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Incoming Laboratory Testing and Scientific Research Requests

Contract Laboratory has received the following incoming Laboratory Testing and Scientific Research Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory Testing and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Testing Request. If you need assistance or have questions email us or call toll free 24/7 1-855-377-6821.

Number Industry Laboratory Testing and Scientific Research Description Status
16-00873 Paints, Colorants and Dyes MIDDLE EAST LABORATORY NEEDED FOR PAINT TESTING ... Lab Needed
16-00872 Packaging and Labeling Large company needs laboratory for water testing for purity ... Lab Needed
16-00871 Cleaners and Detergents Materials laboratory needed for ASTM and Lubrizol Testing for Test cloud point of water soluble ethoxylated product. Cloud point of a liquid detergent formulation to ASTM D2024-09 or TP-AATM-108A-a Lubrizol Test Procedure ... Lab Needed
16-00870 Coatings and Films We are looking to perform ASTM D3539 and ASTM D1331 for 31 liquid coating systems. ... Lab Needed
16-00869 Disinfectants Microbiology laboratory needed for anti-viral efficacy testing on H1N1 on a composition of environmental sanitizer which consists of 4 essential oils in a room freshner bottle. ... Lab Needed
16-00868 Polymers Materials laboratory needed for vinyl ester resin testing to BS 5480, ASTM D3262, ASTM D3681, ASTM C581 ... Lab Needed
16-00867 LONG TERM TESTING Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed TGA (Thermo Gravimetric Analysis) of various chemicals. The samples frequency per month will be 4-5. Please offer us most competitive price in order to allot you this work. ... Lab Needed
16-00866 Consumer Products FDA Laboratory needed for Color identification analysis for FDA Detention without Physical Examination (DWPE), DWPE. Samples located in China ... Lab Needed
16-00865 Automotive and Motor Vehicles Automotive mechanical laboratory needed for front suspension springs testing for test requirements for Corrosion Key Life Fatigue test (KLT), t.e. Heat Soak, Coating Flexibility, Gravelometer, Coating Flexibility, Wear Resistance, Cyclic Corrosion, Fatigue. In case you have necessary resources to carry out such tests, we kindly ask you to send a response in order we could start our dialogue. ... Lab Needed
16-00864 Chemicals and Allied Products URGENT NABL accredited laboratory needed for mosquito repellent efficacy testing on fabric using different method such as Arm in cage, WHO PES96.1, etc for USDA patent. Need urgently. ... Lab Needed
16-00863 Food and Beverages ISO 17025:2005 accredited food laboratory needed for analyte testing. Analytes to be measured are as follows: a. B(a)P b. TSNAs (NNN, NNK, NAB, NAT) c. Arsenic d. Cadmium e. Chromium f. Lead g. Nickel h. Total aerobic microbial count (TAMC) ... Lab Needed
16-00862 Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Western blot analysis on master reference equine horse serum to ensure that it is still highly reactive with antigen at a span of dilutions. ... Lab Needed
16-00861 Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements Southeast USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Taurine testing to determine if it is caking. .. Please provide below to us: 1. How much you charge for the test. 2. How much sample you need for the test. 3. What kind the test you will conduct. 4. Can our supplier can check the outcome of the test(COA) on your web. from oversea. ... Lab Needed
16-00860 Metals and Alloys Southern California company needs laboratory for identification testing of growth on aluminum metal surface. These is pitting, approximately 0.5 cm wide, in the surface of the metal piece and a rust colored growth can be seen within these pits. Please advise on necessary testing/pricing and timeline. ... Lab Needed
16-00859 Oil and Petroleum Laboratory needed for DOT Jerrican (2.2-gallon portable fuel container) Testing per Department of Transportation (DOT) ?Subpart M: Testing of Non-Bulk Packaging and Packages CFR / I / C / 178 ? Specification of Packages, Sections 178.603, 178.604, 178.605, 178.606, 178.608 and 178.609 ... Closed
16-00858 Haircare and Skincare MEDIA Media company needs cosmetics analytical chemistry labroatory for gold testing for % of Gold in face cream ... Lab Needed
16-00857 Automotive and Motor Vehicles Accredited laboratory needed for power steering hose testing to SAE J2050 and SAE J2076. Full validation of 1 style each of high and low pressure power steering hose. ... Lab Needed
16-00856 Automotive and Motor Vehicles Accredited laboratory needed for SAE J1401 / FMVSS106 brake hose testing.. Interested in doing a full validation on 5 different brands/types of brake hose and just whip testing on 2 to 5 additional brands/types. ... Lab Needed
16-00854 Geology laboratory needed for geophysical testing: Size, abrasive index, moisture content, bulk density, gradation These tests need to be done on limestone and gypsum rock samples. ... Lab Needed
16-00853 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics FDA GMP preclinical laboratory needed for ISO 10993 Biocompatibility testing for a Class II Hemodialysis Catheter ... Lab Needed
16-00852 Acoustical and Sound Barriers Materials laboratory needed for testing of acoustic sliding folding partition. ... Lab Needed
16-00851 Milk and Dairy Biochemistry laboratory needed for assay of Lactulose sample. At least composition of following chemicals need to be tested in this sample. -) Lactulose -) Lactose -) Epilactose -) Galactose -) Fructose Please kindly reply as soon as possible. Please kindly send me quotation for the determination of its complete assay. Thanks ... Lab Needed
16-00850 Consumer Products Large consumer products company needs CPCB authorized materials laboratory for Plastic (Multi Layer Packaging) recyclability testing ... Lab Needed
16-00849 Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements Physical chemistry laboratory needed for Colloidal silver analysis for Ppm and or particle size / foreign particulate ... Lab Needed
16-00848 Polymers Materials Laboratory needed for polymer testing for Toxic Substances Control Act TSCA exemption under rule 40 C.F.R. § 723.250, Polymers ... Lab Needed
16-00847 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics Medical Device Laboratory needed for Medical Device Testing to ASTM 640-12, Standard Test Methods for Determining Radiopacity for Medical Use ... Lab Needed
16-00846 Haircare and Skincare Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for product safety testing of new topical hair solution ... Lab Needed
16-00845 Haircare and Skincare Cosmetics laboratory needed for skincare testing of face cream from indonesia ... Lab Needed
16-00844 Haircare and Skincare Skincare company needs clinical research laboratory for dermatology allergen testing of spa skincare products after skin reactions. ... Closed
16-00843 Genetics and Genomics LONG-TERM TESTING: Genetics laboratory needed for Genomics sequencing and metabolomics by Real-Time PCR Analysis. 200 samples ... Lab Needed
16-00842 Meats and Poultry Food manufacturer needs food laboratory for meat snack testing for caffeine levels in the product. ... Lab Needed
16-00841 Cosmetics and Beauty Products Cosmetics Laboratory needed for Lead Content Testing (that meets California Prop 65 guidelines) for cosmetics consumer products. Please provide current quotation/sample size/turnaround time for conducting this test. ... Lab Needed
16-00840 Baby, Children and Juvenile Products Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for safety and quality testing of Baby Diapers prior to importation from China. ... Lab Needed
16-00839 Land Management Geophysical laboratory needed to make geophysical measurements on 1-5 soil cores, each comprised of multiple test samples. The desired measurements include Compressional (P) and shear (S) wave seismic velocity, Electrical conductivity/resistivity, Dielectric permittivity, Hydraulic conductivity/permeability, Matric bulk density, Soil water retention parameters (van Genuchten alpha, n, m) ... Lab Needed
16-00838 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Microbiology laboratory needed for disinfectant efficacy testing of product against below listed microorganisms. Avian Influenza Influenza A virus H1N1 (Swine flu) Canine Parvovirus Feline calicivirus PED (Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus PRRS (Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory syndrome) PCV (Porcine Circovirus Type 2) Salmonella En En Entritidis E.Coli O157:H7 Clostridium perfringens Peudomonas aeruginosa Aspergillus fimigatus Can you please provide a quote for all virus study ... Lab Needed
16-00837 Agriculture, Farming and Feed Food laboratory needed for Viscosity determination in tomato concentrate though the Oswald method ... Lab Needed
16-00836 Apparel and Fashion Fashion company needs a metallurgical laboratory for testing a few sterling silver jewelry pieces to determine their compliance with the .925 metal requirements. As well, determine the other 7.5% components. Thank you. ... Lab Needed
16-00835 Automotive and Motor Vehicles Accredited laboratory needed for power steering hose testing to SAE J2050 and SAE J2076. Full validation of 1 style each of high and low pressure power steering hose. ... Closed
16-00834 Coatings and Films Materials laboratory needed for physical testing of machine part that has Sulphuric Anodization on Aluminium that require following testing. a. Insulation of the oxide coating (Disruptive voltage test) b. Sealing quality ? to measure loss of the absorptivity of the anodic oxide coating c. Continuity of oxide coating d. Light resistance test ... Lab Needed
16-00833 Rocks and Stones Geology laboratory needed for testing Zircon ( ZrO2, ZrSiO4) ... Lab Needed
16-00832 Food and Beverages Food Laboratory needed for ingredient testing of retail food product (grated cheese) to (1) confirm ingredients, (2) determine percentages of ingredients, and (3) determine if ingredients are non-food products. ... Lab Needed
16-00831 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for Microbial Challenge and Disinfection Studies for needlefree medical device connectors; ... Lab Needed
16-00830 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry labroatory needed for new OTC drug product development of 70% Isopropyl alcohol USP and 3% Hydrogen peroxide USP Sprays and USP testing of raw material for 70% isopropyl alcohol USP and 3% Hydrogen peroxide USP. Also looking for an services for Like what klnd of testing requries. ... Closed
16-00829 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals LONG-TERM TESTING Large pharma needs US FDA Approved or GMP Certified Pharmaceutical Laboratory for USP XRD Identification testing on Magnesium- Aluminium Silicate to USP Monograph. ... Lab Needed
16-00828 Coatings and Films Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of chemical composition of galvalume coating. and the methodology. ... Lab Needed
16-00827 Cosmetics and Beauty Products Cosmetics laboratory needed for product development of an animal cruelty free, vegan makeup line (lipsticks and highlights) ... Lab Needed
16-00826 Floors and Flooring Flooring manufacturer needs NATA accredited laboratory for impact isolation of vinyl flooring. ... Closed
16-00825 Coffee and Tea Food laboratory needed for safety testing of Imported matcha green tea ... Closed
16-00824 Environmental and Ecology EPA environmental laboratory needed for environemtanl assessment and sampling of soil, sod and gravel. The samples need to be sent to an approved EPA Lab and meet the guidelines below taken straight from our EPA contract and the Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the sampling. 3.6 Sample Collection Procedures 3.6.1 Composite Samples for Backfill Each composite sample of backfill soil or gravel shall be collected and analyzed for the metals and other characteristics listed in Section 3. ... Closed
16-00823 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Product Safety laboratory needed for testing packages for new substances under Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).. We have less than 20 solid dye samples that need tested for all immediate hazards including acute toxicity, corrosivity, etc. Please let me know what additional information I can provide to obtain a quote for testing. Thank you, ... Closed
16-00822 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for propofol injectable testing of 5 batches of propofol injectable emulsion for average globe size, number of globules, largest globule and particule matter. ... Lab Needed
16-00821 Baby and Children's Products Consumer Products Laboratory needed for baby lotion testing to ensure it is safe to use and hypoallergenic. ... Closed
16-00820 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Nutraceutical company needs leader Laboratory for HPLC testing and LC / MS/MS testing of aristolochic acid testing by the FDA method for determination of aristolochic acid on herbal tablet ... Closed
16-00819 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals LONG-TERM Pharmaceutical company needs laboratory for Annual on-site sampling and testing of Non-condensable gas, dryness, super heat testing of clean steam ... Closed
16-00818 Healthcare and Medical LONG-TERM TESTING Company needs Clinical laboratory for whole blood testing. during physicals: CBC, HIV, HEP and other typical screens. Volume is approximately 30 per month. ... Closed
16-00817 Wine, Beer and Liquor Africa laboratory needed for alcoholic beverage, Gin Testing for Alcohol content, Total solids content, Total acidity as tartaric acid, Volatile acidity as acetic acid, Esters as ethyl acetate, Aldehydes as acetaldehyde, and Methanol content respectively. Please provide quote for testing. ... Closed
16-00816 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Packaging laboratory needed for leachables and extractables testing in LDPE and HM-HDPE polybags ... Lab Needed
16-00815 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Laboratory needed for SPF In-vitro testing by the European Cosmetics Association, COLIPA 2011 guidelines ... Lab Needed
16-00814 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Analytical chemistry laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 needed for testing to provide NIST Traceability certificate for every batch of pH standard buffers ... Closed
16-00813 Boats and Yachting Materials laboratory needed for ASTM boat cleaner testing on fiberglass and wood to determine it is effective and non-harmful in cleaning grease, oil, gas, scum and marine growth from boat hulls that comprise of fiberglass and wood and will not harm the surface as well. Our product is biodegradable and safe for the environment. ... Closed
16-00812 Oceans and Seas Media company needed for nuclear particle analysis for ocean water from a Santa Monica beach. ... Closed
16-00811 Oil and Petroleum Oil Laboratory needed for sulphur testing in transformer oil to ASTM Test method D 1275 B, Corrosive Sulphur Test ... Closed
16-00810 Agriculture, Farming and Feed Organization needs ISO-17025 accreditated laboratory needed for comparision studies (proficiency testing) 1. Isolation and Identification of Ralstonia solanacearum 2. Isolation and Identification of Entomopathogenic fungi(Metharhizium anisopiliae and Beauveria bassinia) 3.Isolation and Identification of Entomopathogenic Nematodes(Steinernema yirgalemense and Hetrorahbditis bacteriophora) ... Closed
16-00809 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for alloxan, STZ, STZ + Nicotinamide diabetic nephropathy models. oxidative stress markers, blood and urine analysis, immunohistochem, Rt- PCR ... Closed
16-00808 Rocks and Stones Geology laboratory needed for grindability testing for limestone according to standard method ... Closed
16-00807 Wine, Beer and Liquor Laboratory needed for Spirits testing Determination of addition of alcohols or sugars from cane, corn or sorghum liquor from grape, apple or pear by isotope ratio of Carbon 13 - Test Method. Determination of the origin of CO2 in carbonated soft drinks by carbon 13 isotope ratio (? (13) CVPDB), determination of water addition in wines by isotope ratio of oxygen-18 (?18OVSMOW), mass spectrometry Isotope stable ... Closed
16-00806 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical baby infant formula testing: AOAC Protein Efficiency Ratio (Rat Bioassay) testing - official method 960.48. Testing needed to comply to demonstrate Quality Factor Requirements Under 21 CFR 106.96(i) ... Lab Needed
16-00805 Eggs and Egg Products INDIVIDUAL Medical doctor needs food laboratory for protein analysis of a commercial/consumer egg protein powder tested for accuracy of ingredients. ... Closed
16-00804 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Physical chemistry laboratory needed for particle size analysis on sample using alpine jet sieve. ... Closed
16-00803 Cigarrettes, Cigars and Tobacco Products FDA GLPtoxicology laboratory needed for inhalation toxicity and genetic toxicity testing of a liquid electronic cigarettes. It contains nicotine 0mg. ... Closed
16-00802 Rocks and Stones Organization needs geology laboratory for Certification testing of Geological Reference Materials ... Closed
16-00801 Consumer Products Microbiology laboratory needed for antimicrobial testing for P.acne ... Closed
16-00800 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals FDA approved analytical chemistry laboratory needed for API Testing for residual solvents. Must have filled columns. ... Closed
16-00799 Disinfectants Medical Devices manufacturers of surgical instruments and implants in India needs microbiology laboratory of disinfectant viral efficacy testing of Natural and Organic Disinfectant for various applications and uses. The active ingredient of this product is Citrus Aurantium amara extract in the form of Bioflavonoid complex, also commonly known as Bitter Orange extract classified under the CAS No. 72968-50-4. We are quite sure that this product would help the society and the Population at ... Lab Needed
16-00798 Agriculture, Farming and Feed Researcher needs India laboratory for Alliin testing study: (CAS NO: Alliin (17795-26-5), chemically (S-aalylcysteine sulfoxide), HPLC antioxidant compound from fresh peeled garlic cloves and during storage of peeled garlic cloves for research work ... Closed
16-00797 Genetics and Genomics LONG-TERM TESTING India Genetics laboratory needed for genotyping of ACTN3 R577X and ACE I/D from human samples.Please provide quote for costs (per sample) ... Closed
16-00796 Rocks and Stones India geology laboratory needed for electricity conductivity test of quartz. ... Closed
16-00795 Candles and Incense Consumer Products laboratory needed for quality control testing of handmade incense sticks. ... Closed
16-00794 Walls and Partitions Acoustics Laboratory needed for acoustic testing on our designer wall paneling and ceiling system. ... Closed
16-00793 Packaging and Labeling India Foodpackaging laboratory needed for testing printing inks for food packagingfor migration of TNPP in topline ink @20-30ppm (TNPP -TRIS NONYL PHENYL PHOSPHITE- CAS RN 26523-78-4). ... Closed
16-00792 Biotechnology Bioanalytical laboratory needed for cell based antioxidant assay ... Closed
16-00791 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals University Researcher / Start-up Pharma needs USA Preclinical Contract Research Organizations CRO's needed for immunohistochemistry proof-of-concept studies (in vivo and in vitro experiments) . Central USA preferred. ... Closed
16-00790 Food and Beverages Food Laboratory needed for sushi rice pH and shelf-life stability testing. ... Closed
16-00789 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for full quality control testing of Potassium Sulphate powder including Current FCC Identity, Assay, Lead, Selenium ... Closed
16-00788 Chemicals and Allied Products Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for raw material testing of Hydrolyzed Protein Hydrolyzed Keratin Horn & Hoof Meal(granulated), ... Closed
16-00787 Packaging and Labeling,Plastics,Polymers Packaging company needs plastics laboratory need Melt Flow Index and Density Testing of HDPE. ... Closed
16-00786 Fruits and Vegetables FDA GLP accredited laboratory needed for fruit which we need complete analyses of fruit . Please provide quote ... Closed
16-00785 Petrochemicals Large petrochemical company needs laboratory for measurement of the accurate density of a molten solid. The density of a molten solid (melting point of 185C) is needed between 195C and 230C. The density at 200C is approximately 1.14 gr/cc. It is estimated that the density at 210 will be ~1.13 gr/cc. The measurement ideally be good to three decimal points. Error limits on the measurement is also desired. Is the measurement even possible if the container used for the device expands at these ... Closed
16-00784 Laboratory Consultant needs Medical urine testing (red and white blood cells) for pain mgmt. ... Closed
16-00783 Automotive and Motor Vehicles Accredited laboratory needed for power steering hose testing to SAE J2050 and SAE J2076. Full validation of 1 style each of high and low pressure power steering hose. ... Closed
16-00782 Solar and Solar Power Engineering company setting up Solar Power plants is in the process of optimizing our existing designs needs laboratory for testing new design 'earthing clamps' for PV modules to ''UL2703'' testing standard. ... Closed
16-00781 Automotive and Motor Vehicles Accredited laboratory needed for SAE J1401 / FMVSS106 brake hose testing.. Interested in doing a full validation on 5 different brands/types of brake hose and just whip testing on 2 to 5 additional brands/types. ... Closed
16-00780 Food and Beverages FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for nutritional facts label testing of ingredient testing (FDA) for barbecue sauce label. Please provide quote and how long it takes for the results. ... Closed
16-00779 Food and Beverages LEGAL Attorney needs Massachusetts food laboratory with expertise to to examine granola bar to determine the hard foreign substance. ... Closed
16-00778 Cosmetics and Beauty Products FDA GMP Independent laboratory needed for testing 1. Detergent testing for GMP cleaning of vessels that produce cosmetic products. 2. Defoamer testing for the rinse water. ... Closed
16-00777 Eggs and Egg Products Food Laboratory needed for egg testing of liquid egg product for lactic and butyric acid. Also, if testing dried (finished) product can we relate that to the original liquid egg. ... Closed
16-00776 Water, Sewer and Pipeline Environmental laboratory needed for USEPA potable and non-potable water testing to USEPA method 522 for potable and non-potable water. 1-4 dioxane ... Closed
16-00775 Telecommunications Telecommunications laboratory needed for lab examination and reporting of our mobile phone devices that we produce in China. 1) 3G signal quality and speed 2) LTE signal quality and speed 3) WiFi reception quality and speed 4) HD Voice quality 5) Speaker phone, earphone and headset quality 6) Front and Rear camera picture and video quality on different conditions eg low light including flash 7) Screen quality 8) Battery quality and capacity 9) Charging quality ... Closed
16-00774 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals FDA GLP Laboratory needed for estimation of residual Gentamycin content in cell culture and virus culture samples. ... Closed
16-00773 Cosmetics and Beauty Products Large company needs India laboratory for testing cosmetic products. ... Lab Needed
16-00772 Air Handling and Purification USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiological analysis:for validation the bacteriostatic properties of filters using microbiological test agents like aerobic mesophilic bacteria, fungi / yeast (Botrytis), and Listeria monocytogenes. 2) ALso, testing for the validation of the application of filters under strict operating conditions and will require proof of the following: a. A hood or container where it can perform a microbiological load, or bioburden natural environment is taken b. T ... Closed
16-00771 Plastics Materials laboratory needed for PTFE (teflon) powder analysis to determine the level of any residual contaminants for filing a FDA GRAS notice . The detection method would have to be sensitive enough to show that the levels are <0.5 ppb . Please provide quote ... Closed
