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ASTM Coating Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Coatings Testing to ASTM D6442 - Stand... (view details)

Coatings ASTM Air Permeance Testing

Construction Materials Laboratory needed for Air permeance test for air bar... (view details)

ASTM Testing of Pipeline Coating

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of pipeline coating to the fol... (view details)

$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Electrical Comparison of Test Devices

$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Energy Company needs Electrical Laboratory for comp... (view details)

Impact Flexibility Test for Coating on Aluminum Panels

Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Impact flexibility testing of 5 panels ... (view details)

CSPC/CPSIA Printed Poster certification

URGENT Consumer Products Laboratory needed for CSPC/CPSIA certification of ... (view details)

STANAG Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for STANAG and other international s... (view details)

Laboratory Space Rental

Coatings company looking to rent USA Laboratory Space where their engineers... (view details)

Coating Testing

Large Coating Company needs Laboratory for the following coatings testing: ... (view details)

Weather-o-Meter Testing

Large Coatings Company needs Materials Laboratory for weather-o-meter testi... (view details)

ASTM Encapsulation Resins and Conformal Coatings

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM E595 testing for encapsulation resins... (view details)

In Vivo Acute Toxicity and Product Safety Study

FUNDING APPROVED Preclinical CRO needed for in vivo acute toxicity and prod... (view details)

ASTM Encapsulation Resin and Conformal Coatings Testing

Materials Laboratories needed to provide with some quotes for ASTM E595 tes... (view details)

ASTM polyurethane based membrane testing

Coatings Company needs Polymer Laboratory for ASTM testing on polyurethane... (view details)

Lead Paint Coatings

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of Coatings to ASTM E-1795 Sta... (view details)

FDA and USDA Food Contact Coatings Testing

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for testing of food contact coatings testing... (view details)

Coating Total Solar Reflectance

Large Paint Company needs experience laboratory for total solar reflectanc... (view details)

Cosmetics Coatings Optical Contrast

Cosmetics Company needs Laboratory to measure the reflectance of multiple c... (view details)

ASTM Metal Coating Adhesion to Metal

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM adhesion testing for metal coatings on... (view details)

Glycol Refractive Index

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Refractive Index Testing performed on ... (view details)

Cleaning Agents Effectiveness

Third-Party Laboratory needed for ASTM coatings testing to ASTM G 122 Stand... (view details)

Fire Retardant Coatings Testing

Accredited laboratory needed that can provide 3rd party fire accreditation ... (view details)

Large Corporation needs Consumer Research Laboratory for consumer panel fla... (view details)

Material Laboratories needed for ISO leaching rate testing of coatings to I... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for measurements on an anti-reflection coating ... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for weathering and performance testing of coati... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for powder coatings testing applied to metal pa... (view details)

Construction materials laboratory needed for physical testing of Fiber Rein... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING Physical laboratory needed for ASTM flammability testing ... (view details)

Materials Laboratory needed for AASHTO testing of Architectural coating Mat... (view details)

Coatings company needs materials laboratory for DIN rubber coatings testing... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for NATO coatings testing of chemical agent res... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to measure Hiding power of coa... (view details)

Metallurgical laboratory needed for Caustic soda testing on metals coatings... (view details)

Materials Laboratory needed for coatings research and devlopment to dissolv... (view details)

Certified Materials Laboratory needed for coating testing of Three (3) mixe... (view details)

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to strip xylene and mineral spirits ... (view details)

Coatings Company needs polymer lab that can test National Fire Protection A... (view details)

India materials laboratory needed for coatings testing: 1. Polyester Fabric... (view details)

FDA polymer materials laboratory needed for FDA compliance testing for resi... (view details)

Materials laboratory needed for breakdown voltage bdv testing of coatings (view details)

Physical Laboratory needed for coatings testing of Bituminous waterproofin... (view details)

East Coast USA test lab neede for HPLC confirmatory testing to confirm that... (view details)

Europe materials laboratory needed for coating testing, Anti-corrosion tes... (view details)

Europe or Middle East Laboratory needed for materials testing : Coating tes... (view details)

Ontario Canada A2LA or ILAC Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: M... (view details)

Colorant Manufacturer for coatings industry is interested in having coating... (view details)

Canada Materials Laboratory needed for Materials Testing: Coating testing o... (view details)

Mechanical Laboratory needed for metallic coating testing: ductility measur... (view details)

California analytical chemistry laboratory needed for nitrogen testing of g... (view details)

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