energy Power Consumption Studies on New Energy Efficiency Devices

START-UP New Energy Efficiency Company needs Electrical Laboratory to run s... (view details)

Hookah Product Absence of Tobacco and Nicotine Analysis

Producer of non-tobacco and non-nicotine products for the hookah industry c... (view details)

$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Electrical Comparison of Test Devices

$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Energy Company needs Electrical Laboratory for comp... (view details)

AOAC Animal Feed Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for AOAC dairy cow high energy animal feed te... (view details)

SATRA Whole Shoe / Sole Unit

Consumer Product Laboratory for SATRA whole shoe / sole unit for shock abso... (view details)

IEC Ground Enhancing Materials Testing

Solar Energy Company needs Electric Laboratory for IEC Testing to IEC62561... (view details)

Pyrrole Solution Flash Point and Melting Point

Life Sciences Company needs Laboratory for flash point and melting point te... (view details)

EVA Foam Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for EVA Foam Testing for physical and electri... (view details)

Bracelet Frequency Testing

INDIVIDUAL Consumer Products Laboratory needed for confirmatory testing of ... (view details)

Energy Output

Energy Company needs Central Europe Laboratory for testing a black box te... (view details)

Thermoset Nanocomposite Synthesis and Characterization

Nanotechnology laboratory needed for synthesis and characterization of new ... (view details)

Biodiesel Water Content Testing

Laboratory needed to measure water content in biodiesel with Karl fischer t... (view details)

Dishwashing, Detergent Oral Toxicity Study

Consumer Products Toxicology Laboratory needed for alternative test for Ora... (view details)

Plant Food Product Certificate of Analysis

Plant Growth Food Company needs Biochemistry Laboratoryfor complete Certifi... (view details)

FTMS / ASTM Chamber Fabric Testing

Large Corporation needs Materials Laboratory to test chamber fabric to the ... (view details)

ASTM Polymer Additives Testing

Polymer Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of polymer additives to ASTM E20... (view details)

FDA Product Development of Bio Bags

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT USFDA Food Laboratory needed for toxicity, nutritional ... (view details)

Refrigerator Energy Conservation Standards

Large corporation needs Laboratory for certification of refrigerators frid... (view details)

Chemical Environmental Toxicology

Alternative Energy Company needs Environmental Toxicology Laboratory for c... (view details)

Saturate, Aromatic, Resin and Asphaltene SARA

Energy Company needs Oil Laboratory for Saturate, Aromatic, Resin and Asph... (view details)

Air Conditioner Energy Performance Test

Industrial Laboratory needed for split unit air conditioner energy performa... (view details)

Certification of On-Grid Solar Inverter

Electrical Laboratory needed for EN and IEC certification testing of on-gri... (view details)

Acoustics proficiency tests for accreditation

ISO 17025 Materials Laboratory needed acoustics proficiency testing to the ... (view details)

Protein Molecular Weight

Biofuel company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for molecular weight ... (view details)

Fragmentation of Carbohydrate Experiment

First, we have an large, exceedingly water-insoluble, 400 kd carbohydrate t... (view details)

Laboratory needed for Energy Star verification testing on Imaging Equipment... (view details)

Oil laboratory needed for all ASTM standard testing of biodiesel B100 (view details)

Construction laboratory needed for ASTM testing of floor covering system us... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for comparison study of two light products for... (view details)

Food laboratory needed for nutritional analysis of energy drink to US FDA g... (view details)

Laboratory needed for UL fire testing of solar panels to UL 1703 Standard ... (view details)

Medical Device company needs physical chemistry laboratory for surface tens... (view details)

Environmental laboratory needed for radioactivity testing of soil
a. Gamm... (view details)

ON-SITE TESTING Electrical laboratory needed for voltage electrical safety ... (view details)

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Food laboratory needed for deformulation /formulati... (view details)

Agri-food laboratory needed for nutritional content testing of an animal fe... (view details)

Food laboratory needed for Cabbage testing (microbial and chemical analysis... (view details)

Materials Science laboratory needed for solar reflectance index SRI Testing (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for load testing in accordance with IEC 62561-... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for load testing in accordance with EC62561-5 ... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for testing 117 samples in accordance with cla... (view details)