16-00770 Plastics Materials laboratory needed antioxidants depletion testing of type of high density polyethylene geomembrane. ... Closed
16-00769 Healthcare and Medical Africa genetics laboratory needed for DNA detection,amplification by PCR and molecular characterization of neglected tropical diseases. ... Closed
16-00768 Beverages and Drinks Food Nutritional Laboratory needed for beverage testing of 2 beverages with one of the beverages having 4 different flavors biogenic amines Caffeine Histamine Norepinephrine Epinephrine ... Closed
16-00767 Food and Beverages LEGAL Attorney for consumers needs food laboratory for identity testing of contaminant found at the bottom of can ... Closed
16-00766 Seafood and Fish Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for 4-Hexylresorcinol testing for in Crustaceans for compliance to Canada regulations. ... Closed
16-00765 Chemicals and Allied Products USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing: Microbiology count and identification on a emulsion sample (metal working fluid). ... Closed
16-00764 Sensors Contract Laboratory needed for Independent testing of Duct Mount Humidity Transmitters (2% accuracy) from Automation Components Inc, Dwyer, Setra, Vaisala, and Veris. We would like to run tests on three units from each manufacturer (15 total). ... Closed
16-00763 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical company needs acoustics laboratory for ultrasound gel testing to determine sound velocity, acoustic impedance, sound attenuation ... Closed
16-00762 Oil and Petroleum Maryland certified laboratory needed for petroleum fingerprinting ... Closed
16-00761 Solar and Solar Power Physical Laboratory needed for tensile strength testing. High capacity Instron (50kN+) with environmental chamber for elevated temperature (300-400C) tensile strength testing ... Closed
16-00760 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry labroatory needed for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Testing of 3 eye care productsThe active ingredient is hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate). ... Closed
16-00759 Wine, Beer and Liquor South Africa laboratory needed for whiskey testing ... Closed
16-00758 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics Medical Device Company needs laboratories for Compression testing on gloves made from Spandex and Nylon (mm mercury pressure) range. ... Closed
16-00757 Chemicals and Allied Products Canada analytical chemistry laboratory needed for melt flow index and differential scanning calorimetry for five samples. Each sample consists of polyamide and tungsten carbide. Please provide a quote for the cost for testing each sample. ... Lab Needed
16-00756 Medicinal Chemistry and Botanicals India analytical chemistry labroatory needed for 10:1 extract of Pedalium Murex fruit testing of Pedalium Murex provided. in Powder extract. ... Closed
16-00755 Chemicals and Allied Products India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for organic synthesis and instrumental analysis ... Closed
16-00754 Alternative Energy and Fuel Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for biofuel analysis, specifically tallow. To identify the presence of, and if possible quantify, three phosphates in particular: Sodium Calcium Phosphate Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate Sodium Phosphate Hydrate ... Closed
16-00753 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics China Medical device manafacturer needs microbiology laboratory for medical dressing testing prior shipment to USA to identify the microorganisms. ... Closed
16-00752 Healthcare and Medical LONG-TERM TESTING India Genetics laboratory needed for genotyping of ACTN3 R577X and ACE I/D from human samples.Please provide quote for costs (per sample) ... Closed
16-00751 Alternative Energy and Fuel Electrical laboratory needed for UL certification testing of individual grid tie inverter which is sun1000g2 lcd . Please provide quote. ... Closed
16-00749 Fruits and Vegetables Apple orchard needs microbiology laboratory for microbiology testing including swab testing, compressed air lines and testing for e coli, salmonella, listeria monocytogenes. ... Closed
16-00748 Air Handling and Purification Contract Laboratory needed for evaluation of the efficiency of air filtration media at adsorbing common gas phase pollutants. We are particularly interested in nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide. The test must quantify the upstream challenge to the air filtration media and quantify the efficiency at which the media absorbs the pollutants. A face velocity of 5.7 cm/sec is the desirable flow rate but we will likely alter this for future testing. Please specify your ability to adj ... Closed
16-00747 Filters and Filtration Test Laboratory needed to perform filtration efficiency and pressure drop analysis on developmental media coupons. We prefer that a TSI 8130 be used for this testing, but other suitable equipment will be considered. The number of samples will vary so please provide a quote on price per sample. ... Closed
16-00746 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals FDA GMP Bioanalytical laboratory needed for full release testing of biologic product. Must have physiochemical and bioassay capabilities. 100 - 200 samples ... Lab Needed
16-00745 Pesticides, Insecticides and Herbicides GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for six-pack toxicology study to support pesticide registration framework on one single active ingredient. Please provide quote. ... Closed
16-00744 Cooking and Cookware FDA Laboratory needed for FDA compliance testing and certification of food containers for 2 productssourced from China. 1) Hip flask, inside SS 304 2) Copper tea kettle, inside tinning: Please provide quote ... Closed
16-00743 Wine, Beer and Liquor Enology Laboratory needed for wine research study for USDA SBIR Phase One Grant Under8.5 Food Science My product is Light Wine. I need services to reduce alcohol from 13% alcohol to 6.9% alcohol. I know that body and texture changes as well as the finish ( tends to finish sweet rather than dry. as alcohol is reduced. I need to prove my theory that I can simulate the sensory components to finish similar to the 13% finished wine standard. ... Lab Needed
16-00742 Disinfectants Virology laboratory needed for virucidal activity testing of disinfection product against Rabies Virus. Please provide quote. ... Closed
16-00741 Polymers Canada analytical chemistry laboratory needed for melt flow index and differential scanning calorimetry for five samples. Each sample consists of polyamide and tungsten carbide. Please provide a quote for the cost for testing each sample. ... Closed
16-00740 Lawn and Garden INDIVIDUAL Environmental laboratory needed for Soil plutration testing for soil design project to check the neuter of soil for the water plutration through the soil with all calculations 8000 sqf. In addition, the soil report was finshed and the foundation also .. ... Closed
16-00739 Pumps and Pumping Contract Research Organization needed for performance testing of a microbiology pumps used in laminar flow hood. One of the requirements for the pump hardware is that it be aerodynamic such that it does not create dead spots in a laminar flow hood. ... Closed
16-00738 Cables and Cabling Mechanical Laboratory needed for electrical and mechanical properties testing of 0.40 PVC Shielded cable with 8 22 AWG conductors , we need to get the measures for below: Measure below Mechanical Properties Minimum permitted bend radius Measure below Electrical Properties Conductor resistance @ -10, 20 , 60 deg C Insulation resistance core to core Shield resistance Mutual Capacitance core / core (symmetrical) Mutual Capacitance all core / shield (unsymmetrical) Dielect ... Closed
16-00737 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharma company looking for FLorida GMP microbiology contract laboratory to test water samples under cGMP regulation,perform growth promotion and TOC analysis ... Lab Needed
16-00736 Beverages and Drinks Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for phthalates testing in bottled drinking water at different temperatures ... Closed
16-00735 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Large India pharmaceutical company needs USFDA analytical chemistry laboratory for drop melting point testing for cerasin wax ... Closed
16-00734 Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements India laboratory needed for toxicology and analytical chemistry testing: NMR C13 , Hplc , cytotoxicity and antioxidant testing. ... Closed
16-00733 Apparel and Fashion LEGAL California attorney needs textile laboratory for fire retardation / flammability testing of fabric used in shirt. Attorney who is thinking about taking on a personal injury case that involves a woman whose shirt caught on fire. Before I take the case, I need to know whether the fabric her shirt was made out of meets government standards for fire resistance/fire retardation. ... Closed
16-00732 Apparel and Fashion 1.Textile composition testing 2. Hazardous element testing 3. Durability Testing 4. Moisture absorbency ... Closed
16-00731 Life Sciences USA Laboratory needed for smoke testing of lamiar flow hoods to of pump hardware that need to be aerodynamic such that it does not create dead spots in a laminar flow hood. We need to tests whether it create dead spots in the laminar flow hood. This is determined using a smoke test. ... Closed
16-00730 Information Technology Technology Laboratory needed for Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers SMPTE Testing to , SMPTE 425 and 2082. Specially with the jitter testing for SMPTE 425, and return loss and signal sensitivity for SMPTE 2082. Let me know if you want to have a conference call to review this request or if you can provide a quote. ... Closed
16-00729 Life Sciences Microbiology Laboratory needed for e. coli testing of A stab culture of e. coli transformed with a stable luxCDABE operon-containing plasmid. ... Closed
16-00728 Rocks and Stones Government needs Australia geology laboratory for halogen analysis in rocks. Please provide quote including per sample costs? ... Closed
16-00727 Plastics Food Laboratory needed for food contact surface testing of PTFE plastic powder r to determine if it is suitable to be used in food. Please provide quote. ... Closed
16-00726 Food and Beverages India food microbiology laboratory needed for providing quote for antibacterial activity testing against four food pathogens. E.Coli Salmonella Clostridium botulinum Shigella ... Closed
16-00725 Footwear and Shoes Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Footwear physical test, colorfastness, full grain leather test, California prop 65 ... Closed
16-00724 Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical trial for specialized health supplement product. The objective is to measure the impact of product on the blood lactate level of ill test subjects, possibly rats. The type of illness can vary but we are especially interested in cancer. Please get back to me with pertinent information including pricing and timeline. For your information, we are located in British Columbia, Canada. Thank you very much for your time and ... Closed
16-00723 Industrial Gases Australia Microbiology Laboratory needed for Compressed air quality testing for microbes: Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae. Sample would be taken using Parker CAMTU unit and captured on Agar plate ... Closed
16-00722 Food and Beverages Large Food processing plant needs food laboratory for lycopene research study from ketchup samples. The intent is to extract lycopene from samples determine the cis and trans lycopene content by GC/MS or HPLC. ... Closed
16-00721 Food Supplements LONG-TERM TESTING Food Nutritional Laboratory needed for whey protein powder ftesting for: Lactoferrin Serum Albumin alpha-lactalbumin beta-lactoglobulin Glycomacropeptide Proteose Pepton 5 Immunglobulins We do not have a preferred method, b ... Closed
16-00720 Chemicals and Allied Products Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to perform Infrared Spectrometry and content for Aluminum, Calcium, Barium and Iron on a sample of Carbon Tetrachloride. ... Closed
16-00719 Food Additives and Colorants Food laboratory need for food artificial coloring testing for Ponceau 4R and FD&C yellow 6. Analysis by UPLC with PDA; in hot sauce and chili pepper. ... Closed
16-00718 Oil and Oilseeds Refined lipids company needs sensory laboratory for sensory taste comparison testing on two oils for several quality aspects including taste. ... Closed
16-00717 Water, Sewer and Pipeline North Carolina Certified Laboratory for wastewater testing for the analysis of Decahydronaphthalene Analysis under methodology, EPA 624, or other applicable method. ... Closed
16-00716 Haircare and Skincare Cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for hair extensions testing to check for pH, formaldehyde, content ... Lab Needed
16-00715 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical firm needs microbiology laboratory testing services for sterile IV solutions. Please provide us with a quotation for the following tests.The product analysis is described in the monographs included in the USP 38: Injectable Sodium Chlorine solution 0.9% (USP 38 Page 5734) pH Iron Identification particulates Quantification of active principle Endotoxins (85) Sterility (71) Ringers Lactate Solution (USP 38 pag 5607) pH Identification Quantification of total chloride Calcium Lactate ... Closed
16-00714 Instruments and Measuring Devices US Microbiology Laboratory needed for AOAC microbiology certification testing for newly developed product. AOAC Certificate testing needed for E Coli, Colifirm, Yeast/Mold) ... Closed
16-00713 Engines and Turbines Mechanical Laboratory needed for motor testing of 24 motor assemblies measured for surface roughness (required spec. is Ra 0.4µm max). The surface we would like to measure is on a 8mm shaft within an axial location of .188, we would like both axial and circumferential measurements on these parts. ... Closed
16-00712 Alternative Energy and Fuel Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for biodiesel testing. Analysis of the composition of biodiesel B5 95 % diesel 5% biodiesel ... Closed
16-00711 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Asia University Researcher needs bioanalytical laboratory to measure the concentrations of progesterone, estradiol, leptin, insulin and neuropeptide-Y hormones via RIA analysis. ... Closed
16-00710 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical company needs non-GLP virology laboratory for anti-viral activity study of drug compound that appears to have some anti-viral properties. Bbroad screen testing of different virus categories to determine whether there is an anti-viral action by the drug. ... Closed
16-00709 Haircare and Skincare Cosmetics Laboratory needed for Lotion deformulation of small inventory of organic lotion to determin original formula. ... Closed
16-00708 Pesticides, Insecticides and Herbicides India consumer products laboratory needed for development testing on herbal mosquito repellent voporizer to adjust the evaporation rates. Currently essential oil smell not evaporated from veporizer. There is no equal evaporation from veporizer liquid. Some residue remain. ... Closed
16-00707 Wine, Beer and Liquor European Union food laboratory needed for beer testing to determine the hydrolyzed gluten content in beer, in 2 kinds of beer. We fill our beer in 0,5; 0,33 L glass and 1L plastic bottles, and we could send our beer in any laboratory of European Union. ... Closed
16-00706 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Europe GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for physiochemical testing of biologics: pH, Osmolality, appearance, LC based methods Bioassays: ligand binding and cell based assays ... Closed
16-00705 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals India pharma needs microbiology laboratory for Method development and Validation- Microbial Limit Testing ... Closed
16-00704 Food and Beverages Africa Sensory Laboratory needed for determination of flavor profile of dried mushroom powder ... Closed
16-00703 Biotechnology Biotechnology company needs bioanalytical contracti lab to run routine analysis of carbohydrates and other metabolite profiles from fermentation samples (HPLC work). ... Closed
16-00702 Plants, Botany and Horticulture Univeristy Doctorate Research Scientist needs toxicology laboratory for want cytotoxicity testing for cytotoxicity activity of skin cell lines from plant extracst. Please specify the cost and instructions on how to pack and send the sample. ... Closed
16-00701 Apparel and Fashion Accessory company needs consumer products testing for UV protection of fabrics used for headbands and 3 different fabrics. ... Closed
16-00700 Agriculture, Farming and Feed University Biology Researcher needs needs agriculture laboratory for conducting capstone research study to evaluate the nutrient contents of carrot samples.Study to determine the effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on crop plants and grew 70 carrots with 4 different treatments and want to compare the nutrients per unit of each sample. I am interested in testing the vitamins(most concerned with vitamin A), minerals(ex: Na, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mg), Nitrogen, and sugar content. ... Closed
16-00699 Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine USA FDA GMP Veterinary Medicine Laboratory needed for pet/animals product testing of veterinary medical device which is using cold plasma technology. Testing needed to support FDA 510(k) including Killing bacteria, . Absorption. ... Closed
16-00698 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics Medical device company needs GLP laboratory for quality control of Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices, according to ISO 15798:2013, Ophthalmic implants -- Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices Required tests: concentration, molecular mass distribution, shear viscosity, elasticity, pH, chemical and biological contaminants (heavy metals, proteins, nucleic acids, residual IPA), osmolality, spectral transmittance, particulates, refractive index, bacterial endotoxins test, sterility test, Hemolytic strep ... Closed
16-00697 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for sterility and toxicology Testing of gamma sterilized medical device to support 510(k) USP <71> Sterility Data LAL Test of Bacteria Endotoxins Test MEM Elution Test or Cytoxicity Test ... Closed
16-00696 Plastics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical analysis to determine composition of butyl reclaimed rubber to be able to assess the registration requirements of the EU REACH Regulation. ... Closed
16-00695 Food and Beverages Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for amino acid analysis (cystine) on food sample ... Closed
16-00694 Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements FDA / USDA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Herbal Medicine testing meeting FDA/USDA standards: Pesticide residues testing Limit tests for heavy metal Assay testing Microscope examination of traditional herbal medicine herbal medicing fingerprint research Impurity testing Extract testing Tannin testing Pulvis uniformity testing Ranciding testing Method development of assay testing Quality standard development Validation of active part for herbal medicine Stability studies ... Lab Needed
16-00693 Apparel and Fashion Large company needs Textile laboratory for performing basic garment tests like color fastness,seam tear,etc. ... Closed
16-00692 Agriculture, Farming and Feed Agriculture Microbiology Laboratory needed for product testing for the following diseases Avian Influenza, Foot and Mouth, Gomboro, New castle disease, General poultry diseases . ... Closed
16-00691 Oil and Petroleum Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing of petroleum jelly to USP method standards ... Closed
16-00690 Cables and Cabling Electrical laboratory needed for IEC testing of tape (synthetic) used in the fire resistance cables to sustain up to 800 deg celcius of temperature as per IEC-60331. The dimension of tape is 1) 8.00 mm/ 0.11 mm, We need below tests to be performed:- 1) Mica content (g/m2) 2)Glass content (g/m2) 3) Film Content (g/m2) 4) Bond glue content (g/m2) 5) Di electric strength (Kv/Layer) at a) 400 Deg Celcius b) 800 Deg. Celius (Important) 6) Maximum endurance to heat in deg Celsius. The specification ... Closed
16-00689 Construction and Building Construction Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing on Building Caulking to many ASTM Standards: ASTM C 679 ASTM C 639 ASTM D 2240 ASTM C 794 ASTM C 1135 ASTM C 719 ASTM C 1248 ASTM D 0412 ASTM D 2240 ASTM D 0624 ASTM C 0794 MIL-S-8802 ... Closed
16-00688 Chemicals and Allied Products URGENT Large corporation needs North Carolina laboratory for Resistivity and conductivity testing. ... Closed
16-00687 Pet Food and Pet Products Petfood company needs animal science laboratory needed for Amantadine testing. Please specify cost. What is the turnaround time? How much of the product will you need to test it? ... Closed
16-00686 Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Europe veterinary medicine laboratory needed for animal health testing ... Lab Needed
16-00685 Consumer Products Pakistan microbiology laboratory needed for LAT/TAL endotoxin testing ... Closed
16-00684 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics Large Medical Device Manufacturer needed for ion mobility spectroscopy ... Closed
16-00683 Agriculture, Farming and Feed Africa Agriculture Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Proteomics analysis on tomato leaf and fruit subjected to two water treatments. ... Closed
16-00682 Nautical and Marine India geology laboratory needed for geochemical analysis for marine sediment trace elements, rare earth elements, major oxides for minerals ... Closed
16-00681 Switches and Gears Contract Laboratory needed for complete switch testing of the complete test file PV 3520 : 2016-02 ... Closed
16-00680 Automotive and Motor Vehicles ISO/IEC 17025 Automotive Laboratory needed for General Motors Testing: Test for automotive GM14573, Global Performance Requirements for Labels. ... Closed
16-00679 Haircare and Skincare Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for safety certification testing a face cream over long term use ... Closed
16-00678 Food and Beverages Food laboratory needed for Alcohol content testing of specialty maple syrup product. ... Closed
16-00677 Clinical Trials and Clinical Research Clinical Researcher needs Spain Clinical Research Laboratory for cotinine testing in 150 hair samples. Please provide quote. ... Closed
16-00676 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Contract Research Organization needed for protein level testing: measuring levels of calcitonin gene related peptide from human saliva samples. This can be accomplished using ELISA or other quantitative technique. ... Closed
16-00675 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO testing of a dental handpiece per ISO 14457, Dentistry -- Handpieces and motors ... Closed
16-00674 Plastics Electrical laboratory needed for IEC Testing: Request quotation to conduct Full type material test ( PVC Compound compliance ) Grade PVC/A (insulation ) and PVC ST2( Shealth) compliance to IEC 60502-1. ... Closed
16-00673 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Residual enzyme testing in API( active pharma ingredient) ... Closed
16-00672 Healthcare and Medical Clinical Laboratory needed for Nagalase blood testing in Canada or the USA. ... Closed
16-00671 Toiletries and Personalcare Products Contract Lab needed for Toothpaste Testing Tests required: Microbiological, heavy metal, Pork Lard, Triclosan ... Closed
16-00670 Physical Therapy and Rehabiliation Products Textile Laboratory needed for fabric testing of fabric used on wheelchairs. Testing needs to be performed according to FDA 10993-1, 10993-5, 10993-10 ... Closed
16-00669 Mining, Metals and Ores Mining company engaged in the exploration of mineral deposits, mining of tantalum, industrial minerals and fashioning of gemstones needs geology laboratory for Chromium (chromite) testing of mineral deposits. ... Closed
16-00668 Cables and Cabling Contract Laboratory needed for IEC Testing of Copper tubular Cable lugs, Connectors to be tested as per IEC 1238-1:1993. AS/NZS 4325.1:1995 . ... Closed
