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Contract Laboratory has received the following contaminant Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These contaminant Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their contaminant Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a contaminant Laboratory, please Submit a contaminant Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

EPA GLP Water Supply Contaminants Testing

New York City Area EPA GLP certified Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed to test for generic e. Coli and other biological or chemical contam... View More

Veterinary Dietary Supplements

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for a broad array testing of animal supplements/nutraceuticals for metals, chemicals, and other contaminants... View More

Powdered Blend Coffee Blend Substitute Comparison Study

Food Consumer Products / Sensory Laboratory needed for conducting beverage comparison study of powdered spray dried coffee blend substitute to other p... View More

Dietary Supplement Active Ingredient Purity and Safety Studies

LONG-TERM TESTING Nutraceutical Laboratory needed to certify the active ingredient in our dietary supplement and ensure our product is clear of harmfu... View More

Honey Safety and Contaminant Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for honey testing for food safety and contaminants. View More

FDA Seafood Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for seafood testing including nutrtional analysis for micro/macro nutrients of seafood, PCB/heavy met... View More

FDA GMP Dietary Supplement Testing

USA FDA GMP Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for toxicology, labeling ingredients confirmation and contaminant testing of dietary supplements for ... View More

Recombinant HGH Quality

Biotechnology company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for verification of quality and contaminants of recombinant HGH including other proteins,... View More

FDA Laboratory Food Testing

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for spice testing for shelf-life, raw materials, chemical residue, sanitation, and contaminants testing of spice prod... View More

Spice Blen FDA GMP Food Testing

Importer needs FDA cGMP Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for contaminant testing and confirmation of raw materials/ingredients in small batch of ... View More

Hydraulic Fluid Contaminant Identification

Forensics Laboratory needed for identification of contaminant in SAE10W-30 oil hydraulic fluid that caused hydraulic system in a farming machine becam... View More

Beer Contamination Assesment

Insurance company needs laboratory for failure analysis contaminant testing of beer to determine if the contamination is due to the yeast or other co... View More

LONG-TERM Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilization of a range of measuring fragile medical equipment post contact with human tissue. Components mu... View More

Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis COA Testing of powdered mushroom for
Polysacharides %
Beta Glucans %... View More

INDIVIDUAL Consumer needs food microbiology laboratory to test for contaminants from a alcoholic beverage cup. View More

Medical device laboratory needed for drug compatiblity testing and testing of parenteral IV containers to ISO 15747:2010 which contains requirements t... View More

Agriculture laboratory needed for toxin testing in wheat germ used to make an insect diet including for pesticide residues, mycotoxins and contaminant... View More

URGENT Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP testing of modified lanolin for contaminants. The USP method employs GC analysis... View More

Cosmetic laboratory needed for finished product stability studies, preservative efficacy and chemical contaminants testing View More

ISO 17025 analytical chemistry laboratory needed for cosmetics testing of several cosmetics for color, aroma, pH, viscosity, density, volumetric mass,... View More

Large shipping company needs agriculture laboratory for (contaminant) aflatoxin testing on rice shipments View More

START-UP Food laboratory needed testing several beverage formulations for :
- shelf life / stability
- alcohol content by volume ABV
- contaminants... View More

ISO 17025 accredited laboratory needed for wine testing for microbiology, food additives, heavy metal contaminants, and other requirements prior to e... View More

Medical Device (Optics) laboratory needed for analytical chemistry testing of potential contaminants in a product coating liquid via NMR and FTIR. GC... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for tea testing including caffeine content- pesticides- contaminants- antioxidants- saponins- ash- gaba protein... View More

Agriculture Laboratory needed for liquid fertilizer testing for contaminants including radiation,
agricultural soil, and pests View More

Consumer Product Laboratory needed for testing a Personal Care Product for contaminants: Glycerin needs to be evaluated for cause of hazing and color ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for IEC and ASTM Testing of insulators (several tests) : ASTM C177: Standard test method for steady-state heat flux measur... View More

Materials laboratory needed for NATO coatings testing of chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) to North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO AEP 64 sta... View More

Laboratory needed for study on the compatibility of slotted HDPE pipe (for horizontal wells) through a groundwater contaminant plume over time and wit... View More

