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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Uniconazole Active Fungicide Ingredient Content Testing

Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to determine content o... (view details)

Solvent Chemical Testing (3 Bottles)

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing three solvents to deter... (view details)

Third-Party Chemical Analysis for CRO

USA Contract Research Organization needs third party lab... (view details)

ASTM D3466 Ignition Temperature of Carbon Media

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM ignition temperature testing for carbon... (view details)

FMVSS Vehicle Lighting Systems Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for the fol... (view details)

Methylparaben and Propylparaben Melting Point Analysis

Materials Laboratory needed to perform a Melting Point analysis on Methylp... (view details)

Europe Chemical Testing

Europe Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testin... (view details)

Europe EN14476 Virucidal Testing of Liquid Compound

Europe Microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidal acti... (view details)

Toilet Cleaning Agent Cleaning Efficacy Testing

URGENT Consumer Products Laboratory needed for cleaning efficacy testing of... (view details)

Honey DNA Analysis (Multiple Samples)

Agriculture Laboratory needed for Honey dna analysis. In... (view details)

Europe Virucidal Effectiveness Studies of Alcohol-Free Surface Cleaner

European Accredited Laboratory needed that can manage and conduct virucidal... (view details)

Toluidine Blue Synthesis, Recrystallization, Safety Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for synthesis of pharmaceu... (view details)

Microfiber Mop Comparison Study Design and Execution

Consumer Products Laboratory needed to design and conduct a study that wou... (view details)

Leave-On Hand Sanitizer Labeling Claims Testing (Kills Up to 4 Hours)

Manufacturer needs Laboratory for testing leave on hand sanitizer with Ben... (view details)

Europe Biocidal Product Dossier for Transition Notification (PT19)

Europe Laboratory needed for testing to support and assi... (view details)

EPA Bleach Alternative Competitor's Comparison Study and Labeling Claims Testing

USA Contract Laboratory ne... (view details)

Government Certified ILAC Testing

Government Certified ILAC Laboratory needed for testing the... (view details)

Flame Photometer Purchase

Large Corporation needs price quote for the item listed below:
Jenway PFP... (view details)

Hypochlorous Acid Stabilizer Reformulation

Chemistry Research Facility needed for reformulation of a stabilizer used w... (view details)

USA EPA Approval for Two Disinfectant / Sanitizer Products (1 Spray / 1 Fogger)

Contract Laboratory needed for testing to support EPA approval for two prod... (view details)

Organic Solutions Water Content Fischer Titration


Large Company needs Canada Contract Test Laboratory t... (view details)

Industrial Hygiene Personal Chemical Exposure Evaluation


Petroleum Company needs Indus... (view details)

ASTM Sorbent Performance Testing on Crude Oil and Oil Spills

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM material samples tests against ASTM F7... (view details)

Australia MCPA and Terbutryn Testing

Australia (Melbourne Preferred) Analytical Chemistry ... (view details)

Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipe Virucidal Efficacy Testing (Multiple Products)

MULTIPLE PRODUCTS Contract Laboratory needed for Virucidal Efficacy Testing... (view details)

Seafood Gel Ice Pack Food Grade Safety Testing

Food Laboratory needed for food grade safety testing of the three chemicals... (view details)

Raw Materials Characterization Project (Polymers, Inorganic & Organic Chemicals)

LONG-TERM PROJECT (Multiple Products)
Large Company has pr... (view details)

URGENT RFQ MOD Flexibilizer Deformulation


Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for deformulation of a MOD ... (view details)

Herbicide Formulation from Terbutryn and MCPA

Agriculture Laboratory needed for agrochemical formulation of Terbutryn and... (view details)

Lithium Cathode Powder Pelleting and Bulk Density Measurements

Contract Laboratory needed for pressing lithium-cathode powder into a pell... (view details)

Disinfectant and Sanitizer Efficacy Studies Against COVID19

Contract Laboratory needed for sanitiser and disinfectant product efficacy ... (view details)

Antiviral Efficacy Advisory and Assay Services

Laboratory Consulting Laboratory needed for antiviral efficacy advisory an... (view details)

Toluene Test Method Validation and Confirmation

Clinic laboratory processing a toluene test needs another Clinical Laborato... (view details)

RFQ Disinfectant EN14476 virucidal efficacy testing

Contract Laboratory needed for EN14476 virucidal efficacy test for one dis... (view details)

Alcohol Based SOlution Reverse Engineering

Medical Device Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for reverse e... (view details)

SAE Deicing / Anti-Icing Product Testing

Aerospace Laboratory needed for SAE potassium acetate deicer testing to SAE... (view details)

Acid Copper Electroplating Solution Polyethylene Glycol Concentration Testing

Analytical Chemistry Test Laboratory needed for testing ... (view details)

California Lab for Trace Contaminant Testing of 99% of Isopropyl Alcohol


California Analytical Chemistry Laboratory nee... (view details)

Limestone Evaluation for Industrial Application

Geology Laboratory needed for limestone evaluation for an Industrial appli... (view details)

Dibutylammonium Phosphate Certificate of Analysis Testing

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Dibutylammonium phosphate certificate ... (view details)

Sodium Hyaluronate Quality Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for quality testing of a foreign manufactur... (view details)

OECD In Vitro Toxicology Studies on Oxidizing / Corrosive Liquid Hazmat

Toxicology Laboratory needed for one of the following OECD In Vitro Toxicol... (view details)

Low Ionic Strength Solution Quality Analysis

Contract Test Laboratory needed to analyze quality of a Low Ionic Strength ... (view details)

Plastic Materials Marine Environment Biodegradability Testing


Contract Laboratory needed for Biodegradability of plasti... (view details)

UK Transfusion Guideline Saline Analysis


Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laborat... (view details)

In-Vitro Antifungal Assessment Drug Research Study

in vitro anti fungal assessment (MIC/MFC) on various fungal strain using ... (view details)

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