16-00667 Food and Beverages University Researcher needs food laboratory for lactose testing in foods/beverages ... Closed
16-00666 Chemicals and Allied Products India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for methanol concentration testing in alcoholic distillate samples ... Closed
16-00665 Natural Gas India NABL Laboratory needed for natural gas testing of Calibration standard gas mixtures for natural gas analysis on gas chromatographs as per NABL accredition ... Closed
16-00664 Ballistics Performance Laboratory needed for Ballistic Visor optic evaluation Fogging assessment test Optic distortion test Luminous transmittance test Haze resistance test Refractive power test Prismatic deviation test ... Closed
16-00663 Filters and Filtration Europe filter company needs test laboratory to perform turbidity reduction and contaminat retained mass on our sand filter. Our sand finter in very small, from 15 litres to 200 litres, and is used in above ground swimming pool to European norm EN 16713-1 ... Closed
16-00662 Automotive and Motor Vehicles Automotive company needs laboratory for deformulation and development of a liquid Leather Protector for cars to manufacture it for export. ... Closed
16-00661 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals India Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for analysis of liquid oral pharmaceutical drug. ... Closed
16-00660 Natural Products Natural and organic skin care products (scrubs, oils) company needs cosmetics laboratory for natural / organic certification testing and microbiological testing and safety assessment testing ... Closed
16-00659 Haircare and Skincare Skincare company needs ISO USA laboratory for SPF testing and PA testing of our sunblock product to ISO and USA FDA standards, can you do that? If yes, please tell us the details as following: - What will you need from us? (documentation, products, etc.) - How much is the fee? - How long we can get the results? ... Closed
16-00658 Chemicals and Allied Products Russia Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for determination of iodine adsorption - ASTM D1510-13 The lab must be accredited by a single national accreditation system. The lab must be provided with equipment in accordance with the methods described in ASTM ... Closed
16-00657 Oil and Petroleum India laboratory needed for lubricant oil testing ... Closed
16-00656 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics Medical Device Product Safety Laboratory needed for Stability Testing and Biodegradability Testing of Nature latex foley balloon catheter ,Scalp vein sets, feeding tube (PVC) ,and other surgical disposable product to ISO 10993, Biological evaluation of medical devices -- Part 1: Evaluation and testing within a risk management process. send test quotation ... Closed
16-00655 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for analysis for the Buprenorphine active pharmaceutical ingredient: 1) Test - Solution Method to be followed: Measure the colour of the solution using a suitable meter. It should not be more intensely coloured than Ph Eur reference solution B9. Retain the solution for determination of specific rotation. The solution should be clear and reasonably free from extraneous matter. 2) Test - Specific Optical Rotation Method to be followed: Measure ... Closed
16-00654 Polymers India NABL approved testing labs needed for testing flexible packaging and printed laminates ... Closed
16-00653 Household Appliances Electrical certification laboratory needed for IEC certification Testing of washing machine 6.5 Kg. ... Closed
16-00652 Power and Energy Certification Laboratory needed for IEC mark testing of 220V 2000W voltage stabilizer, ... Closed
16-00651 Eggs and Egg Products Food company needs laboratory for animal studies. Company has incomplete egg protein isolate that they like to better understand from a nutritional standpoint. Company knows that typical protein quality tests like PDCAAS or BV (biological value) are only for complete proteins meaning that our protein would get a score of zero. We understand that there are other protein quality tests that can be run like NPU (net protein utilization) or PER (protein efficiency ratio) or potentially other test ... Closed
16-00650 Cigarrettes, Cigars and Tobacco Products Cigarette manufacturer looking for laboratory to run testing for us on the 18 chemicals below. Ideally methods used would be those recommended by the Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco (CORESTA) Requirements for testing include 10 samples. Could you advise if you would have the means to collet smoke samples and perform the tests using the HLPC, GC/MS, LC/MS, IC etc.? HPHCs in Cigarette Smoke Family Method Acetaldehyde Carbonyls CRM N ... Closed
16-00649 Cleaners, Disinfectants and Detergents FAA Certification laboratory needed for FAA Certification ftesting or a cleaning product and an odor elimination product ... Closed
16-00648 Manufacturing and Production Physical laboratory needed to provide a quote for high pressure testing - upto 30 KSI + High Temperature - to 400F testing More details after confirmation of interest in performing testing.. ... Closed
16-00647 Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements Dietary Supplement company needs laboratory for Caffeine content testing in finished nutraceuticals ... Closed
16-00646 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Chemical company needs North America GLP compliant laboratory for Methodology/Validation development for testing Strychnine 99% using HPLC chromatography with UV detection (or similar methods) and 5 production batch samples of Strychnine testing using the method developed as Methodology/Validation. ... Closed
16-00645 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals URGENT LONG-TERM Bioanalytical laboratory needed for CYP2D6 enzyme bioanalysis testing for analgesics taken from mouth swabs ... Closed
16-00644 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics US Microbiology laboratory needed for comparison study of two different antimicrobial agents using a time kill study. Microorganisms to be studied are Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Aspergillus niger. I want testing at 3 time points, 1 min, 3min, and10 minutes. ... Closed
16-00643 Coffee and Tea Beverage manufacturer needs food analytical chemistry laboratory for caffeine analysis for the caffeine level of 2 coffee concentrates. ... Closed
16-00642 Cooking and Cookware Restaurant supply wholesaler needs consumer products laboratory for new dinnerware line product development testing. Dishwashing tests on a new dinnerware line on Low Temp and High Temp dishwashersfor a few hundred washing cycles in both types of dishwashing machines ... Closed
16-00641 Snacks and Snackfoods Food analytical chemistry labroatory needed for water activity testing in shelf stable snack items ... Closed
16-00640 Baby and Children's Products Textile laboratory needed for UV testing of children's sunhats ... Closed
16-00639 Industrial Gases FDA Laboratory needed for Non-GLP Food Contact Surface Sanitizer study with Bacillus cereus. B. Cereus spores and on the vegetative state using AOAC method 960.09 at 10 seconds at 60C. This would be a non-GLP study. On a single lot of a substance at two concentrations ... Closed
16-00638 Medical Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics India biophysical laboratory needed for surgical adhesive testing ... Closed
16-00637 Oil and Petroleum Petroleum company needs NABL Accredited Laboratory for grease testing as per Indian Standards IS 507 : 1993 Grade 2 ( : 1. Glycerine content, percent by mass, MAX 2. Low temperature pumping properties 3. Water content, percent by mass, MAX 4. Corrosion preventive test, Max NABL Accredited Laboratory required. ... Closed
16-00636 Safety Equipment and Products Safety Laboratory needed for eye protection testing to ISO 4855-1981(E) Clauses 13 and 14 for eye protection. ... Closed
16-00635 Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements Microbiology Laboratory needed for dietary supplement testing for lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. ... Closed
16-00634 Chemicals and Allied Products Chemical manufacturer needs ISO 17025 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for 3rd party validation testing of its Quality Control QA/QC testing. Require composition analysis of 10 solutions. ... Closed
16-00633 Food Additives and Colorants Large food ingredient company needs ISO 17025 certified laboratory for aqueous HCl solution testing according to the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives ... Closed
16-00632 Composites Manaufacturer needs laboratory for hybrid composite testing with added carbon fibre and fly ash,though we require chemical composition of that hybrid composite. ... Closed
16-00631 Chemicals and Allied Products Seeking Independent lab to detect aluminum content in small liquid sample using ICP-OES in accordance with PSI Method ID 1760 Revision 3. ... Closed
16-00630 Cell Lines and Cultures Raw Material manufacturer needs laboratory for Vapor Pressure testing, Surface Tension testing, Partition Coefficient (Shake Flask), testing, and Partition Coefficient (HPLC) testing ... Closed
16-00629 Metalworking, Welding and Casting Physical Laboratory needed for ANSI/ IEEE Arc Resistant testing of MV Metal Clad Panel to ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 40kA 0,3/0,5s ? 13,8kV ? 60Hz Please specify the information for commercial conditions for the test ... Closed
16-00628 Haircare and Skincare Natural skin care products company needs cosmetics laboratory for accelerated stability testing on serum and cream. ... Closed
16-00627 Mining, Metals and Ores India environmental laboratory needed for Biodegradation study of pharmaceutical in soil by Solid State Fermentation. Need respected laboratory to identify an unknown microbial culture isolated for research and development. ... Closed
16-00626 Pumps and Pumping Non-Destructive NDT Laboratory needed to provide a quote for the failure analysis of a failed CW pump bolts. We require doing the following testing: ? Digital photography ? Visual examination ? Physical measurements ? Corrosion examination (Corrosion deposits) ? Fractographic examination ? Metallographic examination (Microhardness, microstructure characterization) ? Mechanical properties (Tensile and chemical analysis) Your immediate response is highly appreciated Rega ... Closed
16-00625 Herbs and Spices Cooking company developing a spice and seasoning product and needs laboratory for formulation of spice seasoning blend to find a suitable binding agent to form a single size serving. ... Closed
16-00624 Baby, Children and Juvenile Products Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for General Product Safety Directive , GPSD EN 71-1, Mechanical and physical properties of Juvenile Products including: PAHs test (PVC) Formaldehyde test (textile) PCP test (textile) AZO Dyes test (textile) ... Closed
16-00623 Meats and Poultry Large food company needs food laboratory for food additives testing in beef burgers. ... Closed
16-00622 Beverages and Drinks LONG-TERM TESTING Northeast USA Food Microbiology laboratory needed for kefir beverage testing including: lactobacillus strain test, ABV test, nutritional label testing. Please provide a quote for the testing. ... Closed
16-00621 Packaging and Labeling Physical laboratory needed for Glass strength testing for food container. Glass shock testing for breakage. ... Closed
16-00620 Enzymes and Microorganisms Laboratory needed for pressmud testing for biogas formation. ... Closed
16-00619 Toiletries and Personalcare Products UK cosmetics laboratory needed for full quality control testing and analyses needed for the soap industry including all raw materials (oil, water...) and finished products to to assure that the soap production is controlled and meet the EU standards and regulations ... Closed
16-00618 Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Veterinary student needs Microbiology laboratory for total faecal coliform count collected from pigs. Serial dilution method has to be used. 54 samples ... Closed
16-00617 Beverages and Drinks Food laboratory needed for Chemical analysis of low viscosity beverage: Sugar profile, polysaccharides, sweeteners (approved/non-approved), sugar alcohols, ethanol, caloric content ... Closed
16-00616 Green and Organic Products Natural and organic skin care products (scrubs, oils) company needs laboratory for microbiological testing and safety assessment testing ... Closed
16-00615 Industrial, Waste and Drinking Water Asia laboratory needed for drinking water testing prior to distributing to government authorities. ... Closed
16-00614 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals FDA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP Testing: antibiotic potency test as per USP <81> verification and release for one type of antibiotic using the cylinder method ... Closed
16-00613 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to determine iron concentration in cell culture media in ranges from 0 to 2mM. ... Closed
16-00612 Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals USA laboratory needed for cotton testing for the following tests: Fiber Length and Absorbency Other Foreign Matter ... Closed
16-00611 Chemicals and Allied Products USA Analytical Laboratory (preferably a GLP lab) needed that can perform GC/MS analysis on our product (ubiquinol powder). We need check for the presence of and quantify (if present) diethyl oxalate and Diethyl malonate within our product. we would initially need 5-10 samples tested and possibly continuous testing after that. ... Closed
16-00610 Wine, Beer and Liquor Food laboratory needed for beverage testing to Extend shelf-life ... Closed
16-00609 Plastics,Plastics Materials Laboratory needed fo Testing shear strength flatwise testing Fabric base of phenolic sheet sample as per India Standards IS 2036, Phenolic Laminated Sheets ... Closed
16-00608 Herbs and Spices UK Food laboratory needed for spice blend testing. Spice mixture has 18 different spices. ... Closed
16-00607 Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements Exporters needed COA certification testing of nutraceutical products like Portulac, stone flower ... Closed
16-00606 University research student needs Nanotechnology laboratory needed for fluorescence microscopy and/or TEM. ... Closed
16-00605 Chemicals and Allied Products India Materials laboratory needed for polymer testing of free monomers in polymers. Free monomers 1: Acrylic acid 2: sodium hydro sulfite in a product Having 75% Water & 25% Salt of 2 propenoic acid telomere with sodium hedrogen sulfite ... Closed
16-00604 LONG-TERM India Laboratory needed for natural gas analysis on regular intervals as per OEM guidelines like hydrocarbons, CO2, nitrogen and contaminants in natural gas. ... Lab Needed
16-00603 Cosmetics Laboratory needed for facial serum testing for (1) Allergens Analysis (2) Labeling Claim Testing (3) Labeling Verification Test ((4)Microbiology Test (5) Product Safety ... Closed
16-00602 Mining company needs UK or Ireland environmental compliance laboratory for Analysis of various types of cyanide in CIL tanks and in the environment for compliance purposes. ... Closed
16-00601 Ireland Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing 3 test on soil samples ... Closed
16-00600 Agriculture Laboratory needed for honey testing for Antibiotics Chloramphenicol Nitrofurans and its metabolites Sulphonamides and its metabolites Streptomycin Tetracycline (a) Oxytetracycline (b) Chlortetracycline Ampicillin Enrofloxacin Ciprofloxacin Erythromycin ... Closed
16-00599 Mechanical Laboratory needed for industrial spring testing: KLT tests (Key Life Tests) for transportation springs according to company specified operations for performance as per our document. We look forward to hear your feedback. ... Closed
16-00598 India materials laboratory needed for testing red and yellow ochre ... Closed
16-00597 Small business needs Canada food laboratory for cottage cheese Testing for food quality, nutrition and label ... Closed
16-00596 INDIVIDUAL Food laboratory needed for nutritional testing for nutritional profile of backyard hen eggs Omega 3's, riboflavin, vitamin B ... Closed
16-00595 Start-up needs UK laboratory for alcoholic beverage testing of beverage company is looking to bring to market February 2017. ... Closed
16-00594 India environmental microbiology laboratory needed for endotoxin testing ... Closed
16-00593 UK Cosmetics Product Safety Laboratory needed to perform all lab tests for Cosmetic finished products testing to determine if product is safe ... Closed
16-00592 NYC food laboratory needed for Nutritional Facts Labeling Testing for a cold pressed juice product ... Closed
16-00591 Aerospace laboratories needed for Fastener tension and shear testing per National Aerospace Standard (Metric) NASM 1312-8 and NASM 1312-13 ... Closed
16-00590 Medical Institute needs India Bioanalytical Laboratory for protein analyssis: disulfide bridge mapping of protein. Please specify cost. ... Closed
16-00589 Company needs contract laboratory for mineral analysis for ilmenite. ... Closed
16-00588 Cabling company needs contract laboratory to perform Core qualification tests according to ICEA S-94-649/AEIC CS8, Standard for. Concentric Neutral Rated Cables ... Closed
16-00587 Industrial Engineering firm needs performance laboratory accelerated aging process and adhesive strength study testing. The two products bonded together are fabric backed sandpaper and a plastic, 1/2 diameter cylinder. We are testing several different adhesives and need to determine which will perform best after 2 to 3 years of service in an industrial environment (40 - 150 degrees F). ... Closed
16-00586 Consumer Products Performance Laboratory needed for Claims testing for eyeglass lens cleaning wipe to support claims: Non Scratching, Non Streaking, Non Linting, fast drying. The wipe is a 14cm x 14cm 100% pulp based substrate impregnated with an IPA based solution. Testing should be performed on the following Lens types: Glass eyeglass, Plastic eyeglass and polarized sunglasses ... Closed
16-00585 Performance laboratory needed to conduct comparison test study betwee light curing adhesives activated by UV lights. The side by side tests we would like to complete include: Curing Plastic onto Plastic Curing Plastic to Glass Curing Metal to Plastic Curing Wood to Plastic We would like to know, for each product, how many pounds of force it takes to break the bond, for each material combination above. Also, we would like to test overall brightness of both UV lights in mW. P ... Closed
16-00584 Pharma company looking for FLorida GMP microbiology contract laboratory to test water samples under cGMP regulation,perform growth promotion and TOC analysis ... Closed
16-00583 Pharmaceutical company needs Southeast Asia pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO for Osmolality testing service ... Closed
16-00582 Air purification company needs virology laboratory for Virucidal Testing of Antimicrobial Device. on/misting emitting device provided by us to be tested in an enclosed area. Multiple exposure times (3+/-) with parallel controls. ... Closed
16-00581 Dairy company needs food laboratory for Proteolytic count analysis ... Closed
16-00580 Fittings company needs India analytical chemistry laboratory for raw material testing: Spectro (Chemical Analysis,) Micro, Mechanical,sand testing( No-Bake and Green sand) and in-coming raw materials testing etc. ... Closed
16-00579 Clinical diagnostic laboratory needed that provides mail-in STD Testing services for blood, swabs and urine samples for: 1. Chlamydia 2. Gonorrhea 3. Hepatitis C 4. HIV 1 & 2 5. Trichomoniasis 6. Herpes Simplex 1 7. Herpes Simplex 2 8. Syphilis 9. Hepatitis B 10. Hepatitis C 11. Gardnerella Vaginalis (Bacterial Vaginosis) 12. Mycoplasma Genitalium ... Closed
16-00578 Microbiology Laboratory: Landscaping and swimming pool maintenance company needs details regarding, price, payment terms, mode of payments etc. for performing Micro-Biological Test (Once every Two months) 2. Legionella Test (Once every Six Months) Kindly send the Unit price per test in each pool. ... Closed
16-00577 Animal Health company needs laboratory for certification testing that veterinary feed additive is free of antibiotics prior to export. Certification must claim that the sample is free from all kinds of Antibiotics including Chloramphenicle and Nitrofurane and Melamine. Radioactivity analysis by AOAC method. Please provide the how much will it cost? ... Closed
16-00576 Pharma company looking for microbiology contract laboratory for water testing to test water samples and perform growth promotion. ... Closed
16-00575 Importer of frozen ice confection product needs Canada Laboratory for milk fat content testing of 8 different products: fatty acid profile through gas chromatography - which will serve to differentiate one type of fat from another. ... Closed
16-00574 Certified Materials Laboratory needed for coating testing of Three (3) mixed adhesive coating samples tested for the following: 1. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content per ASTM D-3960, Section 8.2.4. (Determining Volatile Organic Content of Paints & Related Coatings) and/or SCAQMD Annex to ASTM D-3960) 2. Weight Fraction of non-volatiles (solids) per ASTM D-2369-81 (Volatile Content of Coatings). 3. Density of coating per ASTM D-1475 (Density of Paint, Varnishes, Lacque ... Closed
16-00573 Manufacturer needs NIST Performance laboratory to measure and provide certificate of diamond indenters geometry and range of performance. ... Closed
16-00572 Middle East Geology Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of stone. ... Closed
16-00571 Noise control company needs RFQ from India acoustics laboratory to provide a quote for noise level testing of acoustics treated product: insider bench test room at outside ambient noise levels. ... Closed
16-00570 India Materials Laboratory needed to provide a quote of rates for testing shear strength Flatwise of Fabric base Phenolic sheet as per Bureau of Indian Standard, BIS 2036 Phenol Sheets ... Closed
16-00569 Mumbai Geology laboratory needed for zircon sand analysis. Must provide detailed laboratory test report. ... Closed
16-00568 Geological Laboratory needed for analysis of manganese ore ... Closed
16-00567 Premium cigar company needs product development laboratory to develop a humidification product to regulate humidity levels, both increase and decrease, in an enclosed space, to a specific desired level. ... Closed
16-00566 Medical Device Company needs Medical product safety laboratory accepting quotes for conducting biocompatibility testing of a (laminated) fabric sample to ISO Standards used in medical device: Cytotoxicity ? ISO 10993-5 Sensitization ? ISO 10993-10 Irritation/Intracutaneous ? ISO 10993-10 Thanks in advance. ... Closed
16-00565 Social enterprise needs Asia Consumer Products laboratory for soap safety testing to ensure soap is safe to use.prior to distribution to hygiene program for local disadvantaged communities. ... Closed
16-00564 Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for safety certification testing on a new baby product apparatus to support a baby swing. ... Closed
16-00563 Chemical company needs North America GLP compliant laboratory for Methodology/Validation development for testing Strychnine 99% using HPLC chromatography with UV detection (or similar methods) and 5 production batch samples of Strychnine testing using the method developed as Methodology/Validation. ... Closed
16-00562 Engineering firm needs Toxicology Laboratory to perform EN3475-601 Smoke Density and -602 Toxicity testing ... Closed
16-00561 Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity testing of a lumber treatment ... Closed
16-00560 University Researcher needs toxicology labroatory for toxicity testingof plant extract on RAT TESTES cell culture Sertoli cell line Cytotoxicity tests Leydig cell line Cytotoxicity tests or spematocyte cell culture ... Closed
16-00559 Europe Packaging laboratory needed for UN Certification drop testing on a new bag material that holds our product, packaging group 2 4.2 self heating solid. 2 types of bags to be evaluated. Urgency: Within the next Month ... Closed
16-00558 Opthalmic Medical Device Company needs Europe or USA Laboratory for determination of cyanide level on a medical device (electrode) ... Closed
