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New Laboratory Automotive and Vehicles Requests

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100 Most Recent Automotive and Vehicles Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Automotive and Vehicles Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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India Automotive Parts Metallurgy

Automotive Company needs India Laboratory for automotive parts SEM and Metallurgical Analysis testing View More

ISO Automotive Roof Rail Testing

Performance Laboratory needed that is capable of development of a testing fixture and ISO testing of automotive roof rail to ISO PAS 11154 Road vehicl... View More

Automotive Standard Resin Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for polymer grades (resins) testing to multiple Automotive Standards ( Toyota, Nissan, Honda and BMW) including

Toyota... View More

GMW Label Adhesion Testing

Polymer Company needs Automotive Materials Laboratory for Label adhesion testing performed to GM Specification GMW 14573, focus on engine / engine an... View More

FMVSS Adult Car Seat Safety

USA Automotive Laboratory needed for certification of motor vehicle parts to specifically adult car seat safety to FMVSS. View More

Road Vehicle Component Cleanliness

Large Electronics Company needs USA Automotive Laboratory for VDA 19.1 2015 / EN-ISO 16232 Road Vehicles ? Cleanliness of Components of Fluid Circuit... View More

Automotive Thermoplatic Pellet Testing

Polypropylene manufacturer needs Automotive Laboratory for testing thermoplastic pellets to automotive standards from Toyota, Nissan, Honda and BMW in... View More

IEEE Short Circuit Bus Duct Testing

REQUEST FOR QUOTE Large Transportation Company needs USA Electrical Laboratory Research Facility for Base Standard IEEE C37.23 short circuit testing c... View More

Automotive Part EMSA Certification

Automotive Laboratory needed for ESMA certification testing for vehicle spare parts View More

ISO Vehicle Cable Testing

Europe Electrical Laboratory needed for ISO testing of cable to ISO 6722-1 Road vehicles -- 60 V and 600 V single-core cables -- Part 1: Dimensions, ... View More

Seat Belt Failure Investigation Examination

Mining Company needs Laboratory for failure analysis investigation of seat belt failure at one of their mines which caused the operator to fall out o... View More

ISO Road Vehicle Cable Testing

Europe Independent Laboratory needed for ISO cable testing to ISO 6722-1 Road vehicles -- 60 V and 600 V single-core cables -- Part 1: Dimensions, tes... View More

Car Air Freshener Gel Dispensing Problem

Independent Laboratory needed for failure analysis of Car Air Freshener Gel that is experiencing a dispensing problem View More

ABS Sheet General Motors Corporation Standards Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for General Motors Corporation GMW Testing of ABS sheet to GMW16853 Comprehensive Standard for Overall Emission Testing o... View More

AIS 075 Anti-Theft Testing

India Automotive Laboratory needed for AIS Anti theft testing of keyset to AIS 075 Approval of Vehicles with regards to their protection against unaut... View More

Video Analytic Software for Speed Detection of Vehicles

Third-Party Laboratory needed for certification testing of Video Analytic Software for Speed Detection of Vehicles View More

ISO Ash Content and Extractable Matter Testing

Large Automotive Parts Manufacturer needs Laboratory that can perform ash content as per ISO 3451 Method A and extractable matter as per ISO 6427. ... View More

VCI Test Bed

Large Automotive Company needs Automotive Laboratory for Vehicle Communication Interfaces VCI evaluation in Test Beds. View More

Toyota Spec Testing

Automotive Mechanical Laboratory needed for voltmeter specs testing of 1nzfe Toyota rumion testing crankshaft sensor. Specifications for sensor and w... View More

Automotive ELectric Wire Fire Performance Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for automotive electrical wires and cables fire performance testing according to ECE R118-02 & R100. View More

ASTM Automotive Insulation Product Testing

USA Automotive Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of a series of automotive insulation products to ASTM C177 (Double-Sided Guarded Hot Plate). There ... View More

Resin Melt Flow Index

Automotive Parts Supplier needs Materials Laboratory for Melt Flow Index analysis of a resins used in a plastic automotive part by Melt Flow Analyzer... View More

SAE Brake Vacuum Tube Assemble

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE Life testing of Brake Vacuum Tube Assembly to
ESACP1-2420-AH (Ref.: SAE J2045 Sec. 4.6 and SAE J2044 Sec. 7.5 Va... View More


Materials Laboratory needed for OECD testing of Automotive Sealer Coating in compliance to Transport of UN Dangerous Goods including the following te... View More

DIN Polycarbonate Optical Distortion

Automotive Laboratory needed for DIN testing of polycarbonate sheet for determining The Optical Distortion And Refractive Power Of Safety Glazing Mate... View More

SAE Low Voltage Cable Testing

Large Corporation needs Automotive Laboratory for SAE cable testing to SAE J1128 Low Voltage Primary Cable. View More

Protective Gear for Hi-Visibility. Garments

Large Motorcycle Company needs test facility who has the capabilities to perform testing on protective gear for hi-visibility. Garments will be tested... View More

United Kingdom Agriculture Pesticide Residues Testing

Tree Nurseries needs United Kingdom Agriculture Laboratory for air and surface pesticide residues (dust/droplets/vapours) are on the inside of the equ... View More