Lighting laboratory needed to test bulb insertion force for a T20 lighting ... (view details)

Power laboratory needed for testing the strength and durability of a power ... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING: Renewable ENergy company needs Environmental laboratory ... (view details)

Metallurgical laboratory needed for stainless steel and an oxide powder tes... (view details)

Physical laboratory needed for ANSI vibration testing of luminaries to ANS... (view details)

LONG TERM TESTING. Electrical laboratory for AHAM Refrigerator Testing: Mec... (view details)

Power company needs Laboratory for engine ash deposits testing taken from ... (view details)

Energy company needs laboratory to test oil based drilling fluids from 4 di... (view details)

California Energy Company needs laboratory to determine amount of Sulfur Co... (view details)

Lighting manufacturer needs testing of LED light fixture to certifiy that... (view details)

Petroleum and Oil: Performance Testing for Bio diesel needed (view details)

Research Facility needed to conduct efficacy studies on biocides applicatio... (view details)

Renewable Energy Company needs pyro oil produced from tire pyrolysis tested... (view details)

Large energy corporation needed materials laboratory for Corrosive Sulfur T... (view details)

Solar Panel Testing: Metal composite panel thermal properties testing requi... (view details)

Electrical lab needed for: product safety requirements testing for equipmen... (view details)

Electrical Laboratory needed for conformance testing of automotive spark pl... (view details)

Laboratory needed for Natural gas testing to various ASTM Standards includi... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for protoype testing: potable water testing ... (view details)

URGENT LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for High temperature tensile str... (view details)

Laboratory needed for biodiesel testing for cetane number, gross calorific ... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for DOE Testing of beverage coolers tested fo... (view details)

Alternative energy company needs laboratory for measuring trimethyl amine i... (view details)


LEGAL Law firm needs laboratory for antioxidant strength testing of a Dieta... (view details)

Nutritional laboratory needed for nutritional content testing for Energy -... (view details)

ISO India cosmetics laboratory needed for ISO Certification of Oil PARAMET... (view details)

Research laboratory needed for alternative fuel testing and analysis in pet... (view details)

Dietary Supplement manufacturer is accepting quotes and lead time proposals... (view details)

Africa nutritional laboratory needed for nutritional testing for
nutriti... (view details)

Energy company needs laboratory for fuel testing. I have three samples (Lig... (view details)

Central USA Laboratory needed for thermal testing of charcoal to measure e... (view details)

Germany Accredited food laboratory needed for nutritional testing of Omega ... (view details)

Contract Laboratory needed for stainless steel disc experiment: surface ten... (view details)

Contract Laboratory needed to determine NDELA (N-nitrosodiethanolamine ) in... (view details)

Packaging laboratory needed for Food Packaging testing to comply with EU fo... (view details)

Energy company needs Netherlands Laboratory for XRD analysis of two solid s... (view details)

Germany / Europe preferred but not necessary mechanical laboratory needed f... (view details)

Microbiology Laboratory needed for 5mL Endotoxin challenge testing of vial... (view details)

Europe Food Laboratory needed for food nutritional testing for compliance t... (view details)

Food laboratory needed for coffee testing the caffeine levels of a few diff... (view details)

Alternative Energy research and development laboratory needed for Extractio... (view details)

University Research needs Asia analytical chemistry laboratory for coconut ... (view details)

Food laboratory needed for Stability testing and analytical testing on Ener... (view details)

USA Materials Laboratory needed for development of an alternative to DGA an... (view details)

Renewable Energy company needs electrical certification laboratory for all ... (view details)

Canada GMP Health Canada Pharmaceuticals Analytical Chemistry Laboratory ne... (view details)

Energy company needs USA analytical chemistry laboratory for detailed analy... (view details)

Automotive Parts manufacturer of brake pads and brake linings for cars and... (view details)

Juice Manufacturing company needs Asia food laboratory for juice testing in... (view details)

Large Energy Company needs electrical laboratory for electrical testing on ... (view details)

Power and Energy company needs Saudi Arabia Industrial Hygiene laboratory f... (view details)