16-00557 Geology Laboratory needed to provide a bid for the following cor analysis : porosity and permeability analysis of 15 1x2 cores (we supply the core); two (2) of those samples will also have MICP analysis after initial P&P results; 15 thin sections from 1x2x.25 billet (supplied) ... Closed
16-00556 UK analytical chemistry laboratory for development of alcoholic beverage ... Closed
16-00555 USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Nagalase by ELISA analysis ... Closed
16-00554 INDIVIDUAL: Laboratory needed for alcohol content testing of home made brandy cherries--have 3 sample jars ... Closed
16-00553 FDA Laboratory needed for pure color assay and stability testing ( ph, temp, light) on fd&c colors ... Closed
16-00552 Materials Laboratory needed for Formulation and testing of flame retardant epoxy and unsaturated polyester compositions using customer supplied additives. ... Closed
16-00551 Agriculture science company needs India microbiology laboratory needed for fungus testing: Mycorrhizaanalysis. ... Closed
16-00550 Small business needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for Preservative Efficacy testing. ... Closed
16-00549 Medical devices manufacturer of FDA class I,Ila and III medical devices needs India NABL laboratory for biocompatiability studies ... Closed
16-00548 GLP Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for OECD toxicology testing in digital inks for safety data sheets. In particular it would need: - In vitro skin irritation / corrosion dermal, OECD 431 - In vitro eye irritation / corrosion, corneal opacity test, OECD 437 - Acute dermal toxicity OECD 402 - Acute toxicity in algae, OECG 201 An european laboratory is preferred ... Closed
16-00547 LONG-TERM Canada laboratory needed for powder Carbon Black testing such as Iodine levels ... Closed
16-00546 USA EPA Environmental laboratory needed for OPPTS Product Properties Testing for EPA registration of Pesticide products ... Closed
16-00545 Preclinical Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for protein analysis by C2C12 assay for osteoinductivity. The material being tested is a bone morphogenetic protein compound. Two preclinical studies. ... Closed
16-00544 Environmental microbiology laboratory needed for OECD biodegradability testing: anaerobic biodegradation according to OECD guidelines (OECD 311) ... Closed
16-00543 ISO Materials laboratory needed for ASTM PMMA panel testing to US Standards, ISO and EN standards. ASTM E90 and E413, ASTM D-638 : tensile properties, ASTM D-790 : flexural properties, ASTM D-1003 : luminous transmittance, ASTM D-635 : burninjg of plastic, ASTM D-1929 ignition temperature. We also need to do the TL-4 inside the Report 350 (crash test safety performance). Thank you so much. Regards. ... Closed
16-00542 URGENT Food laboratory needed for nutritional facts testing of cream based wine product to meet WholeFoods standards ... Lab Needed
16-00541 India consumer healthcare firm needs microbiology laboratory for microbiological testing for routine stability studies. MET and AET) our routine stability samples. ... Closed
16-00540 ISO India cosmetics laboratory needed for ISO Certification of Oil PARAMETERS Parameter Color(Expressed as Y+5R) Odour Specific gravity pH Viscocity Density Acid value Saponification value Refractive index Iodine value Un Saponification value Peroxide value lead Arsenic NUTRITIONAL FACTS Energy Carbohydrates Fat Saturated Fat Poly Unsaturated Fat Mono Unsaturated Fat Cholesterol Protein Total Sugar Dietary Fibre M ... Closed
16-00539 India oil laboratory needed for testing: flash point pour point density storage stability Octane number ... Closed
16-00538 ISO 17025 Materials Laboratory needed for mechanical testing of polymers ... Closed
16-00537 FDA Food Laboratory needed for medium density polypropylene sheets testing to REACH, ROHS, and FDA foodcontact standards ... Closed
16-00536 Microbiology Laboratory needed to Identify Fungi & Bacteria in 1/2 ounce specimen Jars Some in water others dry Please provide cost ... Closed
16-00535 University Researcher needs India Physical Laboratory needed for Fracture toughness testing (K1c) for aluminium composite. ... Closed
16-00534 URGENT Laboratory needed for mosquito repellency testing on textiles. We would like the arm in cage test, preferably. The test is mainly for the Aedes Egyptusmosquito on treated textile samples (Dengue virus). ... Closed
16-00533 FDA GMP Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry Laboratory needed for fentanyl drug substance melting point testing. ... Closed
16-00532 Dietary Supplement company needs laboratory for lactose testing for the presence of lactose in a liquid sample of colloidal silver. ... Closed
16-00531 Technology Laboratory needed for new panel design tests including theArc Resistant testsWe also need a Arc resistant test for a MCC, but for this MCC we already have the certifications for design tests. What information do you need to inform me the commercial conditions for these tests? Scope: 1 ) Design test for MV Metal Clad panel- tests According to IEEE C37.20.2-2015 6.2.1 Dielectric tests Power frequency withstand tests Lightning impulse withstand tests Test for bus- ... Closed
16-00530 FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for food contact surface testing of NSF61 approved coating for potable water tanks, a customer wants to coat the inside of a small taker tank onboard an aircraft but the end user also wanted to know if the coating complys with FDA food contact, nor sure it is 175.105,300 or 177 etc. Need a time frame and costs for this type of testing. ... Closed
16-00529 Fashion company needs a metallurgical laboratory for testing a few sterling silver jewelry pieces to determine their compliance with the .925 metal requirements. As well, determine the other 7.5% components. Thank you. ... Closed
16-00528 Laboratory needed for testing ABS Rings for ASTM D5001, Standard Test Method for Measurement of Lubricity of Aviation Turbine Fuels by the Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator (BOCLE) ... Closed
16-00527 INDIVIDUAL Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory needed for cannabidiol levels in a paste for medicinal use [i.e. anti-epilepsy treatment.] for te percentages of phytocannainoids/terpenoids & flavonoids/composition. ... Closed
16-00526 Laboratory needed for petroleum testing of three petroleum based samples that require the following analyses: Appearance (physical state, color, etc.); Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits; Odor; Vapor pressure;Odor threshold; Vapor density; pH; Relative density; Melting point/freezing point; Solubility(ies); Initial boiling point and boiling range; Flash point; Evaporation rate; Flammability (solid, gas); Partition coefficient: n-octanol/water; Auto-ignition temperature; Decomposition ... Closed
16-00525 Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Quantitation of trisodium citrate from a salt solution with other excipients ... Closed
16-00524 Contract bioanalytical lab needed to form a long-standing relationship for antibody production, ELISA, and neutralization testing for a synthetic peptide vaccine. Vaccine does not contain any viral material. We look forward to hearing from you! ... Closed
16-00523 Optical Laboratory needed for ballistic visor testing Optic Distortion Test Luminous Transmittance Test Haze Resistance Test Refractive Test Prismatic Deviation Test ... Closed
16-00522 Pharmaceutical company need Germany, Switzerland, the USA Laboratory for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) Testing 1. SARM GW, Composition: {4-[({4-methyl-2-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-1,3-thiazol-5-yl}methyl)sulfanyl]-2-methylphenoxy}acetic acid 2. SARM LGD Composition: 4-((R)-2-((R)-2,2,2-trifluoro-1-hydroxyethyl)pyrrolidin-1-yl)-2-trifluoroMethyl)benzonitrile 3. SARM MK MK-677, Composition: (Ibutamoren) 4. SARM RAD, Composition: 2-Chloro-4-({(1R,2S)-1-[5-(4-cyanopheny ... Closed
16-00521 Food laboratory needed for apple juice testing prior to exporting. ... Closed
16-00520 Full Pet Food analysis (AAFCO Cat food nutrient profile): Crude protein, fat, moisture, fiber, ash, minerals, vitamins, Amino acids. Please keep my contact information confidential. Lab needed for full AFFCO Cat food nutrient profile analysis of raw pet food products. Need to test for: Moisture,Crude Protein,Acid Hydrolysis Fat,Ash,Crude Fiber,Iron,Sodium,Potassium,Calcium,Phosphorus,Magnesium,Manganese,Copper,Zinc,Chloride,Iodine,,Selenium ,Amino Acid Profile, Taurine,Fatty Acid Profile,Vitami ... Closed
16-00519 URGENT USA FDA GMP Compliant Food Laboratory needed for FDA seafood testing for full reporting package for FDA, not just a one page Certificate of Analysis. ... Lab Needed
16-00518 India consumer products laboratory needed for baby diaper testing to check samples sent by exporters ... Lab Needed
16-00517 University Researcher needs laboratory for dairy products testing to evaluate their antibiotic and pesticide content. Please provide the approximate cost per sample? ... Lab Needed
16-00516 Microbiology needed for microbiological testing of line of organic cosmetic products for European market including Microbioloical Preservative (challenge) test and stability test for products with the following ingredients Aqua, Australian Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia), Cymbopogon citratus Extract, eugenia caryophyllus Extract, Citrus paradisi Extract, Cymbopogon nardus Extract, Eucalyptus globulus Extract, Lavendula officinalis, Potassium cocoate*, Potassium Oleate**, Lauryl Betaine, Glycer ... Lab Needed
16-00515 Biopharmaceutical company needs laboratory for testing: Tris Base; ID (FTIR) 2) Citric Acid; ID (FTIR) 3) Sodium Citrate; ID 4) Glycine; ID (FTIR) 5) Sodium Hydroxide; ID 6) Sodium Hydroxide-5N; ID 7) Hydrochloric Acid; ID 8) Sodium Chloride; ID 9) Potassium Di-Hydrogen; ID 10) Disodium Phosphate; ID 11) Water for Injection; 11a) Total Organic Carbons (TOC) 11b) Conductivity 12) Q Sepharose; FTIR 13) GlutaMax (L-alanyl-L-glutamine) IR (HATR) - 14) Sodium Hydroxide-5N; ID 15) Hydrochloric Acid; I ... Lab Needed
16-00514 USA physical chemistry needed for particle analysis and distribution testing of carbon black samples that range in size from o.2 micron up to 400 micron. particle distribution report will need to show mean, median, distribution curve and other industry standard outputs. ... Lab Needed
16-00513 Canada plastics laboratory needed for ASTM testing on tensile bars. The following tests we are interested in having done; Izod Impact (Notched) ASTM D256 Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 Plastics Tensile Testing ASTM D638 We are interested in getting a quote for the work. We have control bars, and two treatment groups of tensile bars for comparative purposes. ... Lab Needed
16-00512 India Microbiology Laboratory needed for Disinfectant efficacy tesing for our Disinfectant against the H1N1 Virus and PED viruses. ... Lab Needed
16-00511 ISO 17025 Accreditated laboratory needed for Phthalate testing for a medical device ... Lab Needed
16-00510 Clinical diagnostic laboratory needed for blood testing: Assay testing on 20 blood samples ... Lab Needed
16-00509 Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for Stability Testing (long term and accelerated) and API label claim testing of OTCs ... Lab Needed
16-00508 Microbiology testing facilities needed for disinfectant testing: 1.0 Efficacy test for Bacterial 2.0 Efficacy test for Fungi 3.0 Disinfectant efficacy against for following Virus 1.0 Human Coronavirus 2.0 H1N1 3.0 PRRS 4.0 PED ... Lab Needed
16-00507 Middle East Geology laboratory needed for mineral analysis ... Lab Needed
16-00506 US Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for thrombogenicity testing to determine the thrombogenicity of a drug formulation in an in vitro assay ... Lab Needed
16-00505 Materials Laboratory needed for ANSI glove cut testing ... Lab Needed
16-00504 Cosmetics Laboratory needed for formulations of a natural hair cream that protects your hair against breakage and itching underneath hair extensions. ... Lab Needed
16-00503 USA Materials Laboratory needed for Density testing according to ASTM D1505, Standard Test Method for Density of Plastics by the Density-Gradient Technique. Please provide me the following information: 1. standard & rush turn around time & fee 2. price 3. sample amount 4. Quality System (ISO 9001, GMP, GLP?) ... Lab Needed
16-00502 URGENT India Metallurgical laboratory needed for mineral analysis of coltan (mineral), ... Lab Needed
16-00501 Asia nutritional laboratory needed for Petfood Analysis for 10 samples of fishfeed for: proximate analysis, Ca, P, vitamin A, B6, E, D, K, biotin, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, panthothenic acid, inositol, choline chloride, Mn, Co, I, Cu, Zn, heavy metals ... Lab Needed
16-00500 Food Laboratory needed to assist engineering company on project to determine the purity of a Parmesan Shredded cheese product. We are looking to determine the percentage of non-Parmesan cheese constituents in the product. These may include Cellulose, other fiber based materials, as well as other cheese species. ... Lab Needed
16-00499 High performance chemical company needs Toxicology laboratory for OECD Testing of chemicals to OECD 301D , Biodegradability ... Lab Needed
16-00498 Research laboratory needed for alternative fuel testing and analysis in petrol spark ignition engine. Aternative fuels are alcohol fuels blended with petrol . ... Lab Needed
16-00497 Jewelry manufacturer of gold or rhodium plated fashion jewelry over brass needs US Materials laboratory for material composition testing and plating thickness testing of these pieces. ... Lab Needed
16-00496 Canada or United States Laboratory needed for FCC Testing: Radio with bluetooth testing: Pt 95A-GMRS, 95B-FRS, UHF (FCC/IC) FCC/IC RF 1 FCC/IC Part 95A / Part 95B RF Compliance Testing Measurements FCC/IC EMC 2 FCC Part 15B / ICES-003 EMC Compliance Testing Measurements FCC/IC EMC 3 FCC/IC Part 95A&B Test Report FCC/IC SAR 4 FCC/IC SAR Compliance Testing Measurements Please visit our website to learn more about the product. ... Lab Needed
16-00495 Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Vitamin B1 analysis on grape must (or juice). Also please provide the following: - the lowest detectable limit your lab would provide - how much sample is needed and should it be sent cold, frozen, or not Optional test of interest would be B6, is that an option? ... Closed
16-00494 Medical Device company needs laboratory for staining with Toluidine-blue on our samples (hydrogels) and pictures (5x, 10x and 50x) magnification. ... Closed
16-00493 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for purity testing of Setipiprant powder. ... Closed
16-00492 Europe laboratory needed for Chlorate Analysis in Milk Products ... Lab Needed
16-00491 Materials laboratory needed for DIN Testing of one rubber compound sample for testing: 1. DIN 53505 2. DIN 53507 3. VDA 675205 4. VDA 675303 5. VDA 675217 ... Lab Needed
16-00490 Distillery needs Laboratory for Alcohol by volume ABV Testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00489 Dietary Supplement manufacturer is accepting quotes and lead time proposals from laboratories for accelerated stability testing to review our product line which includes dietary supplements in capsule form and energy shot form. ... Lab Needed
16-00488 Medical Technology laboratory needed for medical device testing to 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment?Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance 60601-1-2 Medical electrical equipment - Part 1-2: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance - Collateral Standard: Electromagnetic disturbances - Requirements and tests ... Lab Needed
16-00487 Africa agriculture laboratory needed for Sesame testing: Sampling Purity & determination of other seeds Germination Viability Seed health Moisture content determination Weight determination Vigour testing ... Lab Needed
16-00486 Canada laboratory needed for pheromone testing of animal tissue samples ... Lab Needed
16-00485 Physical Laboratory needed for aluminum cable testing: Aluminum cable type ACAR 750 MCM 19 (6201) + 18 (1350). stress-strain for 5°, 25°,60°, y 80°C and a creep test for 1 hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours y 10 years. ... Lab Needed
16-00484 Canada Laboratory needed for HDPE Plastic Pipe Testing to American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, AASHTO designations: M252 and M294 Plastic Pipes (HDPE) All tests needed ... Lab Needed
16-00483 TTB Certified Laboratory needed for cider testing: % ABV of ciders Tests with Headspace Gas Chromatography combined with Mass Spectrometry ... Lab Needed
16-00482 LEGAL Laboratory needed to test dietary supplements (specifically powder substances used in strength training - i.e. protein powders) for general and specific chemicals and additives. ... Closed
16-00481 ISO certified Genetics laboratory needed to fulfil 21 genetic marker Paternity Tests, from saliva samples . Experience in Paternity Testing required. ... Lab Needed
16-00480 FDA / GMP laboratory needed for nutraceutical testing to ensure raw materials listed on the box are the only items in the finished product. ... Lab Needed
16-00479 USA Volkswaren approved automotive labs needed to test Al wheels for Cornering fatigue testing ... Lab Needed
16-00478 Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing of sodium lactate according to USP and EP pharmacopoeia . These are the series of analyzes, I have references if needed, I await your response as soon as possible ... Lab Needed
16-00477 Virology Laboratory needed for performance testing of an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) device used to kill H1N1 influenza virus deposited on respirator coupons. Experiments needed to evaluate the performance of the device using other viruses. We are requesting a quote to evaluate the performance of the device using the following viruses: H5N1 (low path); H7N9 (low path); H5N9; SARS; and MERS-CoV. We will provide the UVGI source and provide training on the method. ... Lab Needed
16-00476 India environmental laboratory needed for sludge testing of sludge generated after treatment of Industrial wastewater (containing toxic metals etc) & also ground water samples for the parameters approved by CPCB. ... Lab Needed
16-00475 Australia analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing a range of natural oils and balms we get manufactured by a third party to determine exact ingredients. Can you please quote on testing the ingredients in the products and what percentages they are? Its a mixture of natural carrier oils (e.g. argan oil) and essential oils. ... Lab Needed
16-00474 Large corporation needs textile laboratory to run some washing test on different uniforms from different suppliers including: Shrinkage Decoloring Performance Durability Stretching Between others ... Lab Needed
16-00473 Textile laboratory needed for chemical analysis of textiles used in child's clothing, silk sheet sample (x2 potentially), 2 wool/silk blend carpets. please include cost per sampler, and how the testing will be done. ... Lab Needed
16-00472 INDIVIDUAL Canada environmental labroatory needed for soil testing: soil ph for gardens. ... Lab Needed
16-00471 UK Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ingredients testing in a sauce. ... Lab Needed
16-00470 Africa Mining Company needs Geochemistry Laboratory for mineral ore Zircon Sand Ore analysis . Please send us a quote to analyse this mineral ore on detailed composition of all elements present in the ore and the quantity required for this process. ... Lab Needed
16-00469 LED rechargeable night light designer is using a China manufacturer and needs Asia laboratory for certification testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00468 Cosmetics analytical chemistry labroatory needed for shampoo formulation and ingredient testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00467 India laboratory needed for fuel testing of airline turbine fuel refuelled one year back to confirm suitability for reuse in aircrafts / helicopters. ... Lab Needed
16-00466 Contract food lab needed that could test candies such as gummy bears to confirm that the gelatin used is fish gelatin and not bovine gelatin. ... Lab Needed
16-00465 New Zealand laboratory needed for head space testing on water base paint ... Lab Needed
16-00464 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing for thioethers; methymercaptans; gliotoxins ... Lab Needed
16-00463 Commercialization Group needs bioanalytical laboratories to provide quotes tor Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) of protein to protein docking. Early stage of development. ... Lab Needed
16-00462 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for beer testing: EPR Spectroscopy testing on beer to determine to determine the lag time on a few beers where we want to compare the differences in lag time/antioxidant potential of the beer. ... Lab Needed
16-00461 Medical Clinic needs clinical diagnostic laboratory for surrogate patient OBGYN lab testing ... Lab Needed
16-00460 Africa nutritional laboratory needed for nutritional testing for nutritional data for canned food finished product for export of canned food to Europe. Labels information and a requirement of the import license to have product analysis done. Group 2 nutrition including Moisture (Oven 102C), Ash (furnace 525C), Fat (acid hydrolysis), Protein (Kjeldahl), Total + Available Carbohydrate (calc), Energy Values (calc), Sodium (ICPMS), Equivalent Salt (calc from Sodium), Total Sugars (enzymatic pro ... Lab Needed
16-00459 Europe microbiology laboratory needed for micro analysis for cosmetic products ... Lab Needed
16-00458 ELectrical Product Safety Laboratory needed for European Union EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive ROHS verification of electronic components. quantification of PBB and PBDE, quantification of Cr+6 following abnormal XRF readings performed in-house. ... Lab Needed
16-00457 India Consumer Product Safety Laboratory needed to to test the primary skin irritation test in rabbits, skin sensitisation test in G. Pigs and acute dermal toxicity study in rats for our product: natural skin paste ... Lab Needed
16-00456 Nutritional Laboratory needed for Nutritional Testing of a Hyaluronic Acid Supplement to have a Supplement Facts Panel created. Also need to confirm two ingredient amounts equal specific mg per serving. ... Lab Needed
16-00455 Mechanical laboratory needed that who does plastic film testing for mechanical properties. ... Closed
16-00454 Europe Packaging laboratory needed for UN Certification drop testing on a new bag material that holds our product, a biomass powder containing DHA oil for animal feed supplementation. ... Lab Needed
16-00453 FDA GLP / GMP Bioanalytical laboratory needed for protein analysis for the protein concentration in toxoid vaccine. The adjuvant is alum. ... Lab Needed
16-00452 India Physical laboratory needed for joint testing to test double universal joint for following test conditions 1) Functional Test 2) Double Torque test 3) Fatigue Test. Test parameter will shared later once you confirm the testing capability for above mentioned tests. ... Lab Needed
16-00451 India consumer products safety laboratory needed for natural Mosquito Repellent certificaiton testing. Mosquito Repellent formulation is in Spray, Vaporizer & Lotion from natural ingredients. ... Lab Needed
16-00450 Food analytical chemistry looking for a cost estimate to have some spice samples tested for lead. ... Closed
16-00449 Packaging laboratory needed for Presence of the Surlyn layer, Thickness of the Surlyn layer, Seal strength, Evaluation for presence of any contaminant on top of the Surlyn layer in film packaging. ... Lab Needed
16-00448 Environmental company needs environmental laboratory for Caffeine analysis in storm water. Looking to see if septic tanks can be detected. ... Lab Needed
16-00447 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for nutraceutical chemical composition testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00446 Food laboratory needed for skim milk power testing to confirm the absence of Sodium thiocyanate as per customer request ... Closed
16-00445 Large dairy company needs Ireland laboratory for Edge Crush Testing on 3-4 box samples ... Lab Needed
