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    Most Recent Polymer Laboratory Testing Requests

    Below are 48 of some of the most recent Polymer Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Polymer laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Polymer Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

PET/RPET Clamshell Food Container Comparison and Performance Study

Packaging Laboratory needed for comparison study and leak resistance perfo... (view details)

Cup Thermoformed Plastic Non-Destructive Testing

Coffeee Company needs Polymer Laboratory needed for non-destructive testing... (view details)

General Motors GMW Scratch Resistance Testing

USA or Europe A2LA Polymer Laboratory needed for General Motors GMW Test St... (view details)

Pipeline Polyurethane Insulation Aging Studies

Materials Laboratory needed for aging studies on polyurethane insulation us... (view details)

Plastic Pellet Melt Flow Index Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for Melt Flow Index Testing of plastic pellets ... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Packaging USP Extractable Testing

Contract Pharmaceutical Packaging Laboratory needed for USP Container Testi... (view details)

Polyethylene PE Yellowness index testing

Large oil company needs Materials Laboratory for yellowness index testing f... (view details)

NMR testing | Organic polymer

solid-state 13C NMR test is needed to analyze the structure of a new type c... (view details)

ASTM Anti-microbiology testing on Canine parainfluenza virus

Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM Anti-microbiology testing on Canine... (view details)

Foam ASTM Biodegradation Studies

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM biodegradation analysis of foams to A... (view details)

ASTM Biodegradability of Floral Foam

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM biodegradability of floral foam made w... (view details)

Silicon Rubber Optical Characteristics Evaluation

Materials Laboratory needed for determining the optical characteristics (re... (view details)

Multiple Tests (DIN and ISO) on Polyurethane

Materials laboratory needed for multiple tests (DIN and ISO) on Polyurethan... (view details)

Wavefront Distortion and Optical Birefringence

Third-Party Laboratory needed for wavefront distortion (400 - 700 nm) and o... (view details)

Vapor Pressure Osmometry for Molecular Weight of Polymers

Large Oil Company needs Materials Laboratory for Vapor pressure osmometry f... (view details)

Polyacrylic Acid Analysis of Free Monomers

Polymer Laboratory needed for analysis of free monomer(Acrylic acid & Male... (view details)

Accredited Laboratory needed for FDA and Prop 65 Testing of Polypropylene

Accredited laboratory needed for FDA and Proposition 65 testing of polyprop... (view details)

Characterization of Refractive Index of Oil and Rubber

Contract Laboratory needed to characterize the refractive index of oil samp... (view details)

New Athletic Footwear Upper Polyurethane Material Characterization

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Footwear Manufacturer developing new technology ne... (view details)

ASTM Rigid Plastics Compressive Testing

ASTM D695 Standard Test Method for
Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastic... (view details)

Polyurethane Foam Flammability Testing

Engineering Company needs Materials Laboratory for UL and IS Flammability T... (view details)

Polymer maldi-tof or GPC w/light scattering | Vapor Pressure Osmometry Measurement

USA Polymer Laboratory needed for maldi-tof or GPC w/light scattering and... (view details)

ASTM Flexible Packaging Film Testing

Certified Laboratory needed for ASTM flexible packaging film testing WVTR a... (view details)

Polymeric Biodegradability Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for (Polymer Film /Granules) of ASTM and IS... (view details)

Metal / Polymer Composite Pipe Thermocycling

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM thermocycling testing for Polyethylene... (view details)

Pharmaceutical PVC Film Packaging Testing

Large Pharmaceutical Co needs Packaging Laboratory for the following analy... (view details)

Materials Laboratory needed for VW Automotive Spec testing of polypropylene... (view details)

Biodegradability Testing

ISO 17025 Contract Laboratory needed for biodegradability testing of bio-pl... (view details)

Polyester Chloroform Soluble Extractives

Contract Analytical Test Laboratory needed for testing for chloroform solub... (view details)

Paint Film Coating Anti-viral Efficacy Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for JIS anti-viral efficacy test on new pain... (view details)

Plastic Materials Testing

Asia Polymer Laboratory needed for plastic testing for mfi;tensile stress a... (view details)

OECD Prenatal Developmental Toxicity Testing

Toxicology Laboratory needed for OECD Developmental Toxicity Study for poly... (view details)

ASTM Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic FRP Grating Testing

USA Construction Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing on two types... (view details)

Polymer Sheet Manufacturing Studies and Testing Development

Materials Laboratory needed for research studies to help determine the curr... (view details)

PE Sterile Bag ISO Permeability Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for air permeability testing per ISO 5636 using... (view details)

Resin Friability Testing

Northeast USA Materials Laboratory needed for friability (bead strength) of... (view details)

SPR Rubber Tint Formulation

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for reverse engineering and formulation of ... (view details)

Polyurethane Foam Oxygen Index Testing

Experienced Polymer Laboratory needed for ISO and ASTM oxygen index testing... (view details)

Architectural Elements Millwork ISTA Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ISTA Transportation testing of millworked ... (view details)

Polyester Resin Density Analysis

USA Materials Laboratory needed for of cross link density analysis on a pol... (view details)

Laundry Liquid Pod Polymer Identification

Materials Laboratory for polymer testing of laundry liquid and laundry pods... (view details)

Polyethylene furanoate (PEF) production

Contract Polymer Laboratory needed for production of polyethylene furanoate... (view details)

Polyurethane Rigid Foam Certification Testing

{Polymer Laboratory needed for Polyurethane rigid foam (2.5lb/ft3 density) ... (view details)

SASO Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Testing

Polymer Laboratory needed for SASO PVC Testing edge band on PVC - polyvinyl... (view details)

Surface Energetics Testing on Glass and Polypropylene Fibers

Large Corporation needs Materials Laboratory for surface energetics testing... (view details)

Thermoplastics Testing

Plastics Company needs Polymer Materials Laboratory for the following testi... (view details)

Automotive Standard Resin Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for polymer grades (resins) testing to multipl... (view details)

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