Europe energy laboratory needed with environmetal simulation chamber for So... (view details)

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of cable to ASTM E 162 / ASTM ... (view details)

San Francisco energy laboratory needed for Plasma treatment and surface ene... (view details)

Energy laboratory needed biofuel testing of biofule Producing Butanol from ... (view details)

South African based start-up Energy Drink manufacturing firm needs food lab... (view details)

US Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP Testing: microbiological challen... (view details)

British Columbia, Canada electrical laboratory needed for ANSI Testing to A... (view details)


Energy company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for natural gas analys... (view details)

Large Manufacturer needs physical metallurgical laboratory for metallurgica... (view details)

USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for NFPA Calorimetry testing per... (view details)

Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA FTP Testing: Emissions Testing for ... (view details)

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for outgassing testing of Spandex ga... (view details)

Florida Biophysical laboratory needed for Hydrothermal degradation testing ... (view details)

United Arab Emirates Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing Mechanica... (view details)

USA physiological chemistry llaboratory needed for Measuring cellular energ... (view details)

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D7490-08 to Measur... (view details)

USA laboratory needed for controlled atmosphere hot rolling of graphite and... (view details)

California USA Analytical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM D 4294... (view details)

USA Preclinical Laboratory needed for Non-GLP Preclinical Pharmacokinetic /... (view details)

India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Guar Meal testing for:
... (view details)

Australia and USA Energy Laboratory needed for DIN standards testing. The... (view details)

Europe Materials, Environmental Toxicology laboratory needed for grease tes... (view details)

West Coast UL Electronic Certification Laboratory needed for UL Certificait... (view details)

India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for pharmaceutical testing Min... (view details)

West Coast USA Virology/ bioanalytical laboratory needed for virology cell ... (view details)

Food Packaging Laboratory needed for food packaging testing. Test energy dr... (view details)

USA Materials Laboratory needed for materials testing: defromation, resilie... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO experienced in expression... (view details)

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for methane testing: Stoichometric methane ... (view details)

Mechanical Laboratory needed for Impact testing: Impact strength at low tem... (view details)

USA Food Laboratory needed for stability testing of energy bars. Do you ca... (view details)

Start-up company doing research & development and product development needs... (view details)

Canada Food Nutritional Laboratory needed for Nutritional Labeling Testing:... (view details)

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for nutritional testing of glut... (view details)


Third party independent energy certification laboratory needed for certific... (view details)


Energy laboratory needed for Solar radiation testing 540-775w/sqm infrared ... (view details)

California Materials Laboratory needed for performance testing, Green Energ... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Company needs bioanalytical laboratory for human cell testin... (view details)

US Energy company needs USA or China analytical chemistry laboratory for re... (view details)

Russia Lighting Manufacturer needs Russia electrical certification laborato... (view details)

European Union Electrical Certification Laboratory needed for RoHS Testing,... (view details)

Power and Energy Company needs Metallurgical Laboratory for Metallurgy / Co... (view details)

Canada Food Laboratory needed for testing energy drink to determine that it... (view details)

Africa energy laboratory needed for solar energy testing. (view details)

Africa physical laboratory needed to test methods of harnessing solar energ... (view details)

China Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for reverse engineering t... (view details)

ISO 17025 Middle East GPA2286/ASTM1945 analytical Chemistry Laboratory need... (view details)

USA FDA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ICP/MS testing: Pure com... (view details)

Vancouver, Canada laboratory needed for testing Btu value of waste seed mil... (view details)

India renewable energy laboratory needed for DIN / ASTM Testing of Biodiese... (view details)

India Electrical Laboratory needed for testing 132Kv metering CT's,PT's & E... (view details)

Poland, Europe Electrical Laboratory accredited under the Hong Kong Laborat... (view details)

USA Physical Laboratory needed for testing Compression Bands for proof of i... (view details)

Europe Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for nitrosamine testing on so... (view details)

USA Electrical Laboratory needed for testing the kilowatt drop after instal... (view details)

USA Environmental Energy Company needs USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory ... (view details)

New start-up company that holds a patent dealing with an expiration date pr... (view details)

Analytical Chemistry Food Laboratory needed to test a sample of Veterinary ... (view details)