16-00444 Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for atomic absorption testing to identify elemental composition of precipitate ... Lab Needed
16-00443 Navigation company needs laboratory to ensure marine lighting navigation product is Intrinsically Safe..... ... Lab Needed
16-00442 Oil laboratory needed for ASTM testing of lube oil for ash, lead and water content to ASTM D874, E203, D5185 ... Closed
16-00441 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for analysis of human stem cell medium's soluble protein and small molecule content. Also need to test medium for presence of infectious diseases. ... Lab Needed
16-00440 Large corporation needs Three different laboratories to test 6 different SHERRY CASK WHISKY samples to determine if there is contamination by grape. ... Lab Needed
16-00439 Food Laboratory for chocolate testing: Water Activity (Aw) testing for the ganache inside of a chocolate truffle. ... Lab Needed
16-00438 Textile laboratory needed for wool confirmation testing for percentage of wool ... Lab Needed
16-00437 Bioanalytical laboratory needed for protein analysis to test lactate levels in a hydrolyzed protein material ... Closed
16-00436 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Single coated tape testing for adhesion Per ASTM D3330 or PSTC 101 using 180 degree peel on polypropylene. Value to be reported in the VALLEY (lowest adhesion result) per sample. Will provide 20 samples in total, 10 now and 10 in two weeks. ... Lab Needed
16-00435 LONG-TERM Clinical toxicology laboratory needed for drug testing in saliva samples: confirmation of drug abuse, in saliva samples ... Lab Needed
16-00434 Medical Device manufacturer needs FDA GMP Product Safety Laboratory for Toxicology Testing to support FDA 510K application a) A comprehensive scientific justification for the use of a additive containing heavy metals in a medical device b) Extractables and Leachables Testing on the final finished device, using an exhaustive extraction at 50oC for 72 hours in both a nonpolar and polar solvent c) A dermal risk assessment for each chemical extract characterized in the solvents following the ... Lab Needed
16-00433 India microbiology laboratory needed for virology studies: screening certain plant extract for anti viral property. ... Lab Needed
16-00432 University Researcher needs Africa botany laboratory for Plant molecular biology studies on the microbiology and interactions plant-microorganisms. Study includes Plant quality analysis, Plant physiology surveys, Plant biochemistry, Plant nutrition, Plant genetics, Plant and soil, etc. ... Lab Needed
16-00431 South America biotech manufacturer needs USA toxicology laboratory for ecotoxicology studies of a formulation containing purified water, salts, cellulases enzymes, color, odour, conservative molecules to sell product in USA in accordance with US EPA, ... Lab Needed
16-00430 Physical Laboratory needed to test the life of seal which is used for sealing pneumatic solenoid valve . ... Lab Needed
16-00429 Investigation firm needs forensics labroatory for To have a hand gun testing for blood and hair for criminal case. ... Lab Needed
16-00428 Metaullurgical Laboratory needed for trace mineral testing (elemental analysis) of sea salt ... Lab Needed
16-00427 California Laboratory needed for air purifier testing according to AHAM, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) ... Lab Needed
16-00426 Laboratory needed for Flammability testing on fabric. Bulk fabric sold wholesale to companies who will make clothing ... Lab Needed
16-00425 Canada analytical chemistry laboratory needed for formulation of beauty face mask and hair mask ... Lab Needed
16-00424 France University researcher needs histology laboratory for Immunohistochemistry on 1 slide (TMA) for research antibodies (already purchased or not, examples ALDH, SOX). ... Lab Needed
16-00423 France university needs Histology Laboratory needed for Immunohistochemistry for anti-mitochondria antibody: send slide with tissue section (formalin fixed, paraffin embedded specimen). ... Lab Needed
16-00422 India Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for European pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopoeia Testing of Tubular Glass Vials (transparent & Amber Colour). We would like to perform various studies mentioned in European pharmacopoeia / United State Pharmacopoeia. ... Lab Needed
16-00421 Asia analytical chemistry laboratory needed for colorant testing for Total monacolin content and citrnin content of Red Yeast colorant ... Lab Needed
16-00420 Microbiology Laboratory needed for UVC Lighting system testing on Clostridium difficile and MRSA Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus ... Lab Needed
16-00419 We need to know the Laboratory near Thailand where we can test SHERA Fiber Cement boards (similar to James Hardie) as per ANSI 118.9 ... Lab Needed
16-00418 South Florida Food Laboratory needed for hot sauce testing for Nutrition, bacteria level,and heat level of our hotsauce ... Lab Needed
16-00417 Biophysical Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of medical implant. The material is Metal. It is to ensure that the design does not fail under standardized conditions for example ISO 9585:1990, Implants for surgery -- Determination of bending strength and stiffness of bone plates ... Lab Needed
16-00416 AUtomotive Parts company needs Acoustics Laboratory in Saudi Arabia to perform sound testing of York centrifugal chiller ... Lab Needed
16-00415 Midwest USA High complexity CLIA lab to perform LC/MS/MS urine drug testing on 1200 samples. ... Closed
16-00414 Materials laboratory needed to provide a quuote for radioactivity testing on one solid sample of an epoxy coating ... Lab Needed
16-00413 Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for study with MCA occlusion stroke model. ... Lab Needed
16-00412 Germany Nutritional Laboratory needed for milk testing for aoac nutrional values to export to usa. ... Lab Needed
16-00411 USA Consumer Product Safety Laboratory needed for BabyBed Safety Testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00410 Canada analytical chemistry laboratory needed for detailed flavor analysis (deformulation?) of e-liquid. Please contact by email with quote per e-liquid, and approximate time frame. I am looking to have several done, depending on price. Thank you! ... Lab Needed
16-00409 India Laboratory needed for Mechanical Testing 1 Deflection temperature under load (1.80Mpa) ASTM D648 oC 2 Tensile Strength ASTM D638 M.Pa. Tensile Modulus ASTM D638 M.Pa. Elongation at break at 20 oC ASTM D638 % 3 Flexural Strength ASTM D790 M.Pa. Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 M.Pa. Our Samples will be Cured Unsaturated Polyester Resin. ... Lab Needed
16-00408 Optical Laboratory needed for eyeglass testing for the amount of green and blue light that can pass through the lenses used in our eyeglasses. ... Lab Needed
16-00407 Physical Laboratory needed for salt spray testing on powder coating surface of( MS sheet ) ... Lab Needed
16-00406 Asia automotive laboratory needed for wiring harness Crimping validation, etc., laboratory needed to conduct tests according to General Motors standards ... Lab Needed
16-00405 Electrical compliance laboratory needed with in-house capabilities to do the following compliance test. Please provide quote for each test. 1. FCC/IC Part 95A / Part 95B RF Compliance Testing Measurements 2. FCC Part 15B / ICES-003 EMC Compliance Testing Measurements 3. FCC/IC SAR Compliance Testing Measurements ... Lab Needed
16-00404 LONG-TERM Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP Water Testing: 1. USP TAMC, TYMC, S. aureus & Ps. aeruginosa - topical cosmetic finished product. 2. USP Purified Water TAMC, coliforms, conductivity & TOC ... Lab Needed
16-00403 Food Laboratory for stability testing of Piña Colada mix to extend shelf-life ... Lab Needed
16-00402 Nutraceutical company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for certificate of analysis confirmation testing to ensure ingredients match our Certificate of Analysis. ... Lab Needed
16-00401 Canada Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for confirmation testing. Test a sample of Lactic Acid 80% and verify that it is the exact same material as the CoA, Certificate of Analysis. Looking forward to your response. Thank you in advance ... Lab Needed
16-00400 India Food Laboratory needed for frozen green pea testing ... Lab Needed
16-00399 USA analytical chemistry laboratories needed for Adonirubin testing in 2 colouring agents used in polutry and fish feeds. Questions: How long would this process take? How fast can it be done? How much would it cost? Please let me know if you need any other additional information from me. ... Lab Needed
16-00398 Waste Management company needs USA physical laboratory for rubber pellet testing to determine how pellets react to burning at low temperature, electric induction furnace or crucible with the vacuum along with capturing and condensation of vapors ... Lab Needed
16-00397 India Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent efficacy testing on 3 different mosquito repellent formulations. All of them are in liquid form. ... Lab Needed
16-00396 Dietary Supplment company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to provide a quote for a vitamin deformulation. Please contact us asap. ... Lab Needed
16-00395 Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiological test on D-Mannose powder. ... Closed
16-00394 Geochemistry Laboratory needed for Limestone testing for the concentration of calcium of Limestone, also ore tantalum analysis and testing ... Lab Needed
16-00393 Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for Clinical Study investigating the role of inflammation/immune activation and microbial translocation in the development of (pre-clinical) atherosclerosis in HIV infected young people The choice of desired tests/biomarkers is informed by postulated involvement of monocyte cell activation (sCD14), T cell activation (sCD38), vascular inflammation (Lp-PLA2, pentraxin 3 and hs-CRP), and microbial translocation (TMAO, LBP and EndoCarboB). ... Lab Needed
16-00392 Geology company needs India environmental laboratory for soil and sediment testing: the stream sediment and soil samples are needed to test for multi-elemental chemical analysis in connection with preparation of certified reference materials. the samples are collected from different parts of India ... Lab Needed
16-00391 Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for cosmetic retinoid substance testing for Anti-inflammatory activity Photo toxicity Test Anti blemish action Psoriasis activity Anti-wrinkle action ... Lab Needed
16-00390 Optical Laboratory needed for Reflectance Testing. We want to find reflection coefficient measurement on silver coated mirrors that we produced. ... Lab Needed
16-00389 Bioanalytical laboratory needed for bioanalyses for Estetrol, Drospirenone, Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol in cynomolgus monkey plasma or serum. I have only a few samples to analyze (approximately 40-60 analyses each) and would rather have a lab that is already set up to perform these analyses to do the work. ... Lab Needed
16-00388 ELectrical Laboratory needed for SAE Testing to Test impedance of twisted pair wires at 1MHz by the open and short methods per SAE J1939-11. Wires are 20AWG type TXL, standard specifies length of 3m. ... Lab Needed
16-00387 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Chemical compisation % of calcium carbonate baking soda and if other chemicals present. And mesh size of grind ... Lab Needed
16-00386 Energy company needs laboratory for fuel testing. I have three samples (Light Ends, Solvent, and Industrial Diesel Fuel) that would require the tests the following tests: ? Appearance (physical state, color, etc.); ? Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits; ? Odor; ? Vapor pressure; ? Odor threshold; ? Vapor density; ? pH; ? Relative density; ? Melting point/freezing point; ? Solubility(ies); ? Initial boiling point and boiling range; ? Flash point; ? Evaporation rate; ? Flamm ... Lab Needed
16-00385 Construction company needs geology laboratory for needed for mineral rock testing ... Lab Needed
16-00384 LONG-TERM Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory needed for UTI and FISH testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00383 Product Safety Laboratory needed for dog toy testing to the following test standards: American national standard ASTM F 963?07; Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety, and European standard EN 71-3; Safety of Toys ? Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements. ... Lab Needed
16-00382 Middle East Laboratory needed for water testing for water plant. Monthly testing of water & test reports ... Lab Needed
16-00381 Europe Textile Laboratory needed for linting testing on hygiene products to AMS 3819C standard Cloths, Cleaning, for Aircraft Primary and Secondary Structural Surfaces ... Lab Needed
16-00380 Canada food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for pH Testing in hot sauces. ... Lab Needed
16-00379 University Researcher needs India Physical Laboratory for drop weight impact testing. aluminium fiat 2mm thickness ... Lab Needed
16-00378 Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing: Soil-Water sorption coefficient (Kd) for arsenic ... Lab Needed
16-00376 Veterinary medicine laboratory needed for glucose comparison studies of assays on samples from diabetic pets. Study involves having glucose assays performed it the same time on the animals on a clinical analyzer. We may include another pet meter in the comparison ... Lab Needed
16-00375 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM E-84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ... Lab Needed
16-00373 Analytical laboratory needed for validation and ingredient testing of a pain relief cream, and more particularly to a pain relief and soothing cream and method for making same. The present invention relates generally to pain and chapped lip relief cream, and more particularly to a pain and chapped lip relief and soothing cream and method for making same. ... Lab Needed
16-00372 Microbiology laboratory needed to quote proposal for the following microbiology tests. We are interested in testing the antimicrobial efficacy of our 2 proprietary light devices against various organisms on Petri dishes at different duration and distances: -Organisms: Staph, Strep, VRE, Pseudomonas, E. coli, C. diff, C. albicans, Norovirus, Influenza virus -Time: 1min, 5min, 30min, 1h, 3h, 24h -Distance: direct contact, 1, 6, 12' ... Lab Needed
16-00371 Manufacturer of powder nutritional shakes needs food laboratory to measure the Osmolarity and Osmolality of 4 different powder beverages. ... Lab Needed
16-00370 Mining company needs laboratory for tests on gold samples -MLA (Mineral liberation analysis) -Bond Rod Mill/Ball Mil/Crusher -Bond Abrasion Index -Water analysis ... Lab Needed
16-00369 Third-party laboratory needed for testing: Fire Assay (Simple) Fire Assay in Triplicate Humidity XRF Flotation Atomic Absorption Lixiviation MLA Bond Abrasion Index Bond Rod Mill/ Ball Mil/ Crusher Mesh Analysis Sample Roasting ... Lab Needed
16-00368 India engineering services company needs microscopy laboratory for TEM Analysis for ASBESTOS DETECTION. ... Lab Needed
16-00367 Third party laboratory needed for ISO testing of chemically cross linked foam for Ozone resistance as per ISO 1431, Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Resistance to ozone cracking. ... Lab Needed
16-00366 Large corporation needs USA or Canada textiles laboratory for textile fiber identification and type of nonwoven identification. It would be for product like baby diapers, feminine care pads, tampons, baby wipes etc.... so in the hygiene market. ... Lab Needed
16-00365 China cosmetic product safety laboratory needed for USP Testing of cosmetics for the following Tests- Product - USP 51 - Stability test - Toxicological assessment We are looking at Lip gloss- (8 colours) Nail ( 8 colours) Eye Shadow (12 colours )nail polish 8 colours .lip gloss in watch. 2. Tests- on componentry- Relevant EN 71 to that article such as a tiara, nail file, toy watch, eye shadow applicator, mirror, eyeshadow compact, lipgloss tube, na ... Lab Needed
16-00364 Electrical Laboratory needed for testing of an electrothermic sensor according to the ECE R118 norm (fire protection) ... Lab Needed
16-00363 India microbiology laboratory needed for fungus testing of some fungus developing on the walls of medical facility. ... Lab Needed
16-00362 British Columbia Canada Laboratory needed for flash point testing to Identify flash point of a product for MSDS use. Product is a liquid resin mix. ... Lab Needed
16-00361 Medical Device company needs biomedical laboratory to provide a quote for CLSI EP07 Interference Testing in Clinical Chemistry on with Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis. ... Lab Needed
16-00360 Materials laboratory needed for rheology testing of Analytical work monomers of polyester textiles ... Lab Needed
16-00359 USA Microbiology laboratory needed for anti-viral testing of samples of Non woven fabric for Antiviral properties. ... Lab Needed
16-00358 India Cosmetics Laboratory needed for cosmetics consumer product safety and stability testing including Occlusive Patch Testing and Heavy Metal (Nickel) Testing. Please provide a quote of cost and turn-around time. ... Lab Needed
16-00357 India laboratory needed for high speed diesel testing ... Lab Needed
16-00356 Microbiology Laboratory needed for sterility, endotoxin and potency testing for sodium tetradecyl sulfate, polidocanol, and glycerin ... Lab Needed
16-00355 Central USA Laboratory needed for thermal testing of charcoal to measure energy and chemical compositions of charcoal . Close to Illinois preferred. ... Lab Needed
16-00354 Physical Laboratory needed for acoustics testing of Light Weight Hollow Core Precast Cement Wall Panels for sound absorption and transmission ... Lab Needed
16-00353 Asia analytical chemistry laboratory required for Gel Permeation Chromatography test fro PHA and PLA sample. ... Lab Needed
16-00352 FDA GMP Southeast USA Food Laboratory needed for Ph & Stability Studies of seasoning. ... Lab Needed
16-00351 Germany Accredited food laboratory needed for nutritional testing of Omega 3 Fatty Acids (especially ALA) Moisture Fat - of which saturated - of which monounsaturated - of which polyunsaturated Omega Fatty Acids Total carbohydrate Total sugars Protein Dietary fiber Ash Sodium Salt (Calc From Sodium) Energy ? Kjoule / 100ml Energy ? Kcal / 100ml Specific Gravity (Required to report results per ml) Vitamin B1 & B2 Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) Total Calcium Total Vitamin D ... Lab Needed
16-00350 Medicinal chemistry laboratory needed for testing plant materials to determine the active ingredients for potential medicinal use or Chemical characterization of bioactive constituents. The chemical characterization of plant raw materials is to find out any major or bioactive constitutes/phytochemicals, particularly major components or bioactive components, such as flavonoids, terpenoids, phenols, saponins, coumarins, and alkaloids. ... Lab Needed
16-00349 India Materials Laboratory needed for glove testing for ANSI ASTM F1790: Level 4 certification for our gloves. ... Lab Needed
16-00348 University Researcher needs Africa geology laboratory for Mineral deposite identification by geophysical means. ... Lab Needed
16-00347 Agriculture Laboratory needing for analyzing O,O-FeEDDHA and O,P-FeEDDHA in commercial Iron Fertilizer, ... Lab Needed
16-00346 India metallurgical laboratory needed for precious metal testinfg for identification and also the composition of the metal should be analyzed. Most importantly we need a comparison chart compared with Gold, Platinum, Silver or any other grades or nearing categories of metals. Kindly send us the quote for the same and also the amount of sample required for testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00345 Microbiology laboratory needed for Arthrobacter terregens testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00344 Southern USA high-complexity toxicology laboratory needed for to process toxicology samples from 3 different treatment centers. Approximately, 500-1000 samples a month. ... Lab Needed
16-00343 FDA recognized Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for salmonella testing ... Lab Needed
16-00342 Microbiology laboratory needed for medical fabric testing for bacteria-resistance. It is nylon taffeta 70 denier with a pic waterproof backing. The same material used for mattress liners in hospital and nursing home settings. I m looking to getting more information s to what types of testing you would do, what certificates can be granted, and an estimate to the cost for these services. ... Lab Needed
16-00341 Food Laboratory needed for food safety contact surface testing of rubber wine preserver in full contact with the wine. Testing to ensure it is compliance with Rubber Articles intended for Repeated Use as defined in 21CFR 177.26 and whether it will effect the food safety for human consumption. ... Lab Needed
16-00340 Food analytical chemistry labroatory needed for Kombucha Testing for the turbidity of Kombucha beverage ... Lab Needed
16-00339 FDA Food nutritional laboratory needed for nutritional analysis and stability testing of vegan, plant based ketchup. ... Lab Needed
16-00338 Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for safety testing of 6ft high, rotating, wooden magazine display racks. ... Lab Needed
16-00337 Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Caffeine testing ... Lab Needed
16-00336 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: ASTM Closed cup flash point test (Tag or Martens, etc.) on a thin liquid material. Estimated FP is 140 F. One sample will probably suffice. ... Lab Needed
16-00335 UAE company needs product development laboratory to develop wet wipes product including formulation of Baby, Facial and Antibacterial wipes ... Lab Needed
16-00334 Australia analytical chemistry laboratory needed for essential oil testing by GC-MS for separation and identification of available constituents. ... Lab Needed
16-00333 India laboratory needed for Cable wire testing ... Lab Needed
16-00331 University researcher needs India biomechanical laboratory for bone testing: 1) porosity 2) Mechanical test like compression and tensile. ... Closed
16-00330 LONG TERM ONGOING QUALITY CONTROL TESTING: Bioanalytical laboratory needed for collagen protein analysis: 1) Undenatured Chicken Collagen Type 2 Protein purity 2) Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen protein purity 3) Molecule size, Nutrition panel, Allergens, Chloride, Heavy Metals, Moisture, Ash ... Lab Needed
16-00329 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to strip xylene and mineral spirits from functional fluoropolymer resins for coatings, then process the resulting solids into flakes for testing by our customers. ... Lab Needed
16-00328 USA plastics laboratory needed for resin testing for Molecular weight determination for an oligomer resin ... Lab Needed
16-00327 USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for organic content testing (TOC). The standard methods used for this testing are 5210B for CBOD and BOD, and 5220D for COD. My sample are clean and aqueous. Please provide me the following: 1. Standard & Rush turn-around time, and it's fee 2. Price 3. Sample amount 4. Quality System (GLP, GMP, ISO9001?) ... Lab Needed
16-00326 Physical Laboratory needed for compression testing of fiberglass and silica based cloth that range in thickness from 1/8 to 0.165 ... Lab Needed
16-00325 Asia microbiology laboratory needed for anti microbial testing of oral wash. ... Lab Needed
16-00324 AUtomotive parts company needs automotive laboratory for General Motors Testing to GMW14609 Corrosion, Simulated 3 g Occupant Load & Downward Strength Test. ... Lab Needed
16-00323 India Physical Laboratory needed for Tensile Test ME ROD 18.5 MM ... Lab Needed
16-00322 Food company needs food laboratory for Specific Heat Capacity testing for food products. ... Lab Needed
16-00321 Food Company needs food company for Residual flocculant testing of water-soluble protein samples treated with cationic flocculants (EPI/DMA polymer). ... Lab Needed
16-00320 USA Food laboratory needed for shelf life testing on two or three beverages and caffeine content testing of another. Also would like prices for shelf life testing on two or three other beverages. ... Lab Needed