Fuel system company needs laboratory experienced in aggressive fuel fuel system compatibiligy for chemical analysis of sour/contaminated gasoline to d... View More

IEC 17025:2005, FDA cGMP laboratory needed for analytical chemistry and microbiology testing of Coleus forskohlii / Plectranthus barbatus food suppl... View More

Pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory needed needed for Vitamin B12 injection testing for sterility, purity, and contaminants View More

Food laboratory needed for nutritional testing and food safety testing (microbiology and contaminants) analysis to Chinese standards. View More

Materials laboratory needed for comparison study testing of Box tapes for smell, contaminants, strength and durability. View More

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for quality control analytical testing on various raw materials including purity, adulterants, ... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Nutraceutical laboratory needed to analyze various probiotic supplements: 4-5 different probiotic brands per week for: probiotic via... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Fracking company needs analytical chemistry testing for Sodium chloride testing for purity and contaminants View More

Materials laboratory needed for PTFE (teflon) powder analysis to determine the level of any residual contaminants for filing a FDA GRAS notice . The... View More

LEGAL Attorney for consumers needs food laboratory for identity testing of contaminant found at the bottom of can View More

Medical device company needs GLP laboratory for quality control of Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices, according to ISO 15798:2013, Ophthalmic implants ... View More

LONG-TERM India Laboratory needed for natural gas analysis on regular intervals as per OEM guidelines like hydrocarbons, CO2, nitrogen and contaminant... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for Presence of the Surlyn layer, Thickness of the Surlyn layer, Seal strength, Evaluation for presence of any contaminant... View More

Northeast analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Alcohol Testing for ABV level, Methanol level and any other contaminants that would be harmful t... View More

Start-up body butter company needs cosmetics laboratory for allergen analysis, contaminant testing and preservative testing View More

URGENT SHORT TAT - Cosmetics Microbiology Laboratory needed for finished product and preservative efficacy testing on 3 formulated skincare products ... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for rodac plate testing of samples taken from hundreds of mattresses for mattress company: RODAC plates tested for cont... View More

URGENT: Forensic Laboratory needed for natural gas testing for analysis of contaminants we are finding in our natural gas fuel at a power plant. These... View More

ENvironmental Toxicology needed for bioremediation pilot test with specific microbial strain types provide testing efficiency of specific microbial st... View More

INDIVIDUAL: Food Laboratory needed for contaminant testing in OLIVE OIL View More

Georgia Food Laboratory needed for candy testing: foreign substance contaminant identification testing in taffy. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for materials analysis of contaminants To identify composition and phases of contaminant particles on the surface of an e... View More

Pharmaceutical product safety and toxicology laboratory needed for product safety studies of electronic cigarette pharmaceutical, 1 x Electronic ciga... View More

Canada ISO bioanalytical laboratory needed forbioanalytical research study for Evaluation of the effect of crude oil contaminants as in-vitro endocrin... View More

Asia food laboratory needed for tea testing for Pesticide residue - Heavy metal (arsenic and mercury) - Chemical contaminant and adulterant - Natural ... View More

USA Materials laboratory needed for EPA waste contaminant characterization testing of waste Rags/ Wipes/ Gloves with paint related material to EPA met... View More

Midwest USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for contaminant testing for nutraceutical / dietary supplement / food products for purity View More

Helicopter company located in remote area needs oil laboratory for fuel testing. The fuel we use is trucked to our location as required. We have notic... View More

Europe analytical chemistry laboratory needed methane pyrolysis unit is to be tested with GC-MS for gas analysis and solid carbon for an analytical ch... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for IP 274 Testing and ASTM Testing:
Jet fuel analysis for "Electrical conductivity" and "Contaminants - Existent gums" View More

India Automotive Laboratory needed for automotive Part & Testing:
1. Diesel fuel and petrol filters for IC engines - Filtration efficiency using par... View More

Pharmaceutical company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory with validated test method for contaminate testing service for a contaminant "BENZODIAZEP... View More

As ia Food Safety Laboratory needed for proficiency testing of food device that measures the level of contaminants, harmful substances, salts (nitrate... View More

Aluminum company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for contaminant testing in kerosene lubricant additive alcohol and esther...contaminant concen... View More