Europe UKAS/FAPAS Nutritional Laboratory needed for Energy values of food s... (view details)

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to measure fatty acid content/composition i... (view details)

Nigeria Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for In vitro toxi... (view details)

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for energy value of tar sand recover... (view details)

ISO Laboratory needed to test caffeine in different energy drinks. (view details)

American Pharmaceutical Company requires a Preclinical Contract Research Or... (view details)

India Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for nutritional testing f... (view details)

Electical Certification Laboratory needed for CB certification of electrica... (view details)

India Physical Laboratory needed for testing energy efficiency for star rat... (view details)

Power and Energy Company needs physical laboratory for testing octane level... (view details)

USA Food Analytical Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of composite-... (view details)

China Analytical Laboratory needed for EN 1563 mechanical testing such as b... (view details)

USA Electrical Laboratory needed for High voltage testing of spark modules ... (view details)

Food & Beverage analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test 10 samples i... (view details)


Malaysia ASTM or ISO or ENI Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required to tes... (view details)

Mechanical Laboratory required for testing:
I- toruqe & U- Toruqe test and... (view details)

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required to analyze silica content in bagas... (view details)

Mechanical Laboratory needed to test newly invented rotary mechanical syste... (view details)

USA Preclinical Research Organization needed for Double Blind Placebo contr... (view details)

Florida Electrical Laboratory needed for On-site testing and verification, ... (view details)

India Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to detect salivary N-nitroso compound... (view details)

Geology laboratory needed for rock testing: Cerchar Abrasivity, Taber Abras... (view details)

Canada Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing for the pres... (view details)

Texas Electrical Laboratory needed for new product testing. I am looking to... (view details)

Mechanical Laboratory required for testing a new ducted-blade radial motor ... (view details)

Europe DIN EN 13432 and DIN EN 13431 Materials laboratory needed for meetin... (view details)

Selangor, Malaysia Materials Laboratory needed for product safety testing o... (view details)

USA Non-clinical pharmacology Contract Research Organization needed for lea... (view details)

Canada or USA Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test the carbo... (view details)

Bioenergy company needs India ISO analytical chemistry laboratory for testi... (view details)

USA, FDA GLP Histology Laboratory needed for Histopathology analysis for qu... (view details)

US FDA GLP and ASTM product safety & toxicology laboratory needed to test ... (view details)

Food Microbiology laboratory needed to run a series of tests using differen... (view details)

Electrical Mechanical laboratory needed for energy testing as a verificatio... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed to test for electric conductivity and electror... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for energy test rating as per Australian stand... (view details)

Product safety laboratory needed for electrical energy saving devices - mai... (view details)

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing the following so we... (view details)

Analytical chemistry lab needed for Gross Energy on animal feeds and forage... (view details)

FDA GLP pharmacueticals laboratory needed for testing suitable method for e... (view details)

USP Analytical chemistry laboratory required which has good expereince test... (view details)

EPA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for Aquatic Toxicity Testing, Acute an... (view details)

GLP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for neutron activated analysis t... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for validation of energy achieved testing for ... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for required testing on electrical single phas... (view details)

Mircobiology laboratory needed for investigating the effect of our patented... (view details)

Energy Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for testing heating o... (view details)

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for deformulation testing of a ... (view details)

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing 2 varieties of frui... (view details)

FDA GMP food analytical laboratory needed for nutritional testing for caffe... (view details)

FDA GMP Laboratory needed for Drug Photostability Testing. Expose samples t... (view details)

Energy company needs Physical laboratory for testing lubricating and transf... (view details)

Food laboratory needed for analytical chemistry testing of osmolality of a ... (view details)

Food laboratory needed for analysis of protein, Energy, Vitamins, Amino aci... (view details)

Large company looking for mechanical and analytical laboratory for sizeable... (view details)

We are a company who are doing renewable energy projects. We are searching ... (view details)

Require a Oxford Lab-X 2000 or equivalent XRF ED equipment for determinatio... (view details)

Energy company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for testing sulfate, c... (view details)

New ankle prosthesis manufacturer needs Asia medial device electrical labor... (view details)