16-00319 US Microbiology Laboratory needed for EN ISO Microbial Analysis to EN ISO 22612 Dry Micobial Penetration test ... Lab Needed
16-00318 Northeast analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Alcohol Testing for ABV level, Methanol level and any other contaminants that would be harmful to humans if it were to be consumed ... Lab Needed
16-00317 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for LC-MS data analysis from Toxicology screenng a ... Lab Needed
16-00316 India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing for Quality Control Testing of w Colostrum capsulesto suppoert FDA IND requlatory submission. Total Immunoglobulins Lactoferrin % PRP % Insulin Growth Factor (Type II ) Transforming Growth Factor (mcg/100g) Nerve Growth Factor (ng/g) Leptin (n/mg) Calcium (mg/100gm) ... Lab Needed
16-00315 Southern USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed that can perform TOC swabbing and testing for my client. We are doing PQ on a labware washer and my client would like to collect TOC data during the PQ work. ... Lab Needed
16-00314 Performance laboratory needed for moisture management testing on footwear, e.g. the SATRA TM376 test, with the SATRA STM567 test machine (endofoot), where conditions of use is simulated by generating sweat at a given rate, and setting a temperature of the foot form/mold/insert. Please provide quote for testing 2 pair of shoes (1 pair coated, 1 pair uncoated)? ... Lab Needed
16-00313 India Microbiology Laboratory with ISO/IEC 17025 NABL Accredition needed for bioburden testing, bacteriostasis and fungistasis testing ... Lab Needed
16-00312 Boanalytical Laboratory needed for impurity testing: NIR to determine the amount of impurities, Amino Acid, in the powder, amino acid N-carboxyanhydride (AA-NCA) in the level of 1-3%. Amino Acid N-carboxyanhydride (AA-NCA) is sensitive in present of water. ... Lab Needed
16-00311 Microbiology Laboratory needed to test anti-biofilm activity of titanium discs uncoated and coated with a polymer. I need 3 assays with titanium discs uncoated and coated with a polymer to verify anti-biofilm activity for anaerobic bacteria involved in peri-implantite. ... Lab Needed
16-00310 Doctorate Medical Researcher need bioanalytical laboratory for experimental procedure: The requirement to get rat hippocampus microdialysis samples analyzed for glutamate and GABA by HPLC using the same method used in the attached publication of our lab (we have 120 samples that need to be analyzed). The experimental procedure is essentially the same as in the attached publication. Please the cost of the per samples analysis. ... Lab Needed
16-00309 Textile Laboratory needed for ASTM new fabric testing for the following features: anti-microbial, wicking & thermo regulating (TGA) ... Lab Needed
16-00308 Laboratory needed for Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission TABC Beer Testing: Alcohol check of beer to be able to submit keg and bottle labels to TABC. ... Lab Needed
16-00307 Skincare company needs analytical chemistry laboratory to test unrefined shea butter. (1) Saponification value of 185 to 195, (2) Iodine value of 28 to 43, (3) Unsaponifiable matter not to exceed 1.5 percent, (4) Free fatty acids not more than 0.1 percent as oleic acid, (5) Peroxide value not more than 10 milliequivalents/equivalent (meq/eq), (6) Lead not more than 0.1 part per million (ppm), (7) Copper not more than 0.1 ppm. ... Lab Needed
16-00306 Biopharmaceutical Company needs bioanalytical laboratory for Near IR we need analysed amino acid (AA, impurities) in amino acid N-carboxyanhydride (AA-NCA) sample in 1-4% level. AA-NCA is very sensitive ti present of water or amines ... Lab Needed
16-00305 ONGOING LONG-TERM: FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Oxygen Monograph Testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00304 Gastroenterology Preclinical Product Safety Contract Research Organization (CRO) needed for weight loss study with capsule inserted in the stomachs of 6 genetically obese mice and then have mice observed for weight loss. ... Lab Needed
16-00303 Electrical Laboratory needed for Dimensional layout performed on Electonic board. Need to be advised as to what equipment would be used to perform the layout. ... Lab Needed
16-00302 Description: Analytical laboratory needed for wide range hydrocarbon gas chromotagraphy to determine gas composition test on the natural gas coming from gas field for composition of the hydrocarbons right up to C16, the Gross and Net Heating Values of the gas, the Molecular Weight, the compressiblity factor and the adiabatic coefficient. ... Closed
16-00301 Automotive Laboratory needed to conduct tests according to General Motors standards: GMW: 3205 - Odor , 3232-Flammability , 3235-Foggong , 3259-Mildew growth , 15634-Interior Emissions , 15063-Material Sepc. ... Lab Needed
16-00300 Engineering firm needs physical labortatory for elastomer physical testing eg uniaxial tension and compression, and equibiaxial tension and compression tests ... Lab Needed
16-00299 India Materials Laboratory needed for ISO Testing to ISO-105-DO2, Textiles -- Tests for colour fastness -- Part D02: Colour fastness to rubbing: Organic solvents ... Lab Needed
16-00298 CONSUMER / INDIVIDUAL Microbiology laboratory needed for tainted dogfood testing: Test for bacteria, too much of a Vitamin supplement, E.coli, and whatever other tests may be necessary. ... Lab Needed
16-00297 Laboratory needed for new technology testing of bio digester. Experiment needed for testing to show how toilet out lets water. pH, TDS, TSS, TVS, COD, BOD, TS, Turbidity, MPN for coliforms I look forward to hearing from you, ... Lab Needed
16-00296 New company in the US market planning to release several European food products at retail needs FDA food laboratory lab for FDA food labeling compliance testing testing requirements. ... Lab Needed
16-00295 India Laboratory needed for acoustics noise testing ... Lab Needed
16-00294 Personal care company needs consumer products laboratory for stability and sensory panel studies: Sensory panel evaluations for a new line of products for which the sensory experience will be critical to overall performance: spreadability, feel and after feel (smoothness, slipperiness, silkiness, greasiness, tackiness, wetness), feel during application (cushiness, play time, adherence), absorbency and moisturizing effect. ... Lab Needed
16-00293 Materials Laboratory needed for impurities testing: the impurity, or impurities, we are removing from a crude monomer with an aluminum oxide column. H NMR does not provide a complete picture for this determination as it may possibly be an inorganic substance. How much would it cost to analyze 3 samples (neat and 2 purified) via atomic absorption? T ... Lab Needed
16-00292 Materials Laboratory needed for Thermogravimetric Analysis TGA and Dilatometry on YSZ - YttrIa Stabilized Zirconia (powder) used for ceramic processing. Dilatometry (DIL 402 preferred) Thermogravimetric Analysis TGA (RT-1450C) in air in 1450C in powder form but may want pellet form. ... Lab Needed
16-00291 Engineering firm needs USA textiles laboratory for the General testing of the durability of fabric (abrasion, impact, stiffness, tear strength, elongation, thickness). Also need to test the strength of stitches/seams. ... Closed
16-00290 USA Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for melt point determination to ASTM D789, and dimensional stability. My sample is type 66 molybdenum disulfide-filled nylon. Could you provide me the following: 1. Pricing 2. Standard and rush turn around time, and its fee. ... Lab Needed
16-00289 Southern USA FDA GMP compliant Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for raw material , API and final product release testing for Small Volume injectable, generic finished drug products with validated test methods.. ... Lab Needed
16-00288 Analytical laboratory needed for wide rande hydrocarbon gas chromotagraphy to determine gas composition test on the natural gas coming from gas field for composition of the hydrocarbons right up to C16, the Gross and Net Heating Values of the gas, the Molecular Weight, the compressiblity factor and the adiabatic coefficient. ... Lab Needed
16-00287 Microbiology Laboratory needed for Microbiological testing - total aerobic bacterial count, total mold/yeast count, e coli screen, salmonella species screen, staph aureus screen Pseudomonas aeruginosa screen. ... Lab Needed
16-00286 URGENT STABILITY Skincare company needs analytical chemistry laboratory needed for shelf life - product stability testing of Skin care products. Would like expedited testing. ... Lab Needed
16-00285 Skincare company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for 1. xray diffraction mineral analysis of clay 2. whole rock chemistry with trace elements. ... Lab Needed
16-00284 STABILITY - FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for (QC) Quality Control testing of finished product (transdermal patch), raw material release testing, ICH stability testing by qualified/validated analytical methods. ... Lab Needed
16-00283 India contract test laboratory needed for biodiesel testing from various palm oil and waste oil ... Lab Needed
16-00282 INDIVIDUAL Laboratory needed for metal testing of metal object . Test from various resouces have came back as iridum,iron,cronium, ... Lab Needed
16-00281 Lab testing 1. Instant Quinoa powder - analysis - ecdysteroids present - solubility - freeze thaw capacity - emulsification potential - thickening capacity 2. Quinoa - 2 different varieties - nutrition analysis (complete) - macro and micro nutrients - antioxidants - anti-nutrients ... Lab Needed
16-00280 United States Food / Feed Laboratory needed to conduct stability testing for regulatory and shelf-life purposes on animal feed meal, oil and related substances. Analysis of freshness and nutritional value, microbiological contamination and lipid profiles. Preferably, in the United States where we manufacture our products. ... Lab Needed
16-00279 Japan or Europe mechanical laboratory needed for Mechanical endurance testing with waste water of Chassis height sensor. Temp. cycling: -40degC to +110degC Humidity: 10% to 95% Composition of the waste water: 5%-ige salt spring 40 g NaCL and 10 g CaCl per liter 14 cm³ Turkish Grid 220 per liter Continuous mixing is to be ensured. ... Lab Needed
16-00278 Eye wear company imports eyeglass frames from Italy and would like FDA GMP laboratory for certification testing that frames are made from FDA approved raw materials. ... Lab Needed
16-00277 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Testing of stability sample for testing Osmolality to USP <785>,OSMOLALITY AND OSMOLARITY . Please provide: How much volume it takes for one-time test? How much it cost for the test? ... Lab Needed
16-00276 LONG-TERM Food consultant needs laboratory for alcoholic beverage testing. Consultant would like to offer alcoholic beverage testing as a part of the service. Samples will be shipped to laboratory. Please provide a price for testing, process for reporting results and provide me with an idea of process time to completion without returning samples. I anticipate a response at your earliest convenience as this is a time sensitive project and I an gathering information from other companies. ... Lab Needed
16-00275 India Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for bioanalysis assay of progesterone and estradiol on rat serum ... Lab Needed
16-00274 India Laboratory needed for Poly tetra flouro ethylene testing to issue &certified authority products is free from Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy declaration. ... Lab Needed
16-00273 Plant pathology testing laboratory needed for corn testing to evaluate a sweet corn hybrid for resistance to Biplorais (Southern Helminthosporium) maydis race T in greenhouse. This is to satisfy a variety registration for sale of the hybrid in Russia. The hybrid in question has been tested in the US with Race O of the pathogen and shows intermediate resistance. Race T is no longer of economical importance in the US and we have not identified a lab that conducts tests with this race. ... Lab Needed
16-00272 Materials Laboratory needed for biodegradability testing of lab that an antifoam to determine if it is biodegradeable. ... Closed
16-00271 USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: gel content of polyethylene samples using ASTM D2765-11, Standard Test Methods for Determination of Gel Content and Swell Ratio of Crosslinked Ethylene Plastics (xylene or Decalin extraction, boiling solvent, sample in wire mesh cage, weight loss after 6-12 hours in boiling solvent, then vacuum oven). ... Lab Needed
16-00270 Large engineering company needs middle eastern laboratories that can determine the effectiveness of proposed asphaltene inhibitor chemicals at specified operating conditions using well samples and other well chemicals ... Lab Needed
16-00269 Polymer laboratory needed for molecular weight testing by mass spec analysis of the polymer. It is new inert ingredient submission to US EPA under their low risk polymer exemption rule. ... Lab Needed
16-00268 United States analytical chemistry laboratory needed for distilled alcohol testing ... Closed
16-00267 Automotive company needs Flammability testing on automotive brake clean aerosol formula ... Closed
16-00266 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for purity analysis on liquid sample of 4-methyl-5-nonanone ~10% and 4-methyl-5-nonanol ~90% by capillary chromatography with statement that lab is GLP lab. The sample to be submitted is the neat liquid made up to be a mixture of 4-methyl-5-nonanone ~10% and 4-methyl-5-nonanol ~90%. The two compounds together are shown in our analysis to be >98% of 4-methyl-5-nonanone and 4-methyl-5-nonanol. We would send a sample of 4-methyl-5-nonanone and a samp ... Lab Needed
16-00265 Asia Food laboratory needed for Nutritional analysis for dried peaches and apples for nutritional facts labeling ... Lab Needed
16-00264 Food distributor needs food laboratory needed for FDA nutritional testing for Nutritional Facts Labeling for Seasoning ... Lab Needed
16-00263 Medical Device Company needs laboratory to provide quote for testing of DEHP, Latex and Phthalates on catheter. Catheter is composed from various materials: Gray Pellethane - proximal hub, Yellow - pellethane - body, Air valves - PVC, Blue & yellow Pebax - distal end, Grey Pebax - distal hub. ... Lab Needed
16-00262 Third-Party Laboratory needed for shoe testing to American Podiatric Medical Association's Seal of Acceptance for children's shoe lines. The APMA requires that we submit our shoes to third-party lab tests to establish the product?s safety (including a Material Safety Data Sheet and EPA/FDA approval documents where applicable), as well as other health-related properties, such as the product being lightweight, very flexible, and slip-resistant. ... Lab Needed
16-00261 Petroleum company needs laboratory capable of testing Jet Fuel samples to detect the presence of additives specifically Metal Deactivator Additive and Thermal Stability Improver Additive. 8 samples ... Lab Needed
16-00259 University Researcher needs laboratory for Sports Equipment testing for a 24 kilonewton Load rating and certification including durability . Load rating at specific points and from specific angles ... Lab Needed
16-00258 Medical Device Company needs laboratory for Particle count testing in accordance with clause 14.2 of EN 45502-1:1997, Active implantable medical devices - Part 1: General requirements for safety, marking and information to be provided by the manufacturer. ... Lab Needed
16-00257 LEGAL: Law firm needs food labroatory for a time course study of osmolality of a food sample. The food sample is a peanut-based paste and we can provide a protocol for your review and consideration. ... Lab Needed
16-00256 Product Safety Laboratory needed for cytotoxicity, irritation, and sensitization studies ... Lab Needed
16-00255 USA Laboratory needed that provides Inherent Viscosity Testing service. Please provide standard & rush turn around time, fee, price, sample amount. ... Lab Needed
16-00254 Consumer Laboratory needed to Test dummy chains to current European Standard DIN 12586, Artikel für Säuglinge und Kleinkinder - Schnullerhalter - Sicherheitstechnische Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren; Deutsche Fassung or (english) Child use and care articles - Soother holder - Safety requirements and test methods; German version EN 12586:2007 ... Lab Needed
16-00253 Design and Engineering company needed laboratory for sandwich panel testing: 1) Test Sample :- Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwicu Panel 2) Material :- 1) Aluminum Sheet 2) Honeycomb Core (Alu) 3) Adhesive Glue 3) Test Parameter :- 1) AGING (Specification -ISO 9142 - D3 - 21 CICLI) 2) SHEAR STRENGHT (L-direction) (Spec-DIN 53294) 3) SHEAR MODULE (L-direction) 4) SHEAR STRENGHT (W-d ... Closed
16-00252 Europe laboratory needed for aircraft battery testing to RTCA DO-160 standard, Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment. ... Lab Needed
16-00251 Microbiology laboratory needed for pyrogen testing for a medical device and components. the active ingredient is photosensitive and testing under yellow lighting would be required. None of the materials used in the device have radioactive properties ... Lab Needed
16-00250 Company selecting textile products ( toy like) that require testing for the Canadian market There are 2 textile products that appeal to be used by children under 3 years old Also an infant textile bib with velcro. Testing includes Textile Flammability Regulations (SOR/2011-22) No flame retardant PBB Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations, 2012 (SOR/2012-285) Toys Regulations (SOR/2011-17) i hope to hear from you. thank you! Diana ... Lab Needed
16-00249 European certified labaratory needed perform honey testingin Cameroon for the national residue monitoring purpose especially one located in Africa anywhere near Cameroon. ... Lab Needed
16-00248 USA CLinical Laboratory needed for Preservative Efficacy testing and possible Sensitivity testing ... Closed
16-00246 Microbiology laboratory needed for microbiology and preservative testing of new Natural skincare line of three products. ... Lab Needed
16-00245 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for inulin testing for 1. ASSAY (Purity %) 2. Arsenic as As (PPM) 3. Lead as Pb (PPM) 4. Mercury as Hg (PPM) 5. DP (Degree of Polymerization) ... Lab Needed
16-00244 COsmetics Laboratory needed for formulation of haircare with natural preservatives ... Closed
16-00243 US Certification Laboratory needed to certify product to UL608, Standard for Safety for Burglary Resistant Vault Doors and Modular Panels and UL752 Standard for Bullet-Resisting Equipment and possibly to an ASTM standard. ... Lab Needed
16-00242 Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for coffee testing that requires assay of Acids in Coffee samples. Specifically Chlorogenic Acids; with secondary interest in: Phosphoric, Malic, Ascetic, Citric, Quinic, Palmetic, etc. ... Lab Needed
16-00240 Company needs Environmental Laboratory for particle analysis for the minimum size of particles that are retained when water poured though a sheet of test filter ... Lab Needed
16-00239 Mexico food processor needs analytical chemistry laboratory for mineral fluorite testing of eight samples whose main impurities are calcium carbonate and silicon oxide. I require a quantify Pb, P, P2O5, Fe2O3, S, Cu, As, by ICP-OES. Also I need quantify too the total organic carbon (C) and oxides (R2O3) ... Lab Needed
16-00238 USA or Europe Pharmaceutical preclinical CRO contract research organization needed for efficacy testing of our new dental combination anesthetic medicinal product vs. the reference product in the following in-vivo standard animal models: guinea pig intradermal wheal assay; mouse or rat tail-flick test (at that conduction and infiltration anesthesia) and also optionally in ''mouse sciatic nerve blockade model''. Please send us a corresponding budget quotation. ... Lab Needed
16-00237 Life Sciences Company developing medical treatments needs Industrial Hygiene Laboratory for environmental monitoring testing 1. Environmental monitoring is being performed on February 8, 9, and 10 - Sampling is performed using a viable particle counter and TSB plates - We will need to have plates picked up on each day at 15:00-16:00 - There will be approximately 50 plates for each day 2. Other contract labs we have worked with used the following method to read plates. Please specify your me ... Lab Needed
16-00236 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for porosity determination of pharmaceutical microsphere formulation. We would like to have quotation ... Lab Needed
16-00235 India Certification Laboratory neded for UL Certification Testing of Synchronisation time module as per the standard aUL 61010-2-201?. Components are used in: 1. The ControlLogix backplane for Coordinated System Time (CST) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) conversion. 2. Inter-range Instrumentation Group, code B (IRIG-B) standards 3. Precision Time Protocol (PTP) on Ethernet and the ControlLogix backplane. 4. Network Time Protocol (NTP) on Ethernet. 5. GPS position in the form of lati ... Lab Needed
16-00234 Europe Pharmaceutical company needs bioanalytical laboratory for bioanalysis tests on bio assay according to the BP monographs of HCG, HMG and FSH (reproductive hormones) and the immunochemical test for HIV I+II, Hbs Ag and HCV ( for these hormones) according to Annex XIV B of the BP. ... Lab Needed
16-00233 Lighting company needs UKAS accredited laboratory for emergency lighting testing of battery ... Lab Needed
16-00232 Chemical company needs microbiology laboratory for microbial analysis:Microbial Bacteria count = less than 1000 cfu/ml Pathogen - E.coli = should be absent Pathogen - Salmonella = should be absent Pathogen - Staphylococcus aureus = should be absent Pathogen - Pseudomonas Aeruginosa = should be absent ... Lab Needed
16-00231 India engineering company needs textile laboratory for shrinkage test of fabric base laminated sheet,grade F-2, ... Lab Needed
16-00230 USA Automotive laboratory needed for SAE and ASTM Testing: Compression Stress Relaxation Test SAE J2979 + Low Temp Brittleness ASTM D2137 ... Lab Needed
16-00229 Large company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for shea butter testing for determining the % of fatty acids and other components in shea butter. ... Closed
16-00228 USA Toxicology Laboratory needed for Finished product Safety Testing for Mosquito Repellent (2-3 ) samples that is applied to the human body. ... Lab Needed
16-00226 India NABL accredited laboratory needed for abs and san plastic product materials testing ... Lab Needed
16-00225 Laboratory needed for testing alcohol content and ingredients of the alcoholic liquor beverage. ... Lab Needed
16-00224 Guatemala microbiology laboratory needed for fungus testing on melon crops. ... Lab Needed
16-00223 East Coast laboratory needed for labeling testing: alcohol content and ingredients of the alcoholic beverage to meet the label requirements of NYS. ... Lab Needed
16-00222 Nutraceutical company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for banned substance testing in herbal dietary liquid drop. Detection of these three banned substances: 1. Aminorex 2. Fluoxetine 3. Fenproporex (or spelled Fenproprex?) We only need to test for detection levels. ... Lab Needed
16-00221 Contract Laboratory needed for Rhodium analysis: SEM and XDR ... Lab Needed
16-00220 Hong Kong laboratory needed for test equipment testing ... Closed
16-00219 Mumbai laboratory needed for American Public Health Association APHA color test , ... Lab Needed
16-00218 South America Food Company needs food laboratory for analysis of the percentage of concentration of soy isoflavone in an aromatic dried herbs blend we are creating for a new project. Specifically I need about the sample of aromatic dried herbs blend: -The soy isoflavone percentage of concentration in the blend -The content of heavy metals in the blend 1. quantity of the blend do you need for this task. 2. Can you please send me a quotation for this service. ... Closed
16-00217 Food laboratory needed for USDA nutritional testing on poultry. ... Lab Needed