Oil Laboratory needed for lubricant testing some of our most commonly used lubricant additives in brine base drilling fluids. The lubricants consist o... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for contaminant testing of deer antler tincture and also for constituent breakdown. View More

Canada analytical chemistry laboratory needed GC-MS / Analytical Chemistry. for Analysis of consumer product for nicotine by isotope-dilution gas chro... View More

Biological biocide manufacturer needs microbioogy and genetics laboratory for biocide testing. In the production range we have three biological insect... View More

Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory needed for contaminant testing. Herb testing of an herbal tincture of Cryptolepis sanguinolenta to confirm identity of ... View More

USA or Canada environmental laboratory needed for contaminant testing for numerical value to determine the ability of dirt and atmospheric contaminate... View More

Canada analytical chemistry laboratory needed for contaminant testing of organic hydraulic oil tested for methamphetamines. View More

West Coast USA Plastics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Flakes Contamination Testing for: PVC, PETG, Polyamide. Need to know if testing ca... View More

USA Food Chemistry Laboratory needed for food chemistry testing of meat and eggs. Macronutrients, lipid details, vitamins, minerals and contaminants ... View More

United Kingdom Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for GC-MS Tesintt: Measurement of contaminants in gas samples GCMS analysis of SO2 gas samples. ... View More

USA Polymer Laboratory needed for polypropylene contaminant testing for percentage of polypropylene contaminant within a base HDPE material. 4 samples View More

Health Canada and FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical Identification testing of Menthol and the chemical contaminant testing ... View More

Asia Food Laboratory needed for food testing: "Dry Birdnest" -Tests for chemical contaminants. -Tests for nutritional components, food additives and ... View More

USA medicial chemistry, microbiologylaboratory needed for microbiology testing coconut oil capsules infused with thc for potency and biological contam... View More

UAE or Asia accredited environmental toxicology laboratory needed for environmental contaminant testing for DIOXINS, PCBS AND PAH

Architectural Coating Manufacturer needs Materials Laboratory for Quality Control Evaluation. Need to come to plant and give us a complete feedback o... View More

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for purity testing of a sample of phentolamine mesylate, and to identify any found contaminants View More

Materials Laboratory needed for DIN Testing, DIN 53770, Contaminants soluble in 0.1 N hydrochloric acid, specifically:
Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmiu... View More

Large Pharma needs compressed air testing per ISO8573 at 3 sampling point
. Tests to be performed before and after modifcation on compressed air syst... View More

US FDA GLP or FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to test for environmental contaminants in our solutions.
We'd be most interested in MEHP... View More

Large Chemical Mfg needs analytical chemistry laboratory for residue testing for residue of contaminant - 3 samples View More

USA Analytical Food Laboratory needed for testing to confirm amount of ingredients in our supplement Cellean: Irvingia gabonensis, Withania somnifera,... View More

Europe Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for AES testing for oils
· metals elements (ICP):
Fe, Cu, Cr, Pb, Ni, Al, Mo, Sn

· additives elem... View More

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for foood contact surface testing ussing surrogate testing procedures in FDA's Recycled Plastics-Chemistry Consideratio... View More

Illinois Toxicology Laboratory needed for testing THC %, cannabinoid %'s, pesticide/ contaminant View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for GPA 2166 natural gas analysis, including the sample collection according the GPA 2166 procedure:
Gas Comp... View More

USA ISO Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing Ophthalmic viscosurgical device as per ISO 15798. Sterile solution of hyaluronic acid disso... View More

UK Analytical Chemistry Food Laboratory needed to test bread product for contaminant View More

Central America Analytical Chemistry Food Laboratory needed for testing Noni Juice for the following parameters for exportation purposes into Europe: ... View More

Leading manufacturer of Road Speed Limiter (Autograde) Devices for automobiles needs Mechanical/ Materials Automotive Laboratory for the following tes... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to verify that a liquid chemical (morpholine) is what our vendor says it is and free from any contaminants... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing. Please provide quote for a Chemical Analysis as follows:
(Propofol lipid-water emulsion)
A Sam... View More


Metallurgical and Materials laboratory to conduct GCMS contaminant analysis for contaminants on metal surface. View More