Ford Automotive Elastomeric Part Testing

USA Automotive Laboratory needed for elastomeric part testing to Ford Spec WSS-M9P8-C. The testing is for elastomeric parts the testing is environment... View More

Transportation Industry Glass Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Glass corporation needs a partnership with a large international laboratory for testing their glass used in the transportation secto... View More

SAE Accelerated Exposure Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for accelerated testing for our plastic nameplates. Duration of 2500 hours. SAE J2527 Performance Based Standard for Acce... View More

Industrial Microbiology Bacterial Study

Automotive Company needs Industrial Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiological study in which the reproduction is determined on 6 different b... View More

General Motors Worldwide Label Performance

Automotive Laboratory needed for GMW testing of labels to against the GM spec GMW 14573 Global Performance Requirements for Labels View More

GMW Automotive Adhesive Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for automotive adhesive testing to GMW14573 Label specification testing. Automotive adhesive label testing. View More

Spark Arrester for Internal Combustion Engine Evaluation

Accredited Laboratory needed to screen spark arresters as per the requirements of SAE J350 STANDARD FOR SPARK ARRESTERS FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE... View More

Motorcycle Engine Failure Analysis

Motorcycle shop owner needs Forensics Laboratory for failure analysis of broken piston in a motorcycle engine. View More

Ultimate Load Testing

US East Coast Automotive Laboratory needed for Ultimate load testing View More

Automotive Clutch Facing Lining

Authorized Automotive Laboratory needed for testing of Clutch Facing Lining products, View More

Volkswagon Automotive Electrical Load Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for automotive electronics following VW80000 standard Automotive Standards for Electrical Load testing. View More

Automotive Parts Wearing Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for wearing testing on automotive parts such as break pad, break shoes, clutch facing lining,
View More

SAE and DOT Tail Light Assembly Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE and DOT Testing of a clear lens that covers a tail light assembly and needs to be DOT compliant for GM to lice... View More

Automotive Design Defect

Automotive Laboratory needed for design defect testing of the Clutch and Gear system in AMT (Automatic Manual Transmission) Vehicle.
View More

MIL-STD-810-Solar Radiation Testing

Heavy Duty Vehicle Manufacturer needs Laboratory for MIL-STD-810-Solar Radiation Testing. View More

SAE Automotive Hose Testing

Automotive Parts Manufacturer needs automotive laboratory for SAE testing of a couple of different hoses to hoses for SAE J2064 norm Refrigerant Aut... View More

Automotive Crush Can Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for crush can testing of automobile to determine stresses/strain. View More

JIS Automotive Moisture, Rain and Spray Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for JIS environmental simulation testing of automotive parts to JIS D 0203 JIS D 0203: Method of moisture, rain and spray... View More

SAE Truck Air Dryer Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE testing of truck air dryer as per SAE J2383 Air Dryer Installation Procedure testing procedure. View More

VW Automotive Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for VW PV testing according to VW PV 1303 Lightfastness/Colorfastness/High Temperature Light Exposure View More

Automotive GMW Polyethylene Foam Testing

Accredited Automotive Laboratory needed for GMW testing of polyethylene cross linked foam used in automotives to GMW 15063 Polyolefin Foams for Genera... View More

DOT Windshield Testing

Auto Parts Manufacturer needs Automotive Laboratory for DOT Testing of windshields View More

SAI Axel Testing

Manufacturer needs Automotive Laboratory for SAI testing of axels used on semi-trailers. View More

Fuel Systems Performance

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE performance testing for fuel systems with Nylon air and fuel vapour lines to SAE J2045 Performance Requirements f... View More

Cleanliness of Oil and Coolant Lines

Automotive Laboratory needed for cleanliness testing of oil and coolant lines for engines as per VDA19 specifications. View More

GMW Vehicle Interior Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for GMW Testing of Vehicle Interior Materials to GMW16853 COMPREHENSIVE STANDARD FOR OVERALL EMISSION TESTING OF INTERIOR... View More

SAE Gasoline Additive Testing

URGENT Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE testing service of a new additive for gasoline engine according to standard SAE-1321 using gasoline as bas... View More

SAE J2044 Life Cycle Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE life cycle testing of plastic fuel line connectors for the automotive industry according to SAE J2044 Quick Conne... View More

SAE Fuel Tank Systems Testing

Electrical laboratory needed for SAE charge accumulation and dissipation testing according to SAE J1645, Fuel Systems and Components - Electrostatic C... View More

Ford Automotive Air Conditioning Condenser

Automotive Laboratory needed for Air Conditioning (AC) condenser testing to Ford OEM specification (ES6L2A-19710-AA, rev K)that will be provided. 4 te... View More

Automotive Testing

Automotive Manufacturer requires a Laboratory to complete the following Testing:
* Resistance to Seam Wear
* Two different Materials to be used for ... View More

Failure Analysis of Automotive Part

Industrial Forensics Laboratory needed for failure analysis testing on automotive part for water contamination. Water is getting past the seals in the... View More

Jaquar Automotive Specification Testing

Large Manufacturer needs Performance Laboratory needed for automotive components testing: resistance to seam wear on Leather knob L663 to Jaquar Spec... View More

India NABL accredited laboratory needed for motorcycle helmet testing as per the applicable International standard View More