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Recent Toiletries and Personalcare Products Laboratory Requests

Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

START-UP Cosmetics Laboratory needed for deformulation, development and full chemical analysis of a skin care product line based on an Middle Eastern oil remedy.

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of personal lubricants for compatiability with natural rubber latex, polyurethane and synthetic condoms as per ASTM D7661-10....

Medical Device Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity study testing for menstrual device.

Microbiology Laboratory needed for antiviral testing on tissue paper against the following viruses: adenovirus, human coronavirus, and rhinovirus.

Manufacturer needs Consumer Products Laboratory for competitor comparison study of personalcare products for biodegradability, breathability, adhesiveness, softness, comfort, ...

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for absorbency testing as part of a comparison study of feminine care products against competitor products.

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for stability testing of perfume

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for clinical research study and consumer safety testing on cosmetics including:

1) Hypoallergenic
3) Opthal test
4) Consume...

Microbiology Laboratory needed for stability studies and microbial challenge testing in new cosmetic products

Importer needs FDA cGMP Laboratory for FDA customs testing of intimate personal edible lubricant.

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for toothpaste testing to substantiate it is fluoride free.

FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed for FDA testing required for 510k approval for contact lens case. Please see section 7 of this previously approved 510k for full scope of ...

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM compatibility testing of personal lubricant products to ASTM D7661-10 for compatibility with natural rubber latex condoms.

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for competitor comparison study of the breathability of underwear and panty liner.

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing to determine the percentages of each ingredient in a essential oil blend made with 4 ingredients.

Laboratory needed that can perform all individual testing for REACH registration of a personal care product specifically the analytical testing for product identity/confirmat...

START-UP Company with range of therapeutic products needs pricing for hypoallergenic testing to make the claims of hypoallergenic on it's products. .

Microbiology laboratory needed for ASTM antimicrobial efficacy testing of a hand wash product to ASTM E2315 Standard Guide for Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity Using a Tim...

Large pharmaceutical corporation needs consumer products / pharmaceutical clinical research laboratory for comparison and bench marking study of a nail polish containing a pha...

LONG-TERM TESTING Microbiology laboratory needed for monthly antimicrobial efficacy testing of western red cedar leaf oil (essential oil).

START-UP Consumer products microbiology laboratory needed for razor comparison study to test the difference in the amount of bacteria present on the blades of a shaving razor ...

Product Safety laboratory needed for toxicology and compliance testing of mosquito repellent to show conformance to FDA standards and safety to market product in the US.

Cosmetics Microbiology Laboratory needed for shelf-life testing and microbial testing for skincare lotion

Consumer Products laboratory needed for standardized testing of eyeglass cleaning solutions.

Medical device company needs clinical product safety laboratory for in vivo, in vitro and microbiology testing of disposable feminine pads including:

Surface device testing...

Medical Device company needs microbiology laboratory for microbiological tests of diapers and underpads.

Pharmaceutical medical device laboratory needed for sperm motility testing of a personal lubricant according to ISO 10993-10.

Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for SODIUM MONOFLUOROPHOSPHATES certification testing to meet compliance to USP. Quote needed.

Large Consumer Products Company needs a GMP consumer product laboratory for a staining discoloration assessment on bathes from coloured bath fizzers.

Disinfectant & hand sanitizer manufacturer needs microbiology laboratory for antiviral efficacy testing of product formulations against viruses.

Medical Device laboratory needed for ASTM and ISO product safety testing for evaluation of medical devices including toxicology, packaging and microbiology testing:

ASTM ...

LONG TERM TESTING: NABL and ISO/IEC 17025:2005.laboratory needed for osmolarity testing of personal lubricants

Clinical Research laboratory needed for irritation and allergy testing of deodorant.

Microbiology Laboratory needed for Microbiological Testing for Personal care products i

Consumer Product Laboratory needed for testing a Personal Care Product for contaminants: Glycerin needs to be evaluated for cause of hazing and color change.

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for skincare product testing of gels for N-NITROSODIETHANOLAMINE (NDELA)

Consumer Products Cosmetics Laboratory needed for reformulation of water-based nail polish for kids.

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for Beauty products testing on imported soaps & oils

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for mouthwash testing by gas chromatography for quantitative determination of related substances / impurities of hexetidine in mouthwash...

Medical Device Laboratory needed for quality control testing of sanitary pads for all quality parameters including physical measurements.

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for clinical study of oral care products including sensory testing and preference testing for the preference/ acceptance of oral care produ...

Cosmetics company needs analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Deformulation Testing of Lip Balm to know the percentage of each ingredient in the product.

Medical Device Laboratory needed for testing to develop methods for airway obstruction / choking hazard analysis

European Union Pharmaceutical Sensory Laboratory needed for sensory testing: odor, color, taste preferences of oral care products compared to other commercial dental care prod...

India materials laboratory needed for diaper testing:
1- measuring absorption under load(AUL)in diaper
2-the analysis method for monitoring distribution of super absorbent p...

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Osmolality testing for a personal lubricant product.

Large corporation needs materials laboratory for polymr analysis: degree of polymerization of cotton fiber by Gel permeation chromatography GPC (with detailed distribution of ...

Cosmetics laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis Testing for bath bomb fizzies.

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