16-00216 Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Resin testing needed for a silica gel powder and an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene for ash testing to verify the mixture. ... Lab Needed
16-00215 Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing of Ascorbic Acid to the USP monograph ... Lab Needed
16-00214 Supply chain management company needsgeology laboratory for Metal,Gold ore,quartz rocks and gold testing ... Lab Needed
16-00213 Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellent testing to ASTM International. E 951-94. Standard Test Method for Laboratory Testing of Non-Commercial Mosquito Repellent Formulations On the Skin. (reconfirmed in 2000) ASTM International. E 939-94. Standard Test Method of Field Testing Topical Applications of Compounds as Repellents for Medically Important and Pest Arthropods (Includind Insects, Ticks and Mites): I Mosquitoes (reconfirmed in 2000) ... Lab Needed
16-00212 LONG-TERM ONGOING Cheese making small business in need of monthly testing to comply with British Columbia CDC regulations. 4-6 products monthly, please reply with rates. ... Lab Needed
16-00211 Metrology Laboratory for genetic's laboratory site equipment inspection and certification to meet CAP/CLIA/AABB and ASCLD-LAB standards ... Lab Needed
16-00210 Food contract synthesis laboratory needed for the synthesis of food-grade Humulone in an amount between .5-1 Kilogram. ... Lab Needed
16-00209 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for quality control testing of 5 natural organic baby products to ensure they are safe and effective. BabySoap, Bath & Massage Oil, Bug Spray, Bottom Mist, and Lotion Bar. ... Lab Needed
16-00208 Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for analysis to ascertain the amount of caffeine in a variety of liquids. Would submit ~10-15 samples for comparison ... Lab Needed
16-00207 Physical Laboratory needed for NFPA fire rating testing of metallic cable trays ( hot dip galvanized) in conformity to NFPA 130. Fixed Guideway Transit & Passenger Rail Systems ... Lab Needed
16-00206 Tool company needs geology laboratory for simple basic aggregate identification, quartz, chert, etc. MOHS Test for hardness. ... Lab Needed
16-00205 North America Materials Laboratory needed for Migration test of Bisphenol A BPA and other possible constituents under 21 CFR 175.300 (d) table 1 ... Closed
16-00204 Materials laboratory needed for Thermal Conductivity testing of DIN EN ISO 8497 for our rubber insulation ... Lab Needed
16-00203 STUDENT Analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test the behavior of rosin, beeswax, glycerin and graphite blends and whether or not graphite can be replaced with organic powdered pigments such as tyrian purple or dragon's blood to alter the color of the final blend. ... Lab Needed
16-00202 Mumbai materials laboratory needed for Low migration study of Adhesive material ... Lab Needed
16-00201 INDIVIDUAL Consumer needs food laboratory for caffeine testing of coffee for actual amounts of caffeine content. ... Lab Needed
16-00200 Contract Lab needed for handheld LED flashlight testing for lux and candela output. The test will include between 1 - 3 lights. The Flashlights will be tested using White Light, Green Light and Red Light. Lab needs to be certified and accredited as an authority for testing lux and candela according to the FL-1 Standard. ... Lab Needed
16-00199 Edmonton, Alberta Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ingredient testing in lotion ... Lab Needed
16-00197 USA bioanalytical and microbiology labroatory needed for material containing Human Serum Albumin testing for Mycoplasma Bacteria & Fungi (Sterility) Bacterial & Fungal Stasis Specific Gravity ... Lab Needed
16-00196 University Scientific researcher needs a Middle East laboratory for conducting science experiments on fuel cells including preparation and characterization of cathode materials based oxides and thin layer of doped and undoped by chemical and electrochemical method for fuel cells, for a thesis entitled: synthesis and characterization of the doped and undoped ceria electrochemically. ... Lab Needed
16-00195 FDA Food manufacturer needs food laboratory for stability and nutritional testing for Shelf life and Nutrition facts labeling testing ... Lab Needed
16-00194 USA Environmental laboratory needed that can perform this method, EPA 1664, Rev A N-Hexane Extractable Material by extraction and gravimetry. My sample is waste water. ... Lab Needed
16-00193 Nutraceutical company needs laboratory for analysis on standardized mushroom extracts to check the standardisation of the active constituents specified by our suppliers. The main standardised active constituents of mushroom extracts are mushroom polysaccharides and triterpenes. ... Lab Needed
16-00192 India textiles laboratory needed for oxo biodegradable pp spunbond fabric testing as per ASTM D6400 or EN13432. ... Lab Needed
16-00191 Food laboratory needed for food contact surface testing for FDA 176.170 CERTIFICATION FOR OUR EMULSION POLYMER WHICH IS USED IN COATING THE BOARD USED FOR PACKAGING OF LIQUIDS like FRUIT JUICES We will be sending you the list of inputs in our polymer emulsion so testing may not be required. ... Lab Needed
16-00190 INDIVIDUAL Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for asbestos testing in insulation. ... Lab Needed
16-00189 Large Engineering Laboratory needed to test for copper and peracetic acid content in vodka product. Please provide the cost for each test ... Lab Needed
16-00188 URGENT Los Angeles Materials laboratory needed for material composition for a textile type material. Validation that its leather. ... Lab Needed
16-00187 Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE Testing of automotive senders (hall effect transducers) tested to SAE J1226, Electric Speedometer Specification--On Road and SAE J1399, Electric Tachometer Specification ... Lab Needed
16-00186 University Scientific Researcher needs Contract Laboratory for conducting science experiments for Research Study on comparison of synthetic oil to common crude oils. Methods for the conversion of lignites, subbituminous coals and other carbonaceous feedstocks into synthetic oil are researched. The results are expected to be compared to the results of other experiments. ... Lab Needed
16-00185 URGENT Large company needs FDA analytical chemistry laboratory for food packaging testing for the three types of perfluoroalkyl ethyl compounds recently banned by FDA in food packaging. ... Lab Needed
16-00184 India materials laboratory needed to perform Tests required for Material of Gland Packing. Glass Ply OR Carbon Fibre Ply, Silicon OR Made of Ceramic Fibre. FT - IR Analysis require. ... Lab Needed
16-00183 India Pharmaceutical Science Researcher needs Pharmacology Contract Research Organization for Pharmacology Study Experiments: AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THE SCIENTIFIC REASERCH WORK The study has been designed to serve the following objectives: 1. To explore the critical role of selected antioxidants, minerals and vitamins on gastro protection by using various antiulcer screening models and biochemical parameters in rats. 2. To compare the effect of selected antioxidants, minerals and vitamins ... Lab Needed
16-00182 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for XRF analysis of chemical components limenite sand and Garnet sand ( Here with enclosed the list of chemical components) to sand sample by XRF analysis. Please kindly confirm the same and if it is possible kindly send the quotation for the analysis charges as soon as possible. ... Lab Needed
16-00181 Pharmaceutical company needs bioanalytical laboratory / contract research organization CRO for #bioanalysis for scientific research and development projects and experiments in Ophthalmology,Oncology, and NDDS projects. ... Lab Needed
16-00180 Pharmaceutical laboratory needed to conduct flame projection, flashpoint, and heat of combustion testing on some aerosol product formulations, Please provide sample requirements, testing cycle time and costs. Thanks in advance, ... Lab Needed
16-00179 University researcher needs genetics laboratory for plant dna extract testing ... Lab Needed
16-00178 Africa and China laboratory needed for oil pyrolysis testing for Authenticity of oil ... Lab Needed
16-00177 USA Contract Laboratory needed to provide Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) testing according to EPA 8310. It involves determining the concentration of PAH in ground and wastes using HPLC. The sample is graphite powder. Could you provide me the following information: Price per sample Minimal sample quantity Turnaround option (standard and rush, what surcharge) Shipping address ... Lab Needed
16-00176 FDA GMP Pharmaceutical contract research organization needed for two separate ophalmology pharmaceutical projects on Prescription Eye Drops: 1. Laboratory to compound two active ingredient eye drop formulation for research project. FDA Investigational New Drug application related testing of formulation also required (stability...) 2. Laboratory to produce/manufacture private label sterile buffered aqueous Eye Wash solution (99.05% purified water, boric acid, sodium borate and sodium chlo ... Lab Needed
16-00175 FDA GLP Microbiology laboratory needed for CLSI microbial testing. Need minimum inhibitory concentration per CLSI methodology. Laboratory must have access to laboratory and clinical isolates (25 each of approximately 23 different organisms of interest to healthcare). Laboratory must be GLP and have familiarity with NDA or other FDA related submissions. ... Lab Needed
16-00174 Large company needs Canada Laboratory for Sound Transmission loss testing of an exterior residential wall assembly ... Lab Needed
16-00173 Food Laboratory needed to provide a complete quotation for heavy metal analysis in food for 4 elements (As,Cd Pb and Hg) in food materials ... Lab Needed
16-00172 INDIVIDUAL Analytical chemistry laboratory needed that can test a wine sample for level of arsenic and also, possibly, for formaldehyde. ... Lab Needed
16-00171 Materials laboratory needed for IEC electrostatic testing of polyethylene sheet to to IEC 61340-4-4, Electrostatics standard for its electrostatic properties. ... Lab Needed
16-00170 Medispa needs laboratory for testing skincare products ... Lab Needed
16-00169 Pharmaceutical contract research organization CRO needed to perform virus neutralization assays in vitro (BSL3 required!). ... Lab Needed
16-00168 FDA GMP Polymer Laboratory needed to assist to file GRAS and/or FCN for our product(s), as well as capable in conducting all the FDA required test in order to obtain the FDA approval on polymer product. Pls enlighten us on the details of phases/process, analysis, cost and lead time. ... Lab Needed
16-00167 Laboratory needed for Quality testing of Influenza Candidate Vaccine virus stock(as per 21 CFR Part 58) for the below. Adventitious viruses testing (as per 9 CFR Part 113.53 ) HIV, HAV, HBV, HCV and Paro Virus B19 testing (as per CHMP/BWP/268/95 and FDA ?Guidance for Industry - Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) ... Lab Needed
16-00166 Analytical chemistry labroatory needed for formulation and testing of new tea product. ... Lab Needed
16-00165 Contract Laboratory needed for testing to EN1621-2 Level 2, Protective clothing for professional motorcycle riders. Jackets, trousers and one piece or divided suits ... Lab Needed
16-00164 Bioanalytical laboratory needed for bioanalysis on Stromal Vascular Fraction cells isolated from adipose tissue including Residual collagenase activity (colorimetric assay kit available) Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Flow cytometry (CD31/Cd34/CD45) Endotoxin testing Colony forming unit- fibroblast (CFU-F) assay ... Lab Needed
16-00163 Organic skincare company needs skincare product testing: certificate of analysis for 2 products - one cream and one lotion - all made with organic ingredients. ... Lab Needed
16-00162 Contract laboratory needed for radiation test in hydrocarbon samples. Below is some information about the samples Propane samples ,which is a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), will be pressurized hydrocarbons gas in liquid state. The samples are in a steel sample cylinder. Vapors samples, which is mainly consists of Methane, Ethane and a little of Propane plus, could be (or not) pressurized hydrocarbons in vapor or gas state. The samples are in a steel sample cylinder. Natural Gasoline samples ... Lab Needed
16-00161 Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Bromate testing in water solution. ... Closed
16-00160 Consumer Product Safety Laboratory needed for SPF level testing in an all natural insect repellent ... Lab Needed
16-00159 Pharmaceutical Microbiology needed for Sterility, USP testing of compounded pharmaceuticals some of the others that may come up. Please provide price list and the turn around on our samples. ... Lab Needed
16-00158 INDIVIDUAL Oil laboratory needed to test to car engine oil for Oil quality, Oil age, approximate usage, . I would require a written statement into age of oil, how long approximately have been used, and test of quality? This is a Land Rover genuine part. I would provide sample of brand new oil vs a test to an oil used in the car to determine if they match? ... Lab Needed
16-00157 India bioanalytical laboratory needed for 1)protien estimation by lowris method 2)carbohydrate estimation by anthrone method 3)Dpph method for antioxidant activity 4)fat content by sauxhlet appartus ... Lab Needed
16-00156 Canada microbiology laboratory needed for shelf-life stability testing for Organic hand made hand cream ... Lab Needed
16-00155 Los Angeles California laboratory needed for Ingredients testing ... Lab Needed
16-00154 Independent researcher working on independent scientific research project involving Borrelia needs microbiology laboratory to prepare subcultures of the bacteria (biosafety level 2), ensure that they have entered persister state by treating the samples with an antibiotic, and then prepare to send out the samples for proteomics analysis. You would NOT need to do the proteomics as many facilities offer this service already. I need someone to prepare the samples. I am not associated with a ... Lab Needed
16-00153 Start-up body butter company needs cosmetics laboratory for allergen analysis, contaminant testing and preservative testing ... Lab Needed
16-00152 Virology laboratory needed for viral plaque reduction assays. We have 2 chemicals we wish to test against one strain of the Zika virus. It is related to dengue and West Nile and can be grown and stained using the same research methodologies and reagents (see recent J. Virology paper, Hamel et al., 2015). The virus is available for purchase from the ATCC. I ... Lab Needed
16-00151 Nutraceutical laboratory needed for Heavy metal testing (specifically mercury) in the following: 1 - Breastmilk 2 - Supplements (fish oil liquid as well as chlorella tablet) 3 - Food (dulse) ... Closed
16-00150 Canada cosmetics clinical research labroatory needed for efficacy testing of anti aging cream . ... Lab Needed
16-00149 Calgary analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Asbestos testing for house. Popcorn ceiling, drywall, and flooring sample. ... Lab Needed
16-00148 ISO certified laboratory needed for clarified butter testing for total milk allergens, casein only allergen, and total lactose content. ... Lab Needed
16-00147 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for FCC Testing: Oxyethylene detemination as stated in FCC 9 Page 1434 or a certified method capable of the same determination. ... Lab Needed
16-00146 INDIVIDUAL Textiles laboratory needed for fiber composition testing to ascertain the percentage of each fiber (eg %s of cotton, rayon, spandex), the type of cotton (ring spun etc), and type of weave ... Lab Needed
16-00145 Analytical Laboratory needed for EPA Testing of water samples using any of the following methods: EPA 300.1,DETERMINATION OF INORGANIC ANIONS IN DRINKING. WATER BY ION CHROMATOGRAPHY EPA 317.0,DETERMINATION OF INORGANIC OXYHALIDE DISINFECTION BY-PRODUCTS IN DRINKING WATER EPA 326.0, Determination of Inorganic Oxyhalide Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water Using Ion Chromatography Incorporating the Addition of a Suppressor Acidified Post Column Reagent for Trace Bromate Analysis, ... Closed
16-00144 Laboratory recognized by France needed to analyze beewax to be exported from New Zealand to Tahiti, French Polynesia. (Tahiti being a French territory). Tests of beewax samples to be free from American Foulbrood, Aethina Tumida, Tropilaelaps, varroa. If any spores from Paenibacillus larvae are present, to make sure that they are properly inhibited ? Please provide cost in reply ... Lab Needed
16-00143 Industrial milk company needs Eastern Europe agriculture laboratory needed for roughage testing and manure testing. What is the price and conditions of testing? What are your testing parameters? What the minimum amount of material and packaging is necessary for research sample? ... Lab Needed
16-00142 Physical Laboratory needed for SAE testing: solar radiation test as per SAE J575-2010, Test for Motor Vehicle Lighting Devices and Components ... Lab Needed
16-00141 Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of Chinese Dumplings (going to be sold in supermarkets) Nutrition Facts labels ... Lab Needed
16-00140 Metallurgical laboratory needed for Elemental Analysis C H N S Cu ... Lab Needed
16-00139 Asia geology laboratory needed for granite testing ... Closed
16-00138 Asia laboratory needed for SPF testing for day moisturizer ... Lab Needed
16-00137 India bioanalytical laboratory needed for detection of enzyme inhibitors using enzyme assay kit which requires fluorescence polarization technique... ... Lab Needed
16-00136 Food laboratory needed for Soy Lipids testing in frozen Acai Berry puree ... Lab Needed
16-00135 Materials laboratory needed for f PROPYLENE GLYCOLtesting for appearance, PG content, moisture, density, index of refraction, acidity, distillation range, color (Pt ? Co).Please provide the price of this analysis? What the minimum amount of material and packaging is necessary for research sample? ... Lab Needed
16-00134 ISO Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Mechanical Laboratory needed for full testing of brake pads/liners as per GSO ECE 90? Please adviseon the testing charges, TAT, Sample requirements for testing and other details, if any. Also please advise whether your Laboratory is accredited by ISO/IEC 17025? ... Lab Needed
16-00133 India analytical chemsitry laboratory needed for F493 test certificate testing for CPVC cement solvent ... Lab Needed
16-00132 Cosmetics laboratory needed for Anti-Aging testing of skin care product for product safety and expiration date. Level of ability elesticity, cell regeneration, face lifting and collegen replacement. ... Lab Needed
16-00131 East Coast USA food laboratory needed for green coffee testing for Total Chlorogenic acid Trigonelline Cafeine content Moisture ... Lab Needed
16-00130 Geology laboratory needed for bulk density testing done on irregular shaped rocks from blast holes. ... Closed
16-00129 Physical Laboratory needed for thermal and optical properties testing (absorptance/emittance) for a small electronics board (50 mm x 50 mm). The purpose of this test is to fully define the behaviour of the board as it is to be used in space operations. ... Lab Needed
16-00128 Europe laboratory needed for AST vibration testing: vibrations as for ASTM D4169 and shocks ... Lab Needed
16-00127 LONG-TERM ONGOING: UK or Denmark GLP Laboratory needed to obtain a quantitative determination of the following components : ? Dipalmiotylphosphatidylcholine (PC16:0/16:0) ? Total Sphingomyelin (SMtotal) ? Total Phosphatidylcholine (PCtotal) ? Total Phosphatidylglycerol (PGtotal) ? Phosphatidylinositol (PItotal) We prefer to use the concentration unit of nmol/ml, and expect that the components are present in the following concentration ranges : ? PC16:0/16:0?0,5 - 150 ?nmol/ml ? ... Lab Needed
16-00126 Eastern Europe medical device laboratory needed for Personal Lubricant Ge testing. Two tests; 1) Condom compatibility test 2) Spermicid Test (Our product does not kill or kill sperm) ... Lab Needed
16-00125 LONG-TERM Eastern Europe laboratory needed for long-term testing of injection, painting and chrome plating of plastic parts for automotive industry to automotive industry specifications. ... Lab Needed
16-00123 India Geology needed for granite testing to test the stone to check whether this can be used for industrial purpose in large scale . ... Lab Needed
16-00122 URGENT Clinical Research Laboratory needed for consumer panel study on four different OTC topical products. Please advise ASAP. ... Lab Needed
16-00121 Pharmaceutical Virology Laboratory needed for Tests for adventitious viruses. ... Lab Needed
16-00120 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for benzene testing of toys to potentially develop program going forward ... Lab Needed
16-00119 Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP sterility testing services including but not limited to: sterility and endotoxin validation, potency over time, endpoint sterility testing, and release testing (sterility, endotoxin, and potency) to USP standards For a current research study, we are compounding synthetic peptide manufactured using synthetic amino acid derivatives, as well as solvents and reagents of non-human and non-animal sources. ... Lab Needed
16-00118 Plastics Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Brittleness Temperature testing performed to ASTM D746 on thermoplastic urethane. I need baseline number so am looking at measuring 2 lots. ... Lab Needed
16-00117 Weathering laboratory needed for environmental simulation testing of bikes with salt spray. ... Lab Needed
16-00116 USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for quantitative analysis of Bromate content in Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% solution at 3 µg/L level. Limit test type not acceptable. ... Closed
16-00115 Contract Laboratory needed for Tobacco Cigarette Testing: 1. Provide the target specifications and upper and lower range limits for the following cigarette design parameters for each predicate and new product: a. Puff count; b. Filter and cigarette draw resistance (mm H?O); c. Tobacco filler mass (mg); d. Tobacco rod density (g/cm?); e. Tobacco oven volatiles (OV) (%); f. Cigarette paper base paper basis weight (g/m²); g. Cigarette paper band porosity (CU); h. Cigarette paper band wid ... Lab Needed
16-00114 Hospital needs laboratory for K2 synthetic cannabinod testing in solid plant samples obtained in the emergency department that we would like to test to identify which compounds are present in the sample. ... Lab Needed
16-00113 Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO needed to conduct study with NMR or MRI technologie in small animal to measure the ADP, ATP, Phosphocreatine in the cardiac tissue and eventually in the kidney as well. ... Lab Needed
16-00112 Large food company needs microbiology laboratory needed to conduct microbial Challenge test on dough (made from refined wheat flour) for predicting B.cereus and S.aureus growth at specific pH & water activity. ... Closed
16-00111 New York / New Jersey preferred Laboratory needed for testing of dairy based chocolate vodka beverage. Alcoholic beverage formula requires testing to provide alcohol content, calories per serving size and further product breakdown to assist with product labeling and marketing efforts for Alcohol content Calorie level Fat% Sugar% ... Lab Needed
16-00110 Environmental laboratory needed for OECD Compliance Testing: OECD biodegradability testing of cosmetic products (Hand washes, lotions etc) to show they comply to OECD 301/302 standards. ... Lab Needed
16-00109 Materials Laboratory needed that performs ASTM D6703, Standard Test Method for Automated Heithaus Titrimetry ... Lab Needed
16-00108 University Researcher needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for Small molecule binding study ... Lab Needed
16-00107 Vancouver Canada Food Laboratory needed for Nutritional labeling testing of hot sauces. ... Lab Needed
16-00106 Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing of manufactured medical device parts for specific microbiological requirements. We are a contract plastic manufacturing company for medical products and have a specific test requirements. for TAMC (Total Aerobic Microbial Count) -9999 0 200 cfu/gm STM-00412, STM-00411 Note 1 TYMC (Total Yeast & Mold Count) -9999 0 20 cfu/gm STM-00412, STM-00411 Note 1 ... Lab Needed