Geology Metallurgial Laboratory needed for GC/MS testing zeolite sample for Silicon Dioxide, select trace minerals,and heavy metal content. Also test ... View More

GCompany needs Toronto Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for water testing for contaminants. View More

Consumer needs Illinois analytical chemistry laboratory for analysis of Humulin N Insulin for contaminants View More

GMP Forensics Laboratory needed for Toxicology Testing of soot and residue from a burned out power unit to identify hazardous contaminants. (e.g. PAHs... View More

Europe, US FDA GMP Product Safety Laboratory needed for (MCB, WCB)Mycoplasma, Sterility, In Vitro Assay for detection of Adventitious Viral Contaminan... View More

USA FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for QC Testing of finished melatonin and placebo pills for (i)potency, (ii)heavy metals (lead, cadmium, a... View More

Large Oil Company needs US Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for X-Ray Fluorescence Sprectroscopy on graphite powder to detect contaminants typically pr... View More

USA GMP Preclinical Contract Research Organization required to test Antibiotic Resistance. We have positive cultures in media we use to transport tumo... View More

USA Food Analytical Chemistry, Forensics Laboratory needed for Contaminant Testing that caused inflammation with projections of a persons tongue. The ... View More

California Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing Contaminant in 5000 case batch of baked products. Contaminant is believed to be del... View More

USA Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for contaminant testing of bovine colostrum product for export to Japan. View More

Arkansas (or near) FDA, GMP, GLP Bioanalytical/Nutritional Laboratory needed for raw material and end product testing for purity, strength, and compos... View More

Japan as per Japanese Standards Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Laboratories needed for the following testing:
Indoor Air Quality (I... View More

UK/Europe GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing ICP-MS and ICP-OES analyis of silicon based material for contaminants and an "active"... View More

California Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test a sample of gasoline from a gas tank. It appears to be lighter and have a thick fluid conta... View More

Illinois Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to test a dietary supplement to make sure that it does not contain the drug sibutramine.
Would like to have ... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Purge & Trap GC-MS technique to look for low level amine contaminant (I have two possibilities) in a so... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to analyze a gas sample which is primarily air (Oxygen, nitrogen, argon) with small traces of the following pot... View More

Canada/USA analytical chemistrylab needed to test the purity of SiCl4 and GeCl4 sample. Need to know the contaminants ex: Boron, Potassium, HSiCl3,H2... View More

Analytical chemisty USA lab to test environmental impact of chemical products: Ecotoxicology, Environmental safety, Environmental contaminant, Microor... View More

FDA, ISO US Analytical Chemistry Lab to do an analysis of residual pesticides and environmental contaminants particularly in produce, juice, etc. View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test supply of Red Yeast Extract which needs reassaying to determine whether or not it is still at a 0.4% lo... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing compressed air system at the point of use for the following: 1.hydrocarbons <0.01 mg/m3; 2. m... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Full mongraph testing (microbiology, contaminants, impurities) on synthetic Resveratrol from a Chinese Manu... View More

Electronics laboratory needed for identification testing of contaminant in PC, methods and companies which can de-contaminate, and return Pure PC. View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for microbiology testing of massage creams and lotions for any microbiological contaminants View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for product exposure testing to chemical vapor. New product needs to be exposed in a a room-size, exposure tes... View More

Food laboratory needed for nutritional testing for
all labeling claims, heavy metals, and microbiological contaminants of two nutraceutical formula... View More

ISO Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for GMP and TGA Testing of Compressed Air for contaminants including micro, oil content and, moisture conte... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for identification of microbial contaminant in aqueous reagent View More

Laboratory needed to design experiment and test garment rags for organic and inorganic contaminants, allergans, heavy metals, etc. View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to test fuel gas (landfill or digester gas) and measurement of siloxane content or total silicon contaminants. View More

Bovine IgG testing as a contaminant View More

Several cell lines in a human tumor cell bank need QC to verify presence/absence of microbial contamination and, if present, ID of contaminant strain/... View More

European FDA regulated pharmaceutical company of sterile products needs laboratory to perform DNA or RNA typing of microorganisms. To verify the ster... View More

LC-MS on drinking water samples in the ppb range to identify the nature of 100-400 ppb of organic contaminants in drinking water samples produced for ... View More