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Contract Laboratory has received the following animal feed Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These animal feed Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their animal feed Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a animal feed Laboratory, please Submit a animal feed Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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Almond Hull Studies

Two Agriculture Laboratories needed for almond hull typical feed analysis t... (view details)

Wheat Glycemic Index Testing

Seed Company needs India Food Laboratory for glycemic index (GI) testing of... (view details)

AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Analysis

Food Laboratory needed for Full Pet Food analysis (AAFCO Cat food nutrient ... (view details)

Preclinical Study

USA Preclinical Contract Research Organizations CRO needed that has experie... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Small Molecule Study

USA Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for small molecul... (view details)

Gypsum By-Product Agriculture Use Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for testing gypsum byproduct for use in the a... (view details)

Animal Feed Enramycin Analysis

Agriculture Laboratory needed for enramycin analysis in animal feed.
Pleas... (view details)

Attapulgite Granule Milling and Evaluation

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for milling and evaluating Attapulgite gra... (view details)

Preclinical Pharmaceutical Non-GLP In-Vivo Studies

Preclinical Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for no... (view details)

Pet Supplement Reverse Engineering

Animal Healthcare Company needs Contract Laboratory for reverse engineering... (view details)

Animal Feed Mycotoxin and Drug Residue Testing

Agriculture Microbiology Laboratory needed for mycotoxin testing and Drug R... (view details)

Animal Nutrition Product Ingredient and VIrus Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Animal Nutrition Company would like a Agriculture Laborat... (view details)

Data Server Testing

USA Electrical Laboratory needed for data server testing to determine their... (view details)

Certified Enzyme Testing

Certified Laboratory needed for animal origin enzyme testing, with standard... (view details)

In-Vitro Feeding Tube Studies

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for In vitro feeding ... (view details)

Spent Grain AAFCO Heavy Metal Testing

FDA Food Laboratory needed for AAFCO heavy metal testing on spent grain tha... (view details)

Kenyan Standard Biochar Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for Biochar testing to Standard: KS2356 (Keny... (view details)

Animal Feed, Raw Material and Premix Analysis

Agriculture Laboratory needed for animal feed, raw material and premix test... (view details)

Soy Hull Fiber Phthalates Analysis

Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for phthalates analysis on soy hull f... (view details)

Enzyme Activity Analysis

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to measure enzyme activity of .
Protein, T... (view details)

FDA New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of Grape Pomace

FDA Laboratory needed for New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of gr... (view details)

Electrical installation testing for sports complex

Independent Testing Laboratory for electrical installation testing for a sp... (view details)

Vegan Shoe Glue Testing

INDIVIDUAL Consumer Products Laboratory needed for labeling claims substant... (view details)

USA FDA Beauty False Eyelashes Glue Clinical Research

Beauty brand needs USA FDA Clinical Research / Consumer Products Laboratory... (view details)

Distillers Grains Fluorine Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for Fluorine testing on distillers grains DDG... (view details)

Third-Party Analysis | L-Lysine and Threonine

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for third-party analysis of L-Lysin... (view details)

Egg Oil Certifications and Declarations

Agriculture / Food Laboratory needed for the follow certifications and decl... (view details)

AOAC Animal Feed Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for AOAC dairy cow high energy animal feed te... (view details)

Chia Seeds PDCAAS Testing

$1500 BUDGET APPROVED Biochemistry Laboratory needed for Protein digestibil... (view details)

Protease Activity and Matrix Value

NABL Bioanalytical Laboratory needed protease testing for enzyme activity ... (view details)

Veterinary Dietary Supplements

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for a broad array testing of anima... (view details)

Bovine Rotavirus Efficacy Testing

Dairy Animal Healthcare Company needs Pharmaceutical Microbiology for drug... (view details)

British Pharmacopoeia Salmonella Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needs Sydney or NSW Microbiology Laboratory for Bri... (view details)

FDA GLP BA/BE Animal Health Generic Drug Study

Veterinary Medicine Company needs FDA GLP Preclinical Contract Research Or... (view details)

DDG (dried distillers grain)

Agriculture Analytical Laboratory needed for free gossypol and isothiocyana... (view details)

Agriculture Ground Corn Cob Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for natural ground corn cob testing for absor... (view details)

ASTM Public Playground Equipment Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of playground products... (view details)

Preclinical Hair Growth Study

Preclinical Contract Research Organization for hair growth study testing fo... (view details)

Horse Foal Placenta Testing

Horse Breeder needs Animal Science Laboratory for foal placenta testing pri... (view details)

Animal Feed Testing

URGENT Agriculture Laboratory needed ASAP to provide a quote for animal fee... (view details)

Ground Nut Cake Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for confirmation testing of ground nut cake: ... (view details)

Corn Cob Grit Testing

USA Agriculture Laboratory needed that can run absorption, resistance to at... (view details)

Face Mask Skin Clinical Research Study

Company preparing to launch a new face mask would like a Clinical Research ... (view details)

Animal Tissue Collagen and Elastin

Life Sciences Laboratory needed to measure collagen and elastin content in ... (view details)

Veterinary Medicine Sterile Injectable Pyrogen Testing

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for py... (view details)

Toronto Laboratory Rental Space Needed

Medical Device Company would like to rent Canada laboratory space to rent f... (view details)

Protein Polymer Extraction Method Development and Optimization

USa Contract Research Organization to develop and optimize extraction metho... (view details)

AAFCO Pet food Testing

Agricultural Laboratory needed for AAFCO compliance testing of timothy hay ... (view details)

Chicago Laboratory Rental Needed

Pharmaceutical Company is looking for a 2000-3000 sq.ft rental space to put... (view details)

Bird Food Deformulation and Development

Laboratory needed for Reverse engineering of a bird food with a dough base.... (view details)

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