16-00105 Food laboratory needed for assistance in doing food analysis, with emphasis on lead content, calcium and other minerals and fat. I am aspiring to start a small business on soups but I have no means of testing whether my farm source for animal bones is lead-free. ... Lab Needed
16-00104 Large piping company needs East Coast North America materials laboratory for ASTM Testing of six o-ring elastomer samples for DMA analysis to measure Glass Transition Temperature (tg values) following ASTM E 1640. Basically I need to dynamically compress the samples at starting temperature of -70 C with 1 hz frequency up to 60 C with 2 c/min heating rate. ... Lab Needed
16-00103 Unviersity Researcher needs Preclinical laboratory forTesting compounds topically using the toluene diisocyanate acute contact dermatisis mouse model. Ability to measure secondary endpoints such as lymphopenia ... Lab Needed
16-00102 Microbiology laboratory needed for microbiology testing on organic cold pressed juice product to ensure HPP has been effective and product is safe to be sold in retail stores. ... Lab Needed
16-00101 Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing of raw vegetable samples. My company is interested in bacterial counts specifically for e.coli and other major pathogens such as salmonella and Listeria. Please provide quotes on send off microbial testing of our raw veg products. ... Closed
16-00100 Materials laboratory needed that is capable of running Alberta Transportation Specification B388 tests for type 3 concrete sealers ... Lab Needed
16-00099 Virology Laboratory needed for virucidal testing of chemical cleaner for HIV and Hep B ... Lab Needed
16-00098 Body cream manufacturer needs consumer product safety laboratory for USP product safety testing including: Preservative Effectiveness Test/ Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test USP Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT) Human Primary Irritation Test Freeze-Thaw and Elevated Temperature Stability Communicate with me through email ... Lab Needed
16-00097 Skin care company needs cosmetics microbiology laboratory for preservative efficacy tests on 9 skincare products to BP standards. Preservatives-Effectiveness Tests to be done in conformance to BP standards. Can you please let me know the pricing for PET done and the volume of product you need? ... Lab Needed
16-00096 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of hdpe/pp woven grocery bags from used hdpe/pp woven sacks including peel testing as per ASTM F88 & F2824; creep test as per ASTM F1140 & F2054;tensile testing/hermetic seal/plastic bag/shrink wrap plastic welding etc. etc. ... Lab Needed
16-00095 Geology laboratory needed for gold testing in rocks from old mine. Approximately 20 samples. ... Lab Needed
16-00094 Physical Laboratory needed for a number of tests for flammability of HAND SANITIZER LIQUID with 50% ethanol, what do we need as tests other then flash point - auto-ignition temperature to check its flammability ... Closed
16-00093 Mumbai consumer products laboratory needed for incense stick testing for quality and fragrance. ... Lab Needed
16-00092 Our company is currently looking for a contract lab that can perform Sodium and Potassium analysis on various IV solutions. Please include an informal quote regarding the tests listed above when replying to this request. ... Lab Needed
16-00091 Bioanalytical laboratory needed to measure telomere length in our cell cultures. We need to compare the length in 5-10 samples of mesenchymal stem cells. We need somebody to run TRF (Southern analysis of terminal restriction fragments) for us. ... Lab Needed
16-00090 Washington or Idaho FDA \ USDA approved testing lab for acidified canned salsa and pickles in Wahington State that will be acepted by Wa.St. Dept. Agr. ... Lab Needed
16-00089 Europe microbiology laboratory needed for EP Preservative challenge and stability tests to organic skin care products accordance with European Pharmacopoeia standards ... Lab Needed
16-00088 Commodities company needs food laboratory for Ground Coffee sample analysis for microbiology and chemistry testing Viscosity pH BRIX Microbiological (APC, Coliforms, E. Coli, Yeast, Mold, Staph, Lacto) ... Lab Needed
16-00087 China physical laboratory needed for abrasive paper testing. Please provide cost of testing ... Lab Needed
16-00086 Biochemistry laboratory needed for the following analyses in kelp; 1. Phosphonic acid 2. 2,4 D- Amine ... Lab Needed
16-00085 Geochemistry laboratory needed for bentonite testing for the chemical composition and moisture.basically to ascertain the use of the bentonite ... Closed
16-00084 Rum importer from the Caribbean for needs laboratory for TTB rum testing. TTB requires FIDS and spec sheets for blue coloring, vanilla flavoring, and coconut flavoring. How large do the samples need to be? Can I submit the pure colorings and flavorings or do you require the rum? What is the fee for this service? Thank you in advace. ... Lab Needed
16-00083 Contract Laboratory needed for stainless steel disc experiment: surface tension testing of liquids that have been exposed to a subtle energy technology with no chemical additives to the liquids. Testing liquids are distilled water and tap water. I will provide two stainless steel discs three inches in diameter. One disc is stainless steel and the second disc is gold plated stainless steel. Discs must remain at least 15 feet away from test liquids at all times until testing begins. New and unused ... Lab Needed
16-00082 University Researcher needs bioanalytical laboratory for In-silico analysis to screen the laboratory of organic compound (ligands) and finds that certain organic compounds may binds in the pocket of MHC Class II molecule (receptor) that can show the binding of screened organic compound with MHC class II molecule. We want to order following test: 1. Peptide loading or Release of soluble HLA-DR Molecules. 2. Peptide loading of Cell Surface MHC Molecules. 3. FACS Analysis of Empty MHC Class II ... Lab Needed
16-00081 Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for TOC tests, Drug Binding tests (HPLC/UV based), Methanol and ACN extractable tests (waters HPLC/UV based) ... Lab Needed
16-00080 Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial efficacy testing of anti-microbial solution against fungus: Candidiasis, C. neoformans cryptococcosis, and Sporotrichosis. ... Lab Needed
16-00079 Consumer Products Laboratory needed for comparison study on the performance of laundry detergents, dish soap and hand soap to competitor's products ... Lab Needed
16-00078 Toxicology laboratory needed for GLP toxicity testing such as acute oral toxicity test for new plastic polypropylene baby toys. ... Lab Needed
16-00077 USA Food laboratory needed for concentrated tea testing to measure total dissolved solids, caffeine content, phenolics content, and possibly spectrophotometry readings to show the differences between traditionally brewed tea. Test method will be provided ... Lab Needed
16-00076 California food laboratory needed for lead testing in steeped tea ... Lab Needed
16-00075 Materials laboratory needed for Residual Gas Analysis, Raman Spectroscopy or Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis on our test parts. The sizes of the residues are typically 0.20 mm x 0.40 mm for studying the long-term effects of potential out-gassing of epoxies on the lifetime properties of modules. First trace chemical analysis provider showed that the residues are not inorganic molecules, but they were not set up to delve any deeper. ... Lab Needed
16-00074 Clinical Research Laboratory needed for 10 person study for clinical efficacy testing of ear cleaner to cotton swabs and other leading ear cleaners. We want to test the weight of cerumen collect by our device to other devices. ... Lab Needed
16-00073 Texas analytical chemsitry laboratory needed for USP Testing of 3 lots of glycine. Analysis to include : Iron <241>, Aluminum <206>, and Silicon. All analysis are per U.S. Pharmacopoeia. ... Lab Needed
16-00072 Western Canada food laboratory needed for nutritional testing of 2 coffee roasts of a coffee tested for acidity level and nutritional make up i.e. minerals etc. ... Lab Needed
16-00071 Preclinical Laboratory needed for in-vivo gastroenterology study to get a first estimation of the likelihood that a gastroenterology physical barrier might become twisted or entangled in some fashion that it could cause harm to the animal and my inference to any future human trials. Another objective is to identify any undesirable elements associated with food waste that has not had its nutrients removed in a normal manner.Need to have specially sized condom like sleeves emplaced in the stomachs ... Lab Needed
16-00070 Contract Lab needed for ASTM ICP & AA analysis of metals samples. Mesh screening of powder samples. Surface area analysis of powder samples. Bulk density testing. Meet various ASTM standards but no specific certification is required ... Lab Needed
16-00069 USA geology laboratory needed for analysis of coltan rock ... Lab Needed
16-00068 Materials Laboratory needed for film testing of a film structure for testing outgassing and refractory Components. ... Lab Needed
16-00067 URGENT Textile laboratory needed for Tests of CLO Value and GSM for polyester wadding of Sleeping Bag in lieu of 3 x Blankets as soon as possible. ... Lab Needed
16-00066 Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed for four different in-vitro and in-vivo research experiment research studies: 1) In vivo-Balb/c mice CLP model- First experiment of about 100 animals, readout will be survival. Possibly additional experiments in this model where additional outcomes will be desired: e.g. cytokines, T cell distribution, body temperature, apoptosis. 2) Kinetics-Determine the residence time of our drug on its target (transfected cell and T cells) 3) In vitro- measured ... Lab Needed
16-00065 Materials Laboratory needed for microelectronics testing for collected volatile condensable materials and Total Mass Loss ... Lab Needed
16-00064 India analytical chemistry laboratory needed for proficiency testing on powder detergent: 1-Free fatty acid as oleic acid in soap(%) 2-Free alkalinity as sodium hydroxide or sodium oxide in soap (%) 3-Volatile matter at 1050 C in soap 4-% Total active matter in powder detergent (extraction by ethanol) 5- % Acidity in water detergent for water closet ... Lab Needed
16-00063 Metallurgical Laboratory needed for gold Analysis in soil. The gold is microscopic and it is embedded in an iron oxide matrix ... Lab Needed
16-00062 Materials Laboratory needed for analysis for total chlorine content on DVB-Styrene crosslinking gel samples. ... Lab Needed
16-00061 University Researcher need bioanalytical laboratory for bioanalysis of vitamin and mineral concentrations from rat blood samples. ... Lab Needed
16-00060 India pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Heavy Metal Ion Sample Analysis by ICP-MS. ... Lab Needed
16-00059 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Heavy Metal Ion Sample Analysis by ICP-MS. ... Lab Needed
16-00058 Accredited Laboratory needed for the Testing of Earthing Enhancement Compounds. Laboratory needed that is able to do all the tests listed below: a) Leaching test according to EN12457-2 and EN12506 b) Sulfur test according to ISO 14869-1 c) Determination of resistivity according to ASTM G57 d) Corrosion test (Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) according to ASTM G59-97 and G102-89) ... Lab Needed
16-00057 URGENT Automotive Laboratory needed to Evaluate automotive products as per Toyota standard.These tests are Characteristics Test, Heat Resistance Test, Water Resistance test, Strength test...etc.Please specify if your laboratory has th facilities to conduct tests as per Toyota Engineering Std? Please let me know your feedback ASAP . ... Lab Needed
16-00056 Pharmaceutical packaging laboratory needed for container closure (torque) testing for Ciprofloxacin(0.3%) / Dexamethasone (0.1%) Otic Sterile Suspension? ... Lab Needed
16-00055 Contract Lab needed to conduct a scientific certified analysis of our vodka. To independently verify the content of our brand. ... Lab Needed
16-00054 Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing: carbonate impurity according to USP 38 ... Lab Needed
16-00053 Universitry Researcher needs clinical diagnostic laboratory for blood testing for Palladium toxicity in patient. ... Lab Needed
16-00052 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory neeced for soil testing to quantify sulfamethoxazol, tylosin, and/or ciprofloxacin in water. We are performing adsorption tests on various soil compositions and need to determine antibiotic concentrations in the aqueous phase. ... Closed
16-00051 Contract Laboratory needed to determine NDELA (N-nitrosodiethanolamine ) in metalworking fluids.Must use either a TEA (Thermal Energy Analyzer) detector or GC MS-MS. ... Lab Needed
16-00050 South Africa Laboratory needed for Herbicide Testing : ? Physical Property Test ? Storage Stability Test Reports and summary on the Physical properties and Storage stability of the formulated product. Applicants should consult both (a) the most recent edition of the ?Manual on Development and use of FAO and WHO Specifications for Pesticides? (3), obtainable on the internet at and (b) the FAO Specification for Agricultu ... Lab Needed
16-00049 H2S compatibility test for water based mud lubricant used in oilfield. Product needs to be exposed H2S gas to see the product's reaction towards the gas. Target is to see if the product is compatible and good to use in sour gas environment. I am looking for a quote for this test. ... Lab Needed
16-00048 Medical Device Laboratory needed for EUropean Pharmacopeia Testing of Surgical threads to European Pharmacopeia [8.0] Monograph 01:2008:0324, IDENTIFICATION For (Silk sutures) Identification of silk: A. Dissect the end of a suture, using a needle or fine tweezers, to isolate a few individual fibres. The fibres are sometimes marked with very fine longitudinal striations parallel to the axis of the suture. Examined under a microscope, a cross-section is more or less triangular to semi-circular, ... Lab Needed
16-00047 ISO 17025 accredited Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Hernia Mesh - 3 types (Flexpro mesh, Polyester mesh, polypropylene mesh) ? Cotton Umbilical Tape. Tests required. 1. Stiffness Test as per ASTM-D1388-14. Test may be conducted with option-1: Cantilever or option-2: Heart Loop 2. Bursting Strength of Textiles - Constant-Rate-of-Traverse (CRT) Ball Burst Test as per ASTM-D3787-15 3. Breaking Strength and Elongation as per ASTM-6775-13 Please make sure your office is ISO 170 ... Lab Needed
16-00046 Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Compliance testing on Temporary Cardiac packing wire & Stainless steel wire). 1. Compliance verification report for Temporary Cardiac Pacing Wire as per EN 60601-1:2006/A1:2013, EN 60601-1-2:2007/AC:2010, EN 60601-1-6:2010 2. Chemical Composition Test Report for Temporary Cardiac Pacing Wire as per BS ISO 5832-1:2007 3. Mechanical Properties Test Report for Temporary Cardiac Pacing Wire as per ISO 10334:1994 4. Chemical Composition Test Report for Stainle ... Lab Needed
16-00045 Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for FDA GLP preclinical In vitro equilibrium binding studies for one the product as per US FDA guidances. ... Lab Needed
16-00044 Food analytical chemistry laboratory neede for alcohol content testing in kombucha tea ... Lab Needed
16-00043 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Caffeine Testing for caffeine content in a sunscreen that contains green tea, black tea, and coffee. ... Lab Needed
16-00042 URGENT India textile laboratory needed for quality control testing to test fabric before starting production. ... Lab Needed
16-00041 California packaging laboratory needed for beverage packaging testing of new beverage formulation (given in small dosages e.g. 30 ml i.e. shot). My formulation does not include preservatives. I would like to test the formulation to see which packaging material will be the best. ... Lab Needed
16-00040 United States Textile Laboratory needed for fabric testing for UPF protection to AATCC and ASMT testing methods: UPF Product Testing - AATCC 183, ASTM-D6544, ASTM-D6603. Please let me know pricing. ... Lab Needed
16-00039 US Company needs budgetary estimate for renting small Summa canisters and running TO-15 analysis in Europe. ... Lab Needed
16-00038 Contract Laboratory needed for experiment is evaluate the impact resistance of an Aluminum Knuckle Steer Arms at negative 40° C. 1. Mount Knuckle through hub mounting face so that the steer arms are facing down 2. Install ball stud into steer arms and torque to 100 N-m. 3. Chill knuckles to negative 40° C for impact 4. Position so that the impact load will strike at the center of ball stud ball. 5. Test 3 of each steer arm at the 2 impact loads provided below (Height and Mass selected sh ... Lab Needed
16-00037 European Union Toxicology Laboratory needed for OECD Testing: Micronucleus Test in vitro (OECD 487) in Human lymphocytes ... Lab Needed
16-00036 Contract Lab needed for Fusel oil testing in whiskey ... Lab Needed
16-00035 Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for product safety testing of Black Castor oil for use on hair & skin.. ... Lab Needed
16-00034 India Materials laboratory needed to provide quotation for astm e 84 testing charges of composite material ... Lab Needed
16-00033 Independent consumer products safety laboratory needed for Amazon Safety Assessment Testing of natural deodorant made of coconut oil, shea butter, candelilla wax, baking soda, corn starch and essential oils. A product testing document or safety assessment from an independent laboratory or consulting company. This document usually shows an analysis of the ingredients in the product. ... Lab Needed
16-00032 Corporation with quarry needs quartz ore tested for different properties including gloss, clearness, color, density and else. ... Lab Needed
16-00031 Germany laboratory needed for lead ore testing: XRD or XRF or WET analysis of Lead Ore sample. Mineral element composition by weight and percentages. ... Lab Needed
16-00030 URGENT FDA Registered Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for pesticide testing on Ginseng It need to be tested for three pesticides. They are; Oxadixyl, Tricyclazole, and Carbendazim. The detection limit is 0.01 ppm for each. ... Closed
16-00029 Large Pharmaceutical Company needs USA Laboratory for UL Testing: UL 1332 Moist Carbon Dioxide-Sulfur Dioxide-Air Test ... Lab Needed
16-00028 Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing of cetyl alcohol to USP 38 NF 33 Cetyl alcohol ... Lab Needed
16-00027 India Laboratory needed for UL Testing of outdoor lighting products. We need UL report , so please let us know what is the procedure? How long will take for testing one luminaire? ... Lab Needed
16-00026 Asia company needs laboratory for microscopic testing of tube and shell type heat exchanger used in Liquified petroleum gas ... Lab Needed
16-00025 Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of chicken eggs for protein and vitamin content. ... Lab Needed
16-00024 British Columbia, Canada Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of pet food such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, moisture content, ash content, and fiber Lactose testing Vitamin and Mineral testing ... Lab Needed
16-00023 Pharmacy needs pharmaceutical analytical chemistry labroatory for USP Testing: USP conformity for antipyrine to extend shelf life ... Lab Needed
16-00022 URGENT: USA FDA GMP Medical device laboratory needed for device functionality and performance testing of medial devices used to administer biological drugs intra-parentally to humans. These devices include auto-injectors, pre-filled syringes, etc. Testing includes break loose/glide force testing, flow testing, simulating transportation and drop testing, etc. ... Lab Needed
16-00021 URGENT GLP Microbiology Laboratories needed for quotes urgently for US EPA /Disinfectant . We have important criteria that must be met for the tests: 1. Your lab must adhere to GLP ? please provide us with a copy of the certification. 2. The test methods must be strictly followed (US EPA standards). We are considering the option of doing the tests in three stages, so please provide 3 separate quotes: Stage 1 - General disinfectant test on Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538) using AOAC 961.02 Stag ... Lab Needed
16-00020 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Testing Residual Solvent USP<467> analysis of Glycine. We submit several lots of product to determine potential OVI, if any are present. ... Lab Needed
16-00019 New Zealand Laboratory needed for banned substance testing / Food FDA Compliance / Nutritional Labelling Testing of sports supplements registered with the World Anti-Doping Agency. For example, Drugs such as: Erythropoietin (EPO or epoetin alfa) Anabolic steroids Stimulants Human Growth Hormone Diuretics ... Lab Needed
16-00018 India Packaging Laboratory needed for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor VCI BAG Testing ... Lab Needed
16-00017 Food Manufacturer needs food labroatory for alcohol content testing of fruit jam and preserves that have had alcohol added during the cooking process. ... Lab Needed
16-00016 San Diego California Blood Laboratory needed for blood testing: Peripheral blood Karyotype molecular ... Lab Needed
16-00015 USA UL certification laboratory needed for conveyor system testing (brand hytrol), with 3 electrical control panels the individual components in the panel box are all ul listed but the panel box is not we need a certificate for our final inspection that requires the box to be safe ... Lab Needed
16-00014 Canada laboratory needed to test our waste carts to ANSI specification Z245.30 - 2008 and Z245.60 - 2008. I can provide the documents for the measurements and tests required however they are quite lengthy. External measurement compliance Safety test Drop test Wind tunnel test Force to tip test ... Closed
16-00013 Mechanical Laboratory needed for Strength testing of welded eyebolts. Test to failure the tensile strength of 5/16" eyebolts with 3" diameter welded eyes. We have been asked to verify that the bolts will conform to ANCI B30.2 standard ... Lab Needed
16-00012 Natural gas company needs a test and calibration laboratory for natural gas turbine meters.size 16 inch - G4000 to test flow. ... Closed
16-00011 USA food laboratory needed for packaging testing for food contact safety and certification per Nestle standards. ... Lab Needed
16-00010 Chennai Materials Laboratory needed to measure the flank wear of a drill bit using a scanning electron microscope. Require to measure the flank wear and surface roughness of a drilled composite material ... Lab Needed
16-00009 Marketing company needs Analytical chemistry laboratory for quality and accuracy testing to confirm labels of vitamins, supplements, herbals, and minerals. ... Lab Needed
16-00008 Canada analytical chemistry labroatory needed for Stability testing of skincare product ... Lab Needed
16-00006 Geology Laboratory needed for testing 600- 800 rock samples. The mineralisation is thought to be complex with Gold and PGM's being the primary mineral groups of interest. ... Lab Needed
16-00005 Healthcare company needs polymer laboratory for materials testing of Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE membrane for alkalinity as per 40 CFR part 50 Appendix L ... Lab Needed
16-00004 Asia or Europe laboratory needed for tobacco physical and chemical testing ... Lab Needed
16-00003 FDA GMP Preclinical Laborator needed for Bio equivalence study and report of solid, semi solid and nasal spray of general and potent drug category for ANDA filing to US FDA. We need the cost (average) and time frame. ... Lab Needed
16-00002 US or UK geology laboratory needed for lime analysis for SiO2, R2O3, MgO, CaO, LOI, Sulfur.. Please send the quotations for Quicklime and Hydrated lime analysis. Material to be tested through XRD/Chemical analysis. ... Lab Needed
16-00001 Food laboratory needed for Food Nutritional Testing for Nutritional facts and labelling of hot sauces ... Lab Needed

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