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Contract Laboratory has received the following lights and lighting Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These lights and lighting Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their lights and lighting Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a lights and lighting Laboratory, please Submit a lights and lighting Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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Outdoor Lighting ANSI Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ANSI outdoor lighting testing according to A... (view details)

ANSI/ASHRAE Lamp and Fixture Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for ANSI/ASHRAE Testing of 25 Watt UVC lamp an... (view details)

UVC Lamp and Fixture ANSI / ASHRAE Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for UVC Lamp and Fixture Testing to ANSI/ASHRAE... (view details)

UVC Germidical Lamps Testing

Accredited Laboratory needed to measure UVC germicidal lamps in low pressur... (view details)

UVA/UVB Fluorescent Lamp UV Measurements

Accredited Laboratory. need for UV measurements of
of UVA/UVB fluorescent... (view details)

Municipal Street Lighting Testing.

Middle East Electrical Laboratory needed for municipal street lighting prod... (view details)

Lighting Products FCC Certificate of Conformity and Canadian ICES Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for FCC Certicate of Conformity and Canadian ... (view details)

Lighting Fixture Failure Analysis

Hotel needs laboratory to conduct failure investigation of color light fix... (view details)

Flashlight FL 1 Specification Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for flashlight testing to measure data to ... (view details)



IEEE/ANSI LED Luminaires Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for performing the following IEEE/ANSI evaluat... (view details)

LED Failure Investigation Evaluation

Third-Party Laboratory needed to conduct a failure investigation evaluation... (view details)

ISO Small Craft Speaker Strength and Watertightness Testing

Audio company needs laboratory for ISO testing of small craft speakers test... (view details)

Automotive Circuit Element Light Panels Compliance Testing

Organization needs Electrical Laboratory for compliance testing of circuit ... (view details)

LED Lighting LM 79 Testing Report

Power and Energy Company needs Laboratory for LED Lighting testing for the ... (view details)

Canada Certified Laboratories for Lamp Sound Testing

Canada Certified Laboratories needed for acoustics testing of lamps/luminar... (view details)

CSA or UL Electrical Compliance Lab for Lighting FIxture Certification

Electrical Compliance Laboratory needed for CSA and/or UL certification fo... (view details)

Light Bulb Mosquito Repellency Efficacy Testing

Electrical Company needs Laboratory for mosquito repellent testing for Ligh... (view details)

Roadway Locking Photocontrol ANSI testing

Lighting company needs laboratory for testing locking photocontrol to ANSI ... (view details)

FMVSS Automotive Warning Light Testing

ILAC/ISO 17025 Certified Testing laboratory needed for warning light testin... (view details)

Night Vision Monocular Sets Certificate of Conformance

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for Certificate of Conformance Testin... (view details)

Electrical Sign Certification Testing

Electrical signage company needs Certification Laboratory for IEC certifica... (view details)

5 different HPS 600W bulbs Comparison Study

Electrical Laboratory needed for comparison study of 5 different HPS 600W ... (view details)

Bamboo Light Fixture Weathering Testing

Laboratory needed for weathering testing of bamboo material utilized in li... (view details)

Safety Lighting Temperature and Vibration Testing

Safety Lighting Manufacturer needs component tested for multiple temperatur... (view details)

Flashlight Certification

Third-Party Laboratory needed for flashlight certifications on for lumens, ... (view details)

LED Ingress Protection IP Certification

LED Lights Company needs Industrial Laboratory for IP44, IP65, and IP66 ce... (view details)

IEC Lighting Ballast Label Durability

Accredited Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC lighting ballast label dura... (view details)

UL Electrical Signage Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for electrical signage testing (UL 48 Standar... (view details)

Infrared Incandescent Bulb Performance Evaluation

Retailer need Electrical Laboratory for performance evaluation of infrared... (view details)

LED Bulb Star Rating Testing

LONG-TERM Third-Party Laboratory needed for star rating of LED bulbs under ... (view details)

UL Photovoltaic Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for UL testing of Photovoltaic panels to UL27... (view details)

SAE Strobe Lighting

Industrial Laboratory needed for the testing for strobe lighting used for e... (view details)

ANSI Flashlight Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for ANSI testing of a flashlight to ANSI/PLAT... (view details)

Lamp Fuel Burn Comparison Study

Laboratory needed to do benchmark/comparison testing of patio lamp fuels. ... (view details)

BIS Compliance Vibration Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for vibration testing required as per IS 11037... (view details)

Automotive Lighting Systems

Industrial Laboratory needed for testing and evaluation of automotive light... (view details)

Lighting Manufacturer needs Consumer Products Laboratory for UL Certificati... (view details)

Lighting Manufacturer needs Laboratory for SAE candela measurements testin... (view details)

Laboratory needed for measuring the light intensity of infrared glowsticks ... (view details)

Polymers Laboratory needed for conducting an environmental simulation study... (view details)

Electrical Laboratory needed that is accredited to test in accordance to IE... (view details)

Independent, Third-Party Laboratory needed for LED lighting performance com... (view details)

Accredited laboratory recognized by certifying bodies needed for ANSI testi... (view details)

Physical laboratory needed for basic drop/vibration ISTA testing of a lamp ... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for comparison study of two light products for... (view details)

ISO laboratory for full electrical testing of LED , street lights and flood... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING Lighting manufacturer needs physical laboratory for SAE a... (view details)

Large lighting company needs electrical laboratory for high voltage (10-12 ... (view details)

Contract laboratory needed for accelerated product life testing on turnkey ... (view details)

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