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Contract Laboratory has received the following hydrocarbons Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These hydrocarbons Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their hydrocarbons Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a hydrocarbons Laboratory, please Submit a hydrocarbons Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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Hydrocarbons and Non-Hydrocarbons of Gaseous Sample

Large Oil Company needs Laboratory to determine concentration of hydrocarbo... (view details)

Liquid Lubricant Microbiology Bacterial Contamination Investigation Testing

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial bacterial contamination in... (view details)

Asphalt Roofing Restoration Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT New Technology Laboratory needed for assistance in deve... (view details)

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Studies on a New Eco-Material (hydrocarbon)

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Contract Research Laboratory needed for studies for th... (view details)

Oil Laboratory needed for petrol analysis of ULG 95 (special) -Petrol:
1. ... (view details)

Bitumen Extract Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for bitumen extract testing of 25 bitumen samples for... (view details)

Hydrocarbon Residue Cleaning Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for hydrocarbon residue testing after cleaning two me... (view details)

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for testing sludge contaminated with crude oil for th... (view details)

Naphthalene Physical Properties

Large Chemical Company needs Oil Laboratory to provide a quote for the cost... (view details)

H2S Scavenger Performance Testing

Independent Industrial Laboratory needed for performance testing of H2S Sc... (view details)

AOAC Biomass Testing

URGENT Government Agency needs USA Agriculture Laboratory for AOAC agricult... (view details)

SAE Lubricant Evaporation Loss

Oil Laboratory needed for Evaporation Loss% testing at 250 C max in SAE 10W... (view details)

Kerogen Analysis

Geology Laboratory needed for kerogen (a solid organic matter in sedimentar... (view details)

Hydrocarbon Analysis

Oil Fields Company needs Oil Laboratory for analysis and testing for hydroc... (view details)

Saturate, Aromatic, Resin and Asphaltene (SARA) Hydrocarbon Analysis

Oil Laboratory needed for standard Saturate, Aromatic, Resin and Asphaltene... (view details)

IP and ASTM Aromatic and Saturated Hydrocarbon Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for aromatic and saturated hydrocarbon testing... (view details)

CFR 172.886 Standard Petroleum Wax

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for olefin wax purity testing by US ... (view details)

Methane Gas Research and Development (R&D) Study

Oil Laboratory needed for a research study to turn Methane gas from Natura... (view details)

SAE Gasoline Additive Testing

URGENT Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE testing service of a new additi... (view details)

Glycol Refractive Index

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Refractive Index Testing performed on ... (view details)

ASTM Petroleum Distillate Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM substance identification testing on petrole... (view details)

Petrochemical Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for petrochemical testing to analyze the end product ... (view details)

Drilling Fluid and Cementing Additives Quality Testing

Oil Drilling Operation needs Oil Laboratory for mud chemicals (drilling fl... (view details)

Gas Analysis / ASTM Hydrocarbons

Industrial Laboratory familiar with ASTM and ISO standards for measuring hy... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING US Automotive Laboratory needed for vendor supplier confi... (view details)

Oil Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of ethanol to A... (view details)

Oil Laboratory needed for electrical conductivity of a liquid chemical hydr... (view details)

Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM hydrocarbon testing of petroleum products to... (view details)

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test Argon (gas) as per European ... (view details)

Large corporation needs laboratory for electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR... (view details)

Refinery needs materials laboratory needed for determining Mettler melt poi... (view details)

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for hydrocarbon testing in wood chip... (view details)

Oil laboratory needed for analysis via 2D GC/MS (GC-GC/MS) gas chromatograp... (view details)

Environmental laboratory needed for an EPA environmental baseline study (EB... (view details)

LONG TERM TESTING Oil laboratory needed for ASTM testing of petroleum / pet... (view details)

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for water testing for electrical con... (view details)

Petroleum analytical chemistry laboratory needed for deformulation and refo... (view details)

Internationally recognized laboratories needed for benzene comparison study... (view details)

Oil refinery company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for silicon diox... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING Oil Laboratory needed for hydrocarbon testing to quantify... (view details)

Oil laboratory needed for hydrocarbon testing: surfactant/solvent formulati... (view details)

Oil Laboratory needed for recovered hydrocarbon / oil testing 1. Standard a... (view details)

Oil laboratory needed hydrocarbon testing with it's interaction with variou... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for NATO coatings testing of chemical agent res... (view details)

Petroleum laboratory needed for Texas Department of Transportation Testing ... (view details)

LONG-TERM India Laboratory needed for natural gas analysis on regular inter... (view details)

Description: Analytical laboratory needed for wide range hydrocarbon gas ch... (view details)

Analytical laboratory needed for wide rande hydrocarbon gas chromotagraphy... (view details)

Contract laboratory needed for radiation test in hydrocarbon samples. Below... (view details)

Asia environmental laboratory needed for hydrocarbon testing.Soil and grou... (